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2005 Approval guide

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This comprehensive CD-ROM is designed to help architects, consulting engineers, plant managers, contractors and product buyers select the right materials to address property threats and protect their facilities. The 2005 Approval Guide provides the most up-to-date, detailed engineering data and technical information on the application and use of more than 45,000 FM-Approved fire protection products, building materials, electrical equipment and services. The CD-ROM also contains more than 140 Approval Standards documents, indicating the rigorous testing criteria products must meet to become FM-Approved.

FM Approvals
Norwood, Mass.

High containment system

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The company’s ABSOLUT filtration/containment systems can filter fine dust particles and aerosols, bringing pharmaceutical processing contamination levels down well below the most stringent Occupational Exposure Limit. The system provides low airborne dust levels during handling via the use of two HEPA filters that allow cleaned air to be reintroduced back into the production area with no impact on room-to-hallway air balancing. The system features submicron particulate filter cassettes in both the active filter and safety filter stages, guaranteed 24-hour system operation, the ability to de-dust different tablet presses with one filter system without product cross-contamination, and integrated weighing systems to provide records of the quantities that have been extracted.

Fette America
Rockaway, N.J.

Modular radiometer

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This modular radiometer system provides an affordable, versatile and reliable means for measuring output of ultraviolet-C (UVC) devices. The system includes a separate display, sensor and logic controller, allowing the use of some or all components to fit the needs of the end user. Applications for this device include large or critical HVAC installations and surface disinfection systems in manufacturing cleanrooms and food processing areas. NIST-traceable calibration resides within the sensor for ease of calibration. The logic controller provides easy-to-read visual indication of relative power and UVC lamp output.

Steril-Aire, Inc.
Burbank, Calif.

Dual EMI/RFI medical air filters

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These dual EMI/RFI honeycomb air filters for medical electronics enclosure applications incorporate the latest flame resistant coatings and antimicrobial additives. The filters provide air filtration and EMI shielding in a single, low-cost assembly that is compact and removable. The honeycomb structure consists of “cells” that are engineered to trap and absorb EMI noise while maintaining 95 percent to 99 percent openness for minimal airflow impedance. The filters meet the stringent filtration performance and flammability requirements of CE and UL. They deliver more than 60 dB attenuation over a frequency range of 10 kHz to 1 GHz.

Universal Air Filter Co.
Sauget, Ill.

Reservoirs for liquid handling systems

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A variety of reagent reservoirs are available from Biotech Solutions featuring low binding polypropylene construction. The Deep Well and Low Profile reservoirs offer chemical and heat resistance for aggressive solvents. The Pyramid Bottoms reduce reagent waste by providing a collection area for low dead volume. The reservoirs are available in 96-well and 384-well filling formats, as well as with 6-, 8-, 12-, and 16-partitioned channels. The reservoirs meet the ASTM/SBS Industry Standard Footprint, can be autoclaved and comply with industry standards for automation. Thin-walled channel partitions allow pipette tips with strippers to reach the bottom of the channeled reservoir. The reservoirs are stackable and are available nonsterile or sterile in cases of 25.

Biotech Solutions
Mt. Laurel, N.J.

Anaerobic/environmental systems

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The compact Bactron III has a small footprint and 300-plate incubator capacity. The unit includes the company’s sliding air-lock shelf, independently controlled incubator, stainless-steel construction and patented gloveless design. The company’s Bactron brochure features two new units with an extensive Feature/Benefit section and Optional Accessories list. A detailed, clear specification chart is provided for each model. Five models in the Bactron line provide a variety of plate capacities to meet your laboratory needs. Plate capacities included are the 100, 200, the NEW 300, 600 and the NEW Bactron IV900 with a 900-plate capacity.

Sheldon Manufacturing Inc.
Cornelius, Oreg.

