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Powering The Solar Revolution

October 18, 2011

Agilent powers the solar revolution with industry leading solutions and technical/application knowledge. Order Agilent’s Powering the Solar Revolution CD and access application notes, technical articles, recorded presentations, video demos and product/solution information at your fingertips.  Learn More.

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Minimize Product Line Downtime and Loss with the Latest Micro Focus Process Testing

October 3, 2011 Often a product defect is not discovered until well after that part is already on the trailers, in transit, on the customer floor, or in the assembled product on vehicles.  Learn how Real Time Radiography (micro focus process) is a great non-destructive testing utilized to sort flawed of suspect products for good ones.  Learn how this technique can save you time, money and result in e...
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New Pressureless, High UPH Silver Sintering Technology Charges Up Power Device Manufacturers

September 1, 2011

Silver sintering is not a new technology. In fact, it has been around for some time. What is new, however, is a groundbreaking material innovation that now allows power device manufacturers to enjoy the benefits of silver (Ag) sintering and do so in high volume without the need for pressure.

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New Conductive Die Attach Films Extend Advantages to Leadframe Applications

July 18, 2011 Until now, the undisputable process benefits of die attach films have been limited to laminate‐based packages that didn’t require conductive die attach materials. But, the same dynamics – namely, miniaturization and greater functionality ‐‐ that are driving the laminate device market are also impacting the leadframe segment. Films, which offer added support for processing today’s thin wafers, h...
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Achieving Thermal Control for Power Devices: Die Attach Solder Pastes for Varying Requirements

February 28, 2011 Not only are today’s package designers and assemblers faced with the inherent design and functionality challenges associated with smaller device footprints and higher I/O counts, but they must also ensure that proper thermal control is built into advanced electronics packages. In fact, heat management for modern power semiconductor devices such as rectifiers, power transistors, amplifiers...
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Creating the Agile High-Tech Enterprise

January 28, 2011 Learn how today's electronics and high tech businesses are using ERP to solve their complex challenges for maximum ROI including: • Integrated Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) ensuring CAD integration and complete document control from cradle to grave • Regulatory compliance with RoHS/WEEE and other restricted substances tracking fully embedded • Support for enterprise purchasing management...
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The Role of Wafer Bonding in 3D Integration and Packaging

November 22, 2010 There are numerous process integration schemes currently in place for the implementation of 3D-IC. Via first, via middle, via last along with back end of line (BEOL), front end of line (FEOL) and other variations of these approaches. This work will explore the role of wafer bonding, both permanent and temporary, in the fabrication of 3D-IC. Additionally, the materials and process flows used for...
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RoHS Means Big Changes for Power Devices. Are you Ready?

November 1, 2010 While design and assembly of today’s smaller, higher functioning semiconductor devices continues to be challenging, addressing the thermal requirements of modern power packages from a materials point of view is arguably one of the most pressing issues facing this market sector. The drive toward greater functionality in an ever more miniaturized footprint has accelerated materials innovations so...
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