New Products


High-purity foams for insulation and construction applications

Kynar® PVDF-based closed cell foam is the first polymeric foam to meet the requirements for Factory Mutual (FM) 4910 test protocols for cleanroom materials flammability. The flame propagation and smoke generation values obtained for the foams were well below the requirements imposed by the FM protocols. The high-purity foams are easily cut without creating dusts or particles and have very low thermal conductivity and a wide operating temperature range. The foams also resist mold and fungi, as well as most solvents, chemicals, and typical sterilization methods. In addition to cleanroom pipe and duct insulation, Kynar® foams can also be used to construct lightweight, sound dampening structures and partitions, seals and gaskets, and chemical wet benches. They are suitable for use in pharmaceutical, biological, nuclear, semiconductor, or chemical industries, and can be used in processing food, dairy and cosmetics.

Arkema, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA

Dusting system and microfiber wipers

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Kimberly-Clark Professional has introduced a new line of KIMTECH SCIENCE* brand products for laboratory maintenance: the KIMTECH SCIENCE* dusting system, lens-cleaning microfiber wipers, and large microfiber wipers. The products are designed to pick up more dust in more places, meeting the cleaning needs of laboratories and other controlled environments. The dusting system features a duster head, with 380,000 soft, flexible, dust-trapping polyester fibers that change shape for dust pick-up in crevices and contours where dust cloths can’t reach. The environmentally friendly system dusts without the need for chemicals and leaves no residues. Large, disposable microfiber wipers have excellent wet and dry strength and excellent water and oil absorbency (absorbing 4.5 times their weight). The lens-cleaning microfiber wipers are designed for high-end optical lens cleaning. Both types of wipers are extremely low-linting and clean without streaking, smearing, or scratching delicate surfaces.

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Kimberly-Clark Professional
Roswell, GA

Nitrile, powder-free exam glove

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Sempermed, a leading manufacturer of hand protection, now offers the SemperCare Tender TouchTM nitrile powder-free exam glove, as an alternative to natural rubber latex. The product delivers fit, feel, tactile sensitivity, strength, and value in a latex-free glove. The company designed the glove to improve comfort to help customers reinforce hand hygiene, compliance, and safety at their facilities. SemperCare Tender TouchTM is 4.0 mils in the textured fingertips. A standard-sized box holds 200 gloves.

Clearwater, FL

Custom-colored hose allows quick identification of process lines

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AdvantaPure’s APSM reinforced silicone hose is now offered in custom colors for easy line recognition. APSM is used for applications involving elevated pressure levels in pharmaceutical, bioprocess, biomedical, food, beverage, chemical, cosmetic, and pure fluid transfer. The hose is constructed of a core of low volatile, platinum-cured silicone for purity. APSM is durable and heavy-duty yet flexible for pressure-rated discharge applications. It may be sterilized by autoclave, CIP, SIP, and gamma radiation processes. The material has undergone extensive testing and meets USP Class VI, FDA, ISO, European Pharmacopoeia, and 3-A standards. In addition to custom colors, AdvantaPure offers a wire-reinforced version of the same hose, called APSW.

Southampton, PA

Wet-vacuum sample collection system

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Microbial-Vac Systems®, Inc., an innovator in pathogen surface sampling, has released a new tool for pathogen collection. The Microbial-Vac (M-VacTM) wet-vacuum collection system utilizes LAMDACTM principles (Liquid and Air-assisted Microbial Detachment and Capture) to collect laboratory or field samples–typically from 1 to 2 sq. ft. of surface area per sample in 100???150 ml liquid. The M-Vac is designed to sample this larger area while recovering higher levels of pathogens in each sample than traditional methods. Validation tests have demonstrated the pathogen recovery rate of the M-Vac to be up to 90 percent higher than traditional sampling methods. The system reduces materials required for sampling, lab processing, and detection for cost-effective and efficient sampling.

Microbial-Vac Systems®, Inc.
Bluffdale, UT

ESD-safe binocular microscopes

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Luxo’s ESD-safe, 23mm System 273 binocular microscopes are designed for inspection and assembly applications in static-sensitive environments. The ESD-safe lenses and body guard against uncontrolled static dissipation. The achromatic lenses and eyepieces are protected with an anti-reflective coating that alters the electrical characteristics at the surface of the material. The microscopes provide 270X total optical magnification, 8-inch working distance, and 15 percent greater field of view than comparable Luxo System 250 models. The working distance not only provides additional space for operator maneuverability, but also decreases the chance that products may become damaged during inspection. The instruments rotate 360° in their focus mounts and have a zoom range of 0.7 to 4.5, giving them a magnification range of 7X to 45X.