Glass fiber filter

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The Protec RF0.5 borosilicate glass fiber prefilter is 0.5 micron-rated to remove colloids, aggregated and nonproduct proteins, lipids and particles to protect membrane filters downstream. This filter provides high flow rates and high contaminant holding capacity. The filter is cleanroom manufactured.

Meissner Filtration Products, Inc.
Camarillo, Calif.

Molded silicone stoppers

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These molded silicone components for pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, sanitary process, and laboratory applications consist of stoppers and sealing systems for carboys and vessels, bottles, laboratory equipment and process and storage containers. The components are made from Class VI, platinum-cured silicone elastomer for the utmost in purity. Manufactured in-house in a controlled environment, the components are autoclavable, sterilizable and reusable; have smooth, gap-free surfaces for a true seal; have longer life expectancy, more consistent performance, and higher purity than parts made from rubber or similar materials, and contain no taste or odor transfer. The biologically safe components work with receptacles of glass, metal or plastic and resist cracking and particle migration and provide a secure, sealed environment. Customization is available and includes colors or special markings for identification purposes.

Southampton, Pa.

Portable counter for airborne particles

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The LASAIR II 310B counter for airborne particles provides complete monitoring features in a compact, convenient package that weighs 15.5 pounds. The 310B counts particles at 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 3.0, 5.0, and 10.0 microns, making it ideal for verifying ASHRAE regulations. LASAIR II provides data storage and portability for mobile use, and the advanced data collection and communication features important for dedicated use. You can control the particle counter from your desktop PC’s web browser while it samples in the cleanroom; you can then download the data to your desktop immediately after sampling. LASAIR II is built to last, with a rugged, chemical-resistant cover that can be wiped down with harsh industrial cleaners and sterilization fluids. It also offers a removable, externally rechargeable battery to allow continuous mobile monitoring.

Particle Measuring Systems
Boulder, Colo.

Clean curtains

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This line of Curtain Walls was specially developed to give the protection and flexibility processors need. The “Clean Curtains” partition to fit in with the sanitation needs of processing environments. The curtains have a slick surface able to shed water and soils, and are available either in a 40 mil PVC, 40 mil USDA-grade PVC or 40 mil antimicrobial PVC. To eliminate trapped contamination, the curtains have welded seams and do not have sewn joints or hems. Curtain panels are clear from top to bottom for visibility, creating a brighter working area. The Clean Curtain panels overlap to prevent wash breakthrough, yet allow traffic to pass easily from one area to the next. The 304 stainless-steel roller and track assembly are designed for easy cleaning. The assembly includes 1.5-inch diameter stainless-steel tube, 1-inch Delron rollers, stainless-steel bushings and a stainless-steel stamped saddle. The Clean Curtains can be tailored

Goff’s Enterprises, Inc.
Pewaukee, Wisc.

Non-spill couplings

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The NS4 ABS series non-spill coupling’s acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) material enables medical device manufacturers to extend the benefits of non-spill functionality to applications requiring both medical-grade quality and gamma sterilization. NS4 ABS’s medical-grade material and ability to be gamma sterilized make the product suitable for a range of medical applications, including medical lasers, surgical equipment, cooling systems, advanced patient temperature therapy, cold therapy and fluid collection systems. NS4 ABS features a non-spill shut-off valve that enhances operator safety and speeds connection time. The non-spill coupling provides a lightweight, durable, compact, and economical replacement for expensive metal non-spill couplings, ball valves, and spill-prone fittings. The main components of the NS4 ABS are made out of ABS with 316 stainless-steel springs and EPDM o-ring seals, which provide high resistance to a wide variety of corrosive media. The NS4 ABS’s overmolding increases the durability of the connection and provides a better grip for users. The overmolding is also used for color-coding, which provides instant visual differentiation of diverse media lines.

Colder Products Company
St. Paul, Minn.

