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Solid State Technology

Year 2018
Issue 5



Overlay performance of through silicon via last lithography for 3D packaging

A lithographic method for TSV alignment to embedded targets was evaluated using in-line stepper self metrology, with TIS correction.


Developing a resist specific to EUV

Multi-Trigger chemistry, which is designed specifically for EUV, creates a high-chemical gradient at pattern boundaries, significantly reducing blurring and improving line-edge roughness to reduce the RLS trade off.


Getting to 3nm: It really is scaling every which way!

This year\'s Scaling Technologies TechXPOT at SEMICON West (Scaling Every Which Way! Thursday, July 12, 2:00PM-4:00PM) will provide an update on the evolution of scaling and describe how the various players (foundry, IDM, fabless, and application developers) are jockeying for innovation leadership.


Semiconductor equipment record spending streak to continue through 2019

The semiconductor industry is nearing a third consecutive year of record equipment spending with projected growth of 14 percent (YOY) in 2018 and 9 percent in 2019, a mark that would extend the streak to a historic fourth consecutive growth year, according to the latest update of the World Fab Forecast report published by SEMI.

The memory market will grow 40% to US$177 billion in 2018

The semiconductor industry posted record results in 2017, with revenue exceeding US$400 billion.

Applied Materials breakthrough accelerates chip performance in the big data and AI era

Applied Materials, Inc. announced a breakthrough in materials engineering that accelerates chip performance in the big data and AI era.

Micron begins volume production of GDDR6 high performance memory

Micron Technology, Inc. today announced volume production on its 8Gb GDDR6 memory.



The cobbler's children getting shoes?

There\'s an old proverb that the shoemaker\'s children always go barefoot, indicating how some professionals don\'t apply their skills for themselves. Until lately, that has seemed the case with the semiconductor manufacturing industry which has been good at collecting massive amounts of data, but no so good at analyzing that data and using it to improve efficiency, boost yield and reduce costs.

Industry Forum

The outlook for new metrology approaches

To keep up with Moore\'s Law, the semiconductor industry continues to push the envelope in developing new device architectures containing novel materials.