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Solid State Technology

Year 2003
Issue 3




FDA hones initiative focus to get it right the first time


Inventors Corner

Inventor's Corner

The invention controls contamination on product surfaces, machine tools and work areas within semiconductor, data storage, fluid filter, display, aerospace and medical industry cleanrooms.


Cleanroom management: Information technology offers a compliant roadmap for quality

Pharmaceutical manufacturing organizations face the challenge of balancing resources to meet and maintain current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs) compliance expectations with their need to continually improve the efficiency of operations. With proper planning and attention to core business objectives, information technology (IT) solutions can help organizations achieve a proactive and sustainable approach to:


An Unbearable Lightness

At every turn, we seem to be hit with information that's throwing us off the scent of recovery, putting our nation in a suspended sense of uncertainty that we've never quite experienced before.



Chartered Closure


Setting The Standard

Cleanroom airflow: Issues other than cleanliness often drive HVAC design

Much has been written recently regarding cleanroom airflow and airflow velocities. This interest is prompted by the desire to balance the contamination-control requirements of facilities with the energy consumption associated with moving the large quantities of air required.

Life Sciences

Secondary Containment is a must when Designing a Contamination Control System

The margin for error in selecting and implementing contamination control solutions that provide adequate levels of protection is getting smaller and smaller.



You say potato...


Increased Qualification of Cleanroom Certifiers Attest to the Maturity of the Industry

In my very first column published in CleanRooms four years ago this month, I wrote: "The instrumentation, software and knowledge required for verification of cleanroom classifications are well known to specialists who provide verification services to the industry.

On The Beat

Regurgitated Rhetoric

The teleconference was sloppily scripted, and the players were as awkward as kids in a school play.


Consider The Electrolyti

Consider the electrolytic ozone generator for your pure disinfection system

Present methods for high-level disinfectants in the pharmaceutical industry leave a chemical residue that can alter the effectiveness of the drugs being produced.

Raised Flooring Has Elev

Raised flooring has elevated its status

Manufacturing flooring never commanded much respect since the dawning of the Industrial Revolution. Even in plants that took great pride in keeping their factory floors gleaming, floors could never compete with the status accorded the more exotic components of high-tech manufacturing.

Built To Spec

Downturn meant downshifting to

The design was complete, and 25 percent of the work on a start-up company's research and development facility was finished when desperate times called for desperate measures.

A Practical Guide To The

A practical guide to the investigation of microbial excursions

I frequently visit pharmaceutical and biotechnology facilities to provide assistance in troubleshooting of microbial excursions—environmental data that is at or above established action limits for the regulated area—as well as training on cleanroom contamination control.

Special Report Building

Special Report: Building a Much Anticipated Dialog

Disappointment was the general industry reaction last fall when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a preliminary follow-up to its 1987 aseptic processing guidance.


Product Spotlight

Mops and Buckets

If you overlook mops and buckets, you might trip over them. However, it is much more disastrous to trip over soil load and bioburden in your cleanroom, a result of overlooking the use of mops and buckets.

New Products

New Products

Electro-Safe, a durable, transparent vinyl curtain, is equipped with carbon scrim, which grounds out all electric charges and brings the curtain down to zero voltage.