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Advancing graphene for post-silicon computer logic

Tue, 9 Sep 2013
Team of UC Riverside researchers pioneer new approach for graphene logic circuits.

SEMI Lowers Early 2007 Book-to-Bill Estimates

Wed, 4 Apr 2007
(April 18, 2007) SAN JOSE, CA — SEMI released corrections to its January and February book-to-bill estimates for the North America semiconductor equipment manufacturing industry, lowering the ratios to 1.00 and 0.98, respectively. SEMI blames a data-input error for the incorrect averages initially reported.

Analysts Probe RF Developments, End Markets

Wed, 6 Jun 2007
(June 27, 2007) LYONS, France and CAMBRIDGE, U.K. — Yole Développement will release a report on the RF MEMS switches market in July, outlining market potential in defense, industrial, automotive, and telecom applications. The report is in-line with forecasts by IDTechEx regarding end markets for RFID components, including medical, defense/aerospace/military, and telecom.

MEMS Reaching Broader Industries

Wed, 2 Feb 2007
(February 14, 2007) SCOTTSDALE, AZ — The commercial use of MEMS and nanotechnology ranges from display, gyro-sensor, and ink-jet printing to smart-RFID, RF-MEMS, and wireless-sensing sectors; this technology expansion is creating competitive and converging applications for MEMS devices, according to Bourne Research. The research firm released seven market briefs outlining the dynamics of MEMS and nanotechnology in emerging applications.

Discera Qualifies MEMS Oscillators

Mon, 8 Aug 2007
(August 27, 2007) SAN JOSE, CA — Discera, Inc., qualified its MEMS-based oscillators with a series of frequency-stability and standard semiconductor qualification and reliability tests, comparing the silicon-based MEMS resonators to quartz for timing devices. Discera tested three separate manufacturing lots to prove process consistency in high-volume production, said Venkat Bahle, VP of marketing, Discera.

MEPTEC Symposium Highlights MEMS Evolution

Tue, 6 Jun 2008
By Julia Goldstein, Ph.D., contributing editor
(June 3, 2008) SAN JOSE, CA — When Advanced Packaging magazine covered MEPTEC's first MEMS Symposium in 2003, MEMS was a technology with potential that needed to move from a technology-driven to a market-driven approach to succeed commercially. This year's symposium on May 22, 2008 was subtitled "MEMS Market Evolution — From Technology Push to Market Pull," suggesting that the potential has been realized.

Tessera Acquires IP Rights from Kronos

Fri, 4 Apr 2008
(April 4, 2008) San Jose, CA and Belmont, MA— Tessera Technologies, Inc. provider of miniaturization technologies for the electronics industry, and Kronos Advanced Technologies, Inc. developer of ionic- based products and technologies for air movement and purification, announced the sale and licensing of certain intellectual property (IP) rights related to Kronos proprietary technologies to Tessera.

Advantest to expand beyond semiconductor test

Thu, 1 Jan 2012

Haruo Matsuno, president and CEO of Advantest Corporation (TSE:6857, NYSE:ATE) shares the company's major goals, including expansion into new measurement applications, utilization of cloud computing, and more.

DRIE expands from MEMS to advanced packaging and more applications

Tue, 5 May 2012

USPTO seeks nominees for National Medal of Technology and Innovation

Tue, 1 Jan 2012

The USPTO is looking to increase the diversity of honorees for its annual National Medal of Technology and Innovation (NMTI), honoring "this nation's creative geniuses."

UMC, ST to develop 65nm backside CMOS image sensors

Mon, 9 Sep 2012


Tue, 11 Nov 2010

Alchimer's Electrografting (eG) technology has been validated by scientists at RTI International (RTI). The paper confirmed that electrografting is a proven technology for depositing "insulator, barrier and seedlayer into high aspect ratio TSVs for 3D integration applications."

Tessera: Adding Vista Point Technologies, losing Powertech Technology?

Mon, 7 Jul 2012

Tessera received notice from Powertech Technology Inc. (PTI) that it will terminate its license agreement with the semiconductor packaging and optics technology company. Tessera also completed phase 1 of its acquisition of camera module technologies from Flextronics.

Conference Report: MEMS Executive Congress Europe

Mon, 4 Apr 2012

Karen Lightman, the Managing Director of the MEMS Industry Group, blogs from the MEMS Executive Congress Europe, which was held March 20th, in Zurich, Switzerland.


Field Report: Sensors in Design 2012

Thu, 3 Mar 2012

Sensors in Design 2012 was opened March 28 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, in conjunction with Design West. Blogger Mike Fury reports.

ARM’s Segars sees changing requirements for electronics driven by mobile

Mon, 3 Mar 2012

At the recent Common Platform Technology Forum -- produced by Global Foundries, Samsung and IBM -- Simon Segars, executive vice president and general manager of the physical IP division at ARM, spoke about the impact of the internet of things and mobile computing on the way electronics are designed and used.

UPDATED: Record semiconductor sales in 2011, 2012 outlook

Wed, 2 Feb 2012

The SIA shows 2011 worldwide semiconductor sales hit $299.5 billion, a 0.4% year-on-year increase and new record. Semico Research's forecast for 2012 shows a 10.11% growth in semiconductors revenues over 2011. Barclays Capital and Strategy Analytics also weigh in.

Attend joint sessions at VLSI Technology and Circuits

Tue, 4 Apr 2012

The 2012 Symposia on VLSI Technology and Circuits, this June in Honolulu, HI, will foster joint interactions among device technologists and circuit/system designers with overlapping technical programs of both symposia, and joint focus sessions on important topics.

New biochip measures glucose in saliva, not blood

Mon, 1 Jan 2012

Researchers at Brown University are working on a new sensor, based on plasmaonic interferometers, that can check blood sugar levels by measuring glucose concentrations in saliva instead.

Apple shares list of suppliers

Fri, 1 Jan 2012

For the first time, Apple Inc. has publicly published a list of over 150 companies that the electronics giant says represent 97% of its procurement expenditures for materials, manufacturing, and assembly of products worldwide.

Qualcomm MEMS Technologies reports 2 e-reader design wins in China

Thu, 1 Jan 2012

Qualcomm MEMS Technologies Inc.'s mirasol display technology is used in 2 new e-readers for the Chinese market, the Hanvon C18 and the Bambook Sunflower from Shanda Networking.

Qualcomm MEMS Technologies brings color display to Jin Yong e-reader

Tue, 1 Jan 2012

Qualcomm MEMS Technologies Inc. and e-reader provider Koobe announced the next-generation Jin Yong Reader uses MEMS display technology. The original Jin Yong Reader had a black and white display.

Apple iPhone 4S steals smartphone show in Q4 2011; Samsung wins the year

Fri, 1 Jan 2012

While Apple's release of the iPhone 4S in Q4 2011 "unleashed tremendous pent-up demand" from consumers, Samsung used its broad range of smartphones to take the top spot, reports IHS.

EPIC names new director general, promises closer ties with EU

Thu, 4 Apr 2012

EPIC, the European Photonics Industry Consortium, announced at its annual general meeting that Carlos Lee has been appointed as director general, succeeding Thomas Pearsall, who has led the association since its founding in 2003.

Conference Report: MRS Spring 2012, Day 3

Thu, 4 Apr 2012

Blogger Mike Fury reports from the MRS Spring 2012 meeting in San Francisco. Highlights from the third day: leakage and TDDB in low- κ dielectrics, flexible energy storage and conversion, Mn capping layers and diffusion barriers, hard masks for Cu interconnects, nanogenerators, Cu in RF, flexible temperature sensors, NEMS and MEMS in HDD, ZnO nanostructures, and various aspects of CMP.

MEMS Symposium Report: Chasing 1 Trillion

Thu, 5 May 2012

The 10th Annual MEMS Technology Symposium sponsored by MEPTEC (MicroElectronics Packaging and Test Engineering Council) was held May 23 at the San Jose Holiday Inn. This year’s theme was “Sensors: A Foundation for Accelerated MEMS Market Growth to $1 Trillion.”

Top 50 “internet of things” applications

Wed, 5 May 2012

Libelium, a wireless sensor networks platform provider, has released a list of 54 sensor applications for a smarter world, covering the most disruptive sensor and “internet of things” applications.

SEMI lauds Congressman Dave Camp (R-MI) for microelectronics/photovoltaics support

Wed, 5 May 2012

SEMI presented US Congressman Dave Camp (R-MI) with its 2012 North American Government Leadership Award for his leadership and support of the US microelectronics and photovoltaic manufacturing value chain.

SST Book Review: Energy Harvesting for Autonomous Systems

Mon, 4 Apr 2012

Contributing editor Steve Groothuis reviews a book titled “Energy Harvesting for Autonomous Systems (Smart Materials, Structures, and Systems).” The book highlights the progression from the basic principles behind energy harvesting to the comprehensive systems that control the sensing, actuation, and transmission of those devices. 

Media tablets join top 5 semiconductor end-markets in 2012

Fri, 3 Mar 2012

Media tablets, experiencing "remarkably rapid ascension," will become the 4th largest application for semiconductors by 2014, up from 35th in 2010, according to IHS.

GSA working group evaluates new semiconductor startup models to attract investors

Tue, 11 Nov 2012

The Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) has formed a new working group and identify various alternatives to encourage startups to innovate, woo investors, generate returns, and keep generating sustainable industry M&A.

Comm, auto apps are now driving the IC market

Fri, 10 Oct 2012

Communications applications are far and away the leading growth market for ICs over the next five years, and PCs and consumer applications have fallen far back in the pack.

IEDM: Nanoelectronics provide a path beyond CMOS

Tue, 12 Dec 2012

At the International Electron Devices Meeting in San Francisco, An Chen of GLOBALFOUNDRIES presented a survey of emerging nanoelectronic devices, which he divided into two categories: Charge-based and non-charge based.

ST exiting mobile chip JV with Ericsson, but still committed to FD-SOI

Mon, 12 Dec 2012

STMicroelectronics has a new strategic plan that will focus on five product areas (MEMS/sensors, smart power, automotive products, microcontrollers, and application processors), and also exit its mobile chip JV with communications giant Ericsson.

MIPI Alliance forms group to study sensor integration in mobile systems

Mon, 11 Nov 2012

MIPI Alliance has formed an open "Birds of a Feather" (BoF) group that will investigate the requirements related to integrating sensors into mobile systems. The group will address challenges facing the sensor and wireless markets.

IDTechEx forecasts a $100 million graphene market in 2018

Thu, 11 Nov 2012

Despite graphene's promise as a material in future electronics with excellent properties in almost all applications, it still faces difficulties in market acceptance, according to a report from IDTechEx.

IEDM 2012 slideshow 14

Tue, 12 Dec 2012

IEDM 2012 slideshow 13

Tue, 12 Dec 2012

IEDM 2012 slideshow 12

Tue, 12 Dec 2012

IEDM 2012 slideshow 11

Tue, 12 Dec 2012

IEDM 2012 slideshow 10

Tue, 12 Dec 2012

IEDM 2012 slideshow 09

Tue, 12 Dec 2012

IEDM 2012 slideshow 08

Tue, 12 Dec 2012

IEDM 2012 slideshow 07

Tue, 12 Dec 2012

IEDM 2012 slideshow 06

Tue, 12 Dec 2012

IEDM 2012 slideshow 05

Tue, 12 Dec 2012

IEDM 2012 slideshow 04

Tue, 12 Dec 2012

IEDM 2012 slideshow 03

Tue, 12 Dec 2012

IEDM 2012 slideshow 02

Tue, 12 Dec 2012

IEDM 2012 slideshow 01

Tue, 12 Dec 2012

IEDM 2012 slideshow: Sneak preview of 14 conference papers

Tue, 12 Dec 2012

We've scanned the entire conference program for next week's 58th annual IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), to present a quick sampling of some of the more intriguing papers.

Qualcomm expands IGZO display tech agreement with Sharp

Tue, 12 Dec 2012

Qualcomm Incorporated announced an expansion of its display technology agreement between its subsidiary Pixtronix, Inc. and  Sharp Corporation to develop and commercialize high-quality color, low-power MEMS displays incorporating IGZO technology.

IBM 5 in 5: Five innovations that will change our lives within five years

Mon, 12 Dec 2012

Each December, IBM unveils the 5 in 5 -- five predictions about technology innovations that will change the way we work, live and play within the next five years.

Wireless consumer devices reenergize magnetic sensor IC sector

Mon, 8 Aug 2012

Magnetic sensor semiconductors are robust but steady in application sectors like automotive, military/medical, and data processing. But the devices saw 50% growth in one segment last year: wireless/consumer, according to IHS.

The ConFab: Turning the technology knobs for system scaling

Tue, 6 Jun 2012

Chip scaling will go on for the foreseeable future, enabling new product with more compute power, more memory, faster on-chip communication. That was one of the conclusions put forth by imec’s An Steegen, speaking on technology trends at The ConFab 2012.

@ The ConFab: Semiconductor industry experts look to the future

Mon, 6 Jun 2012

The ConFab’s sessions opened with “The Economic Outlook for the Semiconductor Industry,” featuring Jackie Sturm of Intel, Dan Hutcheson of VLSIresearch, and Jim Feldhan of Semico.

Conference report: MEMS Business Forum

Fri, 5 May 2012

The first MEMS Business Forum, sponsored by MEMS Journal and MEPTEC (MicroElectronics Packaging and Test Engineering Council) was held May 24 at the Santa Clara Biltmore Hotel. Ten speakers presented on topics ranging from near- and mid-term business opportunities to roles of MEMS in broad visions for the future.

ITF: New approaches in the battle against cancer

Fri, 5 May 2012

At imec's International Technology Forum, Denis Wirtz, co-director of the John Hopkins Institute for NanoBio Technology, described the latest efforts to fight cancer.

ITF: Healthcare applications of silicon photonics

Fri, 5 May 2012

At imec's International Technology Forum, Roel Baets, director of the Centre for Nano- and Biophotonics Ghent University, Belgium, said silicon photonics will drastically change the way bio research is conducted.

ITF: Connecting biology with microsystems

Fri, 5 May 2012

At imec’s International Technology Forum, Peter Peumans, department director bio-nano electronics of imec, described promising examples of : technologies that connect biology and Microsystems: Biotechnology: bioreactors, neuroprobes, high speed cell inspection, and high-throughput molecular analysis.

How emerging growth sectors impact the overall semiconductor industry: ConFab preview

Thu, 5 May 2012

Intel's Jackie Sturm will bring to light some of the emerging, growth markets for semiconductors, and what they mean for chipmakers and the fab suppliers in the first session of The ConFab, “The Economic Outlook for the Semiconductor Industry.”

AKM tops magnetic sensor rankings, but competition looms with 6-axis compasses

Fri, 8 Aug 2012

Propelled by strong sales to tablet and cellphone manufacturers, AKM led the semiconductor magnetic sensor market for the third year in a row in 2011. Of the top-10 magnetic sensor suppliers, Memsic saw the highest growth: 1340%.

Semiconductors and healthcare converging

Mon, 10 Oct 2012

At the recent imec International Technology Forum Press Gathering in Leuven, Belgium, imec CEO Luc Van den hove outlined uses in blood cell sorting, mobile apps for personalized medicine (such as brain monitoring of EEG activity), and advanced bio research.

TEL and imec extend partnership into life science related research

Mon, 10 Oct 2012

Tokyo Electron (TEL) and imec announce the participation of TEL in imec’s bio-research program Human++. The agreement includes collaboration on bio-sensors and specialty imaging.   

EEG headset prototype developed

Mon, 10 Oct 2012

Imec, Holst Centre and Panasonic have developed a new prototype of a wireless EEG (electroencephalogram) headset.

Gartner identifies fast-moving technologies with Hype Cycle report

Fri, 8 Aug 2012

Big data, 3D printing, activity streams, Internet TV, Near Field Communication (NFC) payment, cloud computing and media tablets are some of the fastest-moving technologies identified in Gartner Inc.'s 2012 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies.

Fraunhofer develops new silicon photomultiplier

Thu, 8 Aug 2012

Scientists at Fraunhofer Research Institution for Modular Solid State Technologies EMFT, together with Ketek GmbH, have developed a novel, silicon-based optical sensor component called a silicon photomultiplier (SiPM).

SIA: Chip sales essentially flat in August

Wed, 10 Oct 2012

Macroeconomic malaise continues to weigh down global semiconductor sales, although there's a possible ray of hope for a boost by year's end thanks to introduction of much-desired electronics devices (hello iPhone 5).

On-board heaters can self-heal flash memories

Thu, 9 Sep 2012

At the upcoming International Electron Device Meeting, Macronix researchers will describe how they built flash memories that could heal themselves by means of tiny onboard heaters that provide thermal annealing just at the spots where it is needed.

RRAM synapses mimic the brain

Thu, 9 Sep 2012

At this year’s IEDM, a team led by Korea’s Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology will detail a high-speed pattern-recognition system comprising CMOS “neurons” and an array of resistive-RAM (RRAM)-based “synapses,” which demonstrated STDP, a brain-like function.

Two-dimensional atomically-flat transistors show promise for next-generation green electronics

Fri, 6 Jun 2013

UC Santa Barbara researchers demonstrate first n-type field effect transistors on monolayer tungsten diselenide with record performance.

MEMS for mobile industry will reach $6.4B by 2018

Thu, 6 Jun 2013

Market demand for new sensors will lead to a $6.4B market by 2018.

Necessary attributes of a MEMS engineer for new product development

Mon, 6 Jun 2013

In the development of new MEMS products, the team is the most important factor.

Fab equipment spending: 23% growth for 2014

Tue, 6 Jun 2013

Fab equipment spending will grow two percent year-over-year  (US$ 32.5 billion) for 2013 and about 23 to 27 percent in 2014 ($41 billion) according to the May edition of the SEMI World Fab Forecast.

STMicroelectronics announces winners of the iNEMO Design Contest 2013

Fri, 5 May 2013

The winning teams successfully conceptualized, developed and built demonstrable prototypes of entirely new applications using ST's iNEMO MEMS sensor-fusion modules.

M2M Forum 2013 explores MEMS and the future of medical devices

Tue, 4 Apr 2013

MEMS Industry Group (MIG), a global industry organization with more than 140 member-companies and partners, will welcome micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), medical industry and academic experts to Cambridge, Mass. for Member-to-Member (M2M) Forum 2013, a conference on the MEMS connection to advancements in healthcare, medical and biomedical applications.

Automotive, wireless applications to drive pressure sensors to become top-selling MEMS devices

Mon, 4 Apr 2013

MEMS pressure sensors will achieve accelerated growth this year and become the leading type of MEMS device, driven by increasing use in automotive and the fast-growing handset space, according to insights from the IHS iSuppli MEMS & Sensors Service from information and analytics provider IHS.

STMicroelectronics’ SoC powers next-generation smart IPTV set-top boxes

Mon, 4 Apr 2013

STMicroelectronics has revealed that its Orly system-on-chip (SoC) is powering a new generation of advanced set-top boxes announced on April 17 from NTT Plala Inc., an Internet / IPTV service provider in Japan. This STB has been developed by Sumitomo Electric Networks, Inc., a Japanese equipment producer for home entertainment and broadband service providers, with operations around the world.

Element Six and Delft University demonstrate milestone in solid-state diamond research

Mon, 5 May 2013

Element Six last week announced, in collaboration with Delft University of Technology, the entanglement of electron spin qubits (quantum bits) in two synthetic diamonds separated in space.

SRC and NSF partner to develop compact models for emerging nanotech

Wed, 5 May 2013

Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) recently joined the National Science Foundation (NSF) as a partner in an ongoing NSF project to further develop compact models of emerging nanoelectronic devices such as might be used in next-generation consumer electronics.

Leading MEMS microphone suppliers ride Apple’s gravy train to the top

Wed, 5 May 2013

Once again demonstrating Apple’s power to ordain winners in the electronics supply chain, the top suppliers last year of microelectromechanical systems microphones were those that provided devices for iPhones and iPads.

Kurt Petersen, MEMS industry pioneer and technology vision, joins IMT board of directors

Tue, 4 Apr 2013

IMT, the largest pure-play MEMS foundry in the US, announced today the appointment of MEMS industry pioneer and technology visionary Dr. Kurt Petersen to the IMT board of directors.

Short-range wireless technology IC market to reach almost 5 billion units shipped in 2013

Wed, 3 Mar 2013

The total market for open short-range wireless (SRW) technology based ICs, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, NFC, and GPS, is expected to reach almost 5 billion units in 2013 and grow to nearly 8 billion by 2018, according to ABI Research. This includes standalone wireless connectivity ICs, wireless connectivity combo ICs, and also platforms with integrated wireless connectivity.

Handset market grows in Q1, despite Samsung and Apple’s different approaches

Fri, 4 Apr 2013

An estimated 405 million handsets, including 197 million smartphones, were shipped in the first quarter of 2013, according to market intelligence firm ABI Research.


Fri, 4 Apr 2013


A*Star and Veredus create first lab-on-chip for the detection of tropical infectious diseases

Thu, 4 Apr 2013

The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and Veredus Laboratories, a supplier of innovative molecular diagnostic tools, announced the launch of VereTropTM, the first biochip in the molecular diagnostics market that can identify 13 different major tropical diseases from a single blood sample.

Personal computer shipments post worst quarter on record, says IDC

Thu, 4 Apr 2013

In another sign of the worldwide shift in preferred personal devices, PC shipments posted the steepest decline ever in a single quarter, according to the International Data Corporation Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker (IDC).

Carnegie Mellon research team develops edible electronics for medical device industry

Thu, 4 Apr 2013

It sounds futuristic, but today Carnegie Mellon University researchers are developing edible electronic devices that can be implanted in the body to improve patient care.

Veredus confirms VereFlu lab-on-chip detects the current subtype of avian flu

Wed, 4 Apr 2013

Veredus Laboratories today announced that the current version of VereFlu detects the current subtype of H7N9 (Avian Flu) that is responsible for the flu outbreak in China. H7N9 is the latest mutation to cause concern and increased surveillance in the region.

Health awareness spurs quadrupling in MEMS sensor market for wearable electronics

Tue, 4 Apr 2013

From smart wristwatches that record heart rates, to intelligent armbands that track physical activities, wearable electronics and fitness monitoring devices are attracting increased attention from health-conscious consumers, causing shipments of MEMS sensors used in these products to more than quadruple in just five years.

Researchers find surface diffusion plays significant role in shapes of catalytic nanoparticles

Tue, 4 Apr 2013

Controlling the shapes of nanometer-sized catalytic and electrocatalytic particles made from noble metals such as platinum and palladium may be more complicated than previously thought.

Opportunities for electronics manufacturing services in medical industry are increasing

Wed, 5 May 2013

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are increasingly turning to electronics manufacturing service (EMS) providers to better handle the escalating volumes of electronic content in the medical industry.

Trends and techniques in sensor fusion to be discussed at 2013 Sensors Expo and Conference

Wed, 5 May 2013

MEMS Industry Group (MIG) today announced its conference and exposition line-up for the 2013 Sensors Expo and Conference.

Combo MEMS inertial sensors report brisk growth in automotive market

Mon, 5 May 2013

Combo MEMS sensors for automotive applications are off to another exhilarating ride this year as revenue continues to climb, spurred by rapidly accelerating use in car safety systems.

Top 30 MEMS companies of 2012

Fri, 4 Apr 2013

The fast growing market for sensors for smart phones is re-shuffling the ranks of MEMS suppliers. For the first time, suppliers of inertial sensors have surpassed the major makers of micro mirrors and inkjet heads that have long dominated the industry on Yole Développement’s annual ranking of the Top 30 MEMS companies.

“Smart Skin” sensors could provide remote monitoring of aging infrastructure

Wed, 4 Apr 2013

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology are developing a novel technology that would facilitate close monitoring of structures for strain, stress and early formation of cracks.

Examining the MEMS gyroscope patent landscape

Wed, 4 Apr 2013

The gyroscope market is driven by mobile applications, where until recently only two players, STMicroelectronics (ST) and InvenSense, were competing.

E.ON steps up to big data metering with Ericsson

Wed, 4 Apr 2013

The evolution of smart grids is a priority in a number of countries, including EU and the US, and will eventually create a smart energy network that manages a huge amount of data in 24-hour intervals.

New microbatteries could mean a big boost for electronics

Tue, 4 Apr 2013

Though they be but little, they are fierce. The most powerful batteries on the planet are only a few millimeters in size, yet they pack such a punch that a driver could use a cellphone powered by these batteries to jump-start a dead car battery – and then recharge the phone in the blink of an eye.

Cracking the potential of the glass wafer market

Thu, 4 Apr 2013

Over the last few years, glass has gained considerable interest from the semiconductor industry due to its very attractive electrical, physical and chemical properties, as well as its prospects for a relevant and cost-efficient solution. The application scope of glass substrates in the semiconductor field is broad and highly diversified.

Corporate partnership produces next generation MEMS handler

Fri, 2 Feb 2013

TESEC Corporation today announced the development and sales of the ULTRA MEMS Handler, targeting Inertial (Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetometer) MEMS devices.

Painting with catalysts: Nano-engineered materials for detoxifying water

Fri, 2 Feb 2013

Only light, aerial oxygen, and a catalyst are needed to remove pollutants from water. Ruhr-Universitat Bochum researchers led by Professor Radim Beránek are collaborating with colleagues from seven different countries in order to develop a photocatalyst that is efficient enough to be profitable.

UNL research moving closer to cracking silicon barrier

Fri, 2 Feb 2013

The ability to improve silicon transistors is reaching its fundamental limit, so researchers are searching for new ways to keep making electronic devices faster and more powerful. University of Nebraska-Lincoln physicists and colleagues have taken a major step toward breaking that silicon barrier.

Report delivers latest analysis on nanobiotechnology applications, markets and companies

Thu, 2 Feb 2013

Nanobiotechnology, an integration of physical sciences, molecular engineering, biology, chemistry and biotechnology holds considerable promise of advances in pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

Low-power chip for intra-cardiac ventricular fibrillation detection presented at ISSCC 2013

Wed, 2 Feb 2013

Imec demonstrated a low-power (20µW), intra-cardiac signal processing chip for the detection of ventricular fibrillation at this week’s International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC 2013) in San Francisco with Olympus.

2013: Beyond CMOS, steady growth and accelerating change across non-mainstream chip markets

Thu, 1 Jan 2013

Sensors and optoelectronics will continue to grow faster than the mainstream semiconductor market. We currently expect 9%-13% growth in these sectors in 2013, accompanied by rapid changes in technology and  market structures.

Global market for MEMS microphone to more than double in five years

Wed, 2 Feb 2013

The global market for MEMS microphones has reached approximately $422 million in 2012. The market is predicted to increase to $865 million in 2017.

MEMS devices shape medical industry, microsystem devices to reach $6.6 billion in 2018

Wed, 2 Feb 2013

Microelectromechanical (MEMS) devices are shaping the competitive landscape in the global medical device industry.

10 IC product segments to exceed total IC market growth in 2013

Tue, 2 Feb 2013

Tablet and cellphone processors, NAND flash, and telecom-specific ICs to enjoy best growth.

ISSCC 2013: Imagers, MEMS, medical and displays

Mon, 2 Feb 2013

Roland Thomas, subcommittee chair of ISSCC, writes of the substantial growth and future in key areas of technology.

Tronics to produce submicron MEMS technology of CEA-LETI

Mon, 2 Feb 2013

Tronics kicks-off the industrialization of a unique piezoresistive nanowire MEMS technology that can take 9 DOF motion sensors to a new level of competitiveness.

Opinion: MEMS new product development: The first prototype

Mon, 2 Feb 2013

In the second article of the MEMS new product development blog, the importance of the first prototype will be discussed.

STMicroelectronics and University of Amsterdam Faculty of Science use advanced MEMS to soar with birds

Thu, 2 Feb 2013

STMicroelectronics and the University of Amsterdam Faculty of Science have announced that a sophisticated bird-tracking system developed by the university is using advanced MEMS sensing technology from ST.

MEMS revenue to climb a healthy 8 percent this year

Thu, 2 Feb 2013

A strong uptake in consumer and mobile devices will power the market for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) to solid revenue growth in 2013, with breakthroughs in new sensor applications also expected this year, according to insights from the IHS iSuppli MEMS service at information and analytics provider IHS.

A*STAR and PGS to collaborate on MEMS sensor for oil and gas applications

Thu, 1 Jan 2013

A*STAR’s Institute of Microelectronics signed an agreement to collaborate with Petroleum Geo-Services to develop a high performance MEMS-based sensor for deep sea seismic oil and gas exploration.

STMicroelectronics and Hyundai Autron cooperate to develop integrated products for next-generation vehicles

Fri, 2 Feb 2013

Joint effort will drive innovative engine-train and smart-power products

Institute of Microelectronics and Stanford University to develop switch technology for efficiency in mobile devices

Fri, 2 Feb 2013

A*STAR’s Institute of Microelectronics, or IME, and Stanford University will collaborate to advance innovations in nano-electromechanical systems (NEMS) switch technology for ultra-low power digital systems.

