Air Liquide and Aviza Technology extend JDA


Air Liquide Electronics, a leader in industrial and medical gases and related services, and Aviza Technology, Inc., a supplier of advanced semiconductor capital equipment and process technologies for the global semiconductor industry and related markets, have extended their joint development agreement (JDA). The JDA, which now has been extended through 2010, centers on advanced films and process development for semiconductor fabrication. The original agreement between the two companies was announced on April 4, 2005.

“We joined forces with Aviza as a partner for innovative materials development and integration so that we could offer chipmakers manufacturing-worthy process solutions to meet their roadmap requirements,” says Christophe Fontaine, vice president of Air Liquide Electronics. “The JDA has proven to be a mutually beneficial partnership for both companies and we look forward to continuing our development efforts with Aviza.”

Continuous integrated circuit (IC) device scaling poses certain critical manufacturing challenges, with new materials playing an integral role in successful sub-90-nm IC production. Ongoing industry collaboration is important for early development of process and technology solutions to overcome these next-generation challenges. Aviza and Air Liquide’s collaborative partnership enables the companies to combine their knowledge in the areas of advanced films, process technology, and hardware to help address deposition challenges for increasingly smaller and more complex IC devices.

As part of the JDA, Air Liquide’s ALOHA™ organization will produce the chemicals, perform the associated analyses and characterizations, and evaluate them through its Precursor Screening Program when necessary. Aviza will use selected precursors in developing fully characterized films to support advanced applications for sub-90-nm manufacturing.

“To date, Aviza has experienced quite a successful collaborative partnership with Air Liquide,” says Helmuth Treichel, vice president of advanced applications at Aviza. “Both Aviza and Air Liquide have benefited from our ongoing JDA and we feel there is much more opportunity to expand and enhance our research and development efforts by working with industry experts like Air Liquide in the materials arena.”