Elmsford, NY

Shipper for 300-mm wafers

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The Entegris 300-mm multiple film frame shipper (MFFS) provides manufacturers increased safety and security while shipping fully processed wafers or singulated die mounted to film frame rings. The shipper is an economical alternative to cumbersome, heavy cassettes and is suitable for high-volume shipping between back-end assembly operations. The MFFS design prevents film frame movement and reduces particle generation. The new shipper is stackable with both Entegris 300-mm and 200-mm film frame shippers and can accommodate 13 wafers, making it economical for storage and shipping applications. It is available in ESD-safe materials, is reusable, and has the flexibility to accommodate either metal frames or Entegris plastic frames.

Entegris, Inc.
Chaska, MN

Food-grade, FDA-approved cleanroom hose

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A flexible, white thermoplastic rubber hose for service in cleanrooms and other applications requiring an FDA-acceptable hose is being introduced by Flexaust. The Flexadux® T-7 White is a flexible, medium-weight, white thermoplastic hose that is reinforced with a spring-steel helix and operates over a ???40° to +250°F range. Featuring a smooth interior to promote efficient airflow, it is designed for a wide range of fume and dry material extraction applications in cleanrooms. Offered in standard 2- to 12-inch I.D. sizes and custom to 24-inch I.D., the hose is supplied in standard 25- and 50-ft lengths. It exhibits high resistance to chemicals, abrasions, moisture, and UV damage.

Warsaw, IN

Chemical concentration monitor for semiconductor processes

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The Swagelok® CR-288 concentration monitor addresses a critical requirement in the semiconductor industry for improved monitoring and control of liquid chemicals employed in device manufacturing. Installed in the process stream or at point-of-use, the technology delivers real-time, accurate measurements of the concentration and temperature of process fluids. The CR-288 is the first compact device in the industry to provide in-line analysis of liquid chemical concentration, featuring an accuracy of ??0.1 percent. Proprietary software enables the technician to calibrate the unit for chemical mixtures used in semiconductor laboratory or manufacturing processes. Able to monitor up to four separate fluid streams with one digital display unit, the device can help the industry reduce chemical consumption, improve process control and visibility, detect process problems, reduce wafer scrap, and improve productivity.

Swagelok Semiconductor Services Co.
Solon, OH

Class 10/ISO 3 modular cleanrooms

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Terra Universal’s BioSafeTM modular cleanrooms meet cleanliness requirements to Class 10/ISO 3 at a lower cost than conventional rooms. The rooms feature ultra-smooth stainless or powder-coated steel surfaces that eliminate cracks, which harbor microbes and other contaminants. Rounded corners simplify cleaning. Accessories include A/C, pass-throughs, and furnishings.

Terra Universal
Fullerton, CA

Polymers for SPE-based analysis

Varian, Inc. has released Bond Elut PlexaTM PCX, a new addition to the Plexa family. Bond Elut Plexa and Plexa PCX comprise an advanced generation of polymers for solid phase extraction (SPE), designed for ease of use and improved analytical performance. SPE is used by analytical chemists to concentrate and clean up compounds of interest from their surrounding sample matrices for analysis by liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS). Bond Elut Plexa is a general-purpose choice for a wide range of acid, basic, and neutral analytes. Plexa PCX is designed specifically to provide a single, simple extraction method for basic compounds. Both are targeted for applications in pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, forensics, toxicology, food safety, and environmental investigation.

Varian, Inc.
Palo Alto, CA

Glass filter products

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Robu® VitraPORTM borosilicate glass filter products, distributed by Andrews Glass Co., offer extremely high chemical resistance, minimal thermal expansion, and high thermal shock resistance. Made from borosilicate glass according to international standards, these glass filter products are designed for use in chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical, and laboratory applications. Standard fritted discs are available in round shapes from 5- to 400-mm diameters. Custom filters can be provided in any shape up to 400 mm, in almost any thickness. Any cylindrical or conical filter candle can be produced to customer specifications. The glass filters are available in porosities ranging from 1 to 550 µm, following ISO and NIST standards. Each batch is carefully tested to ensure uniformity. The sintered glass filters can be used safely in applications where operating temperatures reach 515°C.

