Imec honors Dr. Gordon Moore with “Lifetime of Innovation Award”

Nanoelectronics research center imec has announced that Dr. Gordon E. Moore, creator of the famous Moore’s law theory and co-founder of Intel, is the recipient of its lifetime of innovation award. Imec’s annual award recognizes Dr. Moore’s visionary view, unrivalled innovation, and his profound impact on the global electronics industry.

In 1965, Dr. Moore predicted that the number of components on an integrated circuit (IC) would double every year for the coming 10 years, thereby making ICs and computer processing simultaneously faster, cheaper, and more powerful. In 1975, Dr. Moore revised the forecast rate to approximately every two years. Moore’s law turned out to be incredibly accurate, growing beyond its predictive character to become an industry driver that holds true today, 50 years later. Keeping up with Moore law’s progression has required a tremendous amount of engineering and commitment from the global semiconductor industry. While its meaning has evolved over generations, it has had a profound impact in many areas of technological change and progress.

“It is truly an honor to present imec’s lifetime innovation award to Dr. Moore, on behalf of all our global partners and our researchers,” stated Luc Van den hove, president and CEO of imec. “Dr. Moore’s name is synonymous with progress, and his vision has inspired and given direction to the entire semiconductor industry, which has revolutionized the way we compute, communicate, and interact. As the industry upholds this prediction and brings forth new innovations in chip technology, the future of Moore’s law will impact such things as healthcare, a sustainable climate, and safer transport all for the better.”

Dr. Moore began his career at Johns Hopkins University. He cofounded Fairchild Semiconductor in 1957 and launched Intel in 1968 together with Robert Noyce and Andy Grove. Today, Intel is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of integrated circuits and is the largest semiconductor company. Dr. Moore served as Intel CEO from 1975-1987, and then became its chairman of the board until his retirement in 1997.

“Although Moore’s law was created more than 50 years ago, it remains extremely valid and serves as a guide to what we innovate at imec,” continued Van den hove. “Throughout our organizations’ 32-year existence, we’ve worked at enabling Moore’s law and helping our partners innovate and develop the modern technology that society has embraced and demands. Dr. Moore’s legacy continues to be our mission and we are privileged to honor him.” 

Imec’s Lifetime of Innovation award is awarded to Dr. Moore on May 24, 2016 at its annual ITF Brussels, the flagship of imec’s worldwide ITF events.


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2 thoughts on “Imec honors Dr. Gordon Moore with “Lifetime of Innovation Award”

  1. Hans Jørgen Weedon.

    Hi you all.

    I was the the lecture in Philadelphia PA in 1965, and attended John More’s famous lecture.
    At the time his prediction was more about computer memories than Integrated Circuits in general.
    He predicted that the cost of computer memories would reduce in cost per bit at what now has become More’s Law rate. At that time the cost of memory was something like 5 cents per bit. And he predicted that in 10 years the cost of memories would be 0.05 cents per bit.
    In the question and answer session that followed somebody commented that there would be no way that the treading of cores would ever come to 0.05 cents per bit.
    Mr. More rebuttal that “we then know one more thing then that in 10 years we will not use magnetic core memories.”
    By the way a true IBM compatible BIOS wrote “NO CORE” in big letters on the screen if you did not put in the memory chips.

    Hans J Weedon.


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