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Solid State Technology

Year 2002
Issue 5


Megasonic Cleaning Chart

Megasonic cleaning charts a course to the big time

As the semiconductor industry moves to 300 mm, it's being challenged to create processes that are more uniform and repeatable. Non-contact acoustic cleaning could be a key to the puzzle

Improving The Repeatabil

Improving the repeatability and reproducibility of the Helmke Drum test method

After 1991 lab tests found ambiguities, IEST Working Group 003 set out to revise test methods through subtle changes in equipment and process

Special Report

Sectors of medical device industry poised to get cleaner

To consider the controls needed for clean environments in this market as simplistic would be a mistake, especially with the rise of bioMEMS

Built To Spec

A project planned to the nanometer

Catalyst for even smaller technologies now becoming part of the site plan



The ubiquitous R/O and how it works

No membrane role is larger or more important than its role in the operation and success of reverse osmosis (R/O) equipment, the workhorse of today's high-quality ultrapure water (UPW) systems.

Life Sciences

Understanding the four areas of contamination-control expertise for containment system success

Developing a knowledge base to service the complete array of contamination-control issues is a formable task. The key is to remember that no one knows it all. Rather, individuals who are successful in delivering solutions have a network of resources with in-depth knowledge in very focused areas


Applied Opens Next Gener

Applied opens next-generation lab

Applied Materials, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) has opened a new Process Module Technology Center in Sunnyvale, CA.

Mad Cow Comes Stateside.

Mad cow comes stateside

ATLANTA, GA-Officials at the Cen ters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are investigating the first suspected case of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), the human variant of mad cow disease.



Ashland Specialty Chemical Co. (Dublin, OH), a division of Ashland Inc., has been awarded QS 9000 certification at its worldwide manufacturing plants that produce wet-process and photresist strippers for the semiconductor industry

Fda Recalls Ob Gyn Devic

FDA recalls OB/GYN devices, manufacturer MIA

Compliance focuses on contamination control

Cdc Tackles Antimicrobia

CDC tackles antimicrobial resistance

ATLANTA, GA-It happens all too often: A person goes to the hospital for something as simple as a sprain and they catch a hospital-borne illness that pummels their immune system.

Sia Cancer Debate Heats

SIA cancer debate heats up

SAN JOSE, CA-The long-run ning debate about whether or not semiconductor cleanrooms cause health problems has heated up again.

Botched Recall Investiga

Botched recall investigation continues

According to the FDA's CDRH, Olympus has history of problems


Inventors Corner

Inventor's Corner

The invention is a method for sterilizing, filling and closing packaging containers that are open on one end


Cleanroom airflow measurement: Velocity, air changes per hour or percent filter coverage?

Owners, designers and builders banter constantly about 90 feet-per-minute velocity, 600 air changes per hour, and 100 percent filter coverage. What does this all mean, and why can't we settle on a single method of describing airflow?


Let's get our priorities straight

Our readers have noticed that we've broadened the scope of our news coverage



I was reading Ken Goldstein's "Unfiltered" column "Energy conservation: Where should it fall on your list of priorities?" in the on-line version of CleanRooms and I take some exceptions to Goldstein's position


Product Spotlight

Equipment: The places it goes

Equipment of the contamination-control nature continues to evolve inside and outside of the cleanroom.

New Products

New Products

Druck Inc.'s LPX 1000LCD Series is a wet/wet differential pressure transmitter suited for replacement of mechanical gauges used in cleanroom HVAC monitoring and control