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300mm wafer fab set to double within 5 years

Aug 23, 2011 Semiconductor manufacturing using 12" (300mm) wafers enables scalability for high-volume wafer fab. 300mm production will nearly double from 2010 to 2015 as IDMs and foundries recognize the va...

Semiconductor fab tools take an orders hit in July

Aug 19, 2011 North America-based manufacturers of semiconductor equipment posted $1.30 billion in orders in July 2011 and a book-to-bill ratio of 0.86, according to SEMI. The book-to-bill for the Japanese chipm...

Analyst: $10B more semi capex thanks to tablets, smartphones

Aug 19, 2011 How will heavy demand for tablets and smartphones translate into chipmaking capacity investments over the next few years? Citi's Tim Arcuri runs some numbers to come up with the answer: $10B annual...

MOCVD shipments stall, but restart in 2012

Aug 18, 2011 A rising LED surplus, slowed LED adoption, tighter credit in China, and other factors are converging to stall out MOCVD equipment installs in 2011. Once the LED oversupply is drained off, LED manuf...

Taiwan's SAS climbs wafer ranks with Japan's Covalent

Aug 16, 2011 Taiwan's Sino-American Silicon Products (SAS) is acquiring Japan's Covalent Materials' (née Toshiba Ceramics) semiconductor wafer business for $451M (¥34.7B) in a bid to expand its profile among gl...

KLAC debuts 20nm-node defect inspection system

Aug 16, 2011

KLA-Tencor Corporation (NASDAQ:KLAC) launched the eDR-7000 electron-beam (e-beam) wafer defect review system for chip manufacturing at the 20nm device nodes and below.

LED packaging equipment for better throughput, quality, and yields

Aug 11, 2011 In these 2 video interviews from SEMICON West 2011, ESI technologists John Sabol and Vernon Cooke discuss what LED chips require on the back-end manufacturing line, starting at wafer scribing and m...

Mix of end users and challenges drives Qcept Technologies' partnering strategy

Aug 11, 2011 Robert Newcomb from Qcept explains the two types of customers for inspection technology and their different needs: those on the leading edge who want yield improvements, and mainstream fabs seeking...

Ultratech's market/technology strategies support revenue growth

Aug 11, 2011 Scott Zafiropoulo explains Ultratech's business and positioning strategies in an interview at SEMICON West, including how the company weathers market cyclicality and prepares for a 450mm wafer-size...

Soitec's extreme SOI: Scalable below 14nm

Aug 10, 2011

Post-22nm and below, the industry is going to fully depleted structures, either FinFETs or fully-depleted planar SOI (FDSOI), explains Soitec's Steve Longoria.

Ultratech to expand the time/temperature space of LSA for 20nm-14nm

Aug 9, 2011 IC manufacturers are becoming more aggressive with strain engineering as they go from 28nm to more advanced nodes, explains Jeff Hebb, VP of laser product marketing at Ultratech. The company is wor...

Projection litho tool lowers CoO for HB-LED manufacturing

Aug 9, 2011 Doug Anberg, VP of advanced stepper technology at Ultratech, discusses the physics behind improvements in the company's new Sapphire 100E HB-LED tool in a video interview at SEMICON West 2011.

Nonvisual semiconductor defect metrology today, at 22nm, and below

Aug 9, 2011 Syn: Robert Newcomb from Qcept Technologies discusses non-visual defects in today's wafer fab processes, at 22nm, and in the advanced nodes below 22nm. As nodes shrink, more defects will escape opt...

sp3: Diamond as a potential SOI layer for high-power apps

Aug 5, 2011 sp3 Diamond Technologies' Dwain Aidala explains how the move to Cu CMP and caustic slurries are driving interest in diamond pad conditioners, and also as a potential SOI layer for high-power applic...

Quantitative cathodoluminescence microscope debuts from Attolight

Aug 4, 2011 Attolight AG is launching a quantitative cathodoluminescence system with nanoscale resolution and picosecond timing for research and product development in semiconductor, ceramics, advanced materia...

TI on analog IC platforms, fab expansions

Jul 29, 2011 Ricky Jackson, Texas Instruments (TI), discusses analog IC developments, and how analog and digital semiconductors are pursuing Moore's Law and More than Moore in different ways. He also touches on...

