New Products


Die-attach Adhesive

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A silver-filled, high-thermal conductivity die-attach adhesive, Hysol QMI 519HT02 is designed for use on die with high-power densities. The adhesive is hydrophobic and stable at high temperatures, delivering void-free bond lines with adhesion strength to various ceramic, laminate, and metal or plated substrates including copper, Alloy42, solder, tin, silver, palladium and gold. Devices manufactured using the adhesive have been shown to resist delamination and popcorning, even after exposure to multiple reflow temperature cycles. The material will not degrade at 260°C peak solder reflow temperatures. It is formulated to cure in-line, either on a die bonder using a post-die bond heater or on a wire bonder preheater. Henkel Loctite Corp., San Diego, Calif.,

Vision Centering Option

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A multi-nozzle vision centering (MNVC) option is available for this company's KE-2060 line. The high-speed flexible mounter is equipped with a multi-nozzle laser head and a high-resolution head. This option provides the benefit of allowing all five nozzles to place vision components. The vision centering option is designed for cost-effectiveness, and to shorten the cycle time on vision components. All component types, including odd sizes or shapes, as well as standard chip sizes, can be placed with the addition of the vision centering option. Juki Automation Systems Inc., Morrisville, N.C.,

Stencil System

VectorGuard stencil system is surrounded by a thin aluminum extrusion that is light and easy to handle, while offering a robust system suitable for long-term use. Its construction protects the stencil body during handling, and is fully contained. The stencil system optimizes patented tensioning systems and supports all customer imaging processes. Frames are available in three different sizes: 23 × 23", 23 × 29", and 29 × 29". DEK USA Inc., Flemington, N.J.,

Benchtop Dispensing System

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The DispenseMate 550 Series is a benchtop dispensing unit engineered for advanced capability with a small footprint. Designed for many batch dispensing operations, the system features a precision motion system with closed-loop brushless DC motors, as well as a control for the company's pumps and valves, digital gages for fluid delivery and setup ease, and an optional vision system. Two models are available: the 555 model features a dispense area of 525 × 525 mm, while the 553 model features a dispense area of 325 × 325 mm. Asymtek, Carlsbad, Calif.,

Line Management Software

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An updated dimensions configuration features a simplified user interface and a roadmap of automatic features to reduce operator and production manager workloads. The configuration consolidates the line control and line programming functions of the original software suite, and the toolset now is hosted on two optional boxes consisting of hardware and software. The line control box condenses the line control features of the software and adds new features to minimize changeover time and track consumption information per line. The line programming box supports offline programming and line optimization, as well as hosting the product and component library management functions. Data management functions are included in each module to facilitate interpretation and machine use data, including remote access. Universal Instruments Corp., Binghamton, N.Y.,

X-ray Fluorescence System

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XRF is designed to determine the thickness and composition of metal depositions typically used in metal finishing and microelectronics industries. The system features X-ray fluorescence and is designed with a combination of empirical and fundamental parameter algorithms. The measurement platform is suited for current economic and price performance customer requests. Matrix Metrologies, Holbrook, N.Y.,

Expanded Packaging Capability

The MicroLeadFrame is the company's version of an IC package with the generic nomenclature of QFN, and is a lead frame-based, near-CSP with an exposed die paddle and leads on the bottom of the package. By optimizing production lead frame strip densities, additional manufacturing efficiencies of the packaging family are expected to be generated. Amkor Technology Inc., Chandler, Ariz.,

Wafer Printing System

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SemiTouch Wafer Printer (STW-1) is equipped for both wafer stencil printing and bumping within one system. The printer is modeled after the company's standard SemiTouch printer, but offers additional advantages such as system conversion from wafer bumper to stencil printer by pressing a button. The system features a vision system with accuracies of 12 µm that yields capabilities of ultra-fine-pitch printing (to 70 µm).Milara Inc., Medfield, Mass.,

Stencil Cutter

SL740 stencil laser cutter is designed for low- and medium-volume stencil production, capable of cutting up to 3,000 apertures per hour. The system uses the same proprietary high-power IR laser source, compliant with laser safety Class 1, as found in the company's higher-end models. The entry-level system provides the necessary requirements for high accuracy and reliability, making it suitable for start-up stencil businesses or as a backup system for established shops. It features a cutting area of 29 × 29", and accommodates all common stencils, including those for quick release frames. Mounting fixtures are provided for both bare sheets and framed stencils. LPKF Laser & Electronics, Wilsonville, Ore.,

LTCC Multi-layer Substrates

This company offers prototyping services of low-temperature cofired ceramic (LTCC) multilayer substrate and packaging technology for a wide range of applications. The LTCC materials systems are suitable for high-frequency devices and can be used for antenna modules, transmitters, power amplifiers, filter components, duplexer switch and more. Products are available with a fired ceramic tape thickness of 1.7 to 8.5 mils and have a dielectric constant of 7.8 at 1 MHz. Substrates can be manufactured with up to 20 layers and use screen-printed Ag conductors for the inner layers and Pd/Ag or Au for the top layer. Minicaps, Mission Viejo, Calif.,

Portable X-ray System

A small, portable X-ray system, Verifier has a footprint of only 29 × 32". The system's large field-of-view makes it suited for inspection, failure analysis and verification of reworked BGAs, µBGAs, chip scale packages and other SMT devices and connectors, as well as for spot checks of production lines for small- and medium-sized companies. It offers top down and angled viewing in continuous real-time imaging of packages from 2 to 60 mm to detect bridging, missing and poor reflow shapes and voiding. The system also provides a high-resolution 80kV, 33-µm microfocus X-ray tube with power to punch through packages such as ceramic column grid arrays and BGA devices with metal lids and heat sinks. FocalSpot Inc., San Diego, Calif.,