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Defect inspection at ≤22nm

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The UVision 4 enables detection of yield-limiting defects in the critical patterning layers of 22nm and below logic and memory devices, performing simultaneous brightfield/greyfield inspection (including "haze" defects) with up to 35% higher wafer throughput than the previous UVision system. A flexible optical system enables smaller pixel sizes, collects up to 40% more scattered light, and supports new wide dynamic range (WDR) detectors. Enhancements include a new image processing engine delivering up to 12B pixels/sec, enhanced light intensity, and noise reduction techniques. Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA; 408/727-5555,

Integrated vacuum/abatement

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The Zenith system combines Edwards' iHX harsh process vacuum and Atlas gas abatement technology, thereby reducing system footprint by up to 70% and utility hookups by >60%, the company claims. The pumps feature a wide temperature range to help minimize byproduct accumulation, increased powder-handling capabilities, patented "Gas Buster" inlet purge, and pump seal technology. The Atlas family offers a combination of combustion abatement and wet scrubbing stages. Edwards, West Sussex, UK; 44 (0)/8459-212223,

Bond testing

The Condor EZ offers multiple test capabilities in a single platform, from standard bond testing (e.g., wire pull, ball shear, die shear) to peel, push, and roller testing. One test head features four different measurement sensors; changing the test head enables mechanical shock testing for impact testing, or ribbon peel testing of PV cells using USB tweezers. Xyztec, Gilroy, CA; 408-846-5475,

Diamond material to fight fluid loss

The UNCD T30 material is specifically optimized to withstand fluid loss or dry running in mechanical seals for fluid pumps. Applied to a SiC mechanical seal face, it can be run against a variety of hard counterface materials in abrasive applications, at extreme temperatures, or under poorly lubricated conditions. Run against a SiC counterface reduces energy dissipation due to friction at the interface by 75% vs. running SiC against itself, the company claims. Advanced Diamond Technologies, Romeoville, IL; 815-293-0900,

Air-cooled mainframe for test

The T2000 Light Star Mainframe replaces conventional liquid-cooling technology with an air-cooled configuration, eliminating the need for a separate cooling unit, even in areas without cooling systems installed. It is compatible with several of the company's test modules: 250Mbps digital, 32ch multipurpose parametric, 16ch audio and baseband waveform generator/digitizer, and 12GHz wideband signal generator/analyzer. Advantest America, Santa Clara, CA; 408-988-7700,

Climate control system

The XCS includes remote sensors in the sample environment to enable direct feedback of changing conditions (temperature, humidity, gas flow rate, pressure). Custom attachments permit sample manipulation while maintaining atmospheric control and uninterrupted measurement. The XCS also can be coupled with existing systems (e.g., XRD, NMR, IR/Raman) to control in-situ experimental conditions. An optional integrated mass spectrometer allows continuous measurement of atmospheric composition and evolved gas analysis; options for the base unit include loading ports, additional probes, manipulation tools, and gloves. Hiden Isochema, Warrington, UK; 44 (0)/1925-244-678,,

Phase-change material

The PCM45M-SP phase-change thermal interface consists of a sophisticated thermally conductive material with optimum filler size distribution to achieve maximum packing density compared with conventional phase change materials. It can 1000 hours at 150°C without degradation and >1000 temperature cycles, stability that minimizes or eliminates premixing. It can be applied to heat sink design, components, or thermal spreader in any shape built into the printing screen. Honeywell Electronic Materials, Morris Township, NJ; 973/455-4908,

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