Andrews Glass Co.
Vineland, NJ

Mobile, ductless fume hoods

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Air Science USA has introduced the Model EDU, a new mobile, ductless fume hood. The Model EDU is suited for classroom demonstrations and industrial training with its self-contained design and all-around visibility. It can be easily moved to various locations. The ductless design allows easy installation and the base is mounted on large, heavy-duty wheels for ease of transport. The height is 77.5 inches, which allows it to easily pass through a standard door. The multi-layered EDU filter has been independently tested to have 99.9 percent filtration efficiency for chemicals normally found in a typical chemistry curriculum. The units exceed OSHA, ANSI, BSI, and AFNOR safety standards.

Air Science USA
Fort Myers, FL

Imprinted liquid-dispensing bottles

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Menda HDPE Pure-Touch liquid dispensing bottles are now available printed with the most commonly used chemical names: Item 35395 “Acetone,” Item 35396 “Isopropanol,” and Item 35397 “DI water.” The imprints are non-smearing and non-running and make it easy to determine the bottle contents, ideal for when multiple chemicals are being used at a single workstation or work area. The square shape provides stability and allows compact storage. Pure-Touch pumps do not allow liquid already pumped into the dish to drain back into the bottle, so the bottle’s contents remain uncontaminated. Pure-Touch pumps are a genuine Menda product and made in America. Bottle capacity is 4 oz.

Chino, CA

Thermoform machine incorporates CIP system

Multivac’s latest R 535 form-fill-seal system simplifies and accelerates the cleaning process for food processors, and provides enhanced performance, ergonomics, and efficiency. The machine is equipped with an integrated clean-in-place (CIP) system, which automates the cleaning of component groups inside the machine. After a pre-cleaning, a cleaning program can be started at the push of a button. The standardized, logged process ensures adherence to predetermined cleaning cycles and dosages/mixtures of sanitizing chemicals. Exterior cleaning is executed manually with an attached spray gun and is also integrated into the CIP procedure for process control.

Kansas City, MO

Residual gas analyzer family

The Hiden Analytical family of residual gas analyzers features three system types to accommodate applications from basic HV vacuum diagnostics through precision gas analysis and fast-event UHV/XHV studies. The HALO system, a multi-purpose spectrometer for HV/UHV vacuum applications, features partial pressure measurement to 10E-13 mbar, along with exceptional low mass performance for high-sensitivity leak detection. The 3F series with triple mass-filter technology offers precise analytical capability with high contamination resistance, high abundance sensitivity, and detection capability to 5 ppb. Application-specific ionization sources are available to enable system configurations for precision gas analysis, molecular beam and laser interaction studies, and UHV/XHV applications. The 3F PIC is suitable for fast event studies. It is compatible with the full range of ionization sources in the 3F series and extends performance with a fast pulse counting detector capable of continuous measurement at rates to 500 samples/sec.

Hiden Analytical
Livonia, MI

Autoclavable mechanical pipettors

In the new Proline Plus pipettor, Biohit has combined the basic functionalities of the traditional Proline mechanical model with new pipettor design and technology that emphasizes safety, ergonomics, and efficiency. New features include a more ergonomic design, reduced pipetting force, autoclavability, and improved UV light resistance, as well as easier and faster maintenance. Proline Plus is a mechanical liquid-handling device with a robust design suitable for all types of applications. It is easy to maintain and calibrate–no opening tools are needed and only a few parts need to be cleaned. The pipettors are equipped with replaceable tip cone filters that give additional protection against contamination.

Biohit Oyj
Helsinki, Finland

ISO 14611-1 certified cables

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Igus® Inc., the developer of Energy Chain Systems®, Chainflex® continuous-flex cables, and iglide® plastic bearings, recently achieved certifications in cleanroom environments for both its Chainflex cables and Energy Chain® cable carriers. These products meet ISO cleanroom standard 14644-1, which replaces Federal Standard 209E. Igus now offers both control and servo cables for near-sterile environments, as well as ISO-approved cable carriers within the families of System E3, System E4/100, System E6, and E-Z Chain. Cleanroom-approved Chainflex cables and Energy Chains provide customers with off-the-shelf cable management solutions that require no modifications, leading to faster, easier installations in applications for the electronics and pharmaceutical industries, medicine technology, and food processing.

