Unidirectional flow clean-air devices, paint spray practices validated by IEST


ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill.—Recommended practices for unidirectional flow clean-air devices and paint-spray applications have been reviewed and validated for use without change by their respective Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST; working groups.

IEST-RP-CC002.2, Unidirectional Flow Clean-Air Devices, covers definitions, procedures for evaluating performance, and major requirements of unidirectional flow clean-air devices. It may be used to define a basis of agreement between customer and supplier in the specification, procurement, and certification testing of devices with self-contained motor blowers and non-powered terminal units with replaceable filter. The RP also presents recommendations for recertification, under direction of the customer, on devices owned by the customer.

IEST-RP-CC029.1, Contamination Control Considerations for Paint-Spray Applications, provides guidelines and recommended procedures for controlling dirt contamination (particles, fibrous materials, etc.) in controlled environments used for paint spraying.

IEST reviews each of its RPs three years after its last publication, and considers comments and suggestions received. The document is then revised, withdrawn, or reaffirmed as valid in its current form. Publications are available for purchase at the IEST Web site.