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AMAT debuts SEM for automatic 20nm defect inspection

Applied Materials debuted its DR-SEM Applied SEMVision G5 system to image and analyze 20nm yield-limiting defects in a production environment without manual intervention.

AMAT BSI image sensor CVD tool operates at low processing temps

AMAT launched the Applied Producer Optiva CVD system for BSI image sensor manufacturing. It deposits low-temperature conformal films that boost the low-light performance of the sensor while improving its durability.

North American solar PV market forecast

The North American solar PV market is affected by strong utility-scale project demand, declining incentives in distributed generation applications, module over-supply, and policy uncertainty, finds NPD Solarbuzz.

MEMS sensor technology used to train competitive rowers

Whether it’s keeping athletes in top form, preventing automotive rollovers, or other uses, high-performance MEMS inertial sensing technology adds a new dimension that transforms many conventional applications, says Howard Wisniowski, Analog Devices.

Photovoltaic Installations: Around the World

We went looking for installations of photovoltaic installations that were either utility-scale ground-mount systems...


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Enabling Thinner Packages through Novel Materials Innovations

According to a new industry report, thinned wafers will comprise the majority of wafers in the device market by 2016. (1) The study indic...
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Powering The Solar Revolution

Agilent powers the solar revolution with industry leading solutions and technical/application knowledge. Order Agilent’s Powering the Sol...
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New Pressureless, High UPH Silver Sintering Technology Charges Up Power Device Manufacturers

Silver sintering is not a new technology. In fact, it has been around for some time. What is new, however, is a groundbreaking material i...
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New Conductive Die Attach Films Extend Advantages to Leadframe Applications

Until now, the undisputable process benefits of die attach films have been limited to laminate‐based packages that didn’t require conduct...
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Achieving Thermal Control for Power Devices: Die Attach Solder Pastes for Varying Requirements

Not only are today’s package designers and assemblers faced with the inherent design and functionality challenges associated with s...
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Creating the Agile High-Tech Enterprise

Learn how today's electronics and high tech businesses are using ERP to solve their complex challenges for maximum ROI including: • Integ...
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Chipworks Real Chips Blog

DICK JAMES is a 40-year veteran of the semiconductor industry and the senior technology analyst for Chipworks, an Ottawa, Canada-based specialty reverse engineering company. Chipworks analyses a broad range of devices, giving Dick a unique overview of what technologies make it into the real world of semiconductor production.

IEDM 2011: IBM displays via-middle TSV process for die stacking

A few days after IBM and Micron publicized their hybrid memory cube, IBM gave their TSV paper at IEDM o... Read More >>

IEDM 2011 Preview

Next week the researchers and practitioners of the electron device world will be gathering in Wash... Read More >>

Test Point Blog

Observations and opinions about semiconductor test, and the factors that drive how test plays a strategic role throughout the semiconductor design and production process.

Engineering Education is Tough – And Needs to Stay That Way

Should engineering degrees be expanded to a five-year curriculum instead of four?  The knowledge, skills and techniques our new hires must master is extensive and exploding, and it’s hard to imagine how it can all be covered in just four years.But in truth, the extra year wouldn’t likely... More Blogs >>

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Insights From Leading Edge Blog

Dr. Phil Garrou gives his insight into leading edge developments in 3-D integration and advanced packaging, reporting the latest technical goings on from conferences, conversations, and more.

IFTLE 79: Deca Technologies: Is there data to back the hype? Intel picks Franzon group to design 3D IC microprocessors

When I first started writing PFTLE and now IFTLE, I never thought I would be using Bill Maher to make a point in these technology-based blogs, since he and I are as diametrically opposed as two people can get when it comes to m... Read More >>

IFTLE 78 Beginning 5 Years of PFTLE / IFTLE

As I said a few weeks ago, we have now entered Year 5 of Perspectives from the Leading Edge (PFTLE [link], in the now deceased Semiconductor International) plus Insights from the Leading Edge (IFTLE) that you find here every we... Read More >>

Solar Specs Blog

Speculations and ruminations on the state of the solar energy industry by the editors of

How Can the U.S. Solar Industry Meet Expectations? Part 4

How Can the U.S. Solar Industry Meet Expectations? Part 3

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