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Tooling and process technology vital for thin packages

Getting thinner appears to be the goal driving the market in both the wafer-level and substrate-level sectors, and innovative tooling and process technology will become paramount in addressing thinned packaging and ramping up to volume reliably, writes Dave Foggie from DEK.

ITRS 2010: What happened during this off-year?

The 2010 Update to the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS), while not one of the scheduled major revisions, nevertheless includes substantial changes have occurred in 2010, including boosts in the timelines for NAND flash and DRAM device rollouts, backup plans for lithography forced by EUV delay, impending device and interconnect structural changes, and progress in 3D packaging.

Agilent Infiniium oscilloscopes gain deeper standard memory

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) enhanced the memory depth of its Infiniium oscilloscope lineup. All 30 models now ship with the industry's deepest standard memory and offer the deepest memory options, according to the company.

QFN leadframes without the plating, etching, waste, or bulk: Interview with EoPlex

Arthur Chait, president and CEO of EoPlex, describes the company’s high-volume print forming technology -- a lead carrier product called xLC -- and how it enables a cost-effective replacement for conventional quad flat pack no-lead (QFN) leadframes.

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    Dr. Phil Garrou gives his insight into leading edge developments in 3-D integration and advanced packaging, reporting the latest technical goings on from conferences, conversations, and more.

    IFTLE 38 ...of Memory Cubes and Ivy Bridges - more 3D and TSV

    The 3D TSV announcements keep coming at a “fast and furious” pace and are becoming hard for all of us to keep up with. One announcement (this past week) and one rumor, are very important for the forward momentum of 3D IC integration. A few weeks ago Mark...

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    WaferNEWS Watch: War of the ASPs at Mobile World Congress

    Eyeing the Mobile World Congress through a semiconductor industry lens, Deutsche Bank analyst Ross Seymore sees the battleground of tablets and operating systems shifting from basebands to application processors, and ultimately boiling down to integration...

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