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Eden Energy [S&P;/ASX 200 Energy] climbs 5.8% on high volume rising for a second consecutive day, a two day rise of 10.8% February 18, 2011 16:00:00 AEST

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February 18, 2011


Eden Energy (EDE.AU) rose 0.50c (or 5.8%) on high volume to close at 9.20c. The stock rose for a second day on Friday bringing its two-day rise to 0.90c or 10.8%.


Volatility: the stock traded between an intraday low of 8.60c and three-day high of 9.20c, suggesting a trading opportunity between peaks and troughs.

Moving average price (MAP) [with equal weightage to prices at close]: the price to 200-day MAP ratio is 1.42, a bullish indicator. In the past 200 days this ratio has exceeded 1.42 22 times suggesting further upside. The stock is trading above both its MAPs and the 50-day MAP of 8.11c is higher than the 200-day MAP of 6.46c, another bullish indicator.

Exponential Moving Average Price (EMAP) [with higher weightage to recent prices]: the price to 50-day EMAP ratio is 1.1, a bullish indicator. In the past 50 days this ratio has exceeded 1.1 28 times suggesting further upside. The 50-day EMAP has increased to 8.43c. An increase is another bullish indicator.

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD): the MACD indicator of 12-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) minus the 26-day EMA is positive suggesting a bullish signal.

Relativities: today its percentile rank in the Australian market was 91. In the Australian market of 1,440 stocks and 77 units traded today, the stock has a 6-month relative strength of 76 which means it has outperformed 76% of the market.

Volume: there were 389,556 shares worth $34,680 traded. The volume was 0.8 times average trading of 484,600 shares.

% Discount to high: the last price is at a discount of 44.2% to the 12-month high of 16.50c one month ago on 18 Jan, 2011.

Volume weighted price (VWP): the price is at a discount of 13.4% to the 1-month volume weighted average price of 11.0c, which may appeal as a value proposition.

Oversold [Bullish Signal]: the Stochastic indicator of 14.2 has broken through the oversold line of 20;.

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The stock is in 1 index and 2 sectors.

The following sectors rose setting the trend for its rise of 5.8%:

Energy sector of 203 stocks traded today, which was up 11.8 points or 0.3% to 3,873.6,

The Total Australian Market of 1440 stocks and 77 units traded today, which was up 1.3 points or 0.03% to 4,382.4

The stock's rise went against the trend set by All Ordinaries index which was unchanged at 5,026.


Trailing one week: the stock fell three times (60% of the time) and rose twice (40% of the time). The volume was 1.0 time average trading of 2,423,000 shares. The value of $1,000 invested a week ago is $958 [vs $1,014 for the All Ordinaries index], for a capital loss of $42(or loss of 4.2%).

Trailing one month: the stock fell twelve times (55% of the time), rose six times (27% of the time) and was unchanged four times (18% of the time). The volume was 2.1 times average trading of 10,661,200 shares. The value of $1,000 invested a month ago is $767 [vs $1,027 for the All Ordinaries index], for a capital loss of $233(or loss of 23.3%).

Trailing one year: the value of $1,000 invested one year ago is $989 [vs $1,115 for the All Ordinaries index], for a capital loss of $11. The total return to shareholders for 1 year is -1.1%.

Trailing five years: the value of $1,000 invested five years ago is $460, for a capital loss of $540.


Annual Report for the year ended June 30, 2010 (year-on-year comparisons with previous corresponding period)-

Favourable Changes: Retained earnings to total assets up 29.76% to 228.1%.

Unfavourable Changes: total revenue down 44.33% to $A451,356 ($US384,330); loss of $A2.7m ($US2.3m); EBIT Margin of -955.6%; losses in all of the last 5 years; EBITDA loss of $A2.6m ($US2.2m); total liabilities to total assets up 11.01% to 0.1; current ratio down 52.85% to 2.0; Net tangible assets per share down 49.47% to $A0.01663 (US1.4c); operating cash flow is negative; total number of shares outstanding up 0.04% to 181,714,373; Working capital to total assets down 66.29% to 9.2%; total revenue to total assets down 33.8% to 0.03.

Major Common Size Ratios: total non-current assets to total assets up from 64.19% to 81.25%; intangibles to total assets up from 55.31% to 68.74%; total current assets to total assets down from 35.81% to 18.75%; current debtors to total assets down from 14.51% to 8.02%; cash to total assets down from 18.46% to 7.53%; depreciation to sales up from 6.25% to 12.55%; interest expenses to sales down from 28.29% to 0.02%.


Price to NTA: the price to net tangible asset backing per share is 6.5.


Based on 213,989,654 issued equity shares the market capitalisation is $19.7 million. It is Australia's 128th largest Energy company by assets.


Eden Energy Ltd is a diversified clean energy company that listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in May 2006. Eden has interests in hydrogen production, storage & transport fuel systems, including the low emission Hythane hydrogen-methane blend, coal seam & abandoned mine methane in the UK, conventional gas in SA, low temperature pyrolysis research into hydrogen production & geothermal energy production.


The last 6 company announcements are:

January 17: Eden Energy: Pyrolysis Project Press Release

[News Story] A Perth company is set to become by the end of the year, Australia's first commercial producer of the high strength but micro-sized and environmentally friendly "carbon nanotubes" - a product expected to generate new-world markets worth billions of dollars a year. The high-in-demand nanotubes have a wide range of modern day technological, construction and electronic applications, and will be produced in the Denver, Colorado laboratory of ASXlisted Eden Energy Limited (ASX: "EDE").

January 14: Eden Energy: Boardroomradio Interview - Greg Solomon - Pyrolysis Project

[News Story] Source: Australian Securities Exchange

January 05: Eden Energy: Quarterly Activities Report

[News Story] Source: Australian Securities Exchange

February 07: Elders expects 15 % underlying earnings jump

Elders Ltd expects underlying earnings before tax for the six months to March 31, 2011 to be more than 15% higher than the $2.2 million of last year.In response to an ASX query, the company says it does not expect this potential variation to be material, and it is considered conditional and uncertain, particularly due to the effects of recent rainfall, floods and cyclones on trading. Source: Newsbites

January 19: Eden Energy director buys on-market

Eden Energy Ltd director Gregory Solomon indirectly bought 200,000 shares for $22,027 on-market on January 17, 2011.He directly holds 300,003 shares and 1 million options, and indirectly holds 3,731,299 shares. Source: Newsbites

January 12: Elders 'significantly impacted' by Queensland floods

Elders Ltd said today that operations in Queensland were being significantly impacted by flooding, with the effects ranging from temporary suspension of operations, damage and loss of property and, most tragically, loss of life.Elders recorded its condolences to Yvette Purcell, an employee at the company's Tara branch whose husband Graham died while engaged in voluntary water carting. Source: Newsbites

Currency Conversion: Australian Dollar AUD1= US$1.0113 [or US$1= AUD0.99]; Against the US$ the AUD advanced (or 1.2%) for the day; increased 0.7% for the week; increased 1.2% for the month; surged 19.2% in the past year. $1 = 100c.


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