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Solid State Technology

Year 2002
Issue 4




Brooks adds Intelligent Automation to growing stable

The Cleanroom Vacuums St

The cleanroom vacuum's star is rising

Applications continue to evolve for this unlikely hero

Flawed Recall Thousands

Flawed recall; thousands at risk of deadly infection

Doctors track down contamination before realizing voluntary recall was issued

Contamination Free Food

Contamination-free food a pipe dream

Food bacteria is here to stay, but that doesn't mean it can't be minimized

Hollister Stier Begins A

Hollister-Stier begins anthrax vaccine vial filling

A biotechnology laboratory established 80 years ago as a result of a summer cold that plagued one of the founding chemists has begun aseptically filling vials with one of the most highly profiled vaccines on the market.

Pittsburgh Officials Sea

Pittsburgh officials search for cleanroom tenants

PITTSBURGH-As Seagate Techno logy readies its new research facility here, the fate of its current digs, a 16,000-square-foot cleanroom in a development called River Park Commons, remains in limbo

Manipulating Matter Micr

Manipulating matter microscopically

The demand for increasingly smaller and faster semiconductor circuitry has fueled the nanotechnology fires



Energy conservation: Cost is not the real issue

For some time now we've been concerned about energy conservation in semiconductor manufacturing cleanrooms. Papers have been written, seminars have been conducted, consultants have proliferated and engineers have gone back to drawing boards where they've produced solutions-some quite innovative and others rather exotic

Enhancing Cleanroom Desi

Enhancing cleanroom design with airflow modeling

Computational fluid dynamics speed completion of a new complex in Singapore


HAACP, please, hold the scotch

While nearly all CleanRooms East 2002 conference sessions drew better-than-expected numbers, it was surprising that two presentations-one on flammability of cleanroom materials and another on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) program-did not draw standing-room-only crowds

Inventors Corner

Inventor's Corner

The apparatus for sterilizing a water-soluble lubricant is made up of a container (A) in which an anode and a cathode are arranged and powered


Turning it up a notch

One thing that CleanRooms never wants to be accused of is complacency. That's why you see a member of the Clean Rooms staff at just about every conference and show that touches contamination-control issues and technology around the world


Life Sciences

The critical process of setting exposure limits

The pharmaceutical industry deserves a round of applause for its commitment to employee safety practices in handling hazardous drugs


With 209 retired, cleanrooms continue to evolve

No one would consider manufacturing many of today's precision products without a cleanroom. Difficult as it may be to believe, there was a time when cleanrooms were not used in fabricating semiconductor chips


Process Considerations F

Process considerations for viral clearance by membrane filtration

Failure to follow proper integrity testing during manufacturing can lead to GMP non-compliance. Here are some tests to help avoid the pitfalls

Special Report

Finding the right cleaning validation partner

The journey from product development to market launch requires a trip down a critical side road: cleaning validation

Built To Spec

Tight budget yields patented cleanroom design

Cleanroom concept allows for expansions and modifications down the road


Cleaning Supplies Comple

Cleaning supplies complete contamination-control puzzle

To single out one cleaning product or tool as the be all and end all would be an exercise in futility.


New Products.html

New Products

iProcess software enables fab and supervisory personnel to use commercially available Web browsers both inside and outside the factory to monitor factory-wide process and tool health