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There was no lack of enthusiasm at Intersolar, notes Paula Mints, associate director and principal analyst at Navigant Consulting, though she says the thin-film sector is experiencing even more downward price pressure due to sinking silicon prices.; crystalline silicon; First Solar; Intersolar; Navigant; Paula Mints; SEMICON West; thin-film; Russ Kanjorski, VP, of marketing at Abound Solar, summarizes the progress to date at the company's first CdTe PV facility, and why he believes CdTe's manufacturing cost is low enough to allow effective pricing and market acceptance.; Abound Solar; cadmium telluride; CdTe; Intersolar; Kanjorski; PV; SEMICON West; video; Fat Spaniel Technology's CEO Matthew Powell talks with Stephen Lacey about the push for data standards for the solar photovoltaic industry, as well as how monitoring has moved into the world of apps, widgets and Facebook.; Ron Kenedi, VP of Sharp Solar's solar energy solutions group, tells why he thinks the US will be the largest solar market by 2012. He also discusses two new solar modules the company released at Intersolar NA, for commercial and residential use.; Intersolar; Kenedi; photovoltaic; PV; SEMICON West; sharp; solar module; video; Emmanuel Van Kerschaver, Group Leader, Solar Cell Technology Group at IMEC, highlights recent developments at the research center, including an 18.5%-efficient solar cell with copper-plated contacts, and a chloride-free solar cell texturing process.; IMEC; Kerschaver; photovoltaics; SEMICON West; solar cell; texturing; Borrego Solar CEO Mike Hall talks with Graham Jesmer about how the solar supply chain effects a commercial installer like Borrego, how customers have reacted to lower prices for solar photovoltaics and how the company plans to move forward.; Business_and_Finance; John Antone, VP, Energy and Environmental Solutions at Applied Materials, distinguishes between peak parity and grid parity, and why he believes there's room for c-Si and thin-film technologies in utility-scale large field applications.; a-Si; antone; Applied Materials; c-Si; grid parity; Intersolar; PVWorld; SEMICON West; solar; thin-film; Matthias Meier, manufacturing engineering & automation at the Fraunhofer Institute, discusses his role as "coach" of the PV Equipment Standards task force.; Fraunhofer; Intersolar; Meier; photovoltaic equipment; PV; SEMICON West; solar; standards; video; SolFocus' VP of Marketing Nancy Hartsoch talks with Stephen Lacey about the growth prospects for concentrating photovoltaics (CPV) market as a whole, the company's plans for growth and it's road to commercialization.; Technology_and_Products; Ric Borges of Synopsys discusses the application of TCAD simulation to multijunction and CPV solar cells.; borges; photovoltaics; PV; SEMICON West; solar; Synopsys; Graham Jesmer caught up with a number players in solar PV at Intersolar North America to talk about the state of the market and how its leading to innovation and cost cutting measures as well as a new maturity within the solar PV supply chain.; Technology_and_Products; Silicon Genesis president & CEO Francois Henley showcases the company's 20Ám kerf-free foil, which is particularly well-suited to BiPV applications and capable of being made into solar cells with 20% efficiency.; BIPV; Henley; kerf; photovoltaic; SEMICON West; SiGen; Silicon Genesis; solar; wafer; Spire Corporation CEO Roger Little talks about the prospects for the solar industry in the US, as well as what Spire is doing to position itself to take advantage of growing solar markets around the world.; Technology_and_Products; On a cost/Watt basis, thin-film solar PV is potentially very attractive, notes Linx Consulting's Mark Thirsk. If the technical challenges are solved, he's bullish that thin-film may take over a 30% share of the market.; Intersolar; materials; SEMICON West; solar photovoltaics; thin-film; thirsk;
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