Secondary semiconductor equipment: Who's using 200mm, 300mm tools

Jul 28, 2011 Doug Elder, president & CEO of Boston Semi Equipment, sees a resurgence in 200mm front-end equipment from LCD, LED, MEMS, and power management segments; and a growth in analog fabs using second...

SEMICON West 2011: New product roundup

Jul 27, 2011 SEMICON West may not be the big-iron displayfest it once was, but there are still plenty of new product introductions to go around. Here's just a brief rundown of some of the ones we tracked from t...

Green wafer fab chemistries that work

Jul 27, 2011 ATMI's SVP/CTO, Larry Dubois shares the 3 guidelines ATMI keeps in mind when designing eco materials for semiconductor wafer fab, and gives an update on the materials supplier's LED fab products.

Wall Street view: Top takeaways from SEMICON West

Jul 26, 2011 A trio of analysts who participated in SEMICON West's Bulls/Bears panel have some top-takeaways list for the industry: why WFE spending is slow, why it's only a short pause, and which will comes fi...

Moritex upgrades MEMS inspection system

Jul 26, 2011 Moritex Corporation upgraded its IRise Macro Micro IR Vision System IR transmission inspection system for MEMS and semiconductors, capable of capturing macro and micro images in a single-shot evalu...

Cambrios and Hitachi Chemical Collaborate on Conductive Film

Jul 25, 2011 Cambrios Technologies Corporation announced that the company’s ClearOhm silver nanowire coating materials have been combined with Hitachi Chemical’s photosensitive film technology to develop a very...

ASM covers FinFET precursor needs from epitaxy to HKMG ALD

Jul 22, 2011

ASM International's Bob Hollands discusses the challenges of making FinFET structures using both epitaxial and high-k/metal gate (HKMG) atomic layer deposition (ALD) processes.

Organic Electronics Workshop, Day 3: OLEDs, OTFTs, OPV, and futile resistance

Jul 21, 2011 Wrapping up the Organic Microelectronics & Optoelectronics Workshop, Michael A. Fury reports on vertical structures for OLEDs, solution processing for OLEDs and organic TFTs, small-molecule org...

Intel: Temporary solvent process caused fire

Jul 18, 2011

Intel reportedly has determined what caused a fire last month at its fab facilities in Chandler, AZ: a "temporary system " used in solvent cleaning.

How EVG accomplished the 1st 450mm printed wafer; HVM expected 2015-2017

Jul 18, 2011 SEMATECH announced a 450mm imprinted wafer, accomplished by EV Group (EVG). Markus Wimplinger, EVG, described the timeline for the 450mm effort and how the company decided to make a strategic move.

SEMICON West, Day 3: Advancement in LED, exec perspectives, solar observations

Jul 15, 2011 Rounding up observations from Day 3 at SEMICON West, Intermolecular's Russell Kempt looks at LED technology, executive opinions on big-picture industry issues, and the state of play in the solar ma...

Replisaurus advanced Cu metallization process nears commercialization at Leti

Jul 15, 2011 CEA-Leti and Replisaurus Technologies will begin applying Replisaurus' ElectroChemical Pattern Replication (ECPR) metallization process to customer target products, following a near-100% yield mast...

SEMICON West Day 2: CMP views, outlooks for breakfast

Jul 14, 2011 Techcet's Michael A. Fury continues his reporting from SEMICON West, reviewing talks at the NCCAVS CMP User Group forum, as well as a breakfast seminar with outlooks on the semiconductor and relate...

LED packaging equipment debuts at ESI booth: Via drilling and wafer scribing tools

Jul 14, 2011

ESI uncrated the Model 5390 micromachining system for advanced LED via drilling and the AccuScribe 2600 HB-LED wafer scribing system at SEMICON West.

Top semiconductor metrology challenges from SEMATECH POV

Jul 13, 2011

At SEMICON West 2011, Phil Bryson, SEMATECH, covers the top challenges in semiconductor metrology at advanced nodes.

Product News

Jul 12, 2011

Thermal wafer processing for Ni(Pt)Si contacts beyond 45nm

Jul 12, 2011 The formation of advanced thin nickel-silicide films poses major challenges as devices integration moves beyond the 45nm technology node. X. Pages et al, Renesas Electronics, explain how optimized ...

