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Solid State Technology

Year 2017
Issue 7



How to solve the BEOL RC delay problem?

The RC delay issues started a few nodes ago, and the problems are becoming worse.


Embedded FPGAs offer SoC flexibility

With mask costs rising and the need for flexibility growing, companies are beginning to adopt embedded field programmable gate arrays in their SoC designs.

Tech Trends

2017 sees advances in connected devices, memory

The technologies to watch identified by TechInsights analysts at the beginning of the year have not been disappointing.

Pressure Transducers

Temperature impact on UHP pressure transducer performance

The temperature impact on the performance of UHP pressure transducers is discussed.


Gartner identifies the top 10 strategic technology trends for 2018

Gartner, Inc. this week highlighted the top strategic technology trends that will impact most organizations in 2018.

Intel delivers 17-qubit superconducting chip with advanced packaging to QuTech

The new chip was fabricated by Intel and features a unique design to achieve improved yield and performance.

Semiconductor industry records best second quarter in three years

Despite a slightly down first quarter, the semiconductor industry achieved near record growth in the second quarter of 2017, posting a 6.1 percent growth from the previous quarter, according to IHS Markit.

Fab equipment spending breaking industry records

2017 fab equipment spending (new and refurbished) is expected to increase by 37 percent, reaching a new annual spending record of about US$55 billion.



Enabling the A.I. era

There’s a strongly held belief now that the way in which semiconductors will be designed and manufactured in the future will be largely determined by a variety of rapidly growing applications, including artificial intelligence/deep learning, virtual and augmented reality, 5G, automotive, the IoT and many other uses, such as bioelectronics and drones. The key question for most semiconductor manufacturers is how can they benefit from these trends?


DARPA's new initiative

Earlier this year, DARPA\\\'s Microsystems Technology Office (MTO) announced a new Electronics Resurgence Initiative (ERI) \\\"to open pathways for far-reaching improvements in electronics performance well beyond the limits of traditional scaling.\\\"


EUV leads the next generation litho race

As previously reported by Solid State Technology, the eBeam Initiative recently reported the results of its lithography perceptions and mask-makers\\\' surveys. After the survey results were presented at the 2017 Photomask Technology Symposium, Aki Fujimura, CEO of D2S, the managing company sponsor of the eBeam Initiative, spoke with Solid State Technology about the survey results and current challenges in advanced lithography.

Industry Forum

IC makers maximize 300mm, 200mm wafer capacity

A total of 25 new 300mm wafer fabs is expected between 2016 and 2021 as the outlook for 450mm wafers fades.