ISMI and IMEC summarize 450mm semiconductor equipment transition activities

(October 15, 2010) -- In two exclusive interviews, Lode Lauwers, senior director of business development at IMEC, and Tom Jefferson, ISMI 450mm program manager, speak with Debra Vogler, senior technical editor, in advance of the SEMICON Europa 450mm session.

Lode Lauwers, senior director of business development at IMEC, discusses the work IMEC’s members anticipate when it is time to do process and module development for 450mm. He also explains the differences between the usual process development work within a given wafer size and that done to support wafer transitions.

Podcast: 450mm update from IMEC: Download or Play Now

Because only a few fabs will have 450mm capability, Lauwers believes that the IMEC model will play a key role in the transition.

In this interview, Tom Jefferson, ISMI 450mm program manager, provides a succinct status report on 450mm development at ISMI. Two challenging areas in the 450mm transition are semiconductor fab equipment performance/throughput and meeting environment, health, and safety (EHS) targets. Finally, Jefferson responds to the question of whether or not 450mm development work takes away funding from 300mm process development and other cost-reduction efforts.

Podcast: 450mm development at ISMI: Download or Play Now

Vogler also spoke with 3 of the speakers at the SEMICON Europa lithography session: SEMICON Europa lithography session preview with speakers

View all of the SEMICON Europa podcasts here.

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