Table of Contents

Solid State Technology

Year 2017
Issue 6


Laser Marking

Laser marking meets diverse challenges in fab and packaging

The basics of laser marking are reviewed, as well as current and emerging laser technologies.


DSA and EUV: Complementary technologies to enable fine- pitch lithography

DSA and EUV should be envisioned as complementary, not competing, techniques that will eventually become mainstream for fine-pitch lithography.

Emerging Devices

Advancements in spintronics

Applications now include nanoscale Spintronics sensors that further enhance the areal density of hard disk drives, through MRAMs that are seriously being considered to replace embedded flash, static random access memories (SRAM) and at a later stage dynamic random access memories (DRAM).


Measuring metals, dielectrics, resists and CDs in advanced packaging

A new system combines acoustic, optical and reflectometric techniques to enable measurement of metals, dielectrics, resists and critical dimensions on a single platform.


It’s gonna be a bright, bright sun-shiny day

Last year was a great year for photovoltaic (PV) technology.


Understanding the impact of valve flow coefficient (Cv) in fluid systems

Understanding the impact of valve flow coefficient (Cv) in fluid systems for microelectronics manufacturing.


Silicon wafer shortage starts in 2018

TECHCET\'s model shows all slack soon gone from supply-chain for both 300mm and 200mm diameter.

What is the status of III-N technology?

The III-N semiconductor family has attracted significant research attention over the last 25 years, resulting in intensive patenting activity, with a substantial increase during the past decade.

Lam Research takes uniformity control to the edge

Chipmakers want every part of the wafer to yield good die. Advances in process technologies have just about made this a reality, even as feature dimensions continue to shrink and devices grow more complex.

New ultrathin semiconductor materials exceed some of silicon's "secret" powers

Electrical engineers at Stanford have identified two semiconductors that share or even exceed some of silicon’s desirable traits, starting with the fact that all three materials can \"rust.\"



Equipment forecast: $49.4 billion

In 2018, 7.7 percent growth is expected, resulting in another record-breaking year -- totaling $53.2 billion for the global semiconductor equipment market.


Sony’s stacked image sensor

It has been nearly a decade since Toshiba announced the use of backside TSV\'s to miniaturize CMOS image sensors.


How low can we go?

In the advanced CMOS technology programs ongoing in the Belgium city of Leuven, imec works to extend the building-blocks of integrated circuits (IC).

Industry Forum

The ConFab 2018 will be held May 20-23

The ConFab 2018, to be held May 20-23 in Las Vegas at THE COSMOPOLITAN of Las Vegas, will take a close look at the new applications driving the semiconductor industry, the technology that will be required at the device and process level to meet new demands, and -- perhaps most importantly -- the kind of strategic collaboration that will be required.