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Solid State Technology

Year 2002
Issue 9


Industry Groups Deserve

Industry groups deserve a round of applause for EHS initiatives

Once considered a "fringe" issue fostered by a minute faction, the environ mental health and safety (EHS) issue has made its way into the mainstream-and U.S. industry is being held accountable.

Comparing Cadavers To Gr

Comparing cadavers to ground beef

Which is more deadly, 19 million pounds of E. coli-contaminated ground beef or harvested human tissue for transplantation that is tainted with fungus and bacteria?

Sematech Ualbany Launch

Sematech, UAlbany launch Sematech North

ALBANY, NY-In mid-July, Austin, TX-based International Sematech and the University at Albany agreed to agree

Genmark Fanuc Launch Cle

Genmark, FANUC launch cleanroom robotics innovations

SUNNYVALE, CA-In late July, Genmark Automation, a maker of automation tools for the semiconductor industry, launched EZTeach, an intelligent teach pendant based on the Pocket PC that should result in faster changes in robotic devices used in wafer fabs and thus shortened manufacturing downtime



Student who kept anthrax in refrigerator charged

E Coli Triggered Recall

E. coli-triggered recall sparks tighter contamination control measures at ConAgra

GREELEY, CO-The second largest meat recall-19 million pounds of ground beef from ConAgra Co. -continues after officials from the food processor and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) discovered it might not only be contaminated with the E. coli pathogen, but also found its way to grocery cases and dinner tables around the country

Pda Upgrades Sterilizati

PDA upgrades sterilization standard to meld US/EU specs

BETHESDA, MD-In 1978, Parenteral Drug Association (PDA), published the Technical Monograph No. 1 (TM 1) standard for validating autoclaves

Cgmps Back Under Fda Mic

cGMPs back under FDA microscope

Agency initiative will give manufacturing and product quality regulations much needed revamp due partly to globalization

Aicraft Component Maker

Aicraft component maker did not use cleanrooms, indictment alleges

Coupling manufacturer faces 50 counts fraud



Particle transport complexities considered

Air entering the cleanroom goes through HEPA/ULPA filters, whether this entering air originates as makeup air from outside the building or recirculated air from the exhaust ducts of the cleanroom.

Life Sciences

FDA impact on cleanroom equipment design

The FDA is changing the way pharmaceutical companies are conducting their clean operations. Stop here if you've heard this one before.


Evaluation Of Teflon Fil

Evaluation of Teflon filters for high-flow and low-differential pressure applications

The type of filter media can have a profound effect on outgassing rates. Additionally, the manner in which a filter is manufactured, assembled and packaged can influence the final performance

Special Report

Tying the great machine together

As manufacturing execution systems (MES) evolve, the futuristic vision of the world's semiconductor fabs becomes clear

Industry Groups Address

Industry groups address health, safety of fab workers

For the past 20 years, Don Lassiter, Ph.D., has collected annual data on work-related injuries and illnesses from semiconductor manufacturers-the same data the companies must report to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Built To Spec

Same cleanroom, different place

Mykrolis expansion into China expedited with standardized cleanroom plan



Modest proposals for the ITRS Factory Integration chapter

If you work in the microelectronics industry, your life generally revolves around trying to guess what the future has in store; and, of course, how you can prepare for it. Occasionally, we guess correctly.

Inventors Corner

Inventor's corner

Information on the patents highlighted above was obtained through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Inventors who have been granted patents for new cleanroom and contamination technology are encouraged to submit them to CleanRooms magazine for publication.


New Products

New Products

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Product Spotlight

Shoot ions out of harm's way

Bring in the air ionization equipment when your first line of defense needs a little backup