Disposable nitrile gloves

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Econwear’s disposable nitrile gloves are ideal for individuals allergic to rubber latex. These stretch gloves offer superior fit, chemical resistance and are more puncture resistant than rubber and vinyl disposables. They reduce hand fatigue and provide good tactile sensitivity. The gloves come in powder and powder-free sizes XS-XXL.

Magid Glove & Safety Manufacturing Co. LLC
Chicago, Ill.

One-step cleaner

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DDDS, a concentrated one-step disinfectant, germicidal detergent and deodorant, offers a new list of updated EPA claims. DDDS is now effective against numerous bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus, Psuedomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella choleraesuis, Chlamydia psittaci, etc.), viruses (Hepatitis B and C, Herpes Types 1 and 2, HIV-1 [AIDS virus], Influenza A/Hong Kong, etc.), animal viruses (Canine distemper, feline leukemia, etc.) and fungi (Aspergillus niger, Candida albicans, Trichophyton mentagrophytes). DDDS also offers Mildewstatic, which helps to control the growth and odor of mold and mildew. It can be used on surfaces such as floors, walls (nonmedical), metal surfaces (nonmedical), stainless-steel surfaces, glazed porcelain and plastic surfaces. DDDS is recommended for use in areas such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, commercial and industrial institutions, office buildings, veterinary clinics, animal life science laboratories, zoos, federally inspected meat and poultry establishments, pet shops, airports, kennels, hotels, breeding establishments, grooming establishments, tanning salons and households.

Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc.
Warsaw, Ind.

Spectrometer software

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With its recently released version 3.0, PANalytical has improved the software for their range of MiniPal and MiniMate EDXRF benchtop spectrometers. New features in the software make it easier to use and enable more versatile analysis. The new software includes recalibration, spectra comparison, extended database formatting possibilities and a variety of other enhancements and modifications. Additionally, a Quick Start Guide for the MiniPal simplifying installation and application set-up is now supplied as part of the package. Applications can now be copied to other systems of the same type with a minimum effort. Also, one set of calibration data can be copied from a research lab to a quality control or process control machine. This feature extends the lifetime of a calibration. With this version, it’s possible to compare spectra of samples from the same application or from different applications. Up to 64 spectra can be displayed at the same time. Spectra can also be scaled and shown in 3D. All materials identification is made much simpler, trends can be easily monitored, and contamination can be checked.

Almelo, Netherlands

Online filter life estimator

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The Filter Life Estimator, a Web-based tool, enables semiconductor fabricators using ASML lithography tools to plan filter maintenance schedules based on the contaminant mix in their particular operation. The estimator is available on the company’s Web site. Filtration quality is not the question here, as the company’s chemiadsorptive LITHOGUARD filters remove more than 99 percent of the ammonia, sulfur dioxide, photo-resist solvents (PGME, ethyl lactate, etc.) and other VOCs generated by the semiconductor fabrication process. Rather, filter life is the question-and how long the filter lasts is a function of the contaminant challenge faced by each individual fabricator. In the Life Estimator screen, the user first selects which ASML tool he has (XT, AT or PAS). The Life Estimator then identifies which of the company’s filters that tool uses and the airflow it requires. When the user fills in specific levels of acids, bases and condensable organics, the Life Estimator automatically calculates an estimated number of months recommended between filter change-outs.

Donaldson Company, Inc.
Minneapolis, Minn.

High-quality cleaning

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EnduroPower is a technology that makes it possible to reduce cleaning cost by saving time, water, energy and labor for the food, dairy and beverage industries. EnduroPower products use surfactants, which, in solution, form polar rod-shaped particles called micelles to make more viscous cleaning solutions. This chemistry is also more hydrophilic, able to hold water for longer periods of time, extending cleaning activity and increasing rinsability. The resulting major advantages are that it goes on faster with a single pass, is active substantially longer and requires less product because reapplication is eliminated. EnduroPower products can be applied using special nozzles that provide wide coverage in one application. They coat evenly and stay in place. Plus, these cleaners help you avoid dry-on issues by rehydrating and rinsing freely. These cleaners can be applied by most commonly available foaming equipment with or without air. They can also be applied using automatic sanitation systems. These systems can automatically clean, rinse and sanitize the external surfaces of fillers, egg breakers and conveyors.

