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Nanotech/MEMS White Papers

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The Coolest Compounds
Through heat dissipation, thermally conductive adhesives and potting compounds play a pivotal role in the protection of today’s electronic circuitry.  ...
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New Microwave Concepts based on Carbon Nano Tubes
The paper discusses microwave-device concepts based on carbon nanotubes. First, the physical properties of the carbon nanotubes are briefly described. Then, field ...
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Avanta AC (TM) Advanced Ceramics Solution as Enablers for Advanced Ceramics Nanopowders
Advanced ceramics play a vital role in today's world of high performance materials. From electronic components to engineering ceramics to biomedical devices, advances ...
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AC Reactive Sputtering of Highly c-Axis Oriented AlN Films for Electro-Acoustic Devices
An ac reactive sputtering process by a dual cathode S-Gun magnetron was developed to produce highly c-axis oriented AlN piezoelectric films for electro acoustic ...
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Nanotechnology in the Development of Photovoltaic Cells
"Download the following conference proceeding ""Nanotechnology in the Development of Photovoltaic Cells"" from the May 2007 International Conference on Clean Electrical ...
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Understanding Low Outgassing Adhesives
Applications that must meet stringent outgassing requirements now have more adhesive options than ever. If you suspect outgassing could potentially pose a problem ...
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