APIX Technology introduces gas chromatography device based on silicon nano-scale components

Thu, 2 Feb 2013

GCAP targets a range of industrial applications as well as research labs, advanced gas analysis and biomedical screening.

Smartphones and tablets drive continued double-digit growth in MEMS motion sensor market

Thu, 2 Feb 2013

Smartphones and media tablets continue to the prime movers of technology industries, with the two mobile platforms spurring a double-digit increase in the market for microelectromechanical system (MEMS) motion sensors this year.

CES 2013: The brains behind smart devices are front and center

Wed, 1 Jan 2013

Components are prominent this year, on the main stage, and the CES exhibit floors.Todd Traylor of Smith & Associates reports.

Opinion: MEMS new product development, a sellable plan

Wed, 1 Jan 2013

In David DiPaola's blog, he discuss the critical factors needed for success in the early stage of new MEMS product development.

SiTime expands portfolio with +125C MEMS oscillators

Mon, 1 Jan 2013

SiTime Corp. introduced the SiT8920 MEMS oscillator for industrial and high reliability applications.

MEMS Industry Group announces MEMS Executive Congress Europe 2013

Mon, 1 Jan 2013

MEMS Industry Group (MIG) will host its second annual MEMS Executive Congress® Europe, March 12, 2013 in Amsterdam.

Samsung, Apple swap spots as top chip consumers, while total market lags

Fri, 1 Jan 2013

Given the ascension of smartphones, it's no surprise that Samsung and Apple remain far and away the biggest end-users of semiconductors, and are widening their lead on the rest of the field, according to the latest Gartner rankings.

World’s most complex 2d laser beamsteering array demonstrated

Thu, 1 Jan 2013

DARPA researchers have recently demonstrated the most complex 2-D optical phased array ever. The array, which has dimensions of only 576µm x 576µm is composed of 4,096 (64 x 64) nanoantennas integrated onto a silicon chip.

Manufacturing innovations to drive MEMS equipment market to a >5% CAGR over 2012-2018

Tue, 2 Feb 2013

In its new report MEMS Front-End Manufacturing Trends, Yole Développement goes further in the equipment and materials market forecasts and in the manufacturing trends for MEMS. The report gives detailed analyses about MEMS device technology process flow, manufacturing trends and manufacturing cost breakdown.

Infographic: Computers with human senses

Tue, 2 Feb 2013

We are entering the era of cognitive systems, where electronic devices will mimic the human senses—in their own way, to see, smell, touch, taste and hear. IBM assembled this infographic to illustrate what they call the “5 in 5,” five innovations that will change our lives within five years.

UCLA researchers refine 'NanoVelcro' device to grab single cancer cells from blood

Mon, 2 Feb 2013

Improvement in nanotechnology enables 'liquid biopsies' for metastatic melanoma.

JEDEC elects two new members to its Board of Directors

Mon, 2 Feb 2013

JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, a developer of standards for the microelectronics industry, announced today that its Board of Directors has appointed two new members: Mr. Jong H. Oh, Vice President, SK hynix and Mr. Hung Vuong, Qualcomm. 

NIST quantum refrigerator offers extreme cooling and convenience

Wed, 3 Mar 2013

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have demonstrated a solid-state refrigerator that uses quantum physics in micro- and nanostructures to cool a much larger object to extremely low temperatures.

Smart new sensor fusion chip enables mobile devices to operate multiple sensors

Tue, 3 Mar 2013

PNI Sensor Corporation and EM Microelectronic -Marin SA announce the introduction of the Sentral sensor fusion hub: a new, highly effective way to integrate complex motion sensors on mobile devices.

Toshiba develops intelligent, wearable vital signs sensor module

Tue, 3 Mar 2013

Toshiba Corporation today announced that it has developed an intelligent vital signs sensor module: Smart healthcare Intelligent Monitor Engine and Ecosystem with Silmee, that simultaneously senses information on key vital signs, Electric Cardio Gram, pulse, body temperature and movements, and that can deliver the data to smartphones and tablet PCs with wireless technology.

Avnet Memec signs agreement with MEMS sensor line

Fri, 3 Mar 2013

InvenSense, Inc. and Avnet Memec this week announced the formation of a pan-European distribution agreement. With the new partnership, Avnet Memec is chartered with sales and support for InvenSense’s MotionTracking devices throughout Europe and Israel.

MEMS microphone shipments to climb 30% this year

Thu, 2 Feb 2013

Shipments of MEMS microphones in 2012 amounted to 2.05 billion units, up 57% from 1.30 billion in 2011, according to IHS iSuppli. Shipments will climb by another 30% to 2.66 billion units in 2013, to be followed by at least three more years of notable double-digit-rate increases.

STMicroelectronics is first $1 billion MEMS company

Wed, 2 Feb 2013

Yole Développement’s research has credited STMicroelectronics for capitalizing on the booming demand for MEMS in mobile devices by shipping 58% more MEMS units in 2012, to become the first company to reach $1 billion in MEMS sales.

“State of the MEMS Industry” market study to be presented at Smart Systems Integration Conference

Mon, 3 Mar 2013

Roger Grace to present MEMS Commercialization Report Card at annual international technical forum.

ASU scientists develop innovative twists to DNA nanotechnology

Mon, 3 Mar 2013

In a new discovery that represents a major step in solving a critical design challenge, Arizona State University Professor Hao Yan has led a research team to produce a wide variety of 2-D and 3-D structures that push the boundaries of the burgeoning field of DNA nanotechnology.

China’s RFID card market to nearly double to $807 million in 2017

Tue, 3 Mar 2013

The futuristic “Internet of Things” will more than double to 2.1 billion units, leading to a dramatic growth of domestic companies, says Lux Research.

OE automotive semiconductor market grew 12% in 2012

Mon, 3 Mar 2013

According to the latest analysis by Semicast Research, Renesas Electronics was again the leading vendor of semiconductors to the OE automotive sector in 2012, ahead of Infineon Technologies. STMicroelectronics retained its position as third largest supplier, with Freescale fourth and NXP fifth. Semicast calculates that revenues for OE automotive semiconductors grew by 12% to USD $25.5 billion in 2012, while the total semiconductor industry is judged to have declined by almost three percent to USD $292 billion.

Long-predicted atomic collapse state observed in graphene

Mon, 3 Mar 2013

Berkeley Lab researchers recreate elusive phenomenon with artificial nuclei; highly relevant for future nanoscle devices where electrical charge is concentrated into very small areas

Lattice announces world’s smallest FPGA

Mon, 3 Mar 2013

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation today announced the iCE40 LP384 FPGA, the smallest member of its iCE40 family of ultra-low density FPGAs. Enabling designers to rapidly add new features and differentiate cost-sensitive, space-constrained, low-power products, the new small footprint FPGA is ideal for applications such as portable medical monitors, smartphones, digital cameras, eReaders, and compact embedded systems.

Nanoelectronics Conference will focus on semiconductor industry’s future

Fri, 3 Mar 2013

How the semiconductor industry can create the next generations of nanoscale computing technology will be one of the themes of the 2013 International Conference on Frontiers of Characterization and Metrology for Nanoelectronics, to be held at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), March 25-28, 2013, at its campus in Gaithersburg, Md.

Fujitsu releases new 1 Mbit and 2 Mbit FRAM products

Thu, 3 Mar 2013

Latest offerings enhance power efficiency and miniaturization for smart meters, industrial machinery and medical devices.

MEMS pressure sensors in cellphones set to rise to 681M units in 2016

Wed, 3 Mar 2013

Shipments this year are expected to double to 162 million units, as presented in the attached figure, primarily due to Samsung’s usage of pressure sensors in the Galaxy S4 and other smartphone models.

STMicroelectronics and CMP’s MEMS manufacturing process available for prototyping

Tue, 3 Mar 2013

STMicroelectronics and CMP today announced that ST's THELMA MEMS manufacturing process, the process ST uses for its industry-leading accelerometers and gyroscopes, which have shipped in billions of units, is now available for prototyping to universities, research labs and design companies through the silicon brokerage services provided by CMP.

New miniaturization record by STMicroelectronics makes more room for mobile functionality

Mon, 4 Apr 2013

STMicroelectronics has introduced the world's smallest TVS diode for protecting sensitive electronics in consumer products and handhelds.

STMicroelectronics heads European research team in advanced MEMS devices development

Thu, 4 Apr 2013

STMicroelectronics has begun working with research partners to develop a pilot line for next-generation MEMS devices augmented with advanced technologies such as piezoelectric or magnetic materials and 3D packaging. The project was launched by the European Nanoelectronics Initiative Advisory Council (ENIAC) Joint Undertaking (JU), a public-private partnership in nanoelectronics.

EU-funded SYNAPTIC project delivers design-synthesis tool flow

Mon, 3 Mar 2013

A joint industry/academia consortium, supported by the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme, has reported the successful conclusion of a three-year project and the release of its design-synthesis tool flow and related litho-friendly cell libraries and evaluation metrics.

American Graphite Technologies announces successful test production of graphene paper

Mon, 3 Mar 2013

American Graphite Technologies Inc. announced today the successful production of test samples of a graphene paper product by its development and manufacturing partner, CTI Nanotechnologies LLC.

Brewer Science installs scale-up reactor to support electronics-grade carbon nanotube materials

Mon, 3 Mar 2013

Brewer Science, a developer of lithography enhancement materials for semiconductor manufacturing, announces the installation of a scale-up reactor to increase production of its CNTRENE C100 family of electronics-grade CNT materials by tenfold.

KIT researchers develop smallest vibration sensor in the quantum world

Fri, 3 Mar 2013

Researchers of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and French colleagues from Grenoble and Strasbourg have now found a way to combine both carbon nanotubes and magnetic molecules on the atomic level and to build a quantum mechanical system with novel properties.

$14 trillion opportunity in Internet of Things, predicts Cisco

Fri, 3 Mar 2013

Cisco Systems is preparing for a major shift in the industry, as the Internet of Things starts to become a reality. At an annual press event in San Jose, California this week, Cisco officials claimed that the much-anticipated IoT industry could be a $14 trillion opportunity, and they are ready to embrace the change.

Microstructures made of adjoining semiconductor disks could lead to powerful nanoscale sensors

Thu, 3 Mar 2013

Many users of microwave ovens have had the frightening experience of leaving a fork, crumpled piece of aluminum foil or some other pointy metal item inside the cooking chamber. The sharp metal object acts as an antenna for the oven’s microwave radiation, causing strong local heating or sparking.

Chinese cellphone and tablet makers gain share in MEMS sensor purchasing in 2012

Thu, 3 Mar 2013

China-based manufacturers of cellphones and tablets in 2012 more than doubled their share of purchases of MEMS motion sensors, reflecting the rising prominence of the companies in the global market, according to an IHS iSuppli MEMS Topical Report from information and analytics provider IHS.

SiTime enters smartphone market with first MEMS oscillator

Wed, 3 Mar 2013

SiTime Corporation, one of the fastest growing semiconductor companies, today introduced the SiT15xx family of 32 kHz MEMS oscillators that are intended to replace legacy quartz crystal resonators.

Emerging consumer applications are boosting the growth of the MEMS pressure sensor market

Tue, 3 Mar 2013

MEMS pressure sensor is one of the very first MEMS components appearing in the microsystem world. The technologies are quite mature and the market is big and expected to grow from $1.9B in 2012 to $3B in 2018.

Smallest MEMS microphone designed for hearing aid applications features low EIN and power consumption

Tue, 3 Mar 2013

Analog Devices ADMP801 MEMS microphone delivers 27 dBA EIN, consumes only 17 µA at 1 V supply, and is available in a 7.3 mm³ package.

Over 221 million mobile devices shipped in India during 2012

Tue, 4 Apr 2013

India registered 221.6 million mobile handset shipments during 2012, according to CMR’s India Mobile Handsets Market Review, CY 2012, March 2013 release. During the same period, 15.2 million smartphones were shipped in the country.

SUNY’s CNSE undergrad to receive the nation’s most prestigious award for science and engineering

Tue, 4 Apr 2013

Zachary Olmsted, a junior Nanoscale Engineering major at SUNY’s College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE), has been chosen to receive the prestigious Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship, the second consecutive year that a CNSE student has been honored with the nation’s premier undergraduate award designed to foster and encourage outstanding students to pursue careers in the fields of mathematics, the natural sciences, and engineering.

High-value MEMS market growth slows due to weak medical electronics and industrial sectors

Tue, 4 Apr 2013

The high-value microelectromechanical system (MEMS) market experienced soft growth last year, mainly due to weakness in the mainstay medical electronics and industrial sectors, according to an IHS iSuppli MEMS High-Value MEMS Market Tracker Report from information and analytics provider IHS.

Nanosys expands U.S. manufacturing as demand for displays with lifelike color heats up

Tue, 4 Apr 2013

Nanosys, enabling a new generation of high color fidelity, energy-efficient displays with its quantum-dot technology, today announced that it has expanded into a new, high-capacity production facility in Milpitas, California.

Unsettled economic situation leaves mark on microtechnology industry

Tue, 4 Apr 2013

A year ago, the microtechnology, nanotechnology, and advanced materials industry looked out on the year 2012 with quite positive expectations. As it turned out, the unstable economic situation has left its mark on these industries, too. For 2013, at least, the companies expect a slight upwards trend.

MIT researchers observe nanowires lifting liquids as effectively as tubes

Mon, 4 Apr 2013

Imagine if you could drink a glass of water just by inserting a solid wire into it and sucking on it as though it were a soda straw. It turns out that if you were tiny enough, that method would work just fine — and wouldn’t even require the suction to start.

Analyst: Massive profits, but modest recovery

Mon, 3 Mar 2010

The semiconductor industry is at its most profitable point now than any other time in the past decade thanks to industrywide efforts to aggressively manage costs and capacity -- but wild optimism about surging growth forgets the truth that this recovery only resets to levels from three years ago, according to iSuppli.

Imec IEDM presentations to cover More than Moore, ITRS

Thu, 8 Aug 2010

16 papers with imec authors were accepted for IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), December 6-8, 2010, in San Francisco. Both ITRS-related as well as More-than-Moore-related research papers have been accepted, rewarding imec’s multidisciplinary R&D platform (featuring two state-of-the-art R&D fabs).

Color displays could boost e-reader sales in coming years

Tue, 12 Dec 2011

Displays for pure-play e-book readers will see 108% higher shipments in 2011, but slower growth ahead. In the future, e-reader makers will turn to color display technologies, predicts IHS iSuppli.

STM: Semiconductor maker, MEMS specialist, venture capitalist?

Fri, 12 Dec 2011

STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a global semiconductor company, launched ST New Ventures, its corporate venture capital fund currently under incorporation.

Analyst: MEMS sensor/actuator growth taking off

Fri, 3 Mar 2008
Mar. 28, 2008 - After growing at a 9% CAGR over the past five years, demand for MEMS-based semiconductor sensors and actuators is expected to accelerate to 19% CAGR through 2012, as emerging MEMS technologies find traction in new markets and applications, according to a report by IC Insights. The firm projects MEMS sensors/actuator sales will increase to $9.7B by 2012, vs. $4.1B in 2007.

Analyst: Silicon MEMS microphones demand stalls

Tue, 3 Mar 2008
Mar. 18, 2008 - The silicon MEMS microphone sector grew 12.4% in 2007 to 238M units, well off the pace of the prior two years (2005-2006) where installations doubled to account for 20% of mobile phones manufactured, due to a drop in cell phone growth and converged devices, according to a new report from The Information Network.

IEDM Day 3: SRAMs, image sensors, flash memory

Wed, 12 Dec 2008
In his daily blog from IEDM, Chipworks' Dick James looks at a number of interesting papers presented on SRAM, image sensors, and radiation soft errors in flash memories.

iSuppli: Auto MEMS sensors to surge by 2012

Mon, 9 Sep 2008
New government mandates will help nearly double the global shipments of automotive microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) from 2006-2012 (a 12% CAGR), while sales surge to $2.1B (8% CAGR), according to data from iSuppli.

Tegal seeks "DRIE" land in MEMS

Tue, 9 Sep 2008
Tom Mika, CEO of Tegal, gives SST some further insights into his company's plans behind its proposed acquisition of Alcatel Micro Machining Systems' deep reactive ion etch and other technologies -- including how the company will leverage its existing presence in MEMS, finding the balance between serving R&D and production needs, and fighting much larger competitors.

MEMS sector takes hit from auto, economy slump

Mon, 3 Mar 2009
As the economy slogs along, big-ticket consumer purchases such as cars have dried up -- car shipments slipped 8% in 2008 and are expected to sink 19% in 2009. And that's bad news for, among others, suppliers of automotive electronics, notes iSuppli in a recent report.

VC buys into analytical probe firm

Wed, 7 Jul 2006
July 19, 2006 - The Micromanipulator Co., Carson City, NV, a developer of analytical probe systems, said that venture capital firm Flywheel Ventures has purchased a majority ownership in the firm for an undisclosed amount, and will invest an extra $1 million in cash to support future growth and acquisitions.

MEMS sensor firm adds 150mm line

Wed, 10 Oct 2006
October 11, 2006 - Silicon Microstructures, Inc. (SMI), a developer of silicon pressure sensors, says it has ramped to 40,000 sensors/day on a new 150mm MEMS manufacturing line.

Omron buying Seiko Epson 200mm chip fab

Thu, 10 Oct 2006
October 26, 2006 - Automation and control technology firm Omron Corp. has agreed to acquire a 200mm CMOS semiconductor factory in Yasu, Shiga, Japan from Yasu Semiconductor Corp., a consolidated subsidiary of Seiko Epson. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

sp3 wins Fed deal to develop GaN on silicon/diamond

Thu, 6 Jun 2006
June 29, 2006 - sp3 Diamond Technologies Inc., Santa Clara, CA, a developer of diamond substrate technology for enhancing thermal management, has received a $750,000 Phase II contract from the Missile Defense Agency to develop gallium nitride (GaN) on silicon-on-diamond devices.

X-Fab, Akustica partner for CMOS MEMS microphones

Thu, 6 Jun 2006
June 1, 2006 - Akustica Inc., a start-up that is developing acoustic components in silicon using micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) manufacturing processes, has signed on with X-Fab Semiconductor Foundries AG to produce MEMS-based single-chip microphones.

Analyst: MEMS sales slowing, demand shifting

Tue, 4 Apr 2006
April 18, 2006 - Sales growth for MEMS devices slowed dramatically in 2005 despite "very strong" unit shipments, with demand increasing for newer markets outside the mainstays, according to a new report by In-Stat.

Omron, Seiko finalize 200mm fab sale

Mon, 4 Apr 2007
April 2, 2007 - Omron Corp. has finalized its acquisition of a 200mm CMOS semiconductor factory in Yasu, Shinga, Japan, from Yasu Semiconductor Corp., a consolidated subsidiary of Seiko Epson., five months after announcing the deal, according to the companies.

Getter services for MEMS WLP

Mon, 4 Apr 2007
April 23, 2007 - Innovative Micro Technology has begun offering getter deposition services of wafer-level packaging (WLP) of MEMS devices and other components requiring a hard vacuum, saying it has demonstrated vacuum levels below 10 mTorr for inorganic devices, equal to or better than industry standard.

Analyst: Silicon MEMS microphones gaining adoption in phones

Thu, 4 Apr 2007
April 5, 2007 - Silicon MEMS microphones were installed in 20% of mobile phones manufactured in 2006, up from 10% in the previous year, but in reality there are only two suppliers who reap the benefits, according to data from The Information Network.

Final score: Half-Pitchers 0.00000035, Red Brick Walls 0.000000022

Tue, 7 Jul 2007
Looks like the US has a lot to learn from European soccer superiority, even in the nanoscale world. ETH Zurich took home three top prizes in last weekend's nanogram demonstration at the RoboCup games, placing first in all three skills tests -- a goal-to-goal "2mm dash" (316ms), slalom around fixed polymer photoresist posts patterned onto the "field" (583ms), and ball handling drill (3 goals in 3 minutes).

ST, SAES Getters partnership eyes booming MEMS gyroscope biz

Thu, 5 May 2007
May 17, 2007 - STMicroelectronics and the SAES Getters Group say they will integrate SAES' PageWafer getter thin-film technology, used in high-vacuums in wafer-level packaged MEMS devices, into ST's next-generation MEMS gyroscopes, targeting consumer devices, gaming, and navigation devices.

Emerging MEMS manufacturers look beyond auto apps

Wed, 9 Sep 2007
September 12, 2007 - MEMS revenue will double from $5B in 2005 to $10B in 2011, with a "select group of large, well-established MEMS suppliers" benefiting from growth in the automotive sector, and "new, emerging entrants" to the MEMS market capitalizing on opportunities in consumer, communications, and portable end-product sectors, according to Semiconductor Partners.

Tower ramps output of ViTi's 0.35-micron CMOS image sensors

Thu, 10 Oct 2007
October 18, 2007 - Israeli foundry Tower Semiconductor says it has begun volume manufacturing of image sensor products for Taiwan's Vision Integration Technology Inc. (ViTi), with output of the home security and closed-circuit TV sensors being done at its Fab 1 manufacturing site using 0.35-micron processes.

AML: No more MEMS fabless model for us

Thu, 2 Feb 2004
February 19, 2004 - UK-based AML said it is abandoning the foundry model for fabricating MEMS devices, calling it a "flawed concept" and "not flexible enough" to meet its demands, and is reverting back to in-house fabrication.

MEMS industry group receives funding from DARPA

Thu, 1 Jan 2005
January 20, 2005 - The MEMS Industry Group (MIG) announced that it has received funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to continue its MEMS Cost Assessment Tool (MEMS CAT) project, and has chosen ISMI to modify its software for MIG.

RSL opens packaging R&D lab with Suss MicroTec

Wed, 8 Aug 2005
August 10, 2005 - RoseStreet Labs (RSL), Phoenix, AZ, has announced the opening of its 3D Research and Development laboratory for next-generation semiconductor packaging, as well as an alliance with Suss MicroTec, which will provide the lab with a full suite of lithography and 3D packaging equipment.

August 2005 Exclusive Feature: DEPOSITION

Molecular vapor deposition of coatings for MEMS devices

Mon, 8 Aug 2005
Boris Kobrin, Victor Fuentes, Srikanth Dasaradhi, Applied MicroStructures; Robert Ashurst, Carlo Carraro, Roya Maboudian, U. of California at Berkeley

Results of a surface modification technique called molecular vapor deposition (MVD) are presented. The method is an enhancement of a generic vapor deposition process of self-assembling monolayers (SAM) with various surface preparation techniques, precise dosing of vapor precursors, and temperature control...

US MEMS industry is growing rapidly, says MIG

Tue, 2 Feb 2002
"We are on our way" seems to be the sentiment coming from the MEMS Industry Group (MIG), which recently reported that the US MEMS industry will grow from 2000's $2 to $5 billion to an $8 to $15 billion industry by 2004.

RPI and Standard MEMS team up for micropackaging R&D

Tue, 12 Dec 2000
Burlington, Massachusetts--Standard MEMs, Inc. and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Center for Automation Technologies have teamed up to create a joint micropackaging research and development (R&D) program that will focus on developing and prototyping state-of-the-art micromanufacturing technologies.

STMicroelectronics introduces MEMS-based rotational accelerometer

Mon, 8 Aug 2001
Aug. 20, 2001 - Geneva, Switzerland - STMicroelectronics has introduced a new rotational acceleration sensor device based on MEMS technology that addresses applications in hard disk drives and consumer products.

Mitsubishi Electric to ship MEMS samples

Tue, 9 Sep 2001
Mitsubishi Electric plans to start shipping samples of a new MEMS acceleration sensor chip set in October.

Equipment suppliers pursue MEMS opps

Wed, 12 Dec 2001
At a time when few business opportunities should be ignored, one is the infrastructure required for MEMS manufacturing. This is an area where growth has been limited by a lack of major support in key segments of the equipment industry. Although a number of suppliers recognized the business potential years ago, more work is needed.

Tessera Licenses Consumer Optics Technologies to Nemotek

Wed, 1 Jan 2008
(January 16, 2008) SAN JOSE, CA — Tessera Technologies Inc. has announced that it has licensed its OptiML wafer-level camera (WLC) technology and SHELLCASE wafer-level chip scale packaging (WLCSP) solutions to Nemotek S.A. The combination of these consumer optics technologies enables Nemotek to offer a full range of cost-efficient camera solutions from wafer-level packaging of image sensors and wafer-level lenses to fully-integrated camera modules.

Freescale Selects 200mm SUSS Tool Set for MEMS Facility

Wed, 1 Jan 2008
(January 16, 2008) MUNICH, Germany — SUSS MicroTec has shipped and successfully installed several microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) production tools at Freescale Semiconductor. The equipment included a new DSM200 Series front-to-back alignment verification system, the latest generation SUSS MA200 compact mask aligner as well as a SUSS ABC200 series wafer bond cluster system for use in MEMS sensor applications.

Freescale Ramps Up with Advanced 200-mm MEMS Production Line

Thu, 1 Jan 2008
(January 17, 2008) AUSTIN — Freescale Semiconductor has established an advanced microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) 200-mm (8-inch) production line to address growing sensors market demand. The newly added line at Freescale's Oak Hill Fab in Austin, TX, complements the company's existing 150-mm (6-inch) MEMS capacity in Sendai, Japan.

Datacon Technology Joins EMC-3D Consortium

Wed, 4 Apr 2008
(April 9, 2008) Radfeld, AUSTRIA — EMC3D, an international semiconductor equipment and materials consortium dedicated to the cost-effective development of 3D through silicon via (TSV) interconnects, announced the addition of Datacon Technology to the organization. Datacon, manufacturer of die bonding & sorting equipment will provide high-precision assembly expertise to the consortium.

MEMS Accelerometers Find Multiple Applications

Thu, 4 Apr 2008
(April 10, 2008) Scottsdale, AZ — - MEMS accelerometers have hit the limelight with all the consumer applications in gaming devices, such as the Nintendo Wii, and smart phones like Apple's iPhone. But these popular products are only the high-profile advance wave of what will be a rising tide of new and innovative uses for the tiny motion sensors, says Douglas McEuen, senior analyst at ABI Research.

STMicroelectronics Introduces High-performance MEMS Motion Sensors

Tue, 4 Apr 2008
(April 15, 2008) GENEVA — STMocroelectronics, a supplier of the MEMS devices found in many gaming and mobile multimedia applications, announced the addition of two accelerometers to its ultra-compact portfolio of devices in 4

Wet Copper Seed Deposition Process Spells the End for PVD in TSV Construction

Mon, 5 May 2008
By Steve Lerner, CEO, Alchimer
It seems hard to believe that in just half a century the semiconductor industry has emerged from obscurity to become a key indicator for global economic prosperity. In that time it has developed a cyclic nature; periods of high growth followed by periods of low (or even negative) growth that, due to our overriding dependency on semiconductors, now impacts greatly on the developed world.

Standardization of Automotive MEMS Sensor Tests

Mon, 5 May 2008
Cost Pressure Switches from Consumer to Automotive Applications
By Andreas Nagy, Multitest
For every semiconductor company, final test and quality control adds cost without adding additional functional value to their product. That is why cost of test is constantly under pressure. In the early days of MEMS, cost-per-unit were not considered that critical, as MEMS prices were sometimes lower then traditional sensor prices by a factor of 100.


Mon, 7 Jul 2007
(July 16, 2007) SAN FRANCISCO — Discera, Inc., chief technology officer (CTO) Wan-Thai Hsu will present "The New Heart Beat for Electronics — MEMS Oscillators," at the Emerging Technologies and Markets TechXPOT, July 18, during SEMICON West, July 16–20 in San Francisco.

MEMUNITY Announces 8th Workshop on Wafer-Level MEMS Testing

Fri, 2 Feb 2008
(February 1, 2008) Dresden, GERMANY — Following a successful series of events held in Europe, MEMUNITY has announced its eighth workshop under the title "Critical Success Factors for Commercialization: Production Test of MEMS at Wafer Level". The workshop will be held on March 13 at the Institute for Microelectronic and Micromechanical Systems (IMMS) in Ilmenau, Germany.

Magnetometer Designed on MEMS Chip

Wed, 8 Aug 2006
(August 30, 2006) LITTLE FALLS, NJ — A prototype magnetometer that could improve perimeter control in war zones and border control for various military organizations is currently under development at the New Jersey Nanotechnology Consortium's Laboratory, Murray Hill, NJ. The prototype, developed by mPhase Technologies, accurately locates a metal object more than 30 ft. away, using a MEMS device to sense changes in magnetic fields.

SUSS Installs Probe Systems in IMEC Research Center

Thu, 3 Mar 2006
Munich, Germany — SUSS MicroTec AG has installed PA300PS ProbeShield semiautomatic probe systems with ReAlign and ContactView technology and PA300 probe systems for RF-noise and S-parameter measurements at IMEC, a Leuven, Belgium-based nanoelectronics research center. The two companies will also collaborate on enhancing 300-mm probe systems in the future.

