Air Liquide acquires microcontamination lab


FREMONT, Calif.—Analytical Services Group (ASG), a laboratory recognized for solving microcontamination issues and characterizing unknown materials, has been acquired by Air Liquide America ( and relocated within the new cleanroom facility at its Balazs Analytical Services lab here.

With the acquisition, Balazs hopes to add chemical bond identification to is own elemental identification expertise, providing a more comprehensive analytical service to the semiconductor industry. ASG's founder, Dr. Hugh Gotts, is an expert on organic and polymer analyses using vibrational spectroscopy. ASG's capabilities are seen as enhancing Balazs' strengths in surface, organic and inorganic analyses, testing of packaging materials, thermal analyses of polymers, and extensive wafer analysis.

Balazs Analytical Services analyzes ultra-pure water, pure chemicals, gases, cleanroom air, cleanroom and chemical distribution components, and wafers and thin films.