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PECVD for displays

Applied Materials, Inc. announced new PECVD film technology to produce higher-performance, high-resolution displays for next-generation tablet computers and TVs. Available on the company's AKT-PECVD system, these advanced insulating films enable the use of metal oxide-based transistors that produce smaller, faster-switching pixels to create higher resolution screens preferred by consumers. Applied's new PECVD films provide a dielectric-layer interface for metal oxide transistors that minimizes hydrogen impurities to improve transistor stability and deliver optimized screen performance. These high-quality silicon oxide (SiO2) films can be deposited by the AKT-PECVD system with precise uniformity on sheets of glass up to 9m2 in size - a capability that is critical to achieving high production yields and low manufacturing costs. In addition to its new PECVD films, Applied is currently developing advanced PVD solutions, including IGZO deposition, for metal oxide manufacturing. Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA,

MEMS relays for test

Advantest Corporation began producing micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) relays, designed for use in semiconductor testing equipment, high-speed communications devices, high-frequency wave measurement equipment and their components. Mass production will begin in January 2013. Advantest manufactures the MEMS with its proprietary deposition technology, creating 1??m-thick piezoelectric film. This enables a smaller form factor and lower actuation voltage (12V) compared to high-frequency wave relays using electromagnetic or electrostatic actuation. The MEMS device is available in 5.4 x 4.2 x 0.9mm or 2.9 x 3.4 x 0.9mm form factors. The MEMS are not easily affected by ambient static electricity, like electrostatic relays. Advantest, Tokyo, Japan,

Wafering tool

Wafering tool supplier Silicon Genesis (SiGen) developed its second-generation production system for fabricating thin-silicon solar wafers, as well as high-brightness light-emitting diode (HB-LED), and 3D semiconductor packaging wafers. The system tailored for silicon, GaAs, germanium, SiC, GaN and sapphire materials. The new GenII PolyMax system targets high volumes, aiming to replace wire wafer saws with a kerf-free wafering tool. The system creates thinner wafers than are possible with wire-based slicing. The proton beam-induced wafering design was created over 6 years with numerous equipment and solar cell partners. Silicon Genesis, San Jose, CA,

Resist coat and develop platforms

SUSS MicroTec launched the RCD8 manual resist coat and develop platform for R&D and low-volume use in micro electro mechanical system (MEMS), semiconductor packaging, light-emitting diode (LED) and other applications. The RCD8 can convert from a spin coater, with the proprietary GYRSET closed cover coating technology, to a spray developer. The convertion takes minutes. Install options range from basic manual operation to semi-automated to puddle & spray developer. Processes developed on the manual RCD8 are easily transitioned to a SUSS MicroTec production tool. The RCD8 combines SUSS' multiple dedicated Delta Series tools that served specific applications in MEMS, advanced packaging, and LED fab or the R&D market. All necessary coating and developing processes for these applications are incorporated. SUSS MicroTec, Garching, Germany,">

High voltage system SourceMeter

The Model 2657A is optimized for high voltage applications such as testing power semiconductor devices, including diodes, FETs, and IGBTs, as well as characterizing newer materials such as gallium nitride (GaN), silicon carbide (SiC), and other compound semiconductor materials and devices. It is also useful for characterizing high speed transients and performing breakdown and leakage tests on a variety of electronic devices at up to 3,000V. Like the rest of the Series 2600A family, the Model 2657A offers a highly flexible, four-quadrant voltage and current source/load coupled with precision voltage and current meters. Keithley Instruments, Cleveland, OH,">

Gas and ancillary asset management system

The Lasso System is a customer centric supply chain and inventory management system capable of monitoring the location and operating status of gas products and other highly valued assets in real time. The system combines RFID and pressure monitoring technology designed for monitoring the inventory, movement and operating pressure of compressed gas cylinders. The Lasso operating software is optimized for reporting critical parameters of interest to users of compressed gases and has intelligence for generating gas cost and usage analytics to facilitate gas management decisions aimed at reducing aggregate gas costs. Matheson, Montgomeryville, PA,

Parametric test system upgrade

Supported by the latest version of Keithley Test Environment software (KTE V5.4), the S530 can now be configured for 48-pin full Kelvin switching and with new integrated options for pulse generation, frequency measurements, and low voltage measurements. These new capabilities allow S530 systems to address an even broader range of production parametric test applications with one high speed, cost-effective test solution. A new high speed, high resolution oscilloscope option supports ring oscillator testing over a broad frequency measurement range. Keithley Instruments, Cleveland, OH,">

Test tools suit ASSP, RF test

ATE provider LTX-Credence Corporation released the Diamondx test platform for application-specific standard products (ASSP) and the DragonRF for radio frequency (RF) devices. In addition, LTX-Credence launched a SerDes test instrument and new testing software. The Diamondx tool increases tester throughput, offers better multi-site test capability, and has lower capital expenditure and operations costs than comprable tools, according to LTXC. The tool boasts a small footprint with an energy-efficient, air-cooled design. LTX-Credence, Norwood, MA,

Solid State Technology, Volume 55, Issue 3, April 2012

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