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Solid State Technology

Year 2003
Issue 5



Breaking Away

Remember when you first set off to college? Every assignment was an excuse to learn as much as you could about a subject, then to use what you learned in a creative way.


In the News

SEZ Group Focuses on Single-wafer Technology

Packaging Trends

Semiconductor Packaging Grows While Industry Lags

While relatively unnoticed, the packaging industry has been slowly but steadily growing over the past 18 months.

Industry Voices

Pyramids, Purgatory and 76 Trombones

We humans are fascinated with eternity. In books, movies or our portfolios, we are always looking for the perfect long-term solution.

New Products

New Products

High-resolution Camera

Data Bank

Data Bank

Worldwide semiconductor revenue


Bond Testing Uncovered C

Bond Testing Uncovered: Current and future technologies

As the age of miniaturization advances, the need to check the integrity of interconnects becomes ever more demanding.

Prototype Packaging Solu

Prototype Packaging Solutions for IC Designers

Being the first to market with new integrated circuit (IC) designs is essential to the survival of a fabless company, and it is significant to the growth of established semiconductor manufacturers.

The Back End Process

Wafer Bumping for Flip Chip Attach

There are five commonly used methods of wafer bumping for flip chip attach, three of which are challenging and expensive: Stud bumps formed by ball bonding using gold wire; plated gold bumps using electrolytic or electroless gold; and plating solder bumping by electrolytic or electroless solder plating.

Cover Story Flip Chip An

Cover Story: Flip Chip and BGA Solder Joint Reliability

The trend in flip chip and ball grid array (BGA) packages to increase I/O counts drive the interconnecting solder joints to be smaller in size and, thus, have higher current density.