Aviza Receives System Order from Bosch

Thu, 10 Oct 2007
(October 18, 2007) SCOTTS VALLEY, CA— Aviza Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:AVZA), a supplier of advanced semiconductor capital equipment and process technologies announced a system order of its Omega fxP cluster system from Robert Bosch GmbH, a MEMS sensor manufacturer specializing in automotive sensors and consumer devices. This is Aviza's second major MEMS customer to be announced in three months.

MEMS Microphone Chip

Mon, 4 Apr 2006
The AKU2000 surface-mountable complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) microphone integrates an acoustic transducer, output amplifier, and 4th-order sigma-delta modulator in a single chip.

BPM Microsystems' Flash Programmer Reduces Programming Time for STMicro

Tue, 12 Dec 2007
(December 4, 2007) Houston, TX — BPM Microsystems has announced that its newest flash memory programmer, the Flashstream, has dramatically reduced the programming time for the NAND Flash Large Page Family from chipmaker STMicroelectronics.

IMEC, EV Group team to work on wafer-level packaging

Fri, 10 Oct 2003
(October 24, 2003) Schärding, Austria—A collaboration agreement on wafer-level packaging and MEMS bonding is bringing together EV Group, an Austria-based manufacturer of MEMS and wafer processing equipment, and IMEC, a Belgium-based independent research institute on microelectronics and micro/nanotechnology.

Merging MEMS and wafer-level packaging

Mon, 5 May 2004
(May 3, 2004) Contributed by Jody Mahaffey, JDM Resources.
If you've been reading the trade-press these past couple months, you may think that MEMS are one of the hottest topics in the industry today. It's been reported by varying sources that MEMS revenues are forecast to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 15-20 percent over the next few years, while units shipped are forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 25-30 percent.

Vectron, Discera to Co-develop MEMS Devices

Tue, 11 Nov 2006
(November 15, 2006) MUNICH, Germany — Discera, Inc., and Vectron International will work together to commercialize MEMS oscillators for electronics manufacturing. The companies announced during electronica 2006, November 14 – 17 in Munich, that quartz-crystal resonator company Vectron tested and approved the MEMS-based timing devices offered by Discera, and that they will work closely together to gain exposure for the MEMS devices and develop new products.

University Selects SUSS Wafer Bonder

Mon, 12 Dec 2006
(December 4, 2006) MUNICH, Germany — The University of Alberta's NanoFab chose SUSS MicroTec's ELAN CB6L wafer-bonding equipment for its research and production activities. The NanoFab is an open access micro- and nano-fabrication facility used by more than 130 research groups from the University of Alberta, other Canadian universities, and industry. The manual bonder will be used in nanotechnology research, RF MEMS switches for wireless applications, and other research activities.

MEMS Industry Group Continues Phase II of MEMS CAT Project

Wed, 1 Jan 2005
(January 19, 2005) Pittsburgh, Pa. — The MEMS Industry Group (MIG) announces that it has received funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to continue its MEMS Cost Assessment Tool (MEMS CAT) project.


Sat, 3 Mar 2008
compiled by Jason Andrukaitis

Tiger Optics awarded rights to five new patents for gas analysis technology advancements

Mon, 2 Feb 2008
February 4, 2008 -- /WARRINGTON, PA/ -- Tiger Optics LLC, a leading manufacturer of laser-based trace gas and ambient monitors, today announced that it has received patents rights from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for five new innovations of the company's patented continuous wave cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CW CRDS) technology.

Researchers demonstrate 'accelerator on a chip'

Fri, 9 Sep 2013
Technology could spawn new generations of smaller, less expensive devices for science, medicine

Microfluidic device quickly captures, releases proteins

Mon, 9 Sep 2003
The tiny line of gold fingers of a new microfluidic device are the piano keys that when tickled allow this new lab-on-chip to sing songs of particle analysis to the tunes of contamination control, drug discovery, homeland defense and lab chromatography.

MEMS drive supply chain changes with new applications

Thu, 9 Sep 2011

Yole Développement shares highlights from its latest "Status of the MEMS Industry" report, noting changes in the MEMS supply chain as companies add foundries or go fab-lite, and multi-chip MEMS packages create new relationships between companies.

China taking automotive MEMS consumption lead

Fri, 9 Sep 2011

Increasing sensor counts in Chinese cars, upcoming government mandates for sensors, and the booming automotive market in the country will push China's automotive MEMS consumption to a higher growth rate than that of the rest of the world.

Energy harvesting thermoelectrics uncrated by Marlow Industries

Tue, 9 Sep 2011

Marlow Industries launched the EverGen series, thermoelectric-based energy harvesting devices offering low-cost, zero-maintenance power for wireless sensor applications.

PI (Physik Instrumente) opens Singapore office

Wed, 9 Sep 2011

Precision positioning systems specialist PI (Physik Instrumente) opened a direct office in Singapore to expand its Asia market presence.

Bosch incorporates MEMS for lower-cost personal robots

Fri, 9 Sep 2011

Bosch Research and Technology Center is developing "Alan," a personal robot designed to be affordable, capable, and safe to serve residential users in chores. Automotive and consumer MEMS sensors are helping Alan navigate and perform tasks for less.

MEMS motion sensors' continuing evolution in commercial markets

Mon, 10 Oct 2011

Beginning in 2005, consumer/mobile electronics makers started integrating MEMS motion sensors into devices. Almost every consumer device or cell phone today has a motion sensor embedded inside. Jay Esfandyari, STMicroelectronics, writes about motion sensing’s evolution and future in this blog, in association with MEMS Industry Group.

Sensor fusion drives mobile electronics' future apps

Tue, 10 Oct 2011

Sensor fusion -- where inputs from multiple micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) are "fused" to increase response and accuracy -- is the next step for tablet/smartphone designs, according to a new IHS iSuppli MEMS & Sensors Special Report.

BU lab-on-chip wins NIH funding

Wed, 10 Oct 2011

The National Institutes of Health awarded Boston University engineering and microbiology researchers $4.8 million to develop a chip-sized, low-cost and easily deployed virus detection platform. The product is conceived as an easily transported and simply operated detector for the front lines of an outbreak.

Inkjet heads: Mature MEMS market, with room for growth

Thu, 10 Oct 2011

Despite being a mature market -- and the largest one for MEMS -- inkjet heads are seeing increased sales as consumers print more digital photos, and as industrial and electronics manufacturers look to print product, according to GIA.

InvenSense CEO keynotes Semicon Europa MEMS Forum

Thu, 10 Oct 2011

InvenSense Inc. founder and CEO Steve Nasiri will deliver a keynote "MotionTracking - Driving Hi-Impact Motion-Based Applications in the Digital World" at Semicon Europa's International MEMS Forum.

MEMS: The year past and the year ahead

Tue, 12 Dec 2011

Jean-Christophe Eloy, president & CEO, Yole Développement, shares an analyst's view of the micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) industry, calling 2011 a year of transition and changes.

MEMS combo sensors bring price, size advantages to auto and consumer sectors

Thu, 12 Dec 2011

Combo sensors, comprising MEMS accelerometers, gyroscopes, or electronic compasses, are filling a need in consumer and automotive applications. Combined revenue from these sectors will grow by a factor of 50 over 5 years, shows IHS iSuppli.

ST's Taiwan iNEMO contest lauds smart hula hoop

Fri, 12 Dec 2011

STMicroelectronics has hosted 3 2011 iNEMO Campus Design Contests, for the US, China and Taiwan. This week, Taiwan's first place went to students from the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology for a smart hula hoop design.

Microfluidics: $4B in 2016, thanks to life sciences

Mon, 12 Dec 2011

In its new report, Emerging Markets For Microfluidic Applications, Yole Développement asserts that microfluidics are a "key technology" for the life sciences market, which will prop up microfluidics growth to $4 billion in 2016.

MEMS die size grows, test evolves, and other trends

Mon, 12 Dec 2011

Yole studies the evolution of inertial MEMS and magnetometers and provides reverse costing analysis of the MEMS devices in "Technology Trends for Inertial MEMS." The report considers 23 MEMS devices.

Bosch fabs 2B MEMS sensors

Wed, 12 Dec 2011

After taking 13 years to fab its first 1 billion MEMS sensors, Bosch has added another billion in just 3 years. The company's MEMS sensor production is nearing half a billion a year.

MEMS microphones surge, thanks to Apple

Wed, 1 Jan 2013

The market for MEMS microphones has nearly quintupled in just the past three years, topping a projected 2 billion shipments in 2012, thanks mainly for capabilities the technology enables in high-end smartphones, according to IHS iSuppli.

Electronic compasses: Strong revenues from nav, gaming, military apps

Tue, 10 Oct 2011

The market for electronic compasses is set to grow 73% this year to $419.1 million, according to a new IHS iSuppli MEMS & Sensors special report on magnetic sensors. This high growth is projected to continue, with Japanese manufacturers dominating the space.

Deformable-mirror MEMS improve glaucoma research

Wed, 10 Oct 2011

The University of Houston College of Optometry is using MEMS-based deformable mirrors, Multi-DM, from Boston Micromachines Corporation (BMC) in glaucoma research.

CTS contracted for 2 piezo-ceramic programs

Wed, 10 Oct 2011

CTS Electronic Components, of CTS Corporation (NYSE:CTS), received 2 production orders for piezoceramic products from a major US sonar manufacturer. Revenues should total about $5 million.

COWIN medical/diagnostics sensor initiative update

Fri, 10 Oct 2011

The COWIN project is a European Commission (EC) initiative under FP6 and FP7 European research projects for smart nano and micro technologies benefiting diagnostic and medical applications. The 3-year project has a January 2012 closing for micro and nano bioconvergence systems’ research projects.

Multi-cantilever MEMS technology basis of Panorama Synergy, UWA partnership

Fri, 10 Oct 2011

Panorama Synergy has formed an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with the University of Western Australia for optical technologies related to highly sensitive measurements by multiple, simultaneous micro-cantilever MEMS sensors.

iPhone 4S first with 5-lens autofocus camera, other component changes

Mon, 10 Oct 2011

IHS and Chipworks share details from their preliminary teardowns of the Apple iPhone 4S. The device resembles an iPad/iPhone hybrid, and the 5-lens autofocus camera module is the first IHS has encountered in a smartphone.

Intel, pico projector, surf boards and heart monitors: Meet the MEMS Executive Congress Technology Showcase finalists

Thu, 10 Oct 2011

At the MEMS Executive Congress 2011 in November, a demo event will showcase MEMS-enabled applications from medical devices to entertainment and computing systems. Here are the Showcase finalists.

AKM stays atop silicon magnetic sensor rankings with Apple wins

Thu, 10 Oct 2011

Asahi Kasei Microsystems (AKM) in 2010 retained its position as the world’s largest supplier of silicon magnetic sensors, according to an IHS iSuppli Magnetic Sensors Special Report. AKM has scored design wins for its 3-axis electronic compasses in the iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, among other notable smartphone and tablet products.

Scientific & Biomedical Microsystems awarded Schedule 871 contract

Fri, 10 Oct 2011

Scientific & Biomedical Microsystems, a developer of scientific and medical sensors and systems based on MEMS and other microfabrication technologies, was awarded a 5-year Schedule 871 contract by the US General Services Administration.

CALIENT raises $19M+ to bring photonic MEMS switches to cloud computing

Tue, 10 Oct 2011

CALIENT Technologies raised $19.4 million in venture financing to expand into data center and cloud computing markets and ramp its new portfolio of 3D MEMS photonic switching systems and modules for OEMs and system integration partners.

MEMS display from Pixtronix and Chimei Innolux boasts low power, high resolution

Wed, 10 Oct 2011

Pixtronix Inc. and Chimei Innolux Corp. (CMI) collaborated on the development of 5"-diagonal micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) display prototypes. The displays use Pixtronix's proprietary MEMS technology and were built by CMI.

ScanNano partners with STMicroelectronics on MEMS devices

Thu, 10 Oct 2011

Helsinki-based ScanNano,a private Finnish R&D firm that specializes in MEMS technology at the nanoscale, has partnered with STMicroelectronics with the goal of combining RF MEMS and CMOS.

Energy harvesting event keynotes showcase key applications, new technologies

Wed, 11 Nov 2011

The co-located Energy Harvesting & Storage and Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS USA 2011 conference were held in Boston, MA recently. Following are some main points and announcements from the keynoters.

Qualcomm MEMS display launched in Korean e-readers

Thu, 11 Nov 2011

Qualcomm MEMS Technologies and Kyobo Book Centre of Korea launched the first e-reader using mirasol display technology. The touch display features vibrant color in bright sunlight and power management enables weeks of reading.

MEMS sensor technology used to train competitive rowers

Mon, 11 Nov 2011

Whether it’s keeping athletes in top form, improving navigation in medical robots, helping industrial operators extend factory equipment life, or preventing automotive rollovers, high-performance MEMS inertial sensing technology adds a new dimension that transforms many conventional applications, says blogger Howard Wisniowski, Analog Devices.

Nanomedical collaboration improves drug delivery system

Tue, 11 Nov 2011

Drug delivery companies Leonardo Biosystems Inc. and NanoMedical Systems Inc. (NMS) will collaborate, with NMS developing and establishing a commercial process to manufacture nanoporous silicon particles for Leonardo's multi-stage drug delivery system.

MEMS win, DRAM lose in ultrabook designs

Fri, 11 Nov 2011

Sensors are hot items for ultrabook functionalities, boosting MEMS sales. The thin form factor of ultrabooks will deter DRAM device integration and DRAM use as memory upgrades, according to IHS iSuppli Semiconductor Value Chain.

Semiconductor magnetic sensors rev up in auto sector

Thu, 12 Dec 2011

IHS shares the growth map for semiconductor magnetic sensors in automotive applications, where the sensors are used in vehicles, and technology trends. Top suppliers are also listed.

ST chooses China's winning iNEMO student designs

Thu, 12 Dec 2011

STMicroelectronics (NYSE:STM), MEMS maker, named a winner in its 2011 iNEMO Campus Design Contest in China: Sky Worker Team 1 from Tsinghua University. ST operates the open competition in China and Taiwan, and the US.

imec presents MEMS energy harvester at IEDM

Thu, 12 Dec 2011

Imec and Holst Centre micromachined a vibration-energy harvester with 489µW output power, using piezoelectric material in a MEMS cantilever. The team presented results at IEEE's International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) this week in Washington DC.

MEMS at CES: MEMS Industry Group events

Mon, 12 Dec 2011

MEMS Industry Group (MIG) shares the MEMS-related exhibits and discusses at the 2012 International CES, which covers consumer electronics, January 10-13 in Las Vegas.

NASA Curiosity Rover takes Teledyne-DALSA sensors to Mars

Mon, 12 Dec 2011

Teledyne DALSA manufactured the CCD sensors -- designed by NASA -- on the NASA mission to Mars. The sensors will help the Rover navigate the surface of the planet.

MEMS-aligned optical devices ship to Linkstar customer

Wed, 12 Dec 2011

Linkstar customers have qualified the pilot shipment of silicon optic devices fabricated with Singapore's A*STAR Institute of Microelectronics MEMS technology. The IME silicon MEMS technology enables accurate alignment of optical devices to the optical fiber arrays.

China MEMS purchases slow to "healthy rate" in 2011

Thu, 10 Oct 2011

China's MEMS spending will see a 12.1% CAGR 2010-2015, driven in the near future by expanding smartphone/tablet demand, new consumer experiences, and a rapid drop in MEMS production costs as MEMS designs and production processes improve, says IHS.

Paper-based sensor can detect explosive devices

Thu, 10 Oct 2011

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a prototype wireless sensor capable of detecting trace amounts of a key ingredient found in many explosives.

Pressure sensors squeeze to top of MEMS ranks

Thu, 10 Oct 2011

MEMS pressure sensors have relatively high average selling prices and a range of applications, making them to leading MEMS device by 2014, according to IHS iSuppli MEMS & Sensors Market Tracker. The largest application? Automotive.

ORBT delivers power supply for Navy's electro-optical sensor system

Fri, 10 Oct 2011

The Behlman Electronics subsidiary of Orbit International received 3 new orders, totaling in excess of $1.5 million, for COTS power supplies to an electro-optical sensing system, a computer system, and an all-weather airborne reconnaissance aircraft.

MEMS alternatives for miniature auto-focus cameras

Wed, 11 Nov 2011

Dr. Giles Humpston, Tessera, presents the free, on-demand webcast Lens Tilt in Small Auto-Focus Cameras. Dr. Humpston covers the dominant auto-focus miniature camera technology today -- VCM -- and an improved technology based on MEMS, which is being commercialized now.

Sensor fusion opens MEMS supply chain to sensor management players

Fri, 11 Nov 2011

Yole Développement's new report, "Inertial Combo Sensors for Consumer & Automotive" shows that supply chains need to adapt to the "very large market opportunity" for inertial combo sensors.

Low-cost MEMS sensors drive automotive integration at all levels

Tue, 11 Nov 2011

The automobile industry is a "lucrative" sensor integration market globally, as sensors that enhance comfort, fuel-efficiency, and safety are integrated by vehicle manufacturers. MEMS sensor production costs are set to drop, which will bring automotive sensors into the price/benefit range of every level of automobile, says Global Industry Analysts.

MicroVision public offering of stock

Fri, 11 Nov 2011

MicroVision Inc. (Nasdaq:MVIS), maker of ultra-miniature laser display technology based on MEMS, intends sell shares of its common stock in an underwritten public offering, using the funds for general corporate purposes.

25% jump in MEMS Executive Congress attendance signals emerging MEMS "mainstream"

Mon, 11 Nov 2011

Micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) are seen in mainstream devices and creating "exciting new ways" of interacting with the world, say MEMS Executive Congress organizers MEMS Industry Group (MIG).

InvenSense (INVN) prices IPO

Wed, 11 Nov 2011

MEMS maker InvenSense Inc. (NYSE:INVN) priced its initial public offering of 10 million shares of common stock at a price to the public of $7.50 per share.

MVIS closes stock offering

Thu, 11 Nov 2011

MicroVision Inc. (NASDAQ:MVIS) closed its public offering of 17,948,716 shares of its common stock with a draw of approximately $9.8 million after expenses.

Gentex acquires InterSense for precise motion tracking tech

Tue, 11 Nov 2011

Gentex Corporation has acquired substantially all assets of InterSense, which makes MEMS-based hybrid motion tracking systems.

Alphabet Energy raises $12M for Si thermoelectric dev

Thu, 9 Sep 2011

Alphabet Energy Inc. closed its Series A funding round with $12 million, led by TPG Biotech, the venture arm of TPG. Alphabet Energy's prototype device converts waste heat to electricity. The silicon device leverages MEMS/semiconductor manufacturing technologies.

Sensor research benefits planes to prosthetics at TECHCON 2011

Fri, 9 Sep 2011

Sensors have the potential to do everything from monitor airplane fuselages for cracks to improve wrist rotation in prostetic arms. Student researchers describe their sensor development work in video blogs from TECHCON 2011.

2012 sees automotive sensor market back to healthy growth track

Mon, 9 Sep 2011

IHS iSuppli's Richard Dixon looks at the market for automotive MEMS sensors over the next few years: which technologies and regions are driving growth, who are the top auto MEMS firms today and the up-and-comers, and how China is emerging as a market driver and supplier base.

MEMS "transition period" toward market maturity evident in mobile boom

Tue, 9 Sep 2011

MEMS vendors comprise MNC and MEMS-centric and small-portfolio companies. The market will grow as tablet/smartphone adoption increases, and MEMS makers co-opt the economies of scale that other semiconductor segments have used to reach maturity, according to ABI Research.

Microfluidics foundry opens under A*STAR in Singapore

Wed, 9 Sep 2011

A*STAR's Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology opened the SIMTech Microfluidics Foundry, offering microfluidics development, customization, and manufacturing. A*STAR's goal is to combine biomedical and engineering expertise to foster a microfluidics industry in Singapore.

Dolomite launches Small Droplet Chip

Mon, 3 Mar 2011

Small Droplet Chip from DolomiteFor producing and analyzing microemulsions, the Small Droplet Chips allow the user to create micro-droplets from 5 to 30μm in diameter. Microemulsions offer increased stability, a higher interfacial area, and the capacity to solubilize both aqueous and oil-soluble compounds.

Honeywell to develop precision micro sensor gyro for smart munitions and hand held devices

Tue, 3 Mar 2011

miniature gyroscopeHoneywell Aerospace Microelectronics & Precision Sensors is developing miniature rate-integrating gyroscope technology for precision-guided munitions, ships, vehicles, aircraft, and individual combatants under a $5.9 million DARPA contract. The micro-sensor vibrating-structure gyroscope will measure rotation under harsh conditions immune to temperature, vibration, or other influences.

Digital compass manufacturing: With nearly all makers in Japan, will the earthquake affect supply?

Fri, 3 Mar 2011

Global digital compass shipment forecast (Millions of units) SOURCE: IHS iSuppli March 2011.IHS iSuppli research indicates that 97% of all digital compass manufacturing worldwide in 2010 was conducted in Japan. Japan's March 11 earthquake has decimated transportation and utility power in the country. The top digital compass manufacturers in Japan say their operations are "normal."

5B MEMS to ship in 2016 thanks to consumer market

Fri, 3 Mar 2011

MEMS can take the form of (or be incorporated in) accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, altimeters, screens, projectors, and microphones. Often, consumer devices contain more than 1 MEMS component, and that trend is growing.

Auto consumer resurgence bodes well for global MEMS consumption

Tue, 2 Feb 2011

An uptick in passenger car production, improving consumer demand, and dwindling stockpiles in the supply chain have revived MEMS shipments. Investments in new product development, innovation, and expansion of production capacity bode well for the future of the market.

CMOS image sensors overrun CCD for digital cameras

Tue, 3 Mar 2011

Figure. Digital still camera (DSC) image sensor unit shipments by technology (millions of units). SOURCE: IHS iSuppliCMOS image sensors for digital still cameras are set for rapid growth over the next 3 years, allowing shipments to exceed those of CCDs for the first time in 2013, according to IHS iSuppli. CMOS image sensors are winning over Sony, Canon, and other OEMs with better power consumption, lower fab costs, and circuit integration, among other benefits.

Micro sensor enabled smart materials

Mon, 4 Apr 2011

The shape of more-complex surfaces can be acquired using multiple sensor ribbons in a comb structure.CEA-Leti has been developing microsensors capable of precisely measuring their orientation in relation to the Earth's gravitational and magnetic fields. Dominique Vicard and Nathalie Sprynski, CEA-Leti, say they are now beginning to incorporate arrays of these tiny micro sensors into new kinds of instrumented -- or proprioceptive -- materials.

New MEMS flex muscle in 2011

Tue, 4 Apr 2011

New MEMS, a 4-yr old segment of the MEMS market specifically for consumer electronics (CE) and mobile handsets, will grow by 157.4% in 2011, powering the expansion of the overall MEMS industry, according to new IHS iSuppli research.

MEMS microphone providers see big market opps, big competition

Thu, 4 Apr 2011

Yole released a new report, MEMS Microphone, presenting MEMS microphones technologies, the related supply chain and its key players. The mobile phone market is still the largest consumer of MEMS microphones, and Knowles is still the dominant market player, though other companies are finding space in the sector.

CES adds MEMS program for 2012

Thu, 8 Aug 2011

The CES, annual consumer electronics show, will feature for the first time a MEMS TechZone and MEMS conference program at CES 2012.

MEMS watch motor brings 3-phase motor onto Si

Tue, 8 Aug 2011

At the Swiss EPFL Integrated Actuactors Laboratory, researchers have constructed an electromagnetic three-phase motor on silicon that could make watches 3x more efficient and add other applications to time keeping.

MEMS bring magnetic sensors growth in mobile applications

Thu, 8 Aug 2011

Magnetic sensors will exceed $3.2 billion in sales by 2017 driven largely by "E-compassing" applications, according to Global Industry Analysts. Unique end-use applications, along with technology innovations, interoperability with devices and competitive pricing, will fuel "robust" magnetic sensors growth.

CMOS image sensors see growth beyond cellphones

Wed, 5 May 2011

Figure. CMOS vs CCD image sensor dollar volumes. Source: IC Insights May 2011.CMOS image sensors did not see the same strong rebound in 2010 that the semiconductor industry at large experienced. New momentum, driven by new system applications outside of camera phones and digital still cameras, could focus CMOS image sensors on growth from 2011 on, says IC Insights.

MEMS + smart phones: Better together, says Semico

Wed, 4 Apr 2011

Smart phones are a booming market. MEMS and sensors are a booming market. Semico estimates that the total available market for MEMS and sensors in the smartphone market will reach $3.0 billion in 2011, an annual growth of 52.7%.

MEMS showcase at SEMICON West proves MEMS role in mainstream electronics

Mon, 5 May 2011

The MEMS Industry Group (MIG) is organizing the inaugural "MEMS in the Machine" DemoZone at SEMICON West, sharing compelling examples of MEMS in action.

Sensors worth $91.5B in 2016; Bio/chemical sensing tops growth

Thu, 5 May 2011

Figure. Global sensors market, 2009-2016 in $ millions. Source: BCC Research May 2011.The sensors industry will be worth $91.5 billion in five years, according to BCC Research. While the largest segment -- image, flow and level sensors -- will see 8.5% CAGR, biosensors and chemical sensors will see the fastest market growth at 9.6% CAGR.

Graphene, CNT NEMS resonators exhibit nonlinear damping

Tue, 5 May 2011

A depiction of the nanoscale mechanical resonators constructed with graphene and CNTs.Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology Professor Adrian Bachtold and his research group created resonators from nanoscale graphene and carbon nanotubes (CNT) that exhibit nonlinear damping. This result could lead to supersensitive detectors of force or mass.

CellGuide chooses Baolab MEMS-based compass for GPS

Wed, 8 Aug 2011

CellGuide selected Baolab's 3D NanoCompass IC technology as a companion to its location and positioning products, fully integrating GPS and compass functionalities in the CLIOX-C. The nanoscale MEMS manufacturing technique used for the NanoCompass supports high-volume, space-constrained applications.

Smartphone/tablet motion sensor MEMS: What's next?

Thu, 9 Sep 2011

Jérémie Bouchaud, IHS, reports on motion sensing MEMS growth through 2015, including new motion sensors to be integrated into smartphones and tablets. These devices are driving a sales boom for MEMS sensors.

Goodrich MEMS IMU ordered for Turkish missiles

Mon, 9 Sep 2011

Turkey's Roketsan Missiles Industries Inc. ordered Goodrich (NYSE:GR) SiIMU02 inertial measurement units (IMU) for precision guidance tasks on Roketsan's new CIRIT 70mm laser-guided missile for attack helicopters.

Silicon magnetic sensors follow the right course through 2015

Mon, 9 Sep 2011

Silicon magnetic sensors are riding an upswing in automotive production and the expansion in tablet/smartphone adoption to 23.7% revenue growth in 2011, according to IHS iSuppli. This amounts to $1.46 billion in revenue.

MicroVision may sell Azimuth $35M in common stock

Wed, 9 Sep 2011

MicroVision Inc. (Nasdaq: MVIS) secured a committed equity financing facility, wherein it can sell Azimuth Opportunity Ltd. up to $35 million of its shares of common stock over a 24-month period.

MIT redesigns MEMS for better energy harvester

Wed, 9 Sep 2011

MIT researchers have constructed a piezo-MEMS energy harvester using a bridge design rather than a cantilever. The bridge allows a wider frequency range to generate electricity, and keeps the piezoelectric material to a single layer.

Microcantilevers sense interactions between nanomaterials and living cells

Tue, 5 May 2011

Micro-cantilevers can measure lipid bilayers interactions with surfactants with a new level of sensitivity, say Rice University researcher Sibani Lisa Biswal and Kai-Wei Liu, a graduate student. Applications range from better detergents to buckyball/cell interaction research, to investigations of how viruses penetrate cells.

More MEMS-per-device coming to automotive safety systems

Wed, 6 Jun 2011

 In 2016, about 150 million systems will be installed in vehicles, containing over 830 million MEMS chips, says ABI Research. The growth is thanks to more MEMS in each safety or performance device, as well as government and consumer demand for new cars with integrated safety features.

NEMS sensor improves AFM

Fri, 6 Jun 2011

The US National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST) has improved atomic force microscopy (AFM) by replacing the microscope's optical instrumentation with a nanomechanical cantilever probe and nanophotonic interferometer on a chip.

Industrial MEMS market headed for consolidation, says Frankfurt Partners

Wed, 6 Jun 2011

A major consolidation is coming to the industrial MEMS market in the next 12-18 months, predicts Frankfurt Partners. The industrial MEMS market is both highly attractive and highly fragmented.

Introduction to MEMS gyroscopes

Mon, 11 Nov 2010

MEMS gyroscope introductionJay Esfandyari, Roberto De Nuccio, Gang Xu, STMicroelectronics, introduce how MEMS gyroscopes work and their applications, the main parameters of a MEMS gyroscope with analog or digital outputs, practical MEMS gyroscope calibration techniques, and how to test the MEMS gyroscope performance in terms of angular displacement.