JohnsonDiversey, Inc.
Sturtevant, Wisc.

Fluoropolymer lay-flat bags

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These lay-flat fluoropolymer bags are chemically inert, nonwettable, and noncontaminating. They are able to withstand extreme temperatures from -400°F to +400°F; are impact- and tear-resistant; and remain unaffected by outdoor elements. These bags are useful for applications requiring reliable performance in industries ranging from agriculture to biomedicine. The custom- and standard-sized bags feature heat-sealed seams produced to the same standard that the company developed for NASA. These bags are manufactured from an array of fluoropolymers, including: Teflon FEP and PFA, Modified PTFE, Tefzel ETFE, Tedlar PVF and customer-supplied materials. The company manufactures and supplies standard sizes of fluoropolymer lay-flat bags ranging from 4”x4” to 12”x24” in packages of ten bags each.

Welch Fluorocarbon
Dover, N.H.

Air-purifying respirators

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The PeakFit air-purifying respirators are engineered to guarantee a superior fit that enhances users’ comfort. The respirator is an NIOSH-approved N95 mask that features a large, contoured design that makes breathing easier and reduces workers’ fatigue. The respirator features a preshaped, molded nose bridge that fits virtually any face contour. This fit is accomplished without using a flexible metal band that is common to other masks. Instead, a closed-cell foam on the inside of the mask helps to ensure wearer comfort and the advanced design of the respirator’s adjustable, latex-free, cloth head strap allows for a custom fit. The respirator is available in three application-specific versions: PeakFit, PeakFit OV and PeakFit AG.

Gateway Safety, Inc.
Cleveland, Ohio

Cleanroom doors

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CleanSeal Cleanroom door systems from ASI Technologies are available with welded seamless window frames. The frames are easy to keep clean and provide a barrier to dirt and bacteria to maintain controlled conditions in stringent laboratory and cleanroom environments. Door systems may also include vision lites for seeing obstacles before entrance and are also beneficial for viewing any potential hazards.

ASI Technologies, Inc.
Milwaukee, Wisc.

Air-containment system

The Protect Containment Systems line of building air-containment products offers protection against hazardous gases and chemical warfare agents. Products offered within the line include high-efficiency, single-pass activated carbon adsorbers for filtration of weapons-grade toxicological agents, including biological, chemical and radiological contaminants. The system isolates and removes potentially hazardous gases such as acid gas, organic vapor, mercury, ammonia, radioactive iodine, formaldehyde and chemical warfare agents. The products are manufactured to specification and assembled with other components such as building air-handling systems, HEPA filters, precipitators and control panels.

Calgon Carbon Corp.
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Wireless data logging system

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The MicroLog Plus from Carltex Inc. enables wireless communications from up to 200 Remote Sensing Units monitoring temperature and humidity and transmitting the data to your PC. In addition to temperature and humidity, sensors are available for voltage, current, and electrical contact (open/closed). The transmission range between the sensors and the PC is 395 feet (120 meters) and repeaters are available for extending these distances. Other features include Audio & Visual Alarms with email/SMS messaging and Alarm Relays for controlling external devices. These unique features make the MicroLog Plus the ideal solution for monitoring multiple data logging applications in cleanrooms, laboratories, animal facilities, food, chemical and petroleum processing facilities, storage facilities, warehouses and many, many more.

Carltex Inc.
Greenlawn, N.Y.

