ESD abatement


Compiled by Steve Smith

No matter where you sit, stand or walk, or what you wear in a critical cleanroom environment, eliminating electrostatic discharge is a crucial consideration. To eliminate shocking results, check out this sampling of recent ESD abatement products.

Three-step mat

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For the industry-recommended "three steps" for 99 percent removal of foot contamination, the 3-Step Mat is a washable, static-dissipative, contamination-control mat that features the manufacturer's high-tack polymer surface. The mat features a cushioned, non-slip base, does not particulate, and is silicone- and DOP-free. Available in blue or gray, the 78-inch wide mat comes in various lengths.
Dycem Technologies
Warwick, RI

Anti-skid shoe cover

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Disposable contamination-control shoe covers are lightweight yet designed for durability and comfort. Made of nonwoven 100 percent spunbound polypropylene with stitched seams, the covers feature a 20-inch conductive ribbon on the sole, and sprayed latex anti-skid treads. According to the company, the product conforms to IES-RP-CC-003.2 Recommended Practice for Cleanroom Garments. The covers are stacked and rolled in polybags, 150 pair per case.
Hutchins & Hutchins
Waynesboro, VA

Anti-static fabric

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Ground Zero grounded garments are designed to protect against particulate contamination and uncontrolled static discharge. Lab coats and coveralls include electrically connected hoods and conductive footwear that are made of Class 100-compatibile materials and construction. Panel-to-panel electrical continuity is confirmed in 10E7 range throughout the warranty period—100 washes or two years. Garments are available with patented dual independent paths to ground for interfacing to continuous monitoring systems.
TW Clean
Carlsbad, CA

Cleanroom chairs

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EA Series narrow-back ergonomic cleanroom chairs are for intense work requiring upper torso stability and mobility plus eye-hand coordination. The chairs are available with performance packages for ISO Class 3 through Class 6 cleanroom applications, static control environments, and ISO Class 3 through Class 6 combination cleanroom/static control settings. The backrest is only eight inches wide and is built to support the spine, provide lumbar support and give the chair user good range of motion without backrest restraint.
BioFit Engineered Products
Waterville, OH

Reusable woven polyester

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WK 3000 material is woven from 100 percent filament polyester yarn with carbon fibers laced into a stripe throughout the material. This durable fabric is designed to repel fluids, prevent particulation and dissipate static electricity. The manufacturer's entire line of Ultima reusable apparel is available with the WK 3000 material.
White Knight Engineered Products
Charlotte, NC

Shelf grounding

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The ESD Clip electrically connects a wire shelf to a shelf post to reduce electrostatic discharge risks caused by ungrounded shelving. The manufacturer claims the clip installs quickly without tools, and provides visual indication that the shelves are grounded. According to the manufacturer, the product fits most Metro Super Erecta, Super Adjustable and other compatible shelving.
Static Dynamics
Beaverton, OR