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Seeing the future in flexible AMOLED displays, manufacturers expand production capacity in 2016
Organic light-emitting materials used to produce OLED panels grew 12% in 2015
LED Taiwan 2016 to kick off in Taipei in April
Top LED company selects ClassOne's Solstice electroplater
Two in five wearable devices will be enabled for wireless charging by 2020
Led by iPhone 6S, sensor hubs market is growing fast
Cornell-led team creates gallium nitride power diode
New LED with luminescent proteins
Uncovering oxygen's role in enhancing red LEDs
LG shows off 18 inch rollable OLED display at CES 2016
Promising new approach for controlled fabrication of carbon nanostructures
With AMOLED on the rise, full high definition screens proliferate further in third quarter 2015
Imec improves performance and reliability of deeply-scaled CMOS logic devices
Exploring the limits for high-performance LEDs and solar cells
Nanotherm scoops Elektra 'LED Product of the Year' award
Led by Apple and Chinese brands, high tech smartphone panel shipments rising
The use of sapphire in mobile device and LED industries: Part 2
The use of sapphire in mobile device and LED industries
Soraa announces LED manufacturing expansion in Syracuse, NY
Pixelligent introduces OLED light extraction technology at 2015 OLEDs World Summit
LED driver and chipset market to reach US$11.99 billion globally by 2021, Transparency Market Research
Applied Materials advances OLED display manufacturing for flexible mobile products and curved TVs
Two polymer-blend could boost efficiency of LEDs
LG Innotek announces high power LED packages
DuPont Displays opens OLED materials scale-up facility for next generation TVs
Researchers developed highly accurate method for measuring luminous efficacy of LEDs
Graphene as an alternative transparent electrode for OLEDs
Flexible 7 inch touch panel with integrated OLED display developed
RayVio announces expansion of UV LED manufacturing capacity
New research may enhance display & LED lighting technology
Pixelligent launches new PixClear light extraction materials for OLED lighting
Imec introduces self-assembled monomolecular organic films to seal ultra-porous low- k materials
Surging phablets to shoot past stalled tablet market in 2015
OEM Group expands wafer surface preparation services to UBLED processing
Nanowires could be the LEDs of the future
Aledia completes $31M Series B financing
Dow Corning granted Korean patent for LED optical silicone encapsulant technology
Trans-Lux announces new LED manufacturing resources
ASCENT project offers unparalleled access to European nanoelectronics infrastructure
Next-generation illumination using silicon quantum dot-based white-blue LED
Fujifilm and imec demonstrate full-color OLEDs with photoresist technology for organic semiconductors
Leti demos new process to fabricate high-brightness micro-LED arrays for next-gen head-mounted and head-up displays
Entegris elects James P. Lederer to Board of Directors
LED phosphors market: Strong price pressure stalls revenue growth but masks a more complex picture
San'an licenses Japanese LED patent portfolio to Luminus Devices
LEDs Taiwan opens today in Taipei
Cambridge Nanotherm publishes results of first independent test of thermal management substrates for LEDs
The promising future of LEDs
Marktech Optoelectronics adds miniature Point Source LED packages to product lineup