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B.J. Han, chief technology officer of STATS ChipPAC talks about trends in advanced packaging technology. ; Confab; HAN; packaging; STATS ChipPAC; Jan Vardaman, president, TechSearch International, (Vardaman's presentation was delivered by Smith, due to a flight cancellation caused by the weather) explores thru-silicon vias (TSVs).; Jan Vardaman; packaging; SMTAI; TechSearch International; through-silicon vias; thru-silicon via; TSI; TSV; At SEMICON China, Kulicke & Soffa Industries, Inc. launched two next-generation wire bonders, IConn and ConnX; Dage's Paul Walter, Managing Director, talks to Gail Flower at Semicon West 2008.; packaging Dage Semicon West 2008; Ritwik Chatterjee, Ph.D., speaking on behalf of the Georgia Tech Packaging Research Center (PRC), defines 1st and 2nd level integration through all-silicon interconnection.; all silicon; Georgia Tech; Package in package; Packaging Research Center; Ritwik Chatterjee; Gene Dunn, Panasonic Factory Solutions of America, examines thin-die packaging issues that EMS providers will need to consider in board layout for bend possibilities, pick-and-place systems for picking force, and reflow for overheat concerns. ; board design; Fragile Components; Fragile Packages; Miniaturization; panasonic; pick-and-place; reflow; smt; Thin Die; Sitaram Arkalgud, PhD, Director, Interconnect Division, talks about SEMATECH's emphasis on new technologies.; Advanced Packaging; Confab; Gail Flower; Sitaram Arkalgud; Aviza's Kevin Crofton, VP and General Manager, talks to Gail Flower at Semicon West 2008.; Aviza Crofton Semicon West 2008; Asymtek's Greg Wood, vice president of sales, talks to Gail Flower at Semicon West 2008.; Semicon West 2008 asymtek packaging; Jacques Coderre, Unovis Solutions, presents "Assembly Evolution as Semiconductor and Circuit Board Converge." ; Co-design; convergence; Embedded Components; Flip Chip; packaging; smt; Unovis; Paul Ruo, National Sales Manager for Aries, talks to Gail Flower at Semicon West 2008.; Aries Semicon West 2008 packaging; Lee Smith, VP of business development at outsourcing semiconductor assembly and test (OSAT) provider Amkor Technology, was instrumental in developing the package-on-package (PoP) stack.; AmKor; Lee Smith; package on package stack; Pop; Sats; David Geiger, Flextronics International, explains how EMS assemblers implement new packages in their processes.; Bare Die; ems; Flextronics; new packages; Pop; SATS/EMS; smt; stacked packages; Panasonic's Gene Dunnn, Engineering Manager, talks to Gail Flower at Semicon West 2008.; Panasonic Semicon West packaging; Palomar's president, Bruce Hueners, talks about packaging trends at Semicon West 2008.; Palomar Semicon West 2008 packaging; Vern Solberg, STI ? Madison, speaks on miniaturization, such as wafer-level packaging (WLP) and chip on board (COB).; BGA; Cob; Flip Chip; Miniaturization; smt; Vern Solberg; Wireless Handsets; Lee Smith, Senior Director at Amkor and industry expert in 3-D packaging talks about the latest package styles.; Advanced Packaging; AmKor; Confab; Gail Flower; Lee Smith; Scott Kennedy, senior development engineer at Rogers Corporation, looks at the potential inherent in new package substrates.; ceramic packages; ceramics; Military; packaging; SMTAI; substrates; TSV; Rozalia Beica, 3D interconnect director at Semitool Inc. and representing the EMC3D consortium, expresses integration in packaging.; 3d packaging; packaging; Semitool; SMTAI; TSV; Eric Beyne, Ph.D., scientific director, Advanced Packaging and Interconnect Center, Interconnect, Packaging & Systems Integration at IMEC talks to Gail Flower at Semicon West.; packaging IMEC Beyne Semicon West; One of Amkor's latest package offerings, FusionQuad, protects the package while making interconnects easier for fine pitch connections to the PCB.; advanced package; AmKor; BGA; fine pitch package; FusionQuad; new package style; PCB package; quad flatpack; SATS provider package; Steve Dwyer, VP and General Manager America, talks about EVG?s greatest strengths as a company.; Advanced Packaging; Confab; EVG; Gail Flower; Steve Dwyer; Welcome to the Advanced Packaging Video Library! AP videos give active, up-close looks at products, people and packaging industry events.
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