Igus® Inc.
East Providence, RI

Spill detector

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KD Scientific has released the new OS-250, a system that detects spills and leaks before they cause a problem around HPLCs. As little as three drops of liquid will cause the unit to react. The system consists of a moisture-sensing mat and control unit. The mat is made from a material specially developed for detecting liquid spills and connected to the control unit by a simple cable. When liquid is detected on the sensing mat, the controller will sound an audible alarm, flash an LED, and turn off the power of any device plugged into the single-outlet, solid-state power controller. The OS-250 spill sensor is supplied with the controller and four reusable 30x30 cm mats that can be cut to any size. It also includes the connector cable between the mat and the controller.

K-D Scientific
Holliston, MA

Atomic force microscopy accessory

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Asylum Research, a manufacturer of advanced atomic force microscopes (AFMs), introduces the iDrive cantilever holder. The microscope accessory simplifies AFM fluid imaging and allows auto-tuning of cantilevers in fluid. It is exclusively available for use with Asylum Research MFP-3DTM AFMs. iDrive uses a patented technique to magnetically actuate the cantilever by driving a small current through the cantilever legs in the presence of a magnetic field. Multiple peaks that are typically associated with piezo driven fluid tunes are eliminated. Unlike other magnetic actuation techniques, iDrive does not require expensive magnetically coated cantilevers. Such coatings can cause unwanted cantilever bending, may expose the sample to potentially harmful metal ions, may corrode in biological solutions, and have a limited shelf life.

Asylum Research
Santa Barbara, CA

Portable air sampler

The DUO SAS 360 portable microbiological air sampler from International PBI features a single body with two aspirating heads. Two separate plates may be used for simultaneous sampling to differentiate microorganisms (onto two different media or onto the same media) to calculate an average value and obtain a more representative result. The sampler exhibits an airflow of 180 lpm per head.

International PBI S.p.a
Milan, Italy

Disinfectant for manual and automated processing

Metrex Research Corp. has added MetriCide OPA PlusTM solution, a high-level disinfectant, to its line of infection prevention products. Effective for use in both manual and automated reprocessing, the new ortho-phthalaldehyde (OPA) product is a lower-cost alternative, and can process up to 40 percent more endoscopes per gallon than Cidex® OPA. Metrex also offers MetriCide OPA PlusTM solution test strips, which provide a 33 percent faster reading time compared to other OPA test strips. The disinfectant is non-corrosive, gentle on endoscopes and other surgical instruments, and provides a broad kill spectrum including Tuberculosis, Hepatitis A (AER), Hepatitis B, HIV-1 and Polio Virus Type 1. It does not require activation or dilution and may be reused for up to 14 days (when monitored according to label instructions for use).

Metrex Research Corp.
Orange, CA

Integral water purification system

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Millipore Corp. has announced the availability of the new Milli-Q Integral water purification system, which uses tap water to supply constant-quality Type II (pure) and Type I (ultra-pure) water from a single water production unit. The system combines Millipore’s proven Elix® technology with the Milli-Q solution to produce pressurized pure and ultra-pure water. The system produces pure and/or ultra-pure water for needs ranging from 60 to 300 L/day. Separate points-of-delivery (PODs), dedicated either to ultra-pure water (Q-POD®) or pure water (E-PODTM), ensure convenient delivery at a flow rate adjustable from drop-by-drop to 2 L/min. The flexible PODs can be adapted with a choice of final polishers to remove specific contaminants, including pyrogens, nucleases, bacteria, particulates and organics.

Millipore Corp.
Billerica, MA

Aseptic vial-filling equipment

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To accommodate special handling for liquids and lyophilized injectables, Flexicon America Inc. introduces the FMB210 filler. It offers an aseptic filling process that combines sterile containment and gentle peristaltic dispensing action to safely and accurately fill injectable products into vials. Flexicon filling technology features a sterile fill channel that ensures repeatable accuracy in fill volumes. Since product comes in contact only with the medical-grade silicone tubing and the filling needle, there is no risk of product cross-contamination between batches or between product change-over. With only a simple change of the tubing, fill needle, and format change to accommodate size variations in vials and caps, the system can accommodate a new product in less than 10 minutes.