Photonic-sensors-for-defense-security: Join the European Business Roundtable

Thu, 11 Nov 2010

A group of European defense integrators and photonics clusters has today launched a Business Round Table for Photonics Sensors for Defense and Security. The mission of this Round Table is to create business relationships between photonics small/medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and technology integrators.


Tue, 11 Nov 2010

Driven by the rapid recovery in automotive production and inventory rebuilding among sensor component suppliers, the market for automotive microelectromechanical system (MEMS) sensors will expand to record size in 2010, according to market research firm iSuppli, now part of IHS.


Tue, 11 Nov 2010

Kionix Inc. announced a portfolio of MEMS inertial sensors featuring 3 new accelerometers that set company benchmarks for low power, performance over temperature, and user programmability. Kionix also released its first two gyros for mass-market consumer applications.

Automotive MEMS market witnessing a record 2010

Wed, 12 Dec 2010

iSuppli MEMS analyst Richard Dixon takes a closer look at what's driving the market for MEMS sensors in automotive applications (hint: safety and China), new applications and market shifts, and the long-awaited arrival of consumer-oriented suppliers.

Quiet revolution: MEMS thrives on application diversity

Thu, 12 Dec 2010

iSuppli MEMS analyst Richard Dixon analyzes one of the fastest-growing MEMS sectors today: "high-value" technologies specifically built for use in industry, medical, energy, and wired telecommunications.

Lab-on-chip system could provide fast detection of single nucleotide variations in DNA: IEDM news

Thu, 12 Dec 2010

At IEDM, Panasonic and imec discussed components of their lab-on-chip collaboration: miniaturized pump for on-chip generation of high pressures, a micropillar filter optimized for DNA separation achieving record resolution, and a SNP detector allowing on-chip detection using very small sample volumes.

Printed everything: PE/PV show highlights flexible 3D interconnects, biosensors, memory, PV cell hybrids

Thu, 12 Dec 2010

Techcet's Michael A. Fury continues his report from IDTechEx's combined Printed Electronics/ PV USA events, with talks about 3D stacked interconnects made from printed inks, printed biosensors for textiles, a disposable explosives-detecting wipe, silicon-organic PV cells, printed rewritable permanent memory devices, and more.


Mon, 12 Dec 2010

A new laser-beam steering system that aims and focuses bursts of light onto single atoms for use in quantum computers has been demonstrated by collaborating researchers from Duke University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Thu, 12 Dec 2010

NASA testing of a lab-on-chip microfluidics sensorThe DNA Medicine Institute (DMI) successfully completed reduced-gravity experiments on its rHEALTH sensor for the 2010 Facilitated Access to the Space Environment for Technology (FAST) program, at NASA in Houston.


Fri, 12 Dec 2010

Highlighted by their adoption in Apple Inc.’s iPhone 4, microelectromechanical system (MEMS) microphones are set to achieve a more than 50% increase in shipments in 2010 and a fourfold rise by 2014, according to the market research firm iSuppli, now part of IHS Inc. (NYSE: IHS).

Automotive MEMS market witnessing a record 2010

Wed, 12 Dec 2010

iSuppli MEMS analyst Richard Dixon takes a closer look at what's driving the market for MEMS sensors in automotive applications (hint: safety and China), new applications and market shifts, and the long-awaited arrival of consumer-oriented suppliers.

Measurement Specialties buys MWS Sensorik

Thu, 1 Jan 2005

Kionix ships tiny tri-axis accelerometer

Tue, 2 Feb 2005

MEMS Industry Group releases '05 report

Wed, 2 Feb 2005

Side-impact regulations could drive more demand for MEMS sensors

Wed, 2 Feb 2005
The airbag accelerometer is generally regarded as one of the best examples of a MEMS sensor giving automakers a simultaneous price and performance advantage. The same may one day be said of MEMS-based tire pressure monitors, now being integrated in mainstream models in response to safety legislation. Now there’s another area where MEMS is poised to make inroads in automotive – side-impact crash protection.

IMT forms biosensor division

Mon, 12 Dec 2005

Measurement Specialties acquires MEMS sensor company

Fri, 12 Dec 2005

Air Products acquires technology from Nanogate joint venture

Wed, 4 Apr 2006

MEMSIC opens design center

Tue, 5 May 2006

Companies partner on MEMS communication devices

Wed, 8 Aug 2006
Advanced Diamond Technologies Inc. announced that the company and its collaborators received a $1.4 million Phase II program award from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to advance next-generation broadband communication devices based on Advanced Diamond's Ultrananocrystalline Diamond (UNCD).

Energy firm to receive $1 million from 2007 Defense bill

Wed, 10 Oct 2006
DayStar Technologies Inc., a Halfmoon, N.Y., developer and manufacturer of CIGS Photovoltaic Foil products, announced it was named a recipient of a $1 million development award in the fiscal year 2007 Department of Defense Appropriations Act for the Advanced Photovoltaic Module Development for Lighter Than Air Vehicles. The award was part of the United States Air Force Research, Development, Test & Evaluation, Advanced Spacecraft Technology Program.

Applied Microstructures ships MVD150 series

Thu, 8 Aug 2006
Applied MicroStructures, a San Jose, Calif., provider of molecular vapor deposition equipment and contract deposition services, announced it has delivered its first MVD150 automated production system to a leading global manufacturer of MEMS devices for use in the deposition of anti-stiction layers. launches idea-exchange platform

Thu, 8 Aug 2007 has officially launched its membership-based network to join innovators and idea seekers.

Coventor software used in MEMS design contest

Wed, 12 Dec 2007
Coventor Inc.'s 3D MEMS Designer and Analyzer software has been selected by Hong Kong University and Kyoto University as the platform for a MEMS design contest.

ALine demonstrates particle sorting with custom flowcell

Mon, 7 Jul 2007
To assist the development of a miniaturized dielectrophoresis-based system for particle and cell sorting, CFD Research Corp. is using a custom flowcell devised by ALine. CFD is developing the system under a Phase 1 SBIR contract for biodefense and homeland security applications requiring intelligent discrimination of target particles from a complex liquid matrix.

First Nano ships first of its EasyTube 6000 systems for labs

Fri, 8 Aug 2007
First Nano, a division of CVD Equipment Corp., has shipped its first EasyTube 6000 chemical vapor deposition system. The unit is available with processes for research in the semiconductor, MEMS, nanotechnology, and solar cell markets.

Bennington Microtechnology and Apogee partner for process development

Fri, 6 Jun 2007
Bennington Microtechnology Center (BMC) has formed a process development partnership with Apogee Technology for manufacturing process design of Apogee's Sensilica pressure sensor line.

Report: MEMS move into consumer market

Mon, 8 Aug 2004

SensoNor chooses SUSS tools for tire sensors

Mon, 1 Jan 2004
SensoNor ASA (News, Web) has chosen SUSS MicroTec AG's (News, Web) MEMS production systems to make tire pressure sensors, according to a news release.

BioMEMS firm Proteus raises $5.3 million

Wed, 1 Jan 2004
Proteus Biomedical, a Menlo Park, Calif., developer of MEMS devices to treat congestive heart failure, raised $5.3 million in a Series B round of financing, according to the company's chief executive. The company’s Series A was a seed round.

Small tech tackles concussion syndrome with MEMS helmets

Tue, 1 Jan 2004
By the time the 2004 football season rolls around, scientists at Virginia Tech expect small tech to help them better understand how gravitational force triggers head trauma. Researchers say the key to unlocking those secrets lies in data gathered from specially designed helmets equipped with MEMS accelerometers. Selected Virginia Tech football players wore the special headgear during the 2003 season.

IMT gets 2nd grant for cell purifier

Mon, 8 Aug 2004

MEMSIC opens China fab

Fri, 3 Mar 2004
MEMSIC Inc., a North Andover, Mass., developer of CMOS-based MEMS accelerometers, opened a 45,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China, according to a news release.

Company, lab to make MEMS explosives detector

Wed, 8 Aug 2005

MEMSIC releases tri-axis accelerometer

Thu, 9 Sep 2005

Oki set to enter MEMS sensor market

Thu, 8 Aug 2004

Verimetra shares fetal heart grant

Mon, 3 Mar 2004
Verimetra Inc., a Pittsburgh-based maker of MEMS devices for the medical industry, received a $100,000 grant to develop tools and technologies that would help surgeons perform fetal heart surgeries.

Apogee sells audio division, refocuses on MEMS and nanotech

Fri, 10 Oct 2005

ST launches new tri-axis accelerometers

Thu, 10 Oct 2005

Knowles Acoustics links with Sony, MEMSCAP

Fri, 4 Apr 2004
Knowles Acoustics of Itasca, Ill., has selected MEMSCAP SA (News, Web) and Sony Semiconductor Kyushu Corp. to make its MEMS microphone wafers, according to news releases.

IntelliSense launches piezo MEMS modeling tool

Thu, 4 Apr 2004
IntelliSense Software Corp has launched tools for modeling piezoresistive and piezoelectric MEMS devices that could be used for energy and communications, according to a news release.

Konarka acquires Siemens solar cell research

Tue, 9 Sep 2004

COMS 2004 kicks off with upbeat look at state of industry

Thu, 9 Sep 2004
With more than 320 delegates registered at the annual Commercialization of Micro and Nano Systems (COMS) Conference, held this year in the Canadian city of Edmonton, Alberta, those in attendance were told that small-tech gold isn’t totally out of reach.

ADI sells MEMS sensors to InFocus

Thu, 5 May 2004
Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) is providing accelerometers to InFocus Corp. to correct image distortion in two projectors.

Radant takes lead in race to bring MEMS RF to market

Mon, 9 Sep 2004
With only 25 employees and barely two years old, Radant Technologies has taken the lead in a race to bring MEMS-based radio frequency switches to market. It squeezed out defense-contracting giants Northrop Grumman and TRW Corp. along the way, and now has a $5-million government grant.

MEMS may make smart homes more affordable

Fri, 9 Sep 2004
Smart homes, those high-tech houses where the lights, sprinkler systems, appliances and heating and cooling systems all communicate through Web-based wireless networks, still appear to be only for the very wealthy. Thanks to MEMS, the basic building blocks are actually there for bringing intelligent homes to the masses.

Colibrys acquires Applied MEMS

Mon, 12 Dec 2004

Japan's Oki set to enter MEMS sensor market

Mon, 10 Oct 2004
After several years of helping others bring MEMS to market, a Tokyo-based fab facility is launching its own line. Oki Electric Industry Co. Ltd. has developed a tri-axis accelerometer module designed for mobile phones as well as other products. Oki expects to send sample shipments in October to Japanese and North American customers, and ramp up to high volume by April.

Measurement Specialties acquires Entran

Mon, 7 Jul 2004

MEMS update: 2004 likely to be banner year

Fri, 7 Jul 2004
The first half of 2004 is looking a lot like the last half of 2003 for the MEMS industry, only better. If trends continue, 2004 will be a banner year, or in the very least, an interesting successor to 2003. Year-to-year revenues were up 35.7 percent in 2003 from 2002, with much of that occurring in the last half of 2003.

Teravicta takes $6 million round

Thu, 2 Feb 2004
Teravicta Technologies Inc., an Austin, Texas, developer of RF MEMS switches and integrated products, raised $6 million in a second round of funding, according to a news release.

Cavendish announces memory technology

Tue, 6 Jun 2004
Cavendish Kinetics, a Holland-based semiconductor company working to integrate MEMS devices into standard CMOS processes, announced its Nanomech technology for creating submicron structures for use as computer memories.

New low-g accelerometer unveiled by Freescale at Sensors Expo

Tue, 6 Jun 2004
Sensors have long been on the short list of next big things. And this year’s Sensors Expo clearly showed that the benefits made possible by sensors span a wide array of applications. And if the Sensors Expo showed the variety of markets served by sensors, it also showed how hard companies like Freescale Semiconductor are working to create new markets for sensors.

Two MEMS sensor lines aim to please on greens and in streams

Wed, 6 Jun 2004
Paul Kolen and Noel Perkins are independent innovators 2,000 miles apart. But the professors share a passion for microsensors, and moving them out of their labs. Kolen licensed his Inertial Magnetic Motion Capture technology as a golf club maker, while Perkins developed his own motion sensor-based device that provides data on a swing or an angler's casting technique.

Manned mission to Mars could drive change

Fri, 6 Jun 2004
A manned mission to Mars may be one of the greatest technological challenges ever attempted by humankind. To meet such a mission's unprecedented requirements, considerable innovation is needed to further reduce weight, energy consumption and maintenance requirements.

Is telecom ready to embrace MEMS-based solutions?

Fri, 7 Jul 2004
Three years ago, optical networking was a highly anticipated end use for optical MEMS. Just as the buzz reached a fever pitch, the market collapsed and all opportunity evaporated. Now that the market appears to be coming back to life, a critical question must be asked: Is telecom finally ready to embrace MEMS-based solutions? And if so, then is this market still worth pursuing?

MEMSIC's sensors selected for in-car navigation system

Thu, 9 Sep 2004

Gyros to go: Sensors will keep moving for military, auto

Fri, 2 Feb 2004
Vacuum cleaners that are self-directed, jogging suits that tell you when to run faster, robots that dance. The new millennium brought with it a focus on “smart” devices. Being able to sense rotational movement adds an extra layer of precision and smarts for more-complex next-generation systems – and this is where gyroscopes come into play.

Report: Market for MEMS sensors growing

Wed, 1 Jan 2004
The market for MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers should continue to be strong during the next few years, with gyros growing at an even faster rate as the technology matures and costs come down, according to a new report.

MEMSCAP launches new version of design tool

Thu, 1 Jan 2004
MEMSCAP SA (News, Web), a France and Silicon Valley-based MEMS designer and manufacturer, released a second version of its MemsMaster design tool, according to a news release.

Boston Micromachines unveils new MEMS mirror

Wed, 1 Jan 2006

MEMS Industry Group releases report

Tue, 1 Jan 2006

Invensense unveils MEMS sensor for handhelds

Tue, 6 Jun 2006
InvenSense, a provider of motion sensing devices for mobile applications, announced a gyroscope-based solution for handsets intended to enable easier and more intuitive user interaction through hand motions.

SiTime intros tiniest MEMS resonator

Tue, 10 Oct 2006
SiTime, a Sunnyvale, Calif., company bringing MEMS-based all silicon timing solutions to market, introduced what it claims is the smallest and thinnest megahertz resonator.

STMicro unveils new 3-axis accelerometer

Fri, 10 Oct 2006
STMicroelectronics, a leading supplier of MEMS devices, introduced the first two devices in its new family of low-g linear accelerometers, distinguished by small form factor and low power consumption. The LIS302 sensors are intended to meet the growing demand for smart functionality, such as hard-disk drive protection and motion-controlled operation, in mobile phones, digital audio players, and laptops.

X-FAB manufacturing Akustica MEMS microphone

Thu, 6 Jun 2006
Akustica Inc. and X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG announced a strategic supplier partnership to focus on wafer processing of Akustica's AKU2000 Microphone Chip.

BioForce announces new sale to Harvard Medical School

Mon, 11 Nov 2006
Hot on the heels of a sale to the University of Rochester Medical Center, BioForce Nanosciences Inc. of Ames, Iowa, announced the completion of a Nano eNabler system sale to the Technology & Engineering Center at Harvard Medical School. Funding for the purchase was provided by an award from the National Human Genome Research Institute.

Colibrys launches new accelerometer

Fri, 5 May 2003

BAE, AMI making new MEMS gyro

Tue, 5 May 2003

OnStream bankrupt again, leaving MEMS projects homeless

Fri, 5 May 2003
OnStream Holding, which makes wireless MEMS switches, has declared bankruptcy for the second time since it was spun off from Royal Philips Electronics in 1998. OnStream's management is looking at ways to restart its MEMS projects, and there are a few interested investors.

Market opportunities are growing
in microfluidic biomedical systems

Fri, 5 May 2003
Improved microfluidic channels are playing a key role in the next generation of biomedical applications. New advances in materials have brought forth much better and tinier microchannels, closing the loop between in vitro (test tube) diagnostics and in vivo (inside the body) therapies for medical problems using microfluidic drug-delivery systems. The optimism is not without some impressive market projections, though some are more bullish than others.

Analog sells accelerometers to Omron

Thu, 5 May 2003

Advanced MicroSensors names CTO

Fri, 5 May 2003


Sun, 5 May 2003
When 32 gentlemen and one lady start their engines Sunday, tiny devices will feed a stream of performance information to the race teams

Chromux, NP Photonics link on optical MEMS

Thu, 9 Sep 2003
Chromux Technologies Inc., an Oxnard, Calif.-based optical MEMS supplier, will manufacture MEMS devices for NP Photonics Inc. and serve as an Asian distributor for the Tucson, Ariz.-based firm, according to a news release.

Fujitsu develops MEMS-based optical switches

Tue, 9 Sep 2003
Fujitsu Ltd. and wholly owned subsidiary Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. have developed an 80-channel optical switch based on MEMS mirrors, according to a news release.


Sat, 9 Sep 2003

Firefighters in New York City are using thermal imaging cameras, equipped with sensors made with MEMS technology, to help them in their search and rescue operations in the rubble of the World Trade Center. The cameras use military infrared technology to give firefighters the ability to see in dark, smoke-filled environments.

Chiral Photonics brings a new twist to optical devices, lasers

Mon, 5 May 2004
A strand of customized optical fiber, seen through a microscope, is heated in a miniature oven and rapidly twisted as it is pulled downward. The resulting corkscrew, or chiral, in the core of the fiber is the foundation of Chiral Photonics' business. The startup's first products are in the hands of potential customers. But the technology may also enable more effective lasers and light filters for optical systems.

Knowles to sell MEMS microphone in Japan

Fri, 9 Sep 2003

Small tech battle-tested in Iraq in prelude to warfare's new wave

Wed, 5 May 2003
The war in Iraq caught the U.S. military in the very early stages of the small tech revolution. Only a few MEMS systems were used inside the weapons that overthrew Saddam Hussein. But it's likely they will play a bigger role in any future war as MEMS-based military hardware move into advanced stages of development.
Tomorrow: Companies combat unseen bio/chem enemies
Friday: Military eager to end 'false positives' plague

Neonode multimedia phone to use Emkay SiSonic MEMS mike

Thu, 5 May 2003
Neonode Corp. of Sweden will use the SiSonic silicon micromachined microphone from Emkay Innovative Products of Itasca, Ill., in its Neonode N1 portable multifunction device. The N1 combines a cellular phone with an MP3 music player, a digital camera, a personal organizer and a portable game machine.

MEMS detect falls; help protect data in IBM laptops

Tue, 10 Oct 2003
Oct. 7, 2003 – IBM has launched an updated line of its ThinkPad laptop computers with models that include MEMS accelerometers in a system to protect data from drops and damage, according to a news release.

Magfusion completes facility project

Wed, 9 Sep 2003
Sept. 17, 2003 – Magfusion Inc., a Chandler, Ariz., developer of RF MEMS switches, announced the completion of a facility expansion the company said will allow it to bring more production in-house. The project included the installation of new production equipment and building modifications at its Arizona headquarters.

Discera picks DALSA to make its MEMS

Thu, 9 Sep 2003
Sept. 25, 2003 - Discera Inc. has selected DALSA Semiconductor as its high-volume manufacturer for a suite of RF MEMS devices for mobile phones and other portable electronics products, according to a news release.

FEI makes microelectronic acquisitions

Wed, 7 Jul 2003
FEI Co. has acquired a company and products to boost its efforts in microelectronics, according to a news release.

Companies compete to be heard on the increasingly noisy MEMS phone market

Fri, 7 Jul 2003
As tiny microphones built with small tech are getting ready to leap into mobile phones, hearing aids, personal digital assistants and MP3 players, there’s already some competition brewing. Akustica Inc. and Knowles Acoustics Inc., with Denmark’s SonionMEMS as a dark horse, are vying for market leadership in MEMS-made mikes.

HandyLab gets $2M to develop DNA diagnostic device

Tue, 7 Jul 2003
July 15, 2003 – HandyLab Inc. has been awarded a $2 million grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Advanced Technology Program to develop a highly sensitive, low-cost microfluidic device for health care, homeland security and agriculture applications, according to a news release.

A delicious idea -- but it may be too pricey to be palatable

Tue, 7 Jul 2003
Call it a dielectric sandwich. That’s one approach behind Raytheon Co.’s attempt to commercialize radio frequency MEMS components: Etch a circuit onto a silicon wafer, slap on a layer of dielectric material, then put a MEMS switch on top of that. Voila – an integrated RF MEMS device.

Sony to make and sell MEMS devices

Mon, 11 Nov 2003

Report: Sound future for MEMS microphones

Thu, 11 Nov 2003
MEMS-based microphones will grow from 1 percent of the 1.2 billion microphones sold this year to 20 percent of the 1.6 billion sold in 2006, according to a new report.

Nano-Proprietary presents idea for detector

Tue, 11 Nov 2003
Nano-Proprietary Inc. recently presented its concept (PDF, 65.1 KB) for nanotechnology-enabled remote explosives detectors, according to a news release.

Acceleration sensor technologies fight for market share in new areas

Fri, 11 Nov 2003
Guest Column: If one thinks of acceleration sensors, the air bag in today’s automobile and the inertial navigation system used in modern avionics come to mind. But who would think of the various applications of accelerometers in industry, consumer markets, harsh environments or defense?

New enhanced air bags are creeping into midrange cars

Thu, 10 Oct 2003
August’s court decision scuttling a U.S. rule on tire monitors left sensor makers wondering what sort of MEMS pressure sensor market they’ll be facing. While their fate remains murky, companies that specialize in MEMS-based accelerometers and gyros may see demand grow through another auto-safety feature: enhanced air bags.

Numbers may not gauge it, but MEMS industry is moving at midyear

Fri, 10 Oct 2003
The past year has been challenging for those in the MEMS industry. Year-over-year revenues increased from $3.8 billion in 2001 to $3.9 billion in 2002 – even though unit shipments increased 47.6 percent. However, that disparity in growth rates shouldn’t be cause for concern. Economies of scale have come into play as more companies move from ramp-up to volume production.

mPhase Technologies, Bell Labs announce device sample

Thu, 5 May 2005

A decade of analyzing the MEMS industry opens the door to a lifetime of tracking high tech's next big hits

Fri, 5 May 2005
People often ask me how I became an industry analyst specializing in MEMS. The truth is, it was mostly a case of being in the right place at the right time with the right skills to tackle a complex subject like MEMS. Now I find myself in that position again, with the opportunity to research, analyze and write not only about MEMS, but all sorts of emerging technologies for EmTech Research, a new division of Small Times Media.

Optical networking report predicts rough times

Wed, 5 May 2005

Apogee Technology unveils its first MEMS sensor

Thu, 5 May 2005
Apogee Technology Inc., a provider of integrated circuits and an emerging MEMS sensor supplier, today announced the introduction of its Sensilica family of "all silicon" pressure sensors. In addition to its first Sensilica product being sampled to customers, Apogee plans to introduce six new Sensilica designs in 2005 for various pressure sensor applications.

Report details opportunities for tri-axis MEMS accelerometers

Tue, 5 May 2005

NASA selects Boston Micromachines for phase 2 project

Wed, 11 Nov 2005

Apogee Technology hires CFO

Mon, 5 May 2005

Slower growth rate in revenues fits high-volume, low-cost trend

Tue, 7 Jul 2005
Gyros and optical MEMS are the last of their kind – devices that enter the market at very high prices. The next wave is entering the market in a completely different way.

Report: Increases in MEMS revenue to slow as unit shipments grow

Mon, 7 Jul 2005

Tegal receives expanded order

Wed, 7 Jul 2005

Report: Gyros a hot dish for auto, military

Mon, 12 Dec 2003
Revenues for MEMS gyros are expected to grow by more than $100 million in the next four years based on their ability to sense and measure rotational motion in automotive and military applications, according to a new report.

New IBM ThinkPad retains data even if owner is thoughtless

Tue, 12 Dec 2003
These accelerometers won't save your life. But they soon might save your data. IBM announced recently that it was launching an updated line of its ThinkPad laptop computers with accelerometers in a system to protect data during drops. The IBM Active Protection System includes a motion sensor that detects acceleration, such as in a fall.

Here's a new spin (cycle) on small tech: smart appliances

Fri, 12 Dec 2003
If you believe the hype, small technology will eventually find its way into everything but the kitchen sink. In the white goods category, this may not be too much of an overstatement. Over the next several years, “intelligent” appliances tricked-out with microscale sensors and actuators will hit home.

Akustica launches MEMS microphone

Tue, 4 Apr 2003
Akustica Inc. has launched its first product – a MEMS-based acoustic microphone chip.

German MEMS maker buys Electroglas system

Tue, 4 Apr 2003

MEMS shine in telecom forecast

Mon, 4 Apr 2003
A new report says that 2002 sales of MEMS devices for optical networking were strong despite the continued tough telecom market.

Hitachi enters a house haunted with ghosts of optical past

Thu, 6 Jun 2003
Remember OMM, the now-bankrupt company with great MEMS technology but not enough customers? One lesson learned from the networking crash is that cheaper products are the most cheerful sellers in this miserable market. Nonetheless, engineers at Hitachi are convinced that their technology can go where other higher-priced, all-optical switches haven’t: into optical networks.

ISSYS launches nanomaterial subsidiary

Wed, 6 Jun 2003
Integrated Sensing Systems Inc. (ISSYS) has launched a new business for its nanomaterial designed to boost the performance of MEMS and other devices.

Discera's dilemma: Making enough noise to merit mobile's attention

Mon, 6 Jun 2003
Cell phones. Everybody’s got them. No one thinks much about what’s inside. Discera wants you to, especially if you’re a mobile phone manufacturer. The company has developed a tiny mechanical device that vibrates at predetermined frequencies. “The first challenge is to go after a market we know is out there,” says Discera's CEO.

Bioinformatics grows to keep pace with petabytes of small tech data

Wed, 6 Jun 2003
A microfluidic device can function as a "liver-on-a-chip." Forests of nano-pillars can unravel strands of DNA. These small tech-enabled leaps in life science involve increasingly complex interactions, and the result is new data for scientists working on curing diseases. In fact, so much data that humans alone cannot possibly make sense of it all. Muscling such large and complex raw results into useful knowledge is the goal of bioinformatics.

Omron to offer MEMS flow sensor

Fri, 6 Jun 2003
Omron Corp. will begin selling a MEMS-based gas flow sensor for medical, industrial and consumer applications, according to a news release.

STS sharpens its MEMS tools to carve a niche in industry

Mon, 8 Aug 2003
Surface Technology Systems, a respected supplier of deep-etching tools to MEMS researchers, is now ready to serve the market for full-scale MEMS production. It just hopes the market is ready. STS's tools are popular among academic and industrial MEMS research labs because they can make silicon structures that are much taller than they are wide.

Infineon: SensoNor agrees to acquisition

Mon, 6 Jun 2003
Infineon Technologies AG, a Munich, Germany, semiconductor firm, is expected to announce today that the major obstacle in its friendly acquisition of Norway’s SensoNor ASA has been overcome.

Kionix launches two MEMS accelerometers

Thu, 8 Aug 2003
Aug. 21, 2003 - Kionix Inc. has launched two MEMS accelerometers for automotive applications, according to a news release.

Biotrove believes it found
treasure trove in tiny tubes

Mon, 6 Jun 2002
How do you screen a billion biological samples a day? BioTrove Inc. in Cambridge, Mass., hopes to achieve that extraordinary throughput by processing droplets as small as .5 nanoliters in enormous batches. Its Living Chip's matrix of channels serves as a miniature, massively parallel system for screening genes, isolating enzymes, engineering proteins or discovering drugs.

Verimetra names CFO, directors

Fri, 6 Jun 2002

MEMS in games, gadgets grows

Wed, 11 Nov 2002
Consumer electronics makers will put MEMS devices in more products because they offer more performance and functionality for the same or lower price. But the expanding market comes with growing pains, according to a new report.

MEMS really is the word at Munich electronics trade show

Tue, 11 Nov 2002
Germans might not have a reputation for being the jolliest people around, but those presenting a forum on the outlook for the European MEMS industry at the Electronica 2002 trade fair recently were all smiles. The scientists, officials and market watchers painted a generally rosy picture of an industry that has enjoyed steady growth despite the general downturn in the tech sector.

Report: MEMS sensor market growing

Tue, 11 Nov 2002
Tire pressure monitoring and global positioning systems are among the areas spurring billion-dollar growth for MEMS sensors, according to a new report.

DARPA gives IMT $1.8M grant for cell therapy

Tue, 12 Dec 2002
Innovative Micro Technology (IMT) said it received $1.8 million from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the U.S. Army to develop a MEMS-based system for purifying human blood stem cells.

