Isolators & Minienvironments


Regardless of industry, the ongoing contamination-control battle is being fought with convenience, economy and simplicity in mind. Minienvironments are key weapons in cost-effective contamination control—even minis built with the flexibility to be on-the-go. Here's a sampling of recently introduced units and their features.

Pharm packaging system

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This barrier system, commonly used in Class 100 cleanroom pharmaceutical packaging environments, is designed to provide a simple and cost-effective method of separating an aseptic process from the surrounding environment and personnel. According to the company, the system assures that nothing impedes the flow of air from the cleanroom ceiling downward to the process. The smooth-surfaced interior and exterior allows for regular spray-and-wipe disinfecting. Construction materials are designed to prevent damage from strong disinfecting agents. The equipment is suitable for use in FDA-approved biological production facilities.
Absolute Control Systems
Golden, Colo.

Custom-fit for critical areas

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Custom enclosures and barriers are designed and manufactured to fit the needs of the process line or critical work areas. Barriers are available with HEPA/ULPA filtration, as well as carbon filters, alarm systems, and explosion-proof electrical systems. A variety of construction materials are available.
Atmos-Tech Industries
Ocean, N.J.

Semiconductor minienvironment

The MiniMax system Equipment Front End Module (EFEM) is designed for use with semiconductor processing equipment and back-end systems. The mini-environment can be designed to meet virtually any system and application requirements, and is especially suited to team with the company's line of wafer and reticle-handling equipment. The software-controlled Class 1 minienvironment, according to the company, complies with SEMI and SEMATECH standards and guidelines. It features an automatic pressure control system that adjusts fan speed to maintain pressure set points, integrated controls and monitoring, FFU with VFD-controlled impeller and PTFE media filter, and integral lighting.
Genmark Automation
Milpitas, Calif.

Chamber on the go

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Billed as a roving cleanroom alternative, this portable dual-chamber mobile isolation chamber (MIC) features separate processing and product chambers, a Class 100 environment, minimal heat generation, and adjustable working height. It is designed for cost-effective, quiet, advanced aseptic processing.
Containment Technologies Inc.
Indianapolis, Ind.

Multiple operator isolator

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MicroSphere barrier isolators are designed to provide a Class 10 minienvironment, manufactured with unidirectional positive pressure for preparing sterile components, or with negative pressure for safe handling of chemotherapeutics, or toxic drugs and powders. These anodized aluminum units are available in a variety of sizes, widths and depths to accommodate a single operator or multiple operators. According to the manufacturer, the MicroSphere's unidirectional flow provides the equivalent of a laminar flow hood inside the minienvironment.
IsoTech Design
St. Laurent, Quebec

Laminar flow isolator

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This Laminar Flow Glovebox/ Isolator (LFGI) is a USP 797-compliant cleanroom alternative. The all-stainless steel isolator incorporates laminar flow technology into a contained unit that can operate as either a positive-pressure isolator or negative-pressure glovebox (as per new NIOSH standards). Features include an adjustable stand, sliding work trays, and optional HEPA-filtered purge airlock.
Purified microEnvironments
Ormond Beach, Fla.

Minienvironment enclosure

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Mini-Environment Equipment Enclosures are designed to offer a particle-free, static-free environment for microelectronics equipment, balances, scales and other sensitive equipment. Interchangeable access ports (available separately) include solid panels, glove ports, iris ports, access doors, microscope bellows, and custom interface modules. An optional HEPA filter/fan unit provides quiet operation and low vibration. Each enclosure includes dual front doors and a bottomless design for convenient placement over equipment. An optional spill tray is available if a bottom section is required.
Terra Universal
Anaheim, Calif.