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New Speakers for The ConFab 2018

By Dave Mount

The ConFab staff is presently lining up speakers and VIPs for our 2018 Agenda/Program and networking event, which will be held May 20-23 at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Many different topics have been considered for the talks and keynote addresses, as there are many new drivers and technologies for the semiconductor industry to be considered. Exploring the “Hot” topics, consider that EUV Lithography has been long awaited, but is finally here. George Gomba, VP of technology research at GlobalFoundries, has been working very diligently with the researchers at SUNY Polytechnic Institute, in the CSNE –Albany, and lithography tool suppliers to develop the processes and equipment for EUV lithography. George will deliver a talk on that research program that has finally found its way into advanced semiconductor manufacturing.

Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) is another hot-topic area, where Dr. Kou Kuo Suu, of ULVAC Japan will deliver a talk on manufacturing various types of NVM memory chips, including Phase-Change memory (PCRAM).

Given that there is presently considerable M&A activity in the semiconductor industry: with large companies merging, larger companies acquiring smaller companies, and considerable numbers of start-up companies receiving funding, we have enlisted an old friend and Industry expert, Dan Armbrust, the Founder and director of Silicon Catalyst, the world’s first incubator focused exclusively on semiconductor solutions startups, who will speak on the factors and drivers fueling M&A activities and startup launches.

Smart manufacturing ecosystems based on big data platform, predictive analytics and IoT will be addressed by Tom Sonderman, President of Sky Water Technology Foundry.

We are very pleased to have Rama Divakaruni, an IBM distinguished Engineer deliver the opening Keynote Talk on how artificial intelligence is driving the “new” semiconductor era. In this new era we are seeing a robust Automotive Market Segment for semiconductor devices, a rapidly growing MEMS and Sensors Market Segment, and Advanced Packaging continues to grow in revenue generation and technical importance.

Quantum Computing will also be an important market driver. In the very near future we will be announcing speakers and naming panelists for these very interesting topics. Stay Tuned!

The ConFab 2017 Expands

The semiconductor industry is rapidly evolving and changing. Consolidations, mergers and acquisitions in the entire supply chain, the end of Moore’s Law (as we knew it), and the success of the foundry model has led us to seek new directions and expansions for The ConFab. Concurrent with our 2017 change in venue from Las Vegas to San Diego, we will be making some changes to The ConFab program. Mainstream semiconductor technology will still be a central focus, but we will be adding speakers, panelists, and VIP attendees from other growing and emerging areas and feature some of the other solid-state device technologies derived from semiconductor manufacturing. This will be from both the device maker and the equipment supplier perspective.

More emphasis will be placed on the MEMS and sensors, power devices, RF and analog mixed-signal, LEDs, thin film batteries, biomedical and other related technologies and markets. The mobile, medical and healthcare, the IoT, automotive, big data, cloud computing, flexible electronics, and virtual reality industries will be of high importance to The ConFab.

With regard to mainstream semiconductor manufacturing, speakers and panels on advanced packaging, including heterogeneous integration, will serve to tie together memory/logic/ASIC semiconductor devices into packages that can include: MEMS, RF, mixed-signal, thin-film battery and other components together, either on wafers or panels. The emerging technologies of silicon photonics and advanced memory, such as phase change and resistive RAM, will become a focus of The ConFab. Our customary speakers on industry forecasts and business directions will still be a part of The ConFab, but will be increased to reflect other markets beyond ICs.

These changes that will be incorporated will allow for the addition of new attendees and VIP’s from the supply chains that serve the other adjacent solid-state technologies and allow for additional private meeting and networking opportunities for current and previous ConFab attendees and sponsors. We will seek to cover as much as possible for every future ConFab, but time is limited. Stay tuned for the program direction for 2017.

David Mount, marketing and business development manager, The ConFab