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Graphene patent analysis report published by Displaybank

February 16, 2011 -- Displaybank's latest report covers graphene technology patents registered in Korea, U.S., Japan, and Europe by August 20, 2010. Valid patents corresponding to graphene manufacturing and applications are culled from 891 items of raw data.
Graphene manufacturing technology is divided into graphene synthesis, graphene film, and graphene complex. Graphene application device is divided into energy device, display device, electronic device, and BT-related device. 
R&D activities regarding graphene are on the rise. They exist in various fields: chemical, material, and mechanical. Graphene is expected to be widely applied since it has high carbon-chemical stability and electroconductivity. Physical properties lend graphene to use in basic science R&D -- such as research on the Higgs boson particle -- and potentially applied-R&D materials. To realize graphene's potential, economical mass production techniques are needed.

Figure. Patent application status by technology and country. Source: Displaybank February 2011.

The report covers patent application trends, major regions working on graphene, and major graphene patent applicant's, namely Samsung, activities.

Learn more about the patent analysis here:

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