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AT&S; launches SiP substrate technology

(December 11, 2010) -- AT&S debuted a new technology to enable system-in-package (SiP) devices. AT&S’s embedded component packaging technology ECP is used to enable further miniaturiztion of electronic devices while enhancing their performance.

AT&S’s CEO Andreas Gerstenmayer states that high-end customers such as Texas Instruments are using this technology for new generation of PCBs for miniaturized components.

ECP is a highly efficient technology for integrating active and passive electronic components into printed circuit boards. It will be used in products that need to fit the largest possible number of features into the smallest possible space. A conventional component consists of a semiconductor core that has to be mounted on a circuit board substrate and appropriately packaged. ECP provides an efficient alternative to existing component packaging methods and enables the device to be both smaller and more powerful.

AT&S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik Aktiengesellschaft (AT&S) a printed circuit board manufacturer, specializing in HDI microvia printed circuit boards, which are chiefly used in mobile devices. For more information, visit

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