Verimetra receives 'cutting-edge' patent

Fri, 12 Dec 2002

Inventor's long, strange trip to market fueled by MEMS

Thu, 12 Dec 2002
As the Segway throws itself on the mercy of the market on Amazon, its older cousin, the iBOT, moves closer to opening new worlds for the wheelchair-bound. An FDA board recommended approval for the iBOT, a wheelchair with MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers that enable it to climb stairs and balance on two wheels.

Segway rolls toward top of Amazon list

Mon, 12 Dec 2002
The Segway Human Transporter, a self-balancing personal transportation vehicle, is among the best selling items on Inc.’s Web site, the Reuters news service reported.

Santec launches optical MEMS device

Mon, 10 Oct 2002
Santec Corp. of Japan said it has launched a new MEMS-based variable optical attenuator for optical networking systems.

Few firms have figured out how to make MEMS quickly and cheaply

Wed, 11 Nov 2002
The transition from concept to high-volume MEMS production is expensive and risky. While engineering resources exist for taking a good idea for a microdevice through design, prototyping, testing and high-volume production, the infrastructure for doing so is still evolving. There are no guarantees of success, no standards to follow and packaging problems continue to be almost insurmountable.

With prototype, funding in hand,
Arradial ready to discover drugs

Mon, 10 Oct 2002
Arradial Inc. has large offices for a company devoted to microfluidics. Scientists there hope the space won’t stay empty for long. After 18 months of perfecting its prototype, the startup is poised to get down to business: drug discovery using a microfluidic form of high-throughput screening that lets operators measure out liquid specimens as small as a few picoliters in volume.

Microlab seeks funding as it prepares launch of RF MEMS switch

Mon, 12 Dec 2002
With an experienced management team and a manufacturing deal in place, Microlab Inc. plans to go to market with its electromagnetic radio frequency (RF) MEMS switch early in 2003. Some challenges still remain, including a bid to close the company's last round of funding this year, but the firm believes that its core technology will be the funding clincher.

Big Blue wants its little MEMS
working inside your cell phone

Fri, 6 Jun 2002
A year and a half from now, your next mobile phone may be smaller and more powerful with the help of new micromachines from IBM. The company has announced a new process for building RF, or radio frequency, microdevices directly onto chips. The typical cell phone today uses about 10 of the components IBM would like to replace with MEMS versions.

MEMS track at SEMICON Europa covers applications and manufacturing

Fri, 9 Sep 2010

The MEMS/MST track at SEMICON Europa in October will focus on MEMS in end-market applications, manufacturing and design techniques, and keynotes from industry leaders such as Analog Devices, STMicroelectronics, and Bosch.

IMU and high-performance inertial MEMS 2011: New Yole report

Wed, 10 Oct 2010

This complete review of the inertial sensor market 2009-2015, provided by Yole Developpement, includes the market for high-performance sensing products, technologies currently available, IMU prices and penetration, key companies, and more information.


Wed, 10 Oct 2010

When NASA wanted to look for water on the moon, it used a MEMS-enabled near-IR portable spectrometer. At the MEMS Technology Summit, Steve Senturia, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Emeritus. MIT, presented details about the Phazir spectrometer NASA used.

MEMS cantilevers enable better MEMS sensors: Chat with Beth Pruitt, Stanford

Mon, 10 Oct 2010

MEMS cantilevers are the force and displacement sensor backbone of all of the MEMS sensors in our cars, cell phones, and other products. The basic cantilever can be manipulated to serve cutting edge research applications, says Beth Pruitt, Stanford University.


Fri, 10 Oct 2010

Debra Vogler, senior technical editor, spoke with Benedetto Vigna, Group VP, GM, MEMS, Sensors and High Performance Analog Division at STMicroelectronics. Vigna described what he calls MEMS "traps" -- ways of thinking about MEMS that hold back the industry and slow its growth.


Fri, 10 Oct 2010

In this podcast interview, Hartwell describes how HP has been leveraging its inkjet cartridge technology and high-volume manufacturing to tackle the need for distributed wireless sensing networks, in particular, sensing in harsh environments. By harnessing the compute power in “the cloud,” the large amounts of data generated from wireless sensors provides the information required to monitor infrastructure.

Buckle up: MEMS auto sensors rev up in 2010

Thu, 7 Jul 2010

After a tough year in 2009, MEMS auto sensors will rebound sharply in 2010 and continue to surge through 2014, thanks to regional mandates and a surge in one region in particular, says analyst firmiSuppli.


Thu, 10 Oct 2010

The battle to introduce the 3-axis gyroscopes on smartphones has just started, but the major market for MEMS gyroscopes is still gaming. In a $418 million consumer gyroscope market in 2010, gaming represents a market segment of $162 million, according to Yole Développement.

MEMS celebrate 25 years: Industry experts share insights

Wed, 10 Oct 2010

Roger Grace, Janusz Bryzek, and Sverre Horntvedt were among the MEMS industry executives, entrepreneurs, and experts that spoke with ElectroIQ at the recent MEMS Technology Summit at Stanford University. They share a reflection on the past 25 years of MEMS, and insights into where MEMS will go in the next 25.

Digital MEMS microphones from Wolfson target high-quality audio processing in mobile devices

Wed, 10 Oct 2010

Wolfson digital MEMS microphoneWolfson Microelectronics plc (LSE: WLF.L) launched its next-generation digital silicon micro-electro-mechanical-systems (MEMS) microphones, the WM7210 and the WM7220. The digital MEMS are manufactured with Wolfson’s CMOS/MEMS membrane technology.

MEMS accelerometer, Analog Devices, enables mini CPR rescue device

Fri, 8 Aug 2010

The PocketCPR device uses an ADI digital iMEMS accelerometer to convert the motion of PocketCPR into real-time measurement data to accurately read the rate and depth of CPR chest compressions.ZOLL Medical Corporation selected Analog Devices' iMEMS technology to enable its palm-sized CPR device. The PocketCPR device uses an ADI digital iMEMS accelerometer to convert the motion of PocketCPR into real-time measurement data to accurately read the rate and depth of CPR chest compressions.

Singapore and nanotechnology: A ripe R&D landscape

Fri, 9 Sep 2010

Bernard Nee, Economic Development Board, Singapore, says that, for technology businesses, an Asian strategy is imperative. Singapore has developed an extensive R&D infrastructure and talent pool. It offers a stable pro-business environment, skilled workers for corporate R&D activities, world-class infrastructure and a strong manufacturing base. Nee provides several examples of Singapore's R&D sucesses.

RF MEMS to explode, solve phone antenna problems

Wed, 9 Sep 2010

Radio frequency (RF) MEMS technology is poised for a bit surge in 2010-2011, just in time to maybe help Apple solve a vexing problem with its iPhone.

Affinity Biosensors partners with MEMS foundry IMT

Tue, 7 Jul 2010

Affinity Biosensors and IMT entered into a strategic foundry partnership today for volume production of SMR MEMS devices enabling particle measurement in fluidic solutions with femtogram resolution. The SMR MEMS devices are the chips that drive Affinity Biosensors' ARCHIMEDES Particle Measurement System.

Very strong MEMS growth expected: Analysts weigh in

Wed, 7 Jul 2010

At SEMICON West 2010, top analysts from Yole and iSuppli discuss the market for MEMS devices; outsourcing MEMS foundries; and the relationship between manufacturing processes, cost, and MEMS adoption. Chief editor Pete Singer summarizes the findings.

MEMS career trends: Specialization, HVM, backend in demand

Fri, 7 Jul 2010

With the US reeling from record unemployment, many are wondering how the MEMS job market is fairing. Neha K. Choksi talks with Jason Weigold, founder and president of MEMStaff, about his observations based on clients' hiring and consulting needs.

PHS MEMS counts on growth in market for mobile handsets

Mon, 7 Jul 2002
PHS MEMS is one of the few French companies that specialize in MEMS. Created in 1998, the Grenoble-based firm is focused on the communication market. But what really drives the company is "MEMS' foreseable market growth," as CEO Thierry Touchais, puts it. "We believe that the addressable market for MEMS in the mobile communications market is $2 to $3 per handset in 2006."

India ready to launch its first
privately funded MEMS lab

Thu, 7 Jul 2002
The small tech industry in India is poised to take a step forward this October, with the launch of the new CranesSci MEMS Lab, a collaboration between the Indian Institute of Science and Cranes Software International Ltd. The MEMS industry in India is still in its infancy, but given the interest some companies are showing, it is expected to grow very quickly.


Fri, 4 Apr 2002

Two years ago this month, employees at Cronos Integrated Microsystems in North Carolina celebrated what was a sizable coup for a MEMS startup: a $750 million stock deal to join JDS Uniphase Corp. Now, what is now called the MEMS Business Unit of JDSU is celebrating still – but soberly, with the conviction that as tough as the past year has been, it would have been worse had Cronos remained independent.


Fri, 1 Jan 2002

More than 20 companies are showing off MEMS-enabled gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It's still not a high percentage, but it's a beginning. They include home theater devices powered by micromirrors, a plug-in module that might make your Palm Pilot easier to use and a sensor-filled glove that could be handy for game playing.


Tue, 1 Jan 2002

When the fourth quarter of 2001 began, it was seen as a critical time for MEMS development in optical switching. Analysts had hoped to spend the end of the year tallying companies that released new products. Instead, they were forced to make a couple of new lists: those who delayed and those who dropped out of the game altogether. Now, they wonder how many more could be close to closing.


Wed, 4 Apr 2002

Yelling “stop the presses!” when a newspaper is being printed means something is wrong, but a German firm said its process of halting production to package parts could help move MEMS in the right direction. MicroTEC has launched 3-D Chip-Size Packaging, which lets fabricators stop at any point in the process, integrate parts, then resume production.


Tue, 2 Feb 2002

The name of a Swiss custom MEMS manufacturer, Colibrys, tells much about current trends in the industry. The name comes from the French word for hummingbird, a creature that moves up, down and sideways. Colibrys officials say they are keeping with the spirit of their name in the company's ability to quickly move in any direction, altering its MEMS designs to fit the customers.


Wed, 2 Feb 2002

Ever since Microlab Inc. developed its "better mousetrap" – actually, a microscopic latching switch that it says uses less energy and is more durable than other MEMS switches – the startup has been attracting the attention of venture capitalists. What attracted investors was a team of "two very bright engineers" who are using the cash judiciously to bring the product to market.

MEMS industry recognizes packaging can make or break a product

Tue, 10 Oct 2003
Experts say packaging is hands down the biggest challenge for commercializing more MEMS devices. The technical difficulties involved in packaging can be considerable. But even more problematic is an industry wide mindset that views packaging as secondary – if it is considered at all. The experts say that attitude is beginning to change, though, as the industry matures.

Partnering makes difference for packaging, testing, assembly

Wed, 10 Oct 2003
Startups are generally short on infrastructure and under pressure to generate an immediate return, while large firms have the equipment and the time to refine processes. Given these pressures, experts say, startups need to find partners who not only can integrate packaging with sensor design, but who also can test MEMS devices and address aspects of assembly such as calibration.


Mon, 4 Apr 2002

To succeed in the increasingly crowded biotech field, you need to know your market, not just the technology. Some German small tech companies have already learned that lesson.

Michigan is host to COMS 2002,
gathering of microsystems leaders

Mon, 9 Sep 2002
More than 300 small tech executives, researchers, investors and analysts from around the world are expected to attend the 2002 International Commercialization of Micro and Nanosystems Conference (COMS) in Ypsilanti, Mich., this week.

BodyMedia completes $6.5M second round

Wed, 7 Jul 2002


Tue, 2 Feb 2002

Charles Harris, chief executive of H&H since 1984, believes small tech is "going to be a major area of technology development for the rest of our lives." With nano and MEMS applications cutting across many different industries, Harris also believes that H&H's portfolio can remain diverse, even with a small tech focus.


Tue, 3 Mar 2002

Researchers at the Detroit Medical Center hope to spin off a company that will design, build and sell MEMS-based probes to be used in robotic, computer-aided surgery. The probes will help doctors – even if they're located halfway around the world – differentiate between tumor cells and normal cells and will give them better “touch” feedback during delicate procedures.

Segway to roll into U.K. market

Mon, 7 Jul 2002

Gaming may be the 'Trojan horse' that sneaks MEMS into your Palm

Tue, 7 Jul 2002
Games may gently introduce the tilt-based user interface into handheld devices, making users comfortable with it in the same way that computer solitaire trained a generation of workers to use the mouse. Pure play gaming companies like Nintendo are already there.

Two firms use small tech
in life-saving heart devices

Wed, 5 May 2002
Guidant Corp. is launching its small-tech enabled heart device into the U.S. market, and Medtronic Inc. expects to quickly follow with its own version. Both devices combine treatment for heart failure with a defibrillator to regulate heartbeats.


Thu, 6 Jun 2001

The playboy days are over for Small Tech. Now, it needs to choose a partner, defining how if not with whom it wants to make its destiny, industry experts say.


Wed, 6 Jun 2001

Seventeen-year-old Ryan Randall Patterson of Grand Junction, Colo., watched a flurry of hand gestures at a fast-food restaurant, and thought there must be a better way for the hearing impaired to communicate. So, he had an idea. Why not take his familiarity with sensors and microprocessors to make a device that translates sign language into text? Within 10 months, he had a working model.


Fri, 6 Jun 2001

Small technology was a featured player at a gala performance that demonstrated the industry's future in everything from nanoskin aircraft coating to cool cars. And, yes, NASA brought along Oscar, the wisecracking robot.


Tue, 6 Jun 2001

A corporation best known for its cell phones and semiconductor business will soon release two new small tech products that have little to do with communications, but perhaps everything to do with its future. Motorola's new approach may give it a foothold in some potentially lucrative markets - genetic diagnostics and the research branch of the pharmaceutical industry.

Input/Output acquires Colorado firm

Wed, 7 Jul 2002

Analog fab meets industry standard

Thu, 7 Jul 2002

That's nanotainment! 'Minority'
begins era of cinema small tech

Mon, 7 Jul 2002
John Underkoffler, a science adviser for Steven Spielberg's "Minority Report," has the Hollywood thing down. An MIT expert in MEMS and nanoscience, Underkoffler already has moved to his next film gig. He's helping director Ang Lee get the science and technical stuff right for the upcoming film "The Incredible Hulk." He's finished another Spielberg project called "Taken," a miniseries about alien abductions.


Fri, 7 Jul 2001

With microsystem technology, the grip of approved gun users -- police officers or parents, for example -- would be recognized by sensors, based on hand size and pressure. The goal is to use small technology to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and children.


Tue, 6 Jun 2001

Using MEMS and microsystems, the latest generation of dropsondes provides real-time readings of a storm's vital signs. "This technology allows us to make measurements that we never could before," said one meteorologist.


Mon, 7 Jul 2001

Scientists are developing tiny devices that remotely detect land mines. They predict no single approach will provide the solution, but are optimistic that nations one day will have an inexpensive tool for reclaiming land that has been made inhospitable by abandoned mines.

July 9, 2001

Mon, 7 Jul 2001


Thu, 7 Jul 2001

As thousands of jobs are scrapped at companies nationwide, those who work in MEMS, microsystems and nanotechnology are being spared. Firms know that this research will become a key part of future products. By 2002, consumers will see the benefits of MEMS research and development – about the time the U.S. economy is expected to recover, one analyst said.


Fri, 7 Jul 2001


Mon, 10 Oct 2001

After billions of dollars in investments -- followed by an economy heading for recession -- MEMS optical switch startups are about to be tested by the market.


Mon, 9 Sep 2001
MEMS companies overall aren't worried about the stock market. Those with defense and security applications stand to gain.


Tue, 9 Sep 2001

Researchers have discovered a way to eventually eliminate many of the 500,000 bone grafts in the United States each year. They envision growing adult stem cells, then implanting it in the body as a treatment for severe fractures. Later, they'll incorporate MEMS devices to further improve bone growth and reduce healing time.


Fri, 9 Sep 2001

Small tech will play a supporting role in the unfolding response to terrorist attacks against the United States. MEMS and microsystems are making their way into the U.S. arsenal, helping to guide weapons to their targets, sensing for toxic substances, spying on the enemy and storing vast amounts of information in small places.


Thu, 12 Dec 2001

MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers, used in the new Segway scooters, are not new themselves. They have been used in military and automotive applications for several years. But the Segway brings the technology to a mainstream use that consumers can easily understand, and might pave the way for other innovations.


Fri, 4 Apr 2001

Earth Day 2001 finds scientists using MEMS to clean the water, monitor the air, avoid toxic spills.


Wed, 4 Apr 2001

Reiner Wechsung has a fast-growing company and more promising products being developed.


Wed, 5 May 2001

A Small Times guide to the long and short of micro measurements.


Tue, 5 May 2001

Researchers are developing techniques to make diamond films that far outshine many materials used in MEMS. When they're commercially available, they'll look attractive to makers of nanomachines. But they're not flawless.


Wed, 8 Aug 2001

Brownian motion, the random movement of tiny objects caused by thermal energy, could be harnessed and directed, physicist says. If he's correct, scientists might have a power source for future nanoscale machines that cruise through the body to a cancer cell, then deliver tumor-killing enzymes.


Mon, 10 Oct 2001

Small tech will soon lead to a "revolution" that "will change the ways in which neurosurgeons interact with the environment," says a group of researchers. Medical devices that contain MEMS will allow neurosurgeons to perform with better precision. But there are critics who say the high cost of the devices and difficulty in training surgeons remain tough barriers.


Fri, 8 Aug 2001

Small tech can take a tiny share of the credit for a 90 percent drop in child deaths from air bags in the past five years. But in the years ahead, the MEMS that help make air bags work are expected to save even more lives.


Thu, 8 Aug 2001

A new study predicts dramatic growth in small tech components for mobile phones – from $1 million this year to nearly $350 million in 2006. But the dollars go well beyond that if you include the larger world of wireless MEMS, components that can be integrated into vehicle tire-monitoring systems, environmental monitoring and global positioning satellite systems.

Aug. 29, 2001

Wed, 8 Aug 2001


Sun, 5 May 2001

Micromachines, because of their size, are naturally capable of taking a beating. Still, they have many enemies, from humidity to electrostatic shock.


Tue, 5 May 2001

Spinoffs from national labs are transferring weapons-based technology into such non-military applications as drug detection, medical delivery and environmental sensing.


Thu, 5 May 2001

Sandia spin-off uses new method to create all-optical digital switch using tiny, highly functional mirrors.


Wed, 5 May 2001

World auto industry turns to small tech monitors to make tires safer and more energy efficient.


Fri, 5 May 2001

MEMS mascots bug some as small tech industry looks to the future.


Fri, 6 Jun 2001

The University of Michigan and its partners in an Engineering Research Center in wireless integrated microsystems (WIMS), wanted to get public school science teachers excited about teaching small technology. And excitement was what they got at a two-day conference this week.


Mon, 7 Jul 2001


Wed, 7 Jul 2001

The InSync implantable pacemaker, about the size of a half-dollar coin, could greatly improve the quality of life for heart-failure patients. One analyst says the market for the device could be $1.1 billion by 2005.


Mon, 7 Jul 2001

Toys are on the verge of a revolution powered by small tech. "You’ll pick up a toy and it’ll know who’s using it, and the environment it’s in," said an expert. "We’ll have toys for kids that will seem alive."


Thu, 7 Jul 2001

Tired of how slowly new technology is being commercialized, donors are no longer simply writing checks. Entrepreneurs themselves, they are not content simply to get a building named after them. They're involved in a hands-on way.

Optical MEMS: It isn't just for telecom anymore

Thu, 2 Feb 2003
The telecom drought hasn't dried up all hope for optical MEMS, according to a new report.

Companies put their MEMS together to drum up more customers

Thu, 1 Jan 2003
Four businesses have struck a partnership to offer unified MEMS product development, an effort to jump-start broader industrial interest in microtechnology. The Generics Group crafted the deal with Coventor Inc. Epigem Ltd. and LioniX BV. The main goal is to give customers an easier way to integrate MEMS into their products.

Nano-Or launches tabletop tool for MEMS imaging

Wed, 1 Jan 2003
Inspecting MEMS devices is among the applications eyed for a new three-dimensional imaging and measurement instrument.

Pacific Nanotechnology launches new AFM

Wed, 1 Jan 2003
Pacific Nanotechnology Inc. said it has launched an atomic force microscope (AFM) for the imaging of wafers and storage media disks.

NanoVia launches cutting tool for MEMS

Fri, 1 Jan 2003
NanoVia LP of Londonderry, N.H., said it has developed a diffractive optic dicing tool for cutting holes and slots in micro tubing for MEMS devices.

SUSS to install litho line in Taiwan lab

Tue, 1 Jan 2003

Iolon's MEMS-driven lasers reduce need for spare telecom 'tires'

Mon, 1 Jan 2003
MEMS-directed lasers may sound complicated, but not if you compare them to everyday items, such as tires. “In a car for example, you have four tires,” explains Saeid Aramideh of Iolon Inc. “If every tire was tuned separately, you’d have to carry four spares.” In this instance, the car is a long haul optical transmission network, and the tires are the tunable lasers that help move traffic.

After Columbia: Small tech can help make space travel safer

Fri, 2 Feb 2003
It will be some time before NASA can say whether damage to the fragile insulating tiles that cover the underbelly of the space shuttle caused the Columbia to disintegrate on Feb. 1. What is known for certain is Columbia was destroyed by a “thermal event,” and the shuttle program uses thermal protection technology that is decades old. NASA will increasingly look to small tech for ways to avert future tragedies.

MEMS worn to be wild, but air bag vests a hard sell to easy riders

Fri, 3 Mar 2003
You could say MEMS has a vested interest in motorcycle safety. Two companies are developing a vest that contains three air bags and gas generators to protect a motorcycle rider in an accident. The air bags, governed by a system that includes MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes, deploy into a protective balloon-shaped cushion by breaking through the vest's seams. But a motorcyclist group is curbing its enthusiasm.

Measurement Specialties chief to step down

Thu, 1 Jan 2003
Joseph Mallon, chairman of the board of Fairfield, N.J.-based sensor provider Measurement Specialties Inc., will step down from his position effective Jan. 31 to pursue other opportunities, according to a news release. He will remain a member of the board.

Emkay launches MEMS microphone

Tue, 2 Feb 2003
Emkay Innovative Products, a division of Knowles Electronics, said it has launched a microphone based on MEMS technology.

MEMSIC launches MEMS for model rockets

Fri, 2 Feb 2003
Blacksky Corp., a Carlsbad, Calif.-based maker of consumer model rockets, has chosen MEMSIC Inc.'s dual-axis MEMS sensor in a precision event timer, according to a news release.

IntelliSense, Northrop Grumman team up

Fri, 2 Feb 2003
Corning IntelliSense Corp., a division of Corning Inc., said it is working with Northrop Grumman Corp. to demonstrate the reliability of radio frequency (RF) MEMS switches for defense applications, according to a news release.

Tronic's names new CEO

Thu, 2 Feb 2003
Tronic's Microsystems SA, a France-based designer and maker of MEMS devices, has hired Peter Pfluger as its chief executive officer, according to a news release.

Network Photonics launches next MEMS switch

Thu, 2 Feb 2003
Network Photonics, a Boulder, Colo.-based developer of MEMS-based optical switches, said it's shipping its CrossWave 1400 to customers.

Survey finds 'disconnects' between MEMS developers and fabs

Wed, 2 Feb 2003
Launching the next MEMS device that duplicates the success of the air bag accelerometer will require a closer bond between makers and sellers, according to a new MEMS Industry Group report. "Focus on Fabrication" found that the largest issue looming in the MEMS industry is lack of standardized materials and processes in making MEMS devices.

Crossbow launches Dust support

Thu, 3 Mar 2003
Crossbow Technology Inc., a San Jose, Calif., provider of wireless MEMS sensor networks, announced the launch of its "Smart-Dust-Service" program to provide technical support and consulting services.

Microvision signs two new auto deals

Wed, 1 Jan 2003
Microvision Inc., a Bothell, Wash., developer of MEMS-based light scanning technologies, announced it has signed two agreements for development of automotive display prototypes, according to a company news release.

Report: Use of MEMS in cars accelerating

Thu, 1 Jan 2003
The use of MEMS devices in vehicles is expected to nearly double in the next five years, despite the automotive industry's historically slow rollout of the technology beyond air bag accelerometers and manifold air pressure sensors, according to a new report.

Analog names new MEMS VP

Fri, 1 Jan 2003
Analog Devices Inc. has named William Giudice vice president and general manager for the Micromachined Products Division, which includes MEMS product development and manufacturing.

Tiny radio signal switches set to turn on RF MEMS market

Fri, 1 Jan 2003
When Bob Miracky started talking to potential customers about a radio frequency switch his company was developing that offered less signal loss than existing components, he didn't emphasize that it was a MEMS device. "Companies buy business solutions, not technology," said Miracky, president of Teravicta Technologies Inc. of Austin, Texas.

Using Casimir forces to lubricate MEMS devices

Wed, 5 May 2010

Researchers have come up with a way to calculate and manipulate the effects of Casimir forces, and then use them to keep microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) components from sticking together, which could greatly reduce failure rates and enable new, more affordable devices.

Sonoscan demos MEMS cavity seal integrity inspection

Thu, 5 May 2010

Defects most frequently take the form of voids within the MEMS cavity seal. In some locations on a wafer, the seal may be breached.

Top 20 MEMS foundry ranks gain an IC foundry

Mon, 5 May 2010

An IC foundry has made it into the ranks of the Top 20 MEMS foundries for the first time, as TSMC’s roughly $10 million in MEMS foundry revenues put it into 14th place on Yole Developpement’s 2009 listing. STMicro improved slightly, continuing to dominate the MEMS foundry arena. TI slipped, holding onto #2; Dalsa gained, and grabbed the #3 slot.

MEMS sales rise in consumer, cellphone markets

Fri, 8 Aug 2010

Cell phones and a slew of emerging devices will power the market for consumer electronics and cell phone Microelectromechanical (MEMS) sensors toward solid, uninterrupted growth in 2010 and beyond, according to the market research firm iSuppli Corp.Cell phones and a slew of emerging devices will power the market for consumer electronics and cell phone Microelectromechanical (MEMS) sensors toward solid, uninterrupted growth in 2010 and beyond, according to the market research firm iSuppli Corp.

MEMS adoption growing for tablet PCs iSuppli

Fri, 2 Feb 2011

MEMS IHS iSuppli researchApple's iPad and the Android-based tablets, along with other media tablets, make up the fastest growing MEMS sector in the consumer electronics and mobile segments, says IHS iSuppi research. MEMS sales for tablet use is predicted to increase nearly 400% YOY. Cell phones remain the largest sector for MEMS adoption, however.

Bruker lab on chip IDs toxins in the field

Tue, 2 Feb 2011

Bruker's compact, fully automated and fast toxin identification system, pTD, or portable Toxin Detector, is intended for smaller, field, and mobile laboratories for use by non-expert operators in homeland security applications.

NPL focuses on characterization of MEMS energy harvesting devices

Wed, 2 Feb 2011

The realization of self-powered microsystems for medical implants, drug delivery, remote monitoring, or safety-driven applications forms the basis behind a new project being run at the UK's NPL by the Functional Materials Group.

Seaweed microsponges combine with microfluidics to diagnose disease

Fri, 2 Feb 2011

Combining biological sponges with nanotechnology and semiconductors enables Rice University researchers to develop a diagnostic system for various diseases.

Motion sensors market: Device types, business models, and technology growth

Tue, 2 Feb 2011

Market evolution for motion sensors. Source: YoleAccelerometers, gyroscopes, compasses, and sensor combos are proliferating, to reach $2.56B in 2015, says Yole. Competition exists between companies, technologies, business models, and devices, which makes motion sensing a dynamic sector.

Car MEMS sensor sales made records in 2010

Mon, 1 Jan 2011

Driven by the rapid recovery in automotive production and inventory rebuilding among sensor component suppliers, the market for automotive microelectromechanical system (MEMS) sensors will expand to record size in 2010, according to the market research firm iSuppli, now part of IHS Inc. (NYSE: IHS).

Car MEMS sensor sales made records in 2010

Mon, 1 Jan 2011

Driven by the rapid recovery in automotive production and inventory rebuilding among sensor component suppliers, the market for automotive microelectromechanical system (MEMS) sensors will expand to record size in 2010, according to the market research firm iSuppli, now part of IHS Inc. (NYSE: IHS).

Nanotechnology at CES nanoLambda spectrumsensor inspired by mantis shrimp

Thu, 1 Jan 2011

nanoLambda Inc., an advanced nano sensor startup, announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2011) that its spectrumsensor sample is now available to potential customers and development partners for alpha test, with more broad availability expected in H2 2011.

MEMS enjoy cell integration China demand

Wed, 1 Jan 2011

IHS iSuppli MEMS forecastWith the iPhone 4 paving the way, global demand for MEMS devices in cell phones will rise robustly during the coming years, helping the total MEMS market to expand in healthy measure at least through 2014, according to IHS iSuppli. Also pushing growth: BRIC countries and new applications, such as healthcare products.

