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Announcing New Online Seminar: Understanding Nanotechnology Safety

Posted on 5/04/2010

Registration is now open for an online seminar on nanotechnology safety. This seminar is of interest to anyone concerned about the potential health hazards of exposure to nanoengineered materials. Hear from world class presenters:
  • Mark Bünger Research Director, Lux Research
  • Walt Trybula Director of the Nanomaterials Application Center, Texas State University-San Marcos
  • Dr. Kristen Kulinowski Department of Chemistry, Rice University
  • Nina Horne Invited Expert
  • Dr. Antonietta M. Gatti Ph.D. Experimental Physics University of Bologna, Italy
What You'll Learn:
  • Trends in nanotechnology and how it is used in manufacturing.
  • The real risks of nanotechnology.
  • What can happen to the body when exposed to hazardous nano materials.
  • How to minimize your risk of exposure.
  • Government safety regulation.
Workers may be exposed to nanomaterials in many different manufacturing environments, and this seminar will educate them on the real risks. The seminar is also designed to educate employers about what they need to know to ensure worker safety and what types of nano materials are of the most concern. Of significant interest to CEOs/CTOs of technology companies (SMEs), Health and Safety officers of technology companies (SMEs), Government officials (HSE), Toxicology experts, and venture capitalists.


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100504 :Announcing New Online Seminar: Understanding Nanotechnology Safety

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