Undiluted slurry data improves CMP metrics

Jul 12, 2011

Gold pattern transfer/bonding tech for MEMS, LED packaging under dev at SUSS, Tanaka

Jul 12, 2011 Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo KK will partner with SUSS MicroTec KK to develop pattern transfer and bonding technology using sub-micron gold particles. The companies hope to replace gold bumping, sputteri...

Scan diagnostic analysis assists SoC fab debug/process monitoring

Jul 12, 2011

Steve Palosh, Freescale Semiconductor, Austin, TX USA; Geir Eide Mentor Graphics Corp., Wilsonville, OR USA

AMAT deposition and UV curing toolset enables 22nm interconnects

Jul 12, 2011 Applied Materials Inc. (AMAT) introduced a toolset for manufacturing low-power, fast interconnects in 22nm and lower logic chips: the Applied Producer Black Diamond 3 deposition system and Applied ...

AMAT debuts full-vacuum gate stack tool for 22nm chip fab

Jul 12, 2011 Applied Materials (AMAT) launched the Applied Centura Integrated Gate Stack system for creating gate dielectric structures in 22nm logic chips. It processes the entire high-k multilayer stack in a ...

SEMICON West preview: The future of MEMS: Rethinking MEMS business strategies and manufacturing technology for volume systems markets

Jul 11, 2011

Rapid growth in mainstream consumer markets is changing the structure of the MEMS industry from an artisanal to a volume manufacturing business.

KLAC targets 28nm and below with Surfscan SP3 inspection systems

Jul 11, 2011 KLA-Tencor Corporation (KLAC) launched a new generation in its Surfscan family of wafer defect and surface quality inspection systems: the Surfscan SP3. The unpatterned wafer inspection platform us...

AMEC reactive ion etch tool enables sub-28nm nodes

Jul 11, 2011 AMEC launched its Primo 300mm very-high-frequency advanced decoupled reactive ion etch tool for sub-28nm. AMEC's Ben Lee describes the tool's mini-batch cluster architecture, and the physics that m...

Nordson ASYMTEK film-frame packaging workcell improves MEMS, wafer dicing

Jul 11, 2011

Nordson ASYMTEK introduced the MH-910W automated workcell for film-frame wafer-level packaging applications, such as capping MEMS die and coating wafers prior to laser dicing.

EVG tool bonds 450mm SOI semiconductor wafers

Jul 11, 2011

EV Group (EVG) released a wafer bonding system for 450mm silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafers: EVG850SOI/450-mm. EVG's Paul Lindner discusses the tool, and challenges of 450mm and SOI.

450mm transition: 4 changes you must know

Jul 10, 2011 Bill Shaner, VP and GM, Microenvironments Division, Entegris, discusses key changes in the semiconductor manufacturing industry's move from 300 to 450mm wafers: Wafer fragility, wafer sag, increase...

Verigy debuts scalable semiconductor testers, digital channel cards

Jul 8, 2011 Verigy, an Advantest Group company (NYSE: ATE), launched scalable, cost-efficient testers for advanced semiconductors, such as 3D device architectures and 28nm and below technology nodes: V93000 Sm...

Plasma tool from Nordson MARCH handles 5 wafer sizes

Jul 7, 2011

Nordson MARCH introduced the FlexTRAK-WF low-cost, cassette-based automated plasma treatment system that handles five wafer sizes with minimal hardware change-over.

2011 Best of West award finalists announced

Jul 6, 2011 Solid State Technology and SEMI today announced the finalists for the 2011 “Best of West” awards, recognizing important product and technology developments in the microelectronics supply chain.

AMAT debuts DRAM fab tools for denser transistors

Jul 6, 2011 Applied Materials debuted 3 systems for next-generation DRAM chip manufacturing: the Applied Centura DPN HDTM system to improve the gate insulator scaling; the Applied Endura HAR Cobalt PVD system ...

Avantor, SACHEM selective etch chemisty doubles as wafer cleaner

Jul 6, 2011 Avantor Performance Materials will launch the first in its new J.T.Baker SLCT Series of selective etch surface treatment chemistries, SLCT 128 sigma etchant, at SEMICON West. The product results fr...

Jenoptik femtosecond laser suits semiconductor, PV ablation steps

Jul 5, 2011

Femtosecond laser JenLas D2.fs debuted in the Jenoptik laser range. It can be used to ablate thin layers from semiconductor wafers and remove dielectric layers on photovoltaic solar cells.