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Solid State Technology

Year 2003
Issue 1


Calendar Of 2003 Events.

Calendar of 2003 Events


DEK, Asymtek, JEOL Join APiA

DEK adds to APiA's roster its mass imaging systems, which can be used for wafer bumping, grid array population, encapsulation and underfilling.

Subcontractor Update Pos

Subcontractor Update: Positive Signs

Business has taken a distinct upturn in the last six months at the major assembly and test subcontractors.

New Products

New Products


Minding Our Business

This year we are increasing the scope of our coverage of the packaging world by adding a focus on business issues.


Multichip Packaging Busi

Multichip Packaging, Business and logistical issues

Continuing functional enhancement of portable consumer and computing products challenges electronics industry OEMs to provide these products in smaller and lighter form factors.

Solder Joint Failure Ana

Solder joint failure analysis

Solder joint integrity is of paramount importance for the reliability of an electronic package attached to a printed circuit board (PCB).

Die Bonding With Polyimi

Die bonding with polyimide tape

The reliability of a plastic package is reduced by the presence of bubbles, since moisture can accumulate there.

Device Level Packaging F

Device-level Packaging for Optical Integration

The fabrication of optoelectronic (OE) devices requires highly precise processing, as well as strategies for coping with 3-D structures unknown in conventional electronics packaging.