Personalized medicine Imec proposes lab on chip for SNP detection in DNA

Mon, 1 Jan 2011

Researchers at Imec proposed a portable, lab-on-a-chip system for single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection in DNA at IEDM 2010. Maaike Op de Beeck, program manager Human++, Heterogeneous Integrated Microsystems Department, Imec, provides background on the research.


Mon, 12 Dec 2010

nano digestive ripeningA new study from researchers at North Carolina State University sheds light on how a technique that is commonly used for making single-metal nanoparticles can be extended to create nanoparticles consisting of two metals and that have tunable properties.

Nanoporous silicon for diagnostics

Wed, 6 Jun 2010

Proteomics is important for drug discovery, vaccine development, and drug manufacturing, but prevalent methods require fluorescent labeling and 2D evaluation through electrophoresis or mass spectrometry. Hus Tigli, CEO of Silicon Kinetics, shared an alternative approach that leverages nanotechnology at the San Francisco Bay Area IEEE Nanotechnology's Sixth Annual Symposium.

Dutch C2V wants to keep customers
from concept to volume production

Mon, 8 Aug 2002
When Alcatel Optronics announced the management buyout of its Dutch division, the new company decided on a name that describes what it does: C2V – "Concept to Volume." The company uses a process it calls Seamless Microsystem Engineering, which incorporates MEMS design for manufacturing, packaging and assembly.

MEMSCAP to buy JDSU's MEMS unit

Thu, 8 Aug 2002

Agere to dump optical business,
leaving MEMS in state of limbo

Thu, 8 Aug 2002
Agere Systems Inc., one of only a few makers of MEMS-based switches, said it would cut 4,000 jobs and either sell off or shut down its optical components business by June 30, 2003. Analysts said Agere’s decision is bleak news for small tech research and development projects within the company.

GE unit to acquire MEMS division from TRW

Fri, 8 Aug 2002
In the second major MEMS deal announced this week, General Electric Co.'s Industrial Systems business said it agreed to acquire MEMS sensor developer NovaSensor Inc. from auto and aerospace provider TRW Inc.

For Triad, it's not the MEMS,
it's the method of making them

Wed, 10 Oct 2002
Triad Sensors prefers to think of its new MEMS chip as a bargaining chip. The startup has made hundreds of them primarily to pitch its process – a potentially better way to make MEMS. Triad serves a field that has many different production methods, but no set standard. So, it's touting its approach as a way to make many different microdevices in existing foundries.

MEMS for everyman? Analog
gyro puts a new spin on price

Tue, 10 Oct 2002
It’s been a long time coming, but this week Analog Devices delivered what product engineers have anticipated for years: an affordable self-contained MEMS gyroscope. Analog spent six years developing the product, a gyro that will sell for as little as $10 and lead to a host of new market uses.

Pirelli to offer MEMS tire monitors

Mon, 10 Oct 2002
Italian tiremaker Pirelli Pneumatici will begin offering a MEMS-based tire monitoring system to European consumers by the end of 2002.

Xtrana awarded NIH grant for point-of-care device

Wed, 10 Oct 2002
Xtrana Inc. has been awarded $986,051 over the next three years from the National Institutes of Health to develop a nucleic acid-based, microfluidic device to detect a panel of respiratory viruses from a single patient sample, the company said in a news release.

OMM gets four MEMS patents

Fri, 10 Oct 2002
OMM Inc. said it has been awarded four U.S. patents for innovations in MEMS photonic switching.

Teravicta ties up with Dow-Key on RF MEMS

Mon, 10 Oct 2002
Teravicta Technologies has signed a deal with Dow-Key Microwave to sell Teravicta's radio frequency (RF) MEMS switches worldwide, according to a news release.

GE completes NovaSensor acquisition

Mon, 9 Sep 2002
GE Industrial Systems, a division of General Electric Co., announced the completion of its acquisition of MEMS sensor developer NovaSensor Inc. from TRW Inc.

MicroStrain launches GLink sensor system

Tue, 9 Sep 2002
MicroStrain Inc. said it has launched a new product line of wireless triaxial sensors, according to a news release.

Smart artillery shells promise
a major MEMS device market

Thu, 9 Sep 2002
The U.S. is spending millions of dollars to develop MEMS-based artillery shells and even more for a MEMS-based guidance unit for everything from shells to smart bombs. The goal is to produce an inertial guidance system small enough to fit in an artillery shell, tough enough to be shot from guns and cheap enough to buy by the hundreds of thousands.

Simpler Networks gets grant for MEMS

Tue, 9 Sep 2002
Canada's National Research Council (NRC) awarded nearly (U.S.) $175,000 to Simpler Networks for a MEMS-based research project, according to a company news release.

Teravicta aims to turn up volume of its RF MEMS

Tue, 9 Sep 2002
Teravicta Technologies said it's seeking to ramp up production of its radio-frequency MEMS switches through a partnership with a California-based supplier of magnetic recording heads.

PHS MEMS to make Microlab's RF switches

Mon, 9 Sep 2002
Microlab Inc. said PHS MEMS will produce its line of radio frequency (RF) MEMS switches, according to a news release

Report: RF MEMS set for blockbuster market

Fri, 9 Sep 2002
The market for radio frequency (RF) MEMS will exceed $1 billion by 2007, according to a report being released this month, as manufacturers of wireless communication devices incorporate the devices into mobile phones, GPS components and computer networking products.

Analog: 100 million MEMS served

Tue, 9 Sep 2002
Analog Devices, the semiconductor giant that helped introduce MEMS technology to the world 15 years ago, said today that it has sold its 100 millionth MEMS device.

Michigan will help lead the drive
toward small tech, governor says

Tue, 9 Sep 2002
It may always be Motown. But the region named for its ties to the auto industry offers a lot of potential as the next Microtown, Michigan Gov. John Engler told an audience of small tech leaders Monday. Michigan provides the critical educational, industrial and governmental support to help turn small tech innovations into products, he said.

Analyst: Next big MEMS market is cell phones

Thu, 7 Jul 2008
July 31, 2008 -- A new report from Yole Développement criticizes MEMS-based sensor and actuator firms for not figuring out how tap into what it says is the largest growth opportunity for MEMS devices over the next five years: wireless handsets.

Sonion MEMS microphone business to be renamed Pulse

Tue, 7 Jul 2008
July 1, 2008 -- Pulse, an electronic component and subassembly design and manufacturer, announced that its Sonion division, which manufactures micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) microphone technology, is now operating under the Pulse name.

MAST ramps up for commercial growth in magnetic sensors

Wed, 10 Oct 2008
October 7, 2008: Micromem Applied Sensor Technologies Inc. (MAST), a wholly owned US subsidiary of Micromem Technologies, has established a corporate office in New York City, part of the parent company's strategic plan to focus on magnetic sensor opportunities independent of the magnetic random access memory (MRAM) market.

Ecliptek: New MEMS oscillators provide cost savings, reduce EMI

Thu, 10 Oct 2008
October 2, 2008: Ecliptek Corp. has expanded its EMO family of MEMS oscillator products to include a new MEMS spread spectrum low EMI output surface mount oscillator.

Wolfson introduces high-performing ultracompact MEMS microphones

Tue, 10 Oct 2008
October 21, 2008: Wolfson Microelectronics has launched the first devices in its new family of silicon microphones due for release over the next 12 months.

MEMS: On the Defensive

Wed, 8 Aug 2008
MEMS technology is gaining popularity in security and defense applications, but selling technology to the military takes commitment, flexibility and the ability to ramp-up production before you make the sale.

Dolomite achieves fabrication of large scale multi-layer microfluidic devices

Wed, 8 Aug 2008
August 5, 2008 -- Royston based microfluidic company, Dolomite has succeeded in the development and fabrication of large-scale multi-layer microfluidic devices also known as 'lab on a chip.'

Dolomite microfluidics project pursues portable environmental monitoring

Mon, 8 Aug 2008
August 25, 2008: Dolomite, a microfluidics company, in collaboration with the UK's National Centre for Atmospheric Science have announced the development of a new generation of microfluidics-based environmental testing equipment for use in air quality monitoring.

RF Micro Devices introduces MEMS for 3G phones

Mon, 11 Nov 2007
RF Micro Devices, designer and manufacturer of high-performance radio frequency systems, has introduced RF MEMS transmit/receive switch and mode switch for 3G (third generation) mobile phone handsets.

MEMS in consumer products: You ain't heard nothin' yet

Mon, 11 Nov 2007
iPhone, 'Guitar Hero,' Wii, are the early adopters. When price goes down, MEMS will see even bigger growth, says ABI Research

STMicroelectronics introduces MEMS accelerometer for automotive applications

Wed, 10 Oct 2008
October 1, 2008: STMicroelectronics has introduced its first automotive-qualified three-axis MEMS accelerometer, the first of a range of products spearheading a strategy to bring economies of scale from its MEMS consumer business consumer to new automotive MEMS applications.

Analyst: MEMS tool market on the rebound

Tue, 6 Jun 2009
June 30, 2009: MEMS device demand has held steadier than the overall semiconductor market, but the market for equipment to make MEMS devices has struggled like the overall chip tools sector -- but now it's poised to surge ahead of the broader sector, according to an industry analyst.

Report: Cell phones drive market for MEMS switches

Tue, 1 Jan 2009
January 27, 2009: MEMS switches and varicap products are finding their way into commercial products despite the economic downturn, thanks to increased interest from cell phone companies, according to >a report from research group Yole Développement.

SiTime intros low-power MEMS oscillators

Mon, 1 Jan 2009
January 26, 2009: SiTime Corp., which develops MEMS-based silicon timing solutions, has introduced a new family of programmable oscillators that are designed to extend battery life in portable and consumer electronics by delivering what the company called the industry's lowest power consumption and fastest start-up time.

DALSA launches first phase of new 200mm MEMS line

Thu, 1 Jan 2009
January 8, 2009: DALSA Semiconductor says it has launched the first phase of a 200mm MEMS manufacturing line at its semiconductor wafer foundry in Bromont, Quebec, Canada, following several new MEMS supply contracts the company has recently received for delivery of product in 2009 and for new product development.

Scientists 'see' cell molecules more clearly

Tue, 1 Jan 2009
January 20, 2009: Scientists have always wanted to take a closer look at biological systems and materials. From the magnifying glass to the electron microscope, they have developed ever-increasingly sophisticated imaging devices.

STMicroelectronics's MEMS sensor in new Air Mouse and Music Remote

Fri, 1 Jan 2008
Three-axis acceleration sensors made by MEMS device manufacturer STMicroelectronics are enabling motion control in the new Air Mouse and Music Remote from Gyration.

Falco's battery-powered high-voltage amplifiers target MEMS

Tue, 1 Jan 2008
Falco Systems' new WMA-01 and WMA-01LF high-voltage amplifiers are designed for applications such as MEMS devices and PZT (piezo) positioning systems. They support a wide voltage range and can be battery powered.

Technitrol to acquire MEMS maker Sonion

Fri, 1 Jan 2008
Technitrol Inc. has agreed to acquire the capital stock of Sonion A/S, a producer of microacoustic transducers and micromechanical components for manufacturers of hearing instruments, advanced acoustic devices, medical devices and mobile communication devices in addition to MEMS microphone technology.

Freescale establishes 200-mm MEMS line to address sensor demand growth

Tue, 1 Jan 2008
Freescale's new advanced MEMS 200-mm (8-inch) production line addresses growing demand for sensors in the price-sensitive automotive, industrial, medical and consumer markets.

Yole releases latest "Top 30" list of MEMS producers

Thu, 1 Jan 2008
A new report by market research firm Yole Développement ranks the top MEMS manufacturers of 2007. "Nine companies are above $200 million sales, compared to only four companies two years ago," said Jean Christophe Eloy, Yole's founder.

New book covers MEMS reliability

Mon, 1 Jan 2008
Research and Markets has announced the availability of a new book, Reliability of MEMS.

Bosch buys Akustica, gains MEMS consumer inroads

Fri, 8 Aug 2009
August 21, 2009: In what seems to be a bid to expand beyond its auto position into an increasingly crowded (and promising) consumer sphere, Robert Bosch's US division is acquiring MEMS microphone maker Akustica.

SAES Getters and ST partner on next-gen MEMS gyroscopes

Wed, 5 May 2007
SAES Getters Group and STMicroelectronics have agreed to incorporate SAES' PageWafer technology into ST's multi-axis gyroscopes, with a goal of delivering higher sensitivity and stability for angular-speed measurement.

Micralyne disputes Tronics' claim as first pure-play MEMS foundry to achieve consistent profitability

Wed, 10 Oct 2007
Small Times' report of Tronics' recent profit announcement has drawn a response from Chris Lumb, CEO of rival Micralyne Inc. "Tronics' profitability claim . . . is wrong: It is not the first pure play contract manufacturer of advanced MEMS devices to achieve consistent profitability," he noted.

Book introduces kids to MEMS and nanotechnology

Tue, 10 Oct 2007
Bourne Research LLC has published a new science and engineering book aimed at children. "MEMS and Nanotechnology for Kids," written by Marlene Bourne, president and principal analyst of Bourne Research, gives readers a basic overview of MEMS and nanotechnology, describing how they work, where they are found and why they are useful.

Discera raises $17.5 million, expands distribution for MEMS oscillators

Tue, 3 Mar 2007
Discera Inc. has completed a Series C funding round, and expanded its distribution with the addition of frequency control manufacturer ABRACON, whose channels include some of the top distributors in North America. Discera recently began shipping its first products for direct replacement of quartz crystal oscillators in electronics devices. The company will use its new funding to support increased production, distribution, and marketing.

VTI intros new smart MEMS sensor for automotive

Fri, 9 Sep 2007
VTI has designed its new automotive digital accelerometer family to support smart sensing, improved reliability, and self-test features. The new digital sensor platform promises a cost effective system for diverse applications.

Simbex provides first high-school football helmets with MEMS impact monitors

Fri, 9 Sep 2007
Football helmets equipped with Analog Devices MEMS accelerometers and data acquisition technology are helping researchers study head trauma in a small Illinois town. When a player's helmet registers a hit, it beams impact data to a laptop computer monitored by the team's athletic trainer. The system is the first to be deployed at a high school.

RedShift, IMT partner to disrupt thermal imaging with MEMS device

Tue, 9 Sep 2007
RedShift Systems has selected MEMS foundry Innovative Micro Technology (IMT) to produce its Thermal Light Valve (TLV), which allows standard CMOS and CCD digital cameras to "see heat." RedShift says the TLV enables new, affordable devices that will rapidly expand the market for thermal imaging.

WSJ honors MEMS developer Discera as a technology innovator

Thu, 10 Oct 2007
Discera Inc., a developer of CMOS MEMS oscillators and resonators, and provider of next-generation timing solutions, is one of four semiconductor companies singled out for the Technology Innovation Awards by The Wall Street Journal.

Popularity of MEMS-based products bodes well for MEMSIC IPO

Wed, 10 Oct 2007
The fact that MEMS are at last making it into mainstream consumer applications was enough to encourage MEMS developer MEMSIC Inc. to file for a $100 million initial public offering. Small Times' Howard Lovy reports.

Okmetic SOI with gettering properties targets MEMS sensor apps

Mon, 10 Oct 2007
A new silicon-on-insulator product with built-in gettering properties, Okmetic G-SOI, promises IC-integrated MEMS processes with such benefits as reduced device size, improved yields, streamlined process, and decreased cost.

Infineon, Hosiden harmonize on MEMS microphone development

Wed, 10 Oct 2007
Infineon Technologies AG and Japanese microphone vendor Hosiden are cooperating to develop MEMS microphones.

ISSYS gets grant for MEMS, electronics integration

Thu, 10 Oct 2007
Integrated Sensing Systems Inc. (ISSYS) has received a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research contract from the National Science Foundation. The two-year project, Wafer-Scale, Hermetic Packaging of MEMS-Based Systems," is aimed toward development of a novel packaging method that will greatly simplify the packaging of MEMS and their associated electronics

Bosch's new MEMS sensor monitors car batteries

Fri, 2 Feb 2007
Bosch has begun manufacture of its Electronic Battery Sensor (EBS), which promises to help motorists avoid flat batteries, the most common cause of breakdowns. In 2007, more vehicles equipped with the sensor will go into series production.

Discera begins shipping MEMS oscillators

Tue, 2 Feb 2007
In addition to announcing the shipment of long-anticipated silicon oscillators, Discera Inc. boasts an agreement to help push those MEMS into OEM products. Discera hopes the moves will shake up the $3.5 billion market for quartz crystal oscillators.

SVTC Technologies selects SUSS processing tools fors MEMS development

Fri, 6 Jun 2008
June 27, 2008 -- SUSS MicroTec, Inc., a supplier of process and test solutions for the semiconductor industry, announced that a suite of processing tools, which enable new generations of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), has been selected for SVTC Technologies' facility in Austin, Texas.

Digital Surf's 4D module tracks evolution of micro, nano, MEMS surfaces

Fri, 6 Jun 2008
June 6, 2008—Digital Surf, developer of topographical analysis tools for micro and nano-surfaces, has released Mountains Technology version 5. The new software enables metrological analysis of the evolution of a 3D surface, for instance nanotechnology or a MEMS device, in a fourth dimension.

DARPA funds Argonne project to develop MEMs and CMOS-based mobile communication technology

Mon, 6 Jun 2008
June 23, 2008 -- The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory has received $1.4 million in funding from The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to a Phase III research project to develop high-performance integrated diamond microelectro-mechanical system (MEMS) and complementary metal-oxide-semiconductors devices (CMOS) for radar and mobile communications using an Argonne-developed Ulananocrystalline Diamond (UNCD) film technology.

ST's new MEMS gyroscope targets consumer, industrial

Tue, 6 Jun 2008
June 10, 2008 -- STMicro-electronics' new LISY300AL is a surface-mountable, single-axis MEMS yaw gyroscope for angular rate sensing up to 300 degrees/ sec (full scale). The 7 x 7 x 1.5mm MEMS sensor offers features such as extended power supply and power-management.

Vectron International announces high-shock MEMS-based oscillator

Wed, 6 Jun 2008
Vectron International, a designer and manufacturer of Frequency Control, Sensor, and Hybrid Product solutions, has released its new VMEM5Q high-shock and vibration MEMS-based military clock oscillator. The VMEM5Q utilizes a small mass, high stiffness micromechanical resonator.

Sandia announces 2008 MEMS design competition winners

Mon, 6 Jun 2008
June 9, 2008 -- A mechanical micromuscle with nanoscale functionality and a micro-creep-and-stress tester, both designed by students, were the top winners in Sandia National Laboratories' fourth annual University Alliance Design Competition for MEMS designs.

Ecliptek reduces delivery cycle time on EMO MEMS oscillators

Thu, 6 Jun 2008
June 26, 2008 -- Ecliptek Corporation, a supplier of frequency products, has announced significant reduction of lead times for the EMO family of programmable MEMS clock oscillators, on production quantities up to 50,000 units.

A new approach to dicing MEMS

Wed, 2 Feb 2008
The delicacy of MEMS structures makes dicing these devices tricky business. Current approaches to overcoming these challenges involve additional manufacturing steps and processes. Novel approaches that call for adaptation to the dicing equipment rather than the devices themselves may be a better solution.

Analyst: Auto stability control still a hot MEMS market

Tue, 12 Dec 2008
December 9, 2008: With car sales plunging, demand for automotive electronics is dropping as well -- except for the key area of electronic stability control systems, for which sales are expected to continue to rise in the coming years and generate attractive opportunities for suppliers of microelectromechanical sensors, according to iSuppli Corp.

Global MEMS/Microsystems markets and opportunities

Tue, 9 Sep 2008
By 2012, MEMS makers will be shipping 8.1B units/year, and nearly half the $15.5B market will be consumer devices, according to a joint SEMI/Yole Développement study. Major market drivers will include silicon microphones, microdisplays, RF MEMS, and even microfluidics for biomedical applications. Meanwhile, severe cost pressures of consumer markets are driving device makers to smaller geometries, creating requirements -- and opportunities -- for new kinds of etch and clean technologies.

Advanced Diamond Technologies' All-Diamond AFM Probes now available

Wed, 9 Sep 2008
September 10, 2008: Advanced Diamond Technologies (ADT) announces the immediate availability of NaDiaProbes all-diamond atomic force microscopy (AFM) probes, claiming they have 30× the price performance of industry-standard silicon nitride (SiN) probes.

Nanoscience Instruments to distribute Nascatec's AFM probes, sensors

Mon, 9 Sep 2008
September 22, 2008: Nanoscience Instruments, a distributor of nanotechnology instrumentation, now offers the Nascatec line of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) probes and sensors. The Nascatec line includes NSOM probes, micro/nanogrippers (tweezers), self-sensing cantilevers, AFM probes, and MEMS devices.

MRAM, MEMS device from Freescale and Angstrom headed for space

Wed, 2 Feb 2008
Angstrom Aerospace is using an MRAM device from Freescale Semiconductor as part of a MEMS subsystem aboard a Japanese research satellite.

Ecliptek releases IBIS models for MEMS oscillators

Mon, 2 Feb 2008
Ecliptek Corp.'s new IBIS (I/O-buffer-information-specification) models enable device designers to perform signal integrity simulations of MEMS clock oscillators. The model presents transient (voltage versus time) and DC (current versus time) data for the MEMS components.

Measurement Specialties introduces rugged MEMS accelerometers

Tue, 2 Feb 2008
Measurement Specialties has introduced its model 3801A and 4801A hermetically sealed MEMS accelerometers meant for harsh environments.

Off-the-shelf MEMS microhotplates commercially available for chemical sensor applications

Tue, 6 Jun 2008
June 24, 2008 -- Kebaili Corporation, a high-tech MEMS and nanotechnology company, has released the KMHP-100 Series, the industry's first commercially available off-the-shelf MEMS microhotplates for researchers and scientists in innovative chemical sensor research and development applications.

MEMS microphones shrink to grow market share

Mon, 5 May 2012

TechNavio predicts 22% CAGR for MEMS microphones from 2011 to 2015, mainly due to the shrinking form factor of these devices. MEMS microphones are gaining acceptance in a new field: healthcare electronics.

Knowles tops 3B MEMS microphones shipped

Wed, 5 May 2012

Knowles, micro acoustics and MEMS microphone maker, has shipped over 3 billion SiSonic MEMS microphones from the SiSonic MEMS microphone introduction in 2003.

Tronics reports growth with MEMS customers in China

Mon, 5 May 2012

Full-service MEMS maker Tronics has had China on its roadmap for about 10 years, the company says. In that time, China has moved from a nascent MEMS market to a location where Tronics works for several Chinese customers, especially in gyroscope products.

Energy-harvesting MEMS win additional NYSERDA funding

Thu, 5 May 2012

MicroGen Systems, a company that used NYSERDA funding to develop its piezo-MEMS energy harvesters in 2009, will receive a new grant to scale the technology into mass production and initial product launches.

10 MEMS applications will top $100 million in 2017; thank mobile devices

Thu, 5 May 2012

Mobile phones and tablets each integrate about 5-10 MEMS per device. These “New MEMS” will benefit from the growth in smartphones and tablets, bringing in $5.4 billion in 2017.

Intel forms Collaborative Research Institutes to build global tech research community

Sat, 5 May 2012

Intel will invest more than $40 million over the next 5 years in a worldwide network of university research centers called "Intel Collaborative Research Institutes." Academia -- in hub and spoke universities -- will collaborate with industry on technology R&D.

CrossFiber attains ISO 9001:2008 certification for photonic switch production

Tue, 5 May 2012

CrossFiber Inc. has been certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards by registrar PJR. CrossFiber provides all-optical photonic switching solutions for data centers and fiber optic telco networks.

MEMS isn't NEW

Wed, 5 May 2012

Karen Lightman, MEMS Industry Group (MIG), lets us in on the real meaning of MEMS new product development. MEMS are micro electro mechanical systems.

MEMS sensor maker Qualtre closes $10M financing round

Wed, 5 May 2012

Inertial sensor maker Qualtré Inc. closed a $10 million round of financing with 2 equity finance partners and one debt financier, all from Massachusetts, where Qualtre is based.

MEMSIC (MEMS) names VP of marketing to target auto, industrial apps

Fri, 6 Jun 2012

MEMSIC Inc. (Nasdaq:MEMS), maker of MEMS sensing solutions, tapped John L. Newton to serve as VP of marketing.

Semiconductors in the smart society: Next-generation connectivity @ The ConFab

Tue, 6 Jun 2012

Day 2 of The ConFab opened in Las Vegas with Ali Sebt, CEO of Renesas Electronics America, delivering “Smart Society, the Sensing Era and Signal Chain.”

ConFab interview: Ali Sebt advocates switch from On/Off to smart sensing and control

Wed, 6 Jun 2012

Ali Sebt, CEO of Renesas Electronics America, keynoted Day 2 of Solid State Technology’s The ConFab 2012. Here, he discusses the role of inexpensive sensors and microcontrollers in energy savings, in a video interview.

Top automotive MEMS supplier Bosch outgrew sector in 2011

Thu, 6 Jun 2012

Bosch GmbH Automotive Electronics of Germany retained its position as the world’s top supplier of automotive MEMS in 2011, according to an IHS iSuppli Automotive MEMS report.

MEMS-based devices gain market share in fast-growing sensor sector

Tue, 6 Jun 2012

Semiconductor sensor sales will grow 18% in 2012 to a record $5.7 billion, and continue double-digit growth rates and record-high revenues each year through 2016, says IC Insights. MEMS-based devices now account for about 70% of total sensor revenues compared to 54% in 2005.

MEMS oscillators benefit fast-changing, mobile, price-conscious applications

Thu, 6 Jun 2012

MEMS oscillators are poised for steep growth in the next few years, says Semico. MEMS represented only 1.4% of all oscillator and clock generator circuits in 2011, but by the end of 2012, Semico expects to see at least a dozen vendors.

Intel Capital leads Sand 9 funding round, joins Board

Tue, 6 Jun 2012

Timing device maker Sand 9 Inc. raised $23 million in its Series C financing round, led by Intel Capital and with significant participation from Vulcan Capital. Sand 9’s timing devices for wired and wireless applications use MEMS technology to ensure synchronicity and stable operation.

Freescale partners with Movea to demonstrate platform-agnostic sensor fusion

Fri, 6 Jun 2012

Freescale will integrate Movea’s MotionCore motion processing software modules with its ColdFire-based processors, creating an intelligent motion-sensing platform. MotionCore software modules are optimized for mobile, motion-based applications.

Sensors Expo report: MEMS Pre-Conference Symposium

Mon, 6 Jun 2012

Karen Lightman, MEMS Industry Group (MIG), reports on the group's pre-Sensors Expo symposium on MEMS. The coordination of equipment vendors, materials suppliers, foundries, device manufacturers, end-users, and OEMs is "music to her ears."

MEMSCAP (MEMS) frees up EUR2.9M selling non-core stake in INTUISKIN/ICOSMECEUTICALS

Wed, 6 Jun 2012

MEMSCAP (NYSE Euronext:MEMS), provider of micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) based technology, sold its 11.6% stake in INTUISKIN/ICOSMECEUTICALS.

Analyst: Accelerometers in 1/3 of mobile phones in 2010

Fri, 7 Jul 2009
July 9, 2009: Spurred by the two hottest devices -- Apple's iPhone and the Palm Pre -- accelerometers will be shipped in one out of every three phones in 2010, up from out of five phones this year and just one out of 10 phones in 2008, according to a new analysis from iSuppli Corp.

Analyst: What downturn for consumer, wireless MEMS?

Thu, 7 Jul 2009
July 16, 2009: In sharp contrast to the lousy near-term outlook for the broad electronics industry, particularly semiconductors and wireless, the market for MEMS used in consumer electronics is actually seen growing more than 6% this year, according to statistics from iSuppli.

NIST improves microfluidic temperature calibration

Sat, 9 Sep 2009

September 11, 2009:  Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) say they have a new method to improve temperature calibration for microfluidic systems.

NIST: Technique encases molecule in microdroplets

Tue, 9 Sep 2009

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have come up with a way to use microfluidics to generate microdroplets containing single molecules, which could ultimately offer insights into the structure and function of organic materials such as proteins, enzymes, and DNA.

Disposable, monitoring devices spur MEMS pressure sensors in medical electronics

Thu, 11 Nov 2012

Growing use of disposable devices and respiratory monitoring are underpinning growing use of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) used as pressure sensors in medical electronics, according to IHS iSuppli.

A*STAR, SFC Fluidics develop point-of-need traumatic brain injury diagnostic device

Tue, 12 Dec 2012

A*STAR's Institute of Microelectronics (IME) and SFC Fluidics will develop a portable diagnostic tool for rapid triaging of traumatic brain injury (TBI) victims.

