Table of Contents

Solid State Technology

Year 2018
Issue 3



Photolithography for high resolution OLED displays

Photolithography of organic semiconductors is an emerging technology that can enable high resolution OLED displays.


Gases: Essential materials for display manufacturing

Technology trends in backplane technology are driving higher gas demand in display manufacturing. Specific gas requirements of process blocks are discussed, and various supply modes are reviewed.


Memory device packaging: From leadframe to TSV

Memory devices employ a wide range of packaging technology from wire-bond leadframe and BGA to TSV.

Process Watch

Process Watch: Baseline yield predicts baseline reliability

The strong correlation between semiconductor IC yield and reliability has been well studied and documented.


Next generation dopant gas delivery system for ion implant applications

A new class of adsorbent materials offer high capacity storage and safe delivery of dopant gases.


With its highest growth rate in 14 years, the global semiconductor industry topped $429B in 2017

Samsung edged out Intel, to become the new semiconductor industry leader.

U.S. companies maintain largest share of fabless company IC sales

China-based companies show the largest fabless IC marketshare gain since 2010.

Fraunhofer ISE and EV group achieve 33.3% efficiency with silicon-based multi-junction solar cell

The Fraunhofer researchers achieved the high conversion efficiency of the silicon-based multi-junction solar cell with extremely thin 0.002 mm semiconductor layers of III-V compound semiconductors, bonding them to a silicon solar cell.


Industry Forum

Cloud computing: the power to optimize manufacturing

The cloud is an innovation fueled by advanced chip technology, but it has also been a model the industry hesitated to embrace.