Table of Contents

Solid State Technology

Year 2017
Issue 5


Advanced Packaging

Laser debonding for ultrathin and stacked fan out packages

Fan-out packaging is an established technology for many mobile applications. Whereas early semiconductor packages have been single-chip packages, the continuing trend of expanding the wiring surface to support increased functionality has led to more complex packages, stacked packages, systems inpackageaswellashigh-performancepackages. With this development, fan-out technology is bridging a gap between cost-competitive packaging and high performance.


Overcoming challenges in 3D NAND volume manufacturing

As 3D NAND becomes the mainstream technology, its challenging roadmap poses opportunities for continued innovation.


In-line metrology for characterization and control of extreme wafer thinning of bonded wafers

In-line metrology methods used during extreme wafer thinning process pathfinding and development are introduced.

Vacuum Tech

Enhanced vacuum security using advanced sub-fab monitoring and data analytics

Sub-Fab Fault Detection and Classification (FDC) software platforms collect, integrate and analyze operational data.


The pervasiveness of ASICs in the IoT era

For an increasing number of designs, companies are finding it beneficial to design their own ASICs with system-on-a- chip (SoC) complexity. For reasons of cost reduction, quality improvement, IP protection and security, a full turn-key ASIC can be achieved for $1-5 million, particularly if the design can be built using mature technology nodes.


NASA’s new vacuum-channel nanoelectronics rely on Park Systems AFM

Using scanning capacitance microscopy with a Park Systems atomic force microscope a team at NASA successfully characterized both the spatial variations in capacitance as well as the topography of vacuum-channel nanoelectronic transistors.


IBM Research Alliance builds new transistor for 5nm technology

Less than two years since announcing a 7nm test chip, scientists have achieved another breakthrough.

Long-term IoT semiconductor forecast reduced

Total IoT forecast scaled back mostly because of lower revenue projections for connected cities.

Lab on a chip could monitor health, germs and pollutants

Rutgers researchers invent technology that could lead to wearable biosensors.

SEMICON West to highlight China growth surge

SEMI today announced the addition of a new high-profile program on China to its 2017 conference lineup for SEMICON West (July 11-13).

GLOBALFOUNDRIES on track to deliver Leading-Performance 7nm FinFET technology

GLOBALFOUNDRIES this week announced the availability of its 7nm Leading-Performance (7LP) FinFET semiconductor technology, delivering a 40 percent generational performance boost.



What’s next in leading edge semiconductor manufacturing?

Solid State Technology will be conducting a new survey will take aim at understanding what this evolution means to the semicon-ductor manufacturing industry supply chain in terms of the technology that will be needed.