Flexicon America Inc.
Burlington, VT

Environmental monitoring systems

RLE Technologies has released the Falcon F-Series F1000 and F3400, stand-alone systems that enable remote environmental monitoring of critical operating parameters via embedded firmware that handles all data collection, alarm reporting, and multiple concurrent communication media. The standard F-Series systems allow for direct plug-and-play integration with up to eight RLE SeaHawk leak detection systems via Modbus connectivity. Both the F1000 and F3400 accommodate up to four analog, four digital (dry contact), or thermistor signals. The F3400 allows for an additional 24 digital inputs. Inputs can be used to monitor simple contact closure signals such as summary alarms, thermistor temperature sensors, or analog inputs (4???20 mA) that provide variable information such as temperature, humidity, voltage, current, or pressure.

RLE Technologies
Fort Collins, CO

Proof of sterilization labels

LGInternational, a manufacturer of advanced labeling products, has launched a line of sterilization indicating labels for steam autoclaves, gamma radiation sterilization, and ethylene oxide (ETO) gas sterilization. These durable labels use specialty inks that change color when exposed to specific sterilization procedures. LGI’s sterilization labels are able to withstand moisture, chemical exposure, and extreme temperatures without smearing, cracking, or fading while maintaining adhesion throughout the sterilization process. Labels can be customized to meet specific requirements for a variety of applications. Standard autoclave labels for proof of sterilization can be ordered online in rolls of 500 with either permanent or removable adhesive.

Portland, OR

Barrier-coated non-woven fabrics

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Jen-Coat polymer coated non-woven fabrics provide barrier reinforcement for medical products such as surgical and isolation gowns, drapes, blankets, cold packs, and disposables. Impermeable to blood, fluids, and most chemicals, they can be made to exhibit specific performance characteristics such as softness, durability, heat retention, and sterilizability. Supplied as roll goods up to 90 inches wide, the fabrics feature a pinhole-free polymer coating that is as thin as 0.5 mils on materials such as spun-bond polyester, polypropylene, polyester, and airlaid. The firm also coats, laminates, and metallizes a full range of films, foils, and papers with a host of resins and offers print, slit, and rewind services. Jen-Coat fabrics for medical products are made to specification. Price quotations and samples are available upon request.

Jen-Coat, Inc.
Westfield, MA

New Literature

Lab safety products
VWR International has published its 2007???2009 Safety Catalog, a comprehensive and diverse collection of safety products for the research laboratory industry, including customers in industrial, production, and controlled environments. The 560-page catalog features more than 7,000 products from leading suppliers, as well as the VWR Collection portfolio. Quick indices, color-coded product sections, and intuitive cross-references quickly direct customers to the products they need. Concise explanations of industry safety regulations and standards are placed throughout to help customers stay safe and up to code with the appropriate supplies.

VWR International, LLC
West Chester, PA

Tubing and hose selection information

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Two updated brochures are available from tubing and hose manufacturer NewAge Industries that are designed to ease the selection and buying processes. Titled “The Top 12 Tubing and Hose Buying Errors... and Their Solutions” (called the Top 12 for short), this brochure lists details that tend to be overlooked when choosing flexible tubing or hose for an application. The Top 12 points out situations such as failing to know all temperatures involved, not being aware of pressure or vacuum requirements, and neglecting to consider fittings and clamps for attachment. NewAge Industries’ Products & Services brochure gives an overview of the company’s tubing, hose, fittings, clamps, and accessories. Products are listed by material with each style–unreinforced, braid or wire reinforced, overbraided, coiled–highlighted. The brochure details sizes stocked as well as the many custom options available, such as heat-formed shapes, hose assemblies, and thermal bonding.

NewAge Industries
Southampton, PA

Updated gas and flow control site

CONCOA’s enhanced web site,, has been designed with a comprehensive presentation of features and benefits of specialty gas, industrial, medical, laser, semiconductor, and gas distribution products. A continually updated reference section offers downloading of technical data sheets, catalogs, and user manuals. The site also allows authorized distributors powerful software programs–the Regulator, Blender, Laser, and Flowmeter Wizards–that facilitate design and pricing of complete systems, in addition to the selection of individual components online. Users can request additional information, catalogs, or a visit from CONCOA’s technical sales engineers.

Virginia Beach, VA