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Solid State Technology

Year 2016
Issue 4



EUVL: Taking it down to 5nm

The semiconductor industry is nothing if not persistent -- it’s been working away at developing extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) for many years.


Process Watch: Yield management turns green

As we celebrate Earth Day 2016, we commend the efforts of companies who have found ways to reduce their environmental impact.


IoT demands: Are we ready?

Leading companies within critical industry segments answer questions about the state of technology preparedness for the Internet-of-Things.


The Symposium on VLSI Technology: Technical highlights

Papers that address the theme \"Inflections for a Smart Society\" are highlighted.

Pressure Transducers

Comprehensive performance evaluation of UHP pressure transducers

Do you really know how good your UHP pressure transducers are based on the manufacturer-provided datasheet as end users?


IBM scientists achieve storage memory breakthrough

For the first time, scientists at IBM Research have demonstrated reliably storing 3 bits of data per cell using a relatively new memory technology known as phase-change memory (PCM).

Seven Top-20 semiconductor suppliers show double-digit gains in 2Q16

MediaTek and AMD register the fastest 2Q16/1Q16 growth rates of 32% and 23%, respectively.

AMOLED growth is a bright spot for the display industry

Active matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) displays are rising fast, thanks to lowering costs, wider use in end-market consumer electronics devices and the ramp-up of new manufacturing capacities.



New roadmap, new strategy

I never thought it would happen, but it’s officially the end of the road for The International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductor (ITRS).


Will packaging make the difference for TSMC?

Earlier this year, a Taipei Times headline read “New packaging may spur TSMC growth” adding that despite its weak revenue growth guidance for this quarter, TSMC, might see stronger growth from next quarter thanks to its InFO (integrated fan out) packaging technology.


CoolCube 3D transistor stacking improves

Collaborating to build out design to fabrication ecosystem.

Industry Forum

Fan out from niche to mainstream

When most people in packaging hear the term “Fan Out,” they usually think of the eWLB type of “chips first” fan out process/structure. This was the first of the embedded chips first structures to be taken into volume production by Infineon and ASE in Q1 2009. But this was not the end of the story.