MEMS seeing strong growth in military sector

Mon, 12 Dec 2012

Demand for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices, particularly pressure sensors for harsh environments, will grow 20% in 2012 on the way to a 9% CAGR for the next several years.

MEMS are in the mainstream – so what’s next?

Thu, 12 Dec 2012

Mike Rosa, MEMS global product manager at Applied Materials, blogs about recent advances in MEMS, as described at the recent MEMS Executive Congress.  

Low-cost MEMS fabrication using injection molding

Fri, 12 Dec 2012

Researchers in Japan have devised a MEMS fabrication technology using lower-cost production methods of printing and injection molding, enabling MEMS devices to be applied for fields such as lighting -- and producable by firms outside the semiconductor sector.

iSuppli: Auto crisis hits MEMS sensor supply chain

Mon, 3 Mar 2009
March 23, 2009: The current economic crisis is affecting many parts of the global economy - perhaps none more than the automotive sector, where shipments were down by 6% in 2008 and are forecasted to be slashed by 19% in 2009, according to iSuppli.

'Matchmaker' portal matches MEMS customers, partners

Wed, 3 Mar 2009
March 18, 2009: The MEMS Industry Group, a trade association representing the MEMS and microstructures industries, has launched a MEMS Marketplace online "matchmaking" portal that enables MEMS companies to connect with prospective customers and partners.

SiTime introduces 'smallest' MEMS oscillator

Tue, 3 Mar 2009
March 31, 2009: SiTime Corp. claims its new SiT3701 is the world's smallest programmable voltage-controlled MEMS oscillator (VCMO) with the best pull-range linearity.

Apple, Samsung increase MEMS buying in 2011

Mon, 8 Aug 2012

Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. remained the two largest buyers of MEMS devices for consumer and mobile applications in 2011, solidifying their command and expanding their influence over the market, according to IHS.

Attend MEMS Executive Congress: Keynotes on MEMS in our world

Mon, 8 Aug 2012

MEMS Executive Congress 2012 in Scottsdale, AZ, will host keynotes from Ajith Amerasekera, TI Fellow, IEEE Fellow, in Texas Instruments’ Kilby Labs, who will discuss how immersive intelligent systems will change the management of our cities, buildings, personal life, health, transportation, safety and security; and Robert Brunner, founder, creative director and partner, Ammunition, who will explore the critical connection between brand identity and connection to consumers.

MEMS Industry Group plans webinars on fab challenges, applications, more

Wed, 8 Aug 2012

The MEMS Industry Group (MIG) is planning webinars on micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) from packaging challenges to how MEMS can benefit healthcare.

ST opens MEMS design competition up to Singapore

Thu, 8 Aug 2012

Focus on MEMS at SEMICON Taiwan

Mon, 8 Aug 2012

SEMICON Taiwan 2012, held September 5-7, will feature both Taiwan MEMS suppliers and global MEMS elites -- including Asia Pacific Microsystems, Freescale, InvenSense, and STMicroelectronics -- who will discuss innovation in MEMS design, manufacture, packaging, testing and equipment.

How to participate in SensorsCon 2013

Mon, 8 Aug 2012

The second annual SensorsCon 2013, the conference for Sensors Technology, Design and Applications, March 6, 2013, Techmart Center, Santa Clara, CA, is accepting applications for exhibitors, sponsors and speakers.

Silex names sales leader to drive aggressive growth

Tue, 8 Aug 2012

Silex Technology, maker of wired and wireless networking technologies, appointed Joseph Virginia to vice president of sales and a member of the company's executive team.

Attend the MEMS & NANO live seminar program in the UK

Thu, 8 Aug 2012

The MEMS & NANO free 2-day conference, presented by JEMI, Nanotechnology KTN, and MANCEF, will cover advances in MEMS and nanoscale processes for electronics, industrial and biomedical applications.

Analyst: A new player in MEMS timing

Wed, 9 Sep 2012

The recent partnership between Vectron International, Knowles Electronics, and SiTime could create a new force in the emerging market for MEMS timing devices, notes Semico Research

MEMS timing firm Sand 9 lands $3M investment from mobile gear giant Ericsson

Fri, 9 Sep 2012

Sand 9, a Cambridge, MA-based provider of precision MEMS products for wireless and wired applications, has secured a $3M investment from telecommunications giant Ericsson.

CrossFiber lands $13M funding for 3D MEMS photonics switches

Mon, 9 Sep 2012

CrossFiber, a San Diego, CA maker of photonic switches that incorporate MEMS technology, says it has completed the final tranche of a Series D round of funding, which closes totaling $13.4 million.

X-Fab offering MEMS 3D inertial sensor process

Wed, 9 Sep 2012

X-Fab Silicon Foundries has debuted an open-platform MEMS 3D inertial sensor process, what it claims is the first to be made available directly from a high-volume pure-play foundry.

Micro-rheometer, microdevice adsorbtion get nods in Sandia student MEMS design contest

Thu, 9 Sep 2012

A device that measures very thin quantities of liquid, such as the synovial fluid in knee joints, and a device that measures change in mass when a microdevice adsorbs small amounts of material, earned top honors in Sandia National Labs' annual student MEMS design contest.

Industrial magnetic sensors get a boost from green energy

Fri, 10 Oct 2012

The market for semiconductor magnetic sensors used in industrial and medical applications expanded by 6% in 2011 to $118.2 million, with green energy initiatives acting as a major growth driver, according to IHS iSuppli.

Sensirion debuting tiniest humidity/temperature sensor

Mon, 10 Oct 2012

Sensirion AG says it will debut at Electronica 2012 (Nov. 13-16, Munich, Germany) what it says is the world's smallest humidity and temperature sensor: a 2mm × 2mm × 0.8mm in size, based on its CMOSens technology that combines the sensor and signal processing on a single chip.

Ultrabook outlook slashed for 2012-2013, but growth still promising

Thu, 10 Oct 2012

High pricing and ineffective marketing are weighing down expectations for ultrabook demand, but the future's still bright with new models promising new features -- and that's great news for one component sector.

IBM tips microfluidic device for immunodiagnostics

Wed, 11 Nov 2009

Scientists from IBM Research have created a diagnostic test using a silicon-based microfluidic chip to more quickly diagnose diseases, with potential other applications in sensing chemical and bio hazards.

HP: Better MEMS sensors for global monitoring

Thu, 11 Nov 2009

Hewlett-Packard says it has developed a new inertial sensing technology that can be used for digital MEMS accelerometers that are up to 1000× more sensitive than other high-volume products, leading to more effective sensor networks for applications such as infrastructure/geophysical mapping and monitoring.

HP bridges cost/performance gap with new inertial MEMS sensor

Mon, 11 Nov 2009

HP execs David Erickson and Grant Pease give Small Times the skinny on the company's new MEMS sensor technology they say is 1000× more sensitive than current products -- and why applications like bridge monitoring are particularly ripe for implementation.

U-M: Music moves microfluidics

Wed, 7 Jul 2009
July 22, 2009: Scientists at the U. of Michigan have devised a microfluidic device incorporating a pneumatic system that requires no electromechanical valves, instead powered by sound waves. And they show how it works using the school's fight song.

Michigan lab-on-a-chip measures biofilms

Wed, 7 Jul 2009
July 1, 2009: Researchers at the U. of Michigan have developed a microfluidic device that helps analyze the mechanical behavior of biofilms, colonies of bacteria behind most human infectious diseases.

MEMS equipment diffuses into mainstream IC markets, finds ways to improve yields

Mon, 7 Jul 2009
SEMICON WEST PREVIEW: Despite a lousy 2008 and very limited visibility for 2009, suppliers of MEMS equipment see potential in offering new approaches to improve tricky MEMS yields in manufacturing faster, and at lower cost, with solutions for quicker simulation, more practical dry etch, and smarter package inspection.

MEMS improve diverse range of end-market applications

Tue, 4 Apr 2012

The innaugural MEMS Industry Group (MIG) MEMS Executive Congress Europe, held in March in Zurich, included keynotes on automotive, healthcare, and consumer MEMS applications.

Sensor fusion enables "connected, intelligent devices," says Maxim (MXIM) exec

Tue, 4 Apr 2012

Combining sensors with analog technology to enable sensor fusion will create intelligent devices for automotive, consumer, and industrial markets, said Vijay Ullal at Maxim Integrated Products (MXIM).

Photonic MEMS switch maker CALIENT names engineering head

Wed, 4 Apr 2012

CALIENT Technologies Inc. promoted Jitender K. Miglani to vice president of engineering, reporting to Gregory Koss, chief development officer.

ST MEMS revenues nearly double with Apple in customer roster

Thu, 4 Apr 2012

IHS iSuppli Research reveals the top 10 consumer and mobile MEMS suppliers by revenue for 2011. STMicroelectronics outsold its competition thanks in part to Apple, which made up about half of STM's revenues for the sector.

Tegal focuses MEMS and semiconductor experience on healthcare technologies

Wed, 4 Apr 2012

Tegal Corporation (TGAL) formed a partnership with HealthTech Capital (HTC), an investing group for emerging healthcare technology in Silicon Valley.

MOEMS grow with new applications in displays

Fri, 4 Apr 2012

The market for MOEMS is poised for exponential growth, reports Semico. MEMS devices are established in projection applications, and MEMS for direct view displays are emerging.

Telcordia qualifies MEMSCAP MEMS VOA to 2 passive optical component standards

Fri, 4 Apr 2012

MEMSCAP qualified its high-voltage electrostatic MEMS variable optical attenuator (VOA) with Telcordia standards GR-1209 and GR-1221 for passive optical components.

Audio Pixels moves to OTCQX as ADPXY

Tue, 4 Apr 2012

Merriman Capital, Inc. will serve as the Principal American Liaison for Audio Pixels Holdings Limited (OTCQX:ADPXY, ASX) as it is now trading on the OTC market's highest tier, OTCQX.

100 millionth MEMS device ships from SiTime

Mon, 4 Apr 2012

SiTime Corporation has shipped 100 million units of its MEMS devices, including oscillators, clock generators and resonators.

4 billion MEMS sensors to enable augmented reality location services by 2016

Mon, 4 Apr 2012

Mobile augmented reality and location-based services will be powered by more than 4 billion MEMS sensor devices by 2016, reports Juniper Research. However, unit prices for MEMS devices are declining rapidly, reaching a lowest possible price point over the medium term in the next few years.

ST brings MEMS microphones to distant-speech research project

Wed, 5 May 2012

STMicroelectronics will bring its MEMS microphone and audio processing expertise to the European research project, Distant Speech Interaction for Robust Home Applications (DIRHA).

Micropelt raises EUR6.5M for wafer-based energy harvesting technology

Thu, 5 May 2012

Micropelt has raised EUR6.5 million for the roll-out and global expansion of its thin-film thermoelectric energy harvesting technology: EUR5 million by Ludgate Environmental Fund (LEF); EUR1 million from the MUCAP; and EUR0.5 million by the existing shareholders IBG/Goodvent, KfW, L-Bank and SHS.

NASA funds Phase II of MEMS-based exoplanet imaging improvement project

Mon, 5 May 2012

Boston Micromachines Corporation won a Phase II contract for $750,000 from NASA's SBIR to support its Exoplanet Exploration program. Phase II covers reliability in the harsh environment of space.

ST’s MEMS revenues jump 82% in 2011, but TI holds onto #1 spot

Wed, 5 May 2012

The top 3 MEMS manufacturers by revenue -- Texas Instruments, Hewlett Packard, and Bosch -- fought for market share in 2011, but #4, STMicroelectronics, experienced the biggest revenue jump year-to-year.

Sensory Swarms and MEMS roadmaps on docket at MEPTEC MEMS Technology Symposium

Thu, 5 May 2012

MEPTEC will host its 10th Annual MEMS Technology Symposium in San Jose, CA. Keynotes cover “sensory swarms” and motion interfaces, and sessions will cover MEMS roadmaps; design, manufacturing, and test of MEMS; MEMS architectures and uses, and more.

IDT eliminates crystals in high-performance MEMS oscillators

Fri, 5 May 2012

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT), introduced a piezoelectric MEMS resonator technology that does not use crystals. IDT has branded the components CrystalFree pMEMS (piezoelectric MEMS).

Guide to MEMS at SEMICON West 2012

Thu, 6 Jun 2012

Paula Doe, SEMI Emerging Markets, shares the annual guide for navigating the MEMS events at SEMICON West, July 10-12 at Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA.

ST opens sensors and electronics lab with China's Harbin Institute of Technology

Mon, 7 Jul 2012

STMicroelectronics (NYSE:STM) partnered with China’s Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) to open a joint laboratory researching electronics.

MEMS to top $20 billion in 5 years, with double-digit growth

Fri, 7 Jul 2012

MEMS will continue to see steady, sustainable, double-digit growth for the next 6 years, with 20% compound average annual growth in units and 13% growth in revenues, to become a $21 billion market by 2017, according to Yole.

Sweden funds high-tech MEMS-based gas sensing research

Wed, 7 Jul 2012

Sweden funds high-tech MEMS-based gas sensing research

Wed, 7 Jul 2012

Energy harvesting in a MEMS form factor could power new applications

Mon, 7 Jul 2012

Low-volume MEMS-based energy harvesters are currently available. The price for a MEMS-based technology is still too high for most large-volume applications. If energy harvesting can be scaled down to the MEMS form factor, it would not only add to the existing energy harvester sector, but open new applications, says Semico.

MEMS oscillators: Better alternative to crystal oscillators?

Tue, 7 Jul 2012

Harmeet Bhugra, Integrated Device Technology Inc., shares the benefits that MEMS technology can bring to a product -- oscillators -- that has been around since the early 19th century. Bhugra delineates the features of piezoelectric MEMS.

Sensor Platforms’ sensor fusion library supports major mobile microprocessors

Thu, 7 Jul 2012

Sensor Platforms' FreeMotion library of software algorithms and middleware for sensor fusion now supports all major mobile microprocessors. The library already supports all sensors used in smartphones and tablets.

ST expects MEMS growth in Q3, but cuts 2012 capex

Wed, 7 Jul 2012

In reporting its Q2 and H1 2012 results, STMicroelectronics (ST, NYSE:STM) said it will reduce its 2012 capex plan by about 25%, down to $500 million to $600 million.

Qualcomm scales back MEMS-based Mirasol display venture

Wed, 7 Jul 2012

Qualcomm will scale back its mirasol display technology, which uses interferometric modulation, a MEMS-based technology capable of creating color from ambient reflected light. Qualcomm will scale Mirasol back into a limited set of products, and will look to license it to industry partners.

Dolomite develops plug-and-play microfluidics suite with UK SMART award

Mon, 7 Jul 2012

Dolomite has been awarded a SMART grant from the UK government to develop a plug-and-play microfluidic system, bringing microfluidics to a wider market and increasing research lab productivity.

Knowles, Vectron partner with SiTime to grow MEMS timing devices

Thu, 8 Aug 2012

Vectron International and Knowles Electronics entered into a strategic partnership with SiTime Corporation, aiming to grow MEMS timing components in the frequency control products market.

Is the smartphone pico projector finally getting its big break?

Thu, 8 Aug 2012

Pico projectors, projector modules that can be integrated into cell phones, have had huge market potential for many years. Samsung has now begun shipping the Galaxy Beam projector phone in the UK, using Texas Instruments' DLP Pico projector technology.

ST acquires pico projector start-up bTendo following collaboration

Mon, 8 Aug 2012

STMicroelectronics (NYSE:STM) acquired the IP of start-up bTendo, following a joint development effort with the laser projection technology company.

System architecture + anthropology = Better sensor algorithms

Tue, 8 Aug 2012

Ian Chen, Sensor Platforms Inc., discusses the role of sensors in smart devices, evolving from pure metrological instruments to context-aware user assistance devices. Key points include sensor fusion with data input and algorithms, and power consumption control.

GII offers 3 Yole reports on MEMS applications and growth trends

Wed, 8 Aug 2012

The global market for MEMS tripled from 2009 to 2011. MEMS will continue to see steady, sustainable double-digit growth for the next six years, with 20% compound average annual growth in units and 13% growth in revenues, to become a $21 billion market by 2017.

Fraunhofer fabs optoelectronic LDPD on CMOS image sensors for low light

Wed, 1 Jan 2012

Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems IMS researchers developed a new optoelectronic component for low-light CMOS image sensor applications.

RF MEMS tuned for growth, shows smartphone win

Mon, 1 Jan 2012

The new Samsung Focus Flash Windows smartphone includes a WiSpry RF MEMS device, starting off a 200x expansion of the RF MEMS industry through 2015, the analyst firm predicts.

WiSpry RF MEMS enables major handset

Wed, 1 Jan 2012

WiSpry Inc. confirmed that its technology is used in the first mass-produced RF-MEMS-enabled handset. WiSpry's antenna tuner extends usable bandwidth for small form-factor antennas, dynamically compensates for user interference, and lowers energy usage.

Energy harvesting powers up commercialization in 2012

Mon, 1 Jan 2012

The analysts at IDTechEx look at the year past and the year ahead for energy harvesting devices, such as rising power in piezoelectric harvesters, and new energy harvester products.

MEMS microphones make noise in 2012

Tue, 1 Jan 2012

MEMS microphones will find continued strong implementation in phones, laptops, and tablets in the future, shows Jeremie Bouchaud, IHS, sharing shipment and revenue forecasts through 2015.

IBM fabs microfluidic probe on silicon for tissue staining apps

Tue, 1 Jan 2012

IBM scientists have developed a flexible, non-contact, silicon microfluidic probe to accurately stain tissue sections at the micrometer scale for drug discovery and disease diagnostics research.

Apple buys most MEMS microphones in 2011: First time atop the rankings

Wed, 1 Jan 2012

In 2011, Apple Inc. became the world’s largest purchaser of MEMS microphones, passing Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. Apple’s share of MEMS buying amounted to 27% for the year, compared to 20% for Samsung.

MEMS panel, tablet teardown, smart grid talk highlights of upcoming Sensors in Design

Thu, 1 Jan 2012

Sensors in Design 2012 takes place March 28-29 in San Jose, CA. With speakers from Texas Instruments and Intel, InvenSense, Analog Devices, and more, the event is designed for attendees to better understand sensor technologies and their applications.

Texas Instruments (TI) debuts DLP evaluation module

Mon, 1 Jan 2012

Texas Instruments (TI, NASDAQ:TXN) DLP Products released DLP LightCrafter, an advanced, compact evaluation module for TI's spatial light steering DLP technology. The evaluation kit is built around the reference design for TI’s 0.3" WVGA resolution DLP chipset.

Nanomechanical loudspeaker could detect faint electrical signals

Thu, 1 Jan 2012

The JQI, the Neils Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, and Harvard University researchers developed a theoretical method for detecting weak electrical signals, using a nanomechanical "loudspeaker" and laser-based photon signals.

imec engineers bio-compatible silicon photonics sensors

Fri, 1 Jan 2012

Genalyte developed and produced a set of disposable silicon photonics biosensor chips with research body imec, for use in its diagnostic and molecular detection equipment. The chips use imec’s standard silicon photonic waveguide devices, modified for bio-compatibility.

Implantable MEMS sensor gets jiggy with self-powering design

Fri, 1 Jan 2012

Straight outta Purdue University, a miniaturized implantable medical micro electro mechanical (MEMS) pressure sensor chip can be recharged with the block-rockin beats -- acoustic waves -- of rap music.

Large-wafer MEMS thermopile production brings IR detectors to new applications

Mon, 3 Mar 2012

New MEMS thermopile players and applications are boosting market growth for infrared (IR) detectors, finds Yole Développement.

Tour MEMS lines and clinical bio-MEMS research labs in Grenoble

Tue, 3 Mar 2012

AEPI and CEA-Leti will co-host a site visit to CEA-Leti and other facilities on the MINATEC campus, Grenoble, following MEMS Executive Congress Europe on March 23.

MEMSCAP ships 1M MEMS-based thermally actuated VOA

Wed, 3 Mar 2012

MEMSCAP (Paris:MEMS), provider of MEMS based products, topped 1 million units shipped of its Thermally Actuated Variable Optical Attenuator chips.

Amplifier IC enables purely electronic nanopore measurement

Mon, 3 Mar 2012

Columbia Engineering and University of Pennsylvania researchers developed a way measure nanopores with less error, designing a custom IC using commercial semiconductor technology and building the nanopore measurement around the new amplifier chip.

Advantest manufactures piezoelectric MEMS for semiconductor testing

Mon, 3 Mar 2012

Advantest Corporation began producing MEMS relays for semiconductor testing equipment, high-speed communications devices, HF wave measurement equipment and their components.

SensorsCon highlights: MEMS in the Internet of Things, networks, and camera pills

Thu, 3 Mar 2012

Blogger Michael A. Fury, Techcet Group, shares presentations from SensorsCon 2012, covering MEMS applications in wireless sensor networks and personal devices, and other sensor developments.

Optoelectronics, sensors, and discretes saw record year in 2011, beat IC growth

Wed, 3 Mar 2012

Strong demand for MEMS sensors, CMOS image sensors, LEDs, fiber-optic laser transmitters, and power transistors enabled the OSD semiconductors market to grow by 8% in 2011, hitting a new record revenue and beating out the overall IC market, according to IC Insights.

MEMS to see higher penetration in diverse applications through 2017

Fri, 3 Mar 2012

The global MEMS devices market will hit $11.3 billion by 2017, according to Global Industry Analysts Inc. (GIA). Manufacturing advances and economies of scale will help bring MEMS to more applications, and increase penetration in these markets.

Motion control software releases from Hillcrest Labs, Sensor Platforms signal rise of sensor fusion

Mon, 3 Mar 2012

Hillcrest Labs made its Freespace motion control technology available to smartphone and tablet manufacturers, extending the product's reach beyond Smart TV, video game, and PC industries. Sensor Platforms Inc. debuted its sensor fusion software, FreeMotion, for this sector as well.

Digital MEMS microphones to overtake analog

Wed, 3 Mar 2012

Digital MEMS microphones see widespread use in mass-market consumer electronics, pushing revenues high enough to overtake the analog segment by 2013.

RF tunability gains acceptance in flagship products

Thu, 3 Mar 2012

Tunability is a hot new topic for radio frequency (RF) front-end modules, shows Yole Développement's report, "RF filters, PAs, Antenna Switches & Tunability for Cellular Handsets."

Movea joins fabless semiconductor company on motion-enabled remote control designs

Fri, 3 Mar 2012

Movea formed a technology partnership with Nordic Semiconductor to develop motion-enabled 2.4GHz RF remote control reference designs.

Murata closes VTI buy

Tue, 1 Jan 2012

Murata completed its acquisition of VTI Technologies Oy. VTI's core micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) technology will enable smaller, more accurate, more reliable, lower-power devices, Murata noted.

Automotive MEMS grew 16% in 2011

Wed, 2 Feb 2012

The market for automotive MEMS expanded after natural disasters in Japan and Thailand last year, with car electronic systems makers seeking to expand their supply chains to mitigate risk. Auto MEMS revenue in 2011 amounted to $2.2 billion.

Tessera expects MEMS optics design win in smartphones early in 2012

Wed, 2 Feb 2012

Tessera Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:TSRA) expects a mobile phone design win for its MEMS optical imaging technology in H1 2012, reported Robert A. Young, president and CEO.

MEMS supplier Si-Ware Systems launches US subsidiary

Wed, 2 Feb 2012

Si-Ware Systems (SWS) launched a US subsidiary, Si-Ware Systems Inc. Scott Smyser, a new EVP for worldwide marketing and business development, will manage the US business.

Colibrys relocates to new premises with $10M investment

Thu, 2 Feb 2012

MEMS maker Colibrys SA will relocate locally, to the Y-Parc at Yverdon-les-Bains, Canton Vaud, Switzerland. The new location will enable Colibrys to branch out into new application sectors.

mPhase courts $2M+ investment

Fri, 2 Feb 2012

mPhase Technologies is in negotiations with an undisclosed private equity group, which could invest at least $2 million in mPhase. The investment would come with a new board me

CMOS image sensors keep pushing CCDs out of the picture

Mon, 2 Feb 2012

CMOS image sensors in 2011 continued to push CCD sensors into a smaller, isolated section of the market. CMOS image sensors are growing on use in mobile electronics and emerging applications, shows analyst firm IHS, and will find more adoption as back-side illumination costs come down.

Konica Minolta moves to MEMS for OLED-printing inkjet head

Tue, 2 Feb 2012

In the company's first use of MEMS technology, Konica Minolta developed the KM128SNG-MB high-precision inkjet printhead for manufacturing printed electronics.

Droplet merger microfluidic chip enables massively parallel single-cell genetic analysis

Wed, 2 Feb 2012

Dolomite and GigaGen are collaborating on a novel Droplet Merger Chip for massively parallel single cell genetic analysis. The 15 x 22.5mm glass microfluidic chip merges 2 droplet streams consistently and quickly.

ISSYS, U-M awarded $1.5M NIH grant to develop pediatric cardiac miniature implants

Thu, 2 Feb 2012

MEMS maker ISSYS and the University of Michigan (U-M) received a $1.5M National Institute of Health grant, "Novel Micro-Implant To Measure Intracardiac Pressure In Congenital Heart Patients."

Texas Instruments MEMS imaging for new markets

Mon, 2 Feb 2012

Mariquita Gordon from Texas Instruments discusses the company's MEMS-based DLP technology. In its 4th-gen embedded DLP evalution module, the LightCrafter, TI is opening up the applications space to new imaging markets, such as security, dentistry, and more.

MEMS for mobile electronics: Current and future devices to bring $6B+ by 2016

Wed, 2 Feb 2012

Annual revenues generated by micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) devices built into mobile devices -- including sensors, audio, displays and RF -- will exceed $6 billion by 2016, shows Juniper Research.

MEMS oscillators occupy 1% of timing market, but lure more makers

Wed, 2 Feb 2012

MEMS oscillators represent <1% of the total ($6.3b) timing market, but that hasn't stopped new makers from entering the MEMS oscillator market, with even more on their way, says Semico.

Xsens sensor fusion software ready for motion sensing in consumer electronics

Tue, 2 Feb 2012

Xsens introduced a suite of sensor fusion software for smartphones, media tablets and other mobile devices.

Gyroscope MEMS depose accelerometers in 2011 revenues

Thu, 3 Mar 2012

Gyroscopes generated more revenues in 2011 than any other consumer/mobile MEMS, the first time gyroscopes topped accelerometers, reports IHS.

MEMS foundry Tronics Microsystems claims revenue growth of 56%

Tue, 4 Apr 2008
Tronics Microsystems, the MEMS foundry that stirred controversy last Fall when it claimed that its profitability "validates the pure-play MEMS foundry model," now says it has achieved a 56% increase in annual revenue, to 10.5 million Euros ($15.4 million), in its fiscal year ended Dec. 31, 2007. The company's net profit represents 12% of total revenue.

QuickfilterPro 2.2 enables fast filter creation for microsystems developers

Mon, 4 Apr 2008
Quickfilter Technologies' QuickfilterPro 2.20 software, companion to the company's QF1D512 SavFIRe programmable filter chip, aims to help MEMS/microsystems designers quickly and easily add precision digital filtering to applications.

Discera claims MEMS oscillator "industry first" with Digi-Key worldwide distribution

Wed, 4 Apr 2008
Discera, Inc.'s MEMS resonators are now available to manufacturers in more than 140 countries through Digi-Key Corp., a leading electronics distributor. The wide availability of Discera's MEMS products, which replace traditional quartz crystal devices, is a milestone that the company was able to achieve through its relationship with OEM partner Abracon. Small Times' editor in chief Barbara Goode explains.

MEMS accelerometer wave approaching, says ABI

Tue, 4 Apr 2008
The Nintendo Wii's motion-sensing remote control and the Apple iPhone's self-orienting display represent the advance wave of what will be a rising tide of new and innovative uses for MEMS accelerometers, according to ABI Research.

Silicon MEMs microphones hit headwind in 2007

Mon, 3 Mar 2008
Silicon MEMS microphone installations, which doubled between 2005 and 2006 to reach 20% of mobile phones manufactured, stalled in 2007, according to The Information Network (TIN).

Researchers develop low-cost microfluidic diagnostic chip

Fri, 12 Dec 2008
December 12, 2008: Using a combination of paper and double-sided adhesive tape, Harvard University researchers have designed a microfluidic analytical device that could be used as a cost-effective and safe method to diagnose disease in developing countries.

iPhone mania boosts MEMS market, says iSuppli

Tue, 12 Dec 2008
December 16, 2008: The success of Apple Inc.'s iPhone is spurring competitors to offer products with comparable features, fueling a sales boom for MEMS accelerometers used to detect motion in smart phones, according to the market research firm iSuppli Corp.

Tiny Akustica MEMS microphone is now digital

Tue, 11 Nov 2008
November 18, 2008: Akustica Inc. says its latest generation of digital microphones, the AKU2002C, improves voice quality in notebook computers and other consumer-electronic devices.