Dispensing system

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Millipore has announced the availability of its Acerta DS1 dispensing system, a single-head liquid filling unit that utilizes a pre-assembled, sterile, disposable filling module. The system is designed for final sterile injectables and diagnostics in biotechnology and classical pharmaceutical manufacturing across a range of fill weights and applications. This includes process development, new drug development testing, clinical trial filling and small scale production. To provide complete product containment for enhanced sterility assurance and operator safety, all contact parts in the filling assembly are pre-assembled and disposable. This makes the Acerta DS1 system ideal for cytotoxic and gene therapy products. In addition, the single-use module eliminates autoclaving, steam-in-place (SIP) and clean-in-place (CIP) procedures, and reduces validation efforts. The equipment can easily be configured for manual filling, as well as integrated into existing or new filling lines. The Acerta DS1 system can perform up to 40 fills per minute, and dispenses from 0.2 to 10 mL consistently within +/- 0.5 percent, even at small volumes. Easy to set up and use, the system improves flexibility and productivity for filling operations.

Millipore Corporation
Billerica, Mass.

Latex agglutination kit

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The E. coliPRO 0157 Latex Agglutination kit from Hardy Diagnostics offers definitive identification of E. coli 0157 from a single isolated colony. Rapid results are obtained in as little as two minutes at room temperature. E. coliPRO 0157 is useful in eliminating the possibility of cross reactions with Escherichia hermanii and other sorbitol-negative Escherichia species. The kit’s reagents are ready-to-use and remain in one space-saving workstation. This complete kit, which contains positive and negative controls, mixing sticks, and reaction cards, is stable, with a two-year shelf life from the date of manufacture. It contains large, white, carboxylated latex particles resulting in strong, easy-to-read positive reactions. The white latex particles show up clearly on the black reaction card, which contains eight reagent circles.

Hardy Diagnostics
Santa Maria, Calif.

SMACNA’s second edition

The Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA) has published the second edition of its “Rectangular Industrial Duct Construction Standards.” The updated 446-page manual expands the scope of the 1980 version, updating original text to incorporate a revised theory of design, new materials and more “user friendly” tables. Included are new tables for stainless steels and aluminum and expanded chapters on materials, welding practice, and a guide to specification. It covers the simple, low or moderate temperature and pressure (or vacuum) indoor systems as well as the more complex outdoor systems that operate at moderate to high temperature and pressure, and are subject to higher and more complex external loading.

Chantilly, Va.

nora flooring brochure

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This 24-page color brochure highlights flooring solutions for healthcare facilities. It describes the ways in which nora products address the variety of demands healthcare facilities place on floor coverings, including hygiene requirements, ease of maintenance, sound absorption, comfort underfoot, and wear and slip resistance. The flooring combines performance features and design options to meet these requirements in entrance areas and waiting rooms, corridors, patient rooms, nursing units, imaging suites, emergency departments, intensive care units, rehabilitation departments and stairwells. The brochure also discusses the environmental compatibility of nora floor coverings and identifies “green” advantages the products offer, including extended life cycle, low environmental impact, PVC-free materials that include renewable natural rubber, natural fillers and recycled rubber flooring, excellent indoor air quality, ISO 14001 certification and contributions to the achievement of LEED Version 2.1 credits. The brochure also describes nora accessories, including sanitary bases and corner angles and cove base and stick. All of these accessories are made from carefully selected raw materials, are impact and shock resistant, do not break or shrink and last for years.

Freudenberg Building Systems, Inc.
Lawrence, Mass.

Filtration selection guide

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Millipore’s Filtration Selection Guide summarizes key biopharmaceutical applications and provides recommendations on appropriate microfiltration, ultrafiltration, viral clearance, clarification, prefiltration and sterile filtration solutions. The easy-to-use reference manual covers 13 applications, breaking each application into three steps. The first step presents a typical process flow diagram. Step two, Understanding the Options, outlines essential requirements to help customers understand the filtration goals of each process step and select the most suitable filtration solution. The third step’s Filter Quick Reference tool includes product details, such as surface area, volume and catalog numbers.

Millipore Corporation
Billerica, Mass.