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Under the Microscope

Technology evolution

I’m fairly sure there’s at least one nanotechnology conference going on during any given week at some point in the world.


Texas’ roadmap to supporting nano R&D

The Texas Emerging Technology Fund (ETF) was formed in 2004 to support statewide nanotech commercialization and research efforts, with initial funds totaling $200 million–50% earmarked to commercialization efforts, 25% to reward research “superiority,” and 25% toward matching grants.


Matchmaker’ portal matches MEMS customers, partners

The MEMS Industry Group, a trade association representing the MEMS and microstructures industries, has launched a MEMS Marketplace online “matchmaking” portal that enables MEMS companies to connect with prospective customers and partners.


MEMS equipment diffuses into mainstream IC markets, finds ways to improve yields

Quicker 3D simulation, more practical dry etch, and automated die inspection

Emerging commercial applications of nano electronics

Nanoscale properties enable improved thermoelectrics, NEMS gas sensors

Pressure sensors provide indoor competency for navigation

Inside of buildings, even the newest GPS navigation units quickly hit their limits–their navigational abilities are so inexact that a few floors can stand between the goal they indicate and the actual one.

Advancements in spinnable CNT arrays

Most natural fibers and nanofibers are produced only in relatively short lengths, and most applications require a bulk or continuous material–but there is no effective method for using short fibers or carbon nanotube (CNT) powders to achieve breakthrough properties in bulk materials.

Cover Story

Seeing the invisible: Non-destructive subsurface nanoscale metrology with scanning near-field ultrasound holography

Countless benefits can be gained for dozens of industries with the ability to observe invisible elements, especially contaminants, at the nanoscale.

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