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Solid State Technology

Year 2002
Issue 6




With the opening of its newest facility in Shanghai, Agilent Technologies Inc. hopes to aid China in becoming an international leader in research and development (R&D) facilities

Cintas Truck Stolen Garm

Cintas truck stolen, garments gone

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) believes that a delivery truck heisted from cleanroom garment service provider Cintas Corp. and robbed of airport uniforms was not the work of terrorists

Novartis To Build New Re

Novartis to build new research facility in Bay State

BASEL, SWITZERLAND-When it is all said and done, Novartis AG (Basel, Switzerland) will have dedicated a significant amount of cleanroom space to the 255,000-square-foot global research center it is fashioning from a building in Cambridge, MA

Summer 2002 Cleanrooms W

Summer 2002: CleanRooms will host its annual shows in Europe, Asia and launch CleanRooms China

Frankfurt, Singapore & Shang hai-CleanRooms magazine is kicking off its summer events in Frankfurt, Germany with Clean Rooms Europe (June 18-21, 2002)

Drug Makers Back In Fda

Drug makers back in FDA hot water

ROCKVILLE, MD-For the second time in the span of just over a year, two drug makers, the Schering-Plough Corp. and Abbott Laboratories, are in trouble with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for numerous and repeated instances of substandard manufacturing

Pall Buys Five Usfilter

Pall buys five USFilter businesses for $360 million

East Hills, NY-Pall Corp. has acquired the Filtration and Separations Group of USFilter Corp.(San Diego, CA) in a $360 million deal that officials from both companies say will allow each to broaden products and services in target core markets

Swedens Burgeoning Biote

Sweden's burgeoning biotech boom

Although it lacks cleanroom manufacturing capacity, the country has all the tools to be a potential global leader



It's about time we learn from one another

I read Chris Anderson's article regarding the Medical Device industry becoming more contamination-vigilant, and felt I needed to respond.


New food production users can certainly learn from the biological safety paradigm

My introduction into the world of cleanrooms was through the science of biological safety, where the emphasis is on protecting people. The biological safety paradigm is: keep organisms from getting out; contain the ones that have gotten out and minimize the movement of those that were not contained.


A unified contamination control community

I've fielded a number of calls this past month from readers who have noticed how we've opened up our coverage to all things relevant to the contamination control continuum


Calling all parties to the table

The front page of the May 2001 issue of CleanRooms featured a story about how the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began cracking down on shoddy pharmaceutical manufacturing, handing down the stiffest fines in history.

Inventors Corner

Inventor's Corner

The method and apparatus counts and measures contamination in air, gas and liquids. It includes a remote sensor (A), a wireless data processing and control system (B), a microprocessor (C) and a wireless communication means (D)


Cleanroom Fire Safety En

Cleanroom fire safety enters new era

Insurance standards now call for tools to be fabricated from new fire-resistant materials. A panel of materials experts considers new challenges facing fab owners and tool makers

Built To Spec

Six weeks flat

Chip filtration and separation firm coverts ISO Class 6 cleanroom to ISO Class 5 in tight timeframe

Special Report

Food safety in the age of terrorism

Food processors assess the security of products and processes post-September 11

Reducing Water Usage In

Reducing water usage in semiconductor manufacturing

Approval for plant expansion often comes with the stipulation that water demand from the regional supply remains unchanged

Arriving At An Approxima

Arriving at an approximate cost

This article is the third in a series of Design & Construction columns.


Life Sciences

Pharmacy management facing pressures to improve, update sterile facilities

Hospital environments have been identified as a major source of secondary infections


New Products

New Products

The sGo software for Palm OS enables users to take real-time readings and download the company's Spectrum data loggers using a Palm handheld

Product Spotlight

Getting a handle on gloves

Putting a finger on the right cleanroom glove for a specific application can be a handful for even the savviest of contamination control professionals