New Products


Compiled by Laureen Bellville

Chemical delivery

The platform for the ChemFlex D4 Micro CDM (chemical delivery module) is based on pump-dispense technology and can be configured to provide the levels of flow and purity to meet process requirements. Designed to support all wet processes, including lithography, etch, post-CMP, clean, and other wet cleaning applications, the D4 Micro can scale from a low-flow, single pump-drum dispense unit to a high-flow back-up system for a primary CDM. BOC Edwards Wilmington, MA

Silicone tubing

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Intended for applications requiring pliability, non-toxicity, and temperature resistance, Silcon silicone tubing is manufactured from FDA-sanctioned ingredients and is listed by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF 51). It does not contain plasticizers, and it is translucent, odorless, tasteless, inert, and may be steam-sterilized or autoclaved. Silcon Medical and Silcon Med-X are cleanroom-produced from silicone elastomer that meets USP Class VI requirements. NewAge Industries Southampton, PA

Laboratory workstation

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Elements of the Pro-Lab Series of laboratory workspaces systems include heavy-duty, modular pedestal cabinets with multiple drawer and door configurations, a range of work surfaces, and multi-tiered adjustable shelving above the surface. Components are constructed from 16-gauge steel for weight-bearing capacity and long life. The cabinets feature 95 percent extension slides with 100-pound capacity per drawer, and are available in depths of 26 or 30 inches. Available work surfaces include epoxy resin, Chem-Guard chemical-resistant laminate, colored laminates, heavy gauge stainless steel, and ESD. Pro-Line Haverhill, MA

Microbiological analysis wall chart

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A microbiological analysis wall chart highlights 40 different Millipore media for various applications, including pharmaceutical, water, beverage, hospital, and microelectronics. To facilitate the identification of appropriate media for specific applications, the wall chart presents an illustration of organisms grown on specific media, suitable applications, incubation time, temperature, and typical colony appearance. The chart also includes pH levels and regulatory compliance with organizations such as the U.S. Pharmacopoeia 27-NF 22 (USP), European Pharmacopoeia (EP), and Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater (SM). Millipore Billerica, MA

Wafer cleaning solution

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The Liquozon Smart Ozonated Water Delivery System delivers ultra-pure ozonated water for wafer and substrate cleaning during integrated circuit and thin- film processing. According to the manufacturer, the self-contained system generates ultra-pure ozonated water at the point use, eliminating the need for chemical storage. The system delivers accurate dissolved ozone concentrations up to 65 ppm, and the company says closed-loop control ensures delivery at stable concentrations and at varying flow rates (to 50 l/min). MKS Instruments Inc. Andover, MA

Portable gas chromatograph

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For on-site identification of common VOCs in air, water, and soil, the self-contained, portable Voyager utilizes a three-column analytic engine along with PID and ECD detectors to support broad VOC detection requirements. The instrument's method is open and accessible, letting the operator adjust the analytic technique for optimal results in the field. The on-board display enables the user to set method variables and view compound-specific test results, including the actual chromatographs. Photovac Inc. Waltham, MA

Tamper-proof seal

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Tamper-proof security seals are designed to ensure product integrity on filtration products. Located on the outer corrugated package, the security seal provides visible assurance of intact packaging. If the seal is broken after leaving the facilities, a white adhesive is left behind, with the word "Opened" on the tape. Millipore BioPharmaceutical Billerica, MA

Adjustable aperture damper

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The Iris Damper uses interlocking steel plates and a calibrated control lever to form an adjustable aperture. By measuring differential pressure across the pressure ports, and referring to the matching performance curve, airflow can be determined precisely. Ten sizes are available, from 4 to 32 inches, with capacities to 20,000 cfm. The galvanized steel product is fitted with a neoprene gasket for air-tight mounting. Continental Fan Manufacturing Inc. Buffalo, NY

Filtration system

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Developed to supply high-purity air to the latest-technology semiconductor processing tools, the Lithoguard-16 filtration system utilizes chemical filter inserts that are configured to minimize the possibility of contaminant breakthrough. The chemical media is targeted to the removal of acidic and basic gases, as wel as volatile organic compounds. Minimizing the cost of ownership by more than doubling the chemical filter service life, the roduct offers further cost reduction through chemical pfilter refurbishment and used-filter analysis programs. Donaldson Company Inc. Minneapolis, MN

Low particle wipers

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Cleanline ultra-clean polyurethane wipers have low particle levels, a soft texture and good liquid and sorptive capacity. The wipers are used in cleanrooms for general cleaning with liquids and solvents, wet cleaning of large areas, screen cleaning, and parts cleaning. Wipetech Inc., Portland, ME

Locking clamp

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Deep clearance locking clamps are made entirely of stainless steel. Available in two sizes, both clamps have an overall length of 10.5 inches with a 2.5-inch reach. Model #10026 has 33/8 inches of vertical clearance and Model #10027 has one inch. Designed for use in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical, nuclear, cleanroom, sterile production, and food industries, the products are fully autoclaveable through thousands of cycles without deterioration, according to the company. Steritool Brooklyn, NY

Viral membrane

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Opticap XL and XLT disposable capsule filters are available with Viresolve Normal Flow Parvovirus (NFP) membrane to provide dependable viral clearance from recombinant or human plasma sources. Offering greater than 98 percent recovery, the membrane's size-exclusion technology clears parvovirus by a log value of four. Comprising patented PVDF material, the membrane's pore structure reportedly allows flow rates 6 to 10 times faster than other filters. The disposable capsule filters are thermal and hydraulic stress resistant, adjustable, and designed for easy installation with upstream vents and drain valves. Milllipore Billerica, MA

FOUP cleaner

The automated Process One FX30 cleaning system is designed to reduce FOUP contamination from human interaction and has robotic controls that transport FOUPs through the cleaning process. The robot and cleaning system sit inside an individual cleanroom environment to prevent contamination throughout the process. The system features patented technology that isolates the cleaning media used inside the FOUPs from the cleaning media used outside, preventing contamiation migration between surfaces. Entegris Inc. Chaska, MN