Epson Toyocom develops QMEMS-based atmospheric pressure sensor

Tue, 11 Nov 2008
November 25, 2008: Epson Toyocom Corp.'s US-based timing products division has developed an extremely small, high-performance quartz crystal atmospheric pressure sensor that employs an original pressure-sensing structure using QMEMS technology, fabricated on quartz for better stability and accuracy.

Freescale unveils MEMS sensors for handheld devices

Mon, 11 Nov 2008
November 3, 2008: Freescale Semiconductor has introduced two MEMS-based 3-axis digital accelerometers to help mobile device developers meet the demand for sleeker, more sophisticated portable electronics products.

Boston Micromachines touts deformable mirrors for astro R&D

Thu, 12 Dec 2008
December 11, 2008 Boston Micromachines Corp. (BMC) says its deformable mirrors are being widely used by leading astronomers around the world in the historic search for new galaxies and extra-solar planets.

MEMS pioneer Petersen joins APM foundry's technical advisory board

Tue, 5 May 2008
Taiwan-based Asia Pacific Microsystems (APM), an independent MEMS foundry service provider, says that MEMS pioneer Dr. Kurt Petersen has joined its technical advisory board. Petersen, who co-founded SiTime, Cepheid, and NovaSensor, will advise APM on its 8-inch transition strategy, advanced technology roadmap, new MEMS applications, and new partnership opportunities.

MEMS gyro maker InvenSense secures $19 million Series C funding

Fri, 5 May 2008
InvenSense, Inc., provider of MEMS-based motion sensors for mobile consumer applications, says it has secured $19 million dollars in Series C venture capital financing. InvenSense will use the funding to expand sales to support new customers and introduce "the world's first integrated motion sensing solutions based on multi-axis [MEMS] gyroscopes and accelerometers with embedded intelligence."

MEMS development/prototype service company, Silicon Resources, appoints director

Thu, 5 May 2008
Silicon Resources LLC, a microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) development and prototype company based in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area, has appointed Christopher Campbell as Business Director. According to Frank DiPiazza, Founder and Technical Director of the company -- a service provider for companies designing MEMS -- said, "His unique skills will allow us to accelerate our forward momentum."

TU Dresden orders Pegasus system from STS

Wed, 3 Mar 2008
Surface Technology Systems plc (STS), which deals with plasma process technologies required in the manufacturing and packaging of MEMS and advanced electronic devices, has sold a Pegasus Deep Reactive Ion Etch (DRIE) tool to the Institut für Halbleiter- und Mikrosystemtechnik (IHM, or Semiconductor & Microsystems Technology Laboratory).

MEMS timing taking off, says WTC

Wed, 4 Apr 2008
MEMS-based oscillators are at last beginning to leave the shelves in quantity, says German technology analyst firm Wicht Technologie Consulting (WTC), which was recently acquired by market-research rival iSuppli.

Mobius Microsystems debuts all-CMOS oscillator to replace quartz, MEMS

Wed, 4 Apr 2008
Mobius Microsystems, Inc. has introduced what it calls "the world's most accurate, monolithic, all-CMOS frequency generators." Mobius hopes its products will displace quartz crystals, which have been the industry standard for decades, plus newer MEMS-based devices -- as Small Times' Barbara Goode reports.

CrossFiber buys assets of MEMS photonic switch maker OMM

Thu, 9 Sep 2012

CrossFiber, a San Diego, CA maker of photonic switches that incorporate microelectromechanical system (MEMS) technology, has acquired substantially all the assets of 2D MEMS switch firm OMM.

Antenna-on-a-chip promises faster light processing with silicon photonics

Mon, 11 Nov 2012

Researchers from Rice U. say they have developed a micron-scale spatial light modulator (SLM) built on SOI that runs orders-of-magnitude faster than its siblings used in sensing and imaging devices.

STMicroelectronics and Movea collaborate to bring ultra-low-power, context-aware motion-recognition platform

Fri, 9 Sep 2013
STMicroelectronics and Movea today announced their agreement to integrate Movea’s SmartMotion technology into the STM32F401 microcontroller operating as a low-power sensor-hub controller.

Cisco awards STMicroelectronics Excellence in Sustainability award

Tue, 10 Oct 2013
STMicroelectronics today announced that it has received the 2013 Excellence in Sustainability Award from Cisco.

MEMS accelerometer from STMicroelectronics part of newly-launched brain sentry impact sensor

Mon, 9 Sep 2013
Practical impact sensor identifies players who have received hits to the head and should be further evaluated for possible concussion.

FREE WEBCAST: Lens Tilt in Small Auto-Focus Cameras

Wed, 10 Oct 2011

This webinar will provide an introduction to miniature auto-focus camera technology and voice coil motors.

PVD Solutions for Next Generation MEMS and Sensors

Mon, 3 Mar 2012

As the industry is incorporating more MEMS devices with integrated magnetic sensors, they are encountering challenges that cannot be overcome with existing toolsets.  The deposition and magnetic alignment of these materials are critical for proper device performance and require special hardware configurations and process optimization.  

With carbon nanotubes, a path to flexible, low-cost sensors

Wed, 9 Sep 2013
Researchers at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM) are showing the way toward low-cost, industrial-scale manufacturing of a new family of electronic devices.

All ST’s front-end manufacturing sites achieves ISO 50001 energy-management certification

Tue, 10 Oct 2013
STMicroelectronics this week has announced that all six of its front-end manufacturing sites have achieved certification to the latest, most stringent ISO 50001 energy-management standard.

Renesas introduces R-Car M2 automotive SoC with increased performance

Thu, 9 Sep 2013
Renesas Electronics Corporation today announced the availability of the R-Car M2 automotive Systems-on-Chip (SoC), designed to address growing integrated dashboard and information device market demands.

Method developed at UT Arlington allows quantitative nanoscopic imaging through silicon

Wed, 10 Oct 2013
A team of scientists from The University of Texas at Arlington and MIT has figured out how to quantitatively observe cellular processes taking place on so-called “lab on a chip” devices in a silicon environment.

CU, MIT breakthrough in photonics could lead to faster electronics

Wed, 10 Oct 2013
A pair of breakthroughs in the field of silicon photonics by researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Micron Technology Inc. could allow for the trajectory of exponential improvement in microprocessors that began nearly half a century ago—known as Moore's Law—to continue well into the future, allowing for increasingly faster electronics, from supercomputers to laptops to smartphones.

From smart cars to smart cities: Shaping the future of microelectronics at ITPC 2013

Wed, 10 Oct 2013
Experts in aerospace, automotive, mobile communications, Smart Cities and more join semiconductor leaders to shape the future of microelectronics at the International Technology Partners Conference (ITPC), to be held in Maui, Hawaii, on November 10-13.

InvenSense opens Korean design center

Wed, 10 Oct 2013
InvenSense, Inc., the provider of MotionTracking system on chip devices, announced the opening of a new design center in Seoul, Korea.

STMicroelectronics receives Innovation Management Award for chip manufacturing tech

Wed, 10 Oct 2013
STMicroelectronics announced on Tuesday it has won a prestigious BearingPoint Innovation Management Award for its FD-SOI technology in the "Innovation Ecosystem" category.

Intermolecular and Russian nanocenter sign joint development agreement

Fri, 10 Oct 2013
Intermolecular, Inc. and RUSNANO, the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, today announced the signing of a joint development agreement between Intermolecular and Ulnanotech, the leading Russian Federation nanocenter based in Ulyanovsk.

MEMS is still on a dynamic growth path, targeting USD 22.5 billion in 2018

Tue, 8 Aug 2013

In 2012, the IC industry saw a two percent decline, but Yole Développement's research reveals the MEMS sector managed another 10 percent growth to become an $11B business.

InvenSense announces headquarters relocation

Fri, 8 Aug 2013

InvenSense, Inc., a provider of MotionTracking system on chip devices, is relocating its headquarters to 1745 Technology Drive, San Jose, California.

Nanotechnology battery design gets boost from aligned carbon nanotubes

Wed, 8 Aug 2013

Researchers at North Carolina State University have created a new flexible nano-scaffold for rechargeable lithium ion batteries that could help make cell phone and electric car batteries last longer.

Nanosensors could aid drug manufacturing

Mon, 8 Aug 2013

Chemical engineers find that arrays of carbon nanotubes can detect flaws in drugs and help improve production.

New sensor puts robot vision within reach

Fri, 8 Aug 2013

Pixy is a small camera about half the size of a business card that can detect objects that you "train" it to detect.

SOCRATE Project focuses on miniature antennas with super-directivity radiation properties

Mon, 7 Jul 2013

CEA-Leti said today that it and three partners in the SOCRATE project are developing innovative concepts to significantly improve the directivity of electrically small antennas.

CEA-Leti receives 1M euro in funding from bpifrance

Wed, 7 Jul 2013

CEA-Leti announced today €1 million in funding from bpifrance to accelerate preclinical development of a liver-cancer detection system called LipImage 815.

Micralyne and Adament to develop MEMS-based fiber-optic subsystems

Wed, 7 Jul 2013

Companies announce alliance to bring high-performance sensors to market.

European-Japanese collaboration focuses on ‘Cloud of Things’ to support smart cities

Tue, 7 Jul 2013

CEA-Leti today announced that a group of European and Japanese companies, research institutes, universities and cities will work together in the ClouT project to deliver ways for cities to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing – to become smart cities.

Driven by Apple and Samsung, light sensors achieve double-digit revenue growth

Tue, 7 Jul 2013

Light and proximity sensors in mobile handsets and tablets are set for expansive double-digit growth within a five-year period, thanks to increasing usage by electronic giants Samsung and Apple.

MEMS New Product Development: The importance of product validation

Wed, 7 Jul 2013

Product validation is an essential part of all successful MEMS new product developments. It is the process of testing products under various environmental, mechanical or electrical conditions to simulate life in an accelerated manner.

New NIST nanoscale indenter takes novel approach to measuring surface properties

Thu, 7 Jul 2013

Researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the University of North Carolina have demonstrated a new design for an instrument, a "instrumented nanoscale indenter," that makes sensitive measurements of the mechanical properties of thin films -- ranging from auto body coatings to microelectronic devices -- and biomaterials.

MediaTek introduces tablet SoC

Mon, 7 Jul 2013

MediaTek Inc., a  fabless semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions, today announced its breakthrough MT8135 system-on-chip (SoC) for high-end tablets.

Sand 9 launches new MEMS timing products

Tue, 9 Sep 2013
Sand 9, Inc. today announced the first MEMS timing products specifically designed to meet the stringent performance, cost, size and reliability requirements of high-volume mobile applications

Next level of MEMS industry development to be examined at SEMICON Europa

Thu, 9 Sep 2013
Driven by value-creating applications in mobile phones, automotive, displays and other systems, the global MEMS industry has grown to over $11 billion in 2012, a 10 percent compound annual average growth rate since 2008.

STMicroelectronics and X2 Biosystems celebrate shipment of 5,000th concussion sensor system

Fri, 9 Sep 2013
As millions of fall sports participants take to the field to kick off the 2013 sports season, players in a wide range of activities are wearing electronic head-impact monitoring patches developed by X2 Biosystems with advanced technology from STMicroelectronics.

Tailored gyroscopes from STMicroelectronics target shake-free images on mobiles and cameras

Tue, 9 Sep 2013
STMicroelectronics has introduced a new family of gyroscopes specifically optimized for optical image stabilization in smartphones and digital still cameras.

New Intel CEO, president talk product plans and future of computing

Tue, 9 Sep 2013
From data centers to ultra-mobile devices such as tablets, phones and wearables, computing segments are undergoing exciting and even game-changing transitions, said new Intel CEO Brian Krzanich during today’s opening session of the Intel Developer Forum.

Bruker announces acquisition of Prairie Technologies

Fri, 9 Sep 2013
Bruker Corporation today announced that it has acquired Prairie Technologies, Inc. (Prairie), a provider of life science fluorescence microscopy products.

Sensors market for automotive applications worth $33.59 billion by 2022

Wed, 9 Sep 2013
The total automotive sensor market is expected to reach $33.59 billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 7.8 percent.

STMicroelectronics chip controls Pebble Smartwatch

Wed, 9 Sep 2013
STMicroelectronics announced this week that its STM32 microcontroller is the brain controlling the innovative Pebble Smartwatch for iPhone and Android.

MEMS Technology Showcase finalists highlight “MEMS Inside the Machine”

Thu, 10 Oct 2013
MEMS Technology Showcase will give MEMS Executive Congress US attendees an intimate look at some of the most unique and inspiring MEMS-enabled applications in the business. After a competitive application process, MEMS Industry Group (MIG) has selected five finalists that show how MEMS enhances the consumer experience, highlighting the “MEMS inside the machine.”

Next-generation Leti magnetometers on board Swarm satellites

Fri, 11 Nov 2013
CEA-Leti’s next-generation magnetometer technology was launched into space today on board the European Space Agency’s three Swarm satellites to collect unprecedented detail about the Earth’s magnetic field.

EU project to industrialize world record high-density capacitors

Wed, 10 Oct 2013
CEA-Leti, Fraunhofer IPMS-CNT and three European companies have launched a two-year project to industrialize 3D integrated capacitors with world-record density using atomic layer deposition.

SRC launches synthetic biology research for novel semiconductor applications

Wed, 10 Oct 2013
Research at six universities including MIT, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Yale, Georgia Tech, Brigham Young and Washington

Imec and John Hopkins University team to expand healthcare applications for silicon nanotech

Thu, 10 Oct 2013
Researchers and physicians at Johns Hopkins University will collaborate with the nanoelectronics R&D center imec to advance silicon applications in healthcare, beginning with development of a device to enable a broad range of clinical tests.

EV Group ships lithography system to Micronit for lab-on-chip MEMS device production

Mon, 10 Oct 2013
EV Group (EVG), a supplier of wafer bonding and lithography equipment for the MEMS, nanotechnology and semiconductor markets, today announced that it has delivered an EVG 6200 semi-automated mask alignment system to Micronit, a manufacturer of lab-on-a-chip products used in life sciences applications, such as molecular diagnostics and point-of-care, as well as micro-processed glass substrates for MEMS applications.

InvenSense introduces first MotionTracking SoC for Google's KitKat 4.4

Fri, 11 Nov 2013
InvenSense, Inc., the provider of MotionTracking system on chip devices, announced the 6-axis MPU-6515 MEMS SoC .

New techniques produce cleanest graphene yet

Fri, 11 Nov 2013
Columbia Engineers develop new device architecture for 2D materials, making electrical contact from the 1D edge.

SUNY Nanocollege and Albany Law School partner to create nanotech education program

Tue, 11 Nov 2013
‘Ecosystem for Nanotechnology, Entrepreneurship and Law’ (eNTEL) will provide unmatched student experience as launch pad for development of startup companies and attraction of business investment.

Toshiba starts shipments of CMOS image sensor for automotive view cameras

Mon, 11 Nov 2013
Toshiba Corporation today announced that started sample shipments of a VGA, 1/4 inch CMOS image sensor, “TCM5126GBA,” for automotive view cameras.

MIG honors STMicroelectronics with three different awards

Mon, 11 Nov 2013
STMicroelectronics has been selected by MEMS Industry Group and affiliated voters as the Company of the Year for its continuing success in growing its MEMS business, expanding its product line, and demonstrating industry leadership and vision.

Annual MEMS Executive Conference shows why MEMS is growing 2x faster than semiconductors

Fri, 11 Nov 2013
MEMS Industry Group (MIG)'s MEMS Executive Congress -- held November 7-8, 2013 in Napa, CA -- showed why the MEMS industry is outpacing the semiconductor industry, in both growth and innovation.

Will MEMS applications be the driver for future growth of thin film PZT?

Thu, 11 Nov 2013
In September 2013, EPSON announced its next generation inkjet technology, PrecisionCore, introducing for the first time MEMS inkjet heads manufactured with thin film PZT technology. This announcement has been highly publicized: first, thin film PZT MEMS applications are now on the market, proving the reliability and maturity of this technology. Second, more inkjet head players will soon follow.

STMicroelectronics boosts safety, reliability and efficiency of industrial-automation systems

Thu, 11 Nov 2013
STMicroelectronics announced that it is launching its new ISO8200B, an innovative isolated power switch that enables smaller, more robust and energy-efficient controllers for industrial automation equipment.

Open-Silicon and GLOBALFOUNDRIES demonstrate custom 28nm SoC using 2.5D technology

Thu, 11 Nov 2013
Open-Silicon, Inc., and GLOBALFOUNDRIES today announced the industry’s first demonstration of a functional system-on-chip (SoC) solution featuring two 28nm logic chips, with embedded ARM processors, connected across a 2.5D silicon interposer.

Unraveling the mind-body connection with power-efficient IC chip

Fri, 11 Nov 2013
Despite the advances in neuroscience research, the human brain remains a complex puzzle with questions unanswered on how it controls human behaviour, cognitive functions and movements.

Nanotubes can solder themselves, markedly improving device performance

Tue, 11 Nov 2013
University of Illinois researchers have developed a way to heal gaps in wires too small for even the world’s tiniest soldering iron.

Leti announces MEMS research collaboration with OMRON

Wed, 11 Nov 2013
CEA-Leti today announced a development agreement that will utilize Leti’s deep MEMS expertise and leading-edge infrastructure with OMRON, a global leader in factory automation and control solutions for the transportation, healthcare and consumer-goods industries.

STMicroelectronics reveals advanced MEMS accelerometers

Tue, 12 Dec 2013
Innovative design boosts the sensor's thermal and mechanical stability to deliver robust high performance in ultra space-saving footprint.

STMicroelectronics imaging technology helps visually impaired

Wed, 12 Dec 2013
STMicroelectronics announced that its 5.1 mega-pixel camera module and low-power digital image processor are being used in the revolutionary OrCam camera, a small device that clips on to eyeglasses and dramatically improves the mobility and ability of visually-impaired people to "read" signs, packaging and publications.

STMicroelectronics launches new advanced energy-harvesting IC

Tue, 12 Dec 2013
STMicroelectronics is opening new avenues for energy-harvesting applications with its latest IC integrating all the functions needed to power electronic circuits and recharge batteries using either a solar cell or Thermo-Electric Generator (TEG).

Graphene-based nano-antennas may enable networks of tiny machines

Thu, 12 Dec 2013
Networks of nanometer-scale machines offer exciting potential applications in medicine, industry, environmental protection and defense, but until now there's been one very small problem: the limited capability of nanoscale antennas fabricated from traditional metallic components.

Low-power tunneling transistor for high-performance devices at low voltage

Thu, 12 Dec 2013
A new type of transistor that could make possible fast and low-power computing devices for energy-constrained applications such as smart sensor networks, implantable medical electronics and ultra-mobile computing is feasible, according to Penn State researchers.

SPTS named Supplier of the Year at the Annual MEMS Executive Congress

Mon, 12 Dec 2013
SPTS Technologies, a supplier of advanced wafer processing solutions for the global semiconductor industry and related markets, was named MEMS Supplier of the Year at the MEMS Executive Congress U.S. 2013 held in Napa last month

Penn researchers grow liquid "flowers" that can be used as lenses

Mon, 12 Dec 2013
A team of material scientists, chemical engineers and physicists from the University of Pennsylvania has made another advance in their effort to use liquid crystals as a medium for assembling structures.

STMicroelectronics reveals 9-axis movement/position sensor

Tue, 1 Jan 2014
STMicroelectronics has revealed its most advanced module for 9-axis movement and position sensing in next-generation mobiles and tiny wearable devices.

Oxford Instruments shares expertise with nanotechnology researchers in India

Tue, 1 Jan 2014
Oxford Instruments has just completed its second series of successful and well attended seminars in India following its first in Bangalore in 2012.

Toshiba announces "Bright Mode" for CMOS image sensors

Tue, 1 Jan 2014
Toshiba Corporation today announced the development of “Bright Mode,” a CMOS image sensor technology that allows smartphones and tablets to record full HD video at 240 frames per second (fps), the industry’s highest frame rate. “Bright Mode” realizes high quality slow motion playback.

New optical image stabilization gyroscope from STMicroelectronics targets tiny smartphones and cameras

Wed, 1 Jan 2014
STMicroelectronics has introduced a new 2-axis gyroscope specifically optimized for optical image stabilization in smartphones and digital still cameras.

Yole Développement addresses MEMS sensor challenges at January technology seminar

Thu, 1 Jan 2014
Yole Développement will host a MEMS & Imaging Technology Seminar in Korea on January 16, 2014.

7) MEMSIC announces wearable connected watch kit

Sun, 1 Jan 2010

8) Entropic and NAGRA to integrate SoC for set-top boxes

Sun, 1 Jan 2010

The cyborgs era has started

Mon, 1 Jan 2014
They are known from science fiction novels and films – technically modified organisms with extraordinary skills, so-called cyborgs.

Nano-capsules show potential for more potent chemoprevention

Mon, 1 Jan 2014
Researchers at the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University have discovered a more effective drug delivery system using nanotechnology that could one day significantly affect cancer prevention.

Imec celebrates 30 years

Tue, 1 Jan 2014
Nanotechnology research and development center imec, today announced the celebration of its 30th anniversary.

STMicroelectronics reveals industry's best connected STM32 F0 microcontrollers

Thu, 1 Jan 2014
STMicroelectronics has extended its STM32 F0 microcontrollers based on the ARM Cortex-M0 core with new models that support crystal-less USB design, accurate sensing and smart power management for next-generation smart devices and connectivity products.

Natural 3D counterpart to graphene discovered

Tue, 1 Jan 2014
The discovery of what is essentially a 3D version of graphene promises exciting new things to come for the high-tech industry, including much faster transistors and far more compact hard drives.

Semiconductors that detect cancer

Thu, 1 Jan 2014
As exciting as it is to watch the semiconductor industry push to sub-10nm dimensions, 450mm wafers, finFETs, 3D ICs and the like, what’s even cooler is the potential of semiconductor technology to make a real difference in medicine.

2014 outlook: MEMS on the rise

Thu, 1 Jan 2013
Looking at the global MEMS market, industry experts are predicting double-digit device growth in the next three to five years.

MEMS Industry Group explores the “MEMS-enabled Life” at MEMS Executive Congress Europe 2014

Tue, 1 Jan 2014
MEMS Industry Group (MIG) will host its third annual MEMS Executive Congress® Europe, 11 March, 2014 in Munich, Germany.

New "photodetector" nanotechnology allows photos in near darkness

Wed, 1 Jan 2014
Dark and blurry low light photos could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to the development of game-changing ultrathin “nanosheets,” which could dramatically improve imaging technology used in everything from cell phone cameras, video cameras, solar cells, and even medical imaging equipment such as MRI machines.

Presto and DelfMEMS collaborate to design ultra fast RF MEMS test solution

Thu, 1 Jan 2014
Presto Engineering, Inc. and DelfMEMS announced today that they have worked together to design, from specification to integration, the first full PXI-based test system for ultra-fast characterization testing of radio frequency (RF) micro-electro-mechanical-systems (MEMS).

2014 capital spending up in Korea; SEMICON Korea to address mobile innovation

Fri, 1 Jan 2014
With Korea expected to be the second largest region for fab construction spending in 2014, industry leaders will convene at SEMICON Korea 2014 in Seoul on February 12-14 to discuss the latest trends and technologies shaping the future of microelectronics manufacturing.

Element Six's synthetic diamond proven as viable material for sophisticated optical components

Mon, 2 Feb 2014
Element Six, a developer of synthetic diamond supermaterials and member of the De Beers Group of Companies, today presented new data and announced that its high purity single crystal chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamond material has been proven for use in intracavity cooling of disc lasers and in development of the first ever tunable diamond Raman laser system.

"MEMS and NEMS processing advances" discussed at IEMN, Lille, France workshop on 8th April 2014

Mon, 2 Feb 2014
"Nanoscale Processing for NEMS and MEMS" is the topic for the next Oxford Instruments technical workshop, being hosted in conjunction with the Institute of Electronics Micro-electronics and Nanotechnology (IEMN) in Lille, France on 8th April 2014.

Capturing ultrasharp images of multiple cell components at once

Tue, 2 Feb 2014
A new microscopy method could enable scientists to generate snapshots of dozens of different biomolecules at once in a single human cell, a team from the Wyss Institute of Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University reported Sunday in Nature Methods.

Ballistic transport in graphene suggests new type of electronic device

Thu, 2 Feb 2014
Using electrons more like photons could provide the foundation for a new type of electronic device that would capitalize on the ability of graphene to carry electrons with almost no resistance even at room temperature – a property known as ballistic transport.

Intel elects five new corporate vice presidents

Thu, 2 Feb 2014
Intel Corporation today announced that its board of directors elected five new corporate vice presidents.

CEA-Leti announces the launch of PIEZOMAT

Tue, 2 Feb 2014
CEA-Leti today announced the launch of PIEZOMAT, a research project funded by the European Commission to design and implement a new technology of fingerprint sensor that enables ultra-high resolution reconstruction of the smallest features of human fingerprints.

Chips that listen to bacteria

Tue, 2 Feb 2014
A research team led by Ken Shepard, professor of electrical engineering and biomedical engineering at Columbia Engineering, and Lars Dietrich, assistant professor of biological sciences at Columbia University, has demonstrated that integrated circuit technology, the basis of modern computers and communications devices, can be used for a most unusual application—the study of signaling in bacterial colonies.

Breakthrough development in 1D-1R memory cell array

Tue, 2 Feb 2014
Dr. Tae-Wook Kim at KIST announced their successful development of a 64-bit memory array using flexible and twistable carbon nano material and organo-polymer compound, which can accurately store and delete data.

World's first 79 GHz radar transmitter in 28nm CMOS

Tue, 2 Feb 2014
Imec, in collaboration with Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium, presents the world’s first 79 GHz radar transmitter implemented in plain digital 28nm CMOS.

2014 SPIE Startup Challenge winners announced

Thu, 2 Feb 2014
A microscope in a needle, a handheld device that prescribes corrective eyeglasses, and a device for heart attack diagnosis are winning projects in the 2014 SPIE Startup Challenge.

Single chip device to provide real-time 3-D images from inside the heart and blood vessels

Thu, 2 Feb 2014
Researchers have developed the technology for a catheter-based device that would provide forward-looking, real-time, three-dimensional imaging from inside the heart, coronary arteries and peripheral blood vessels.

Samsung and UCSF partner to accelerate new innovations in preventive health technology

Fri, 2 Feb 2014
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) announced a partnership to accelerate validation and commercialization of promising new sensors, algorithms, and digital health technologies for preventive health solutions.

Multitest ships fully integrated test cell for pressure sensor application

Wed, 3 Mar 2014
Early this year, Multitest shipped the first fully integrated test cell for a pressure sensor application consisting of handling systems, ATE and contactors including the pressure unit.

Squeezing light into metals

Fri, 3 Mar 2014
Using an inexpensive inkjet printer, University of Utah electrical engineers produced microscopic structures that use light in metals to carry information.

New innovation could mean eye injections are a thing of the past

Fri, 3 Mar 2014
Drugs used to treat blindness-causing disorders could be successfully administered by eye drops rather than unpleasant and expensive eye injections, according to new research led by UCL scientists that could be a breakthrough for the millions worldwide suffering from age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and other eye disorders.

Scientists build thinnest-possible LEDs to be stronger, more energy efficient

Mon, 3 Mar 2014
As devices get smaller and faster, there is more demand for such semiconductors that are tinier, stronger and more energy efficient.

Akustica's newest MEMS microphone targets smartphones and wearables

Tue, 3 Mar 2014
Akustica, Inc., a Bosch Group company and provider of MEMS microphones, has added four new high-performance analog microphones to its high definition (HD) voice product line, including the AKU346, the industry’'s smallest MEMS microphone to achieve 64dB SNR.

Bending light with a tiny chip

Tue, 3 Mar 2014
The Caltech chip eliminates the need for bulky and expensive lenses and bulbs and instead uses a so-called integrated optical phased array (OPA) to project the image electronically with only a single laser diode as light source and no mechanically moving parts.

Eveon and Leti mark milestone in fabrication of smart bolus-type micro-pump for drug delivery

Thu, 3 Mar 2014
Eveon and CEA-Leti today announced the demonstration of liquid-pumping for smart drug delivery in the bolus mode using a silicon-based micro-pump fabricated with a standard MEMS process.

Surface characteristics influence cellular growth on semiconductor material

Fri, 3 Mar 2014
Changing the texture and surface characteristics of a semiconductor material at the nanoscale can influence the way that neural cells grow on the material.

Top ten MEMS startup Qualtré secures $8M strategic round

Mon, 3 Mar 2014
Qualtré, Inc., a developer of next generation silicon MEMS inertial sensors, announced today that it has finalized an $8 million Series C strategic round of investment from a new strategic investor and from Matrix Partners and Pilot House Ventures, contributors to Qualtré’s previous rounds.

6 and 9-axis DOF sensors are creating a new paradigm in the combos business

Tue, 3 Mar 2014
Over the last years, inertial MEMS have been subject to dramatic market & technological evolution. This has been driven by a large increase of the consumer market.

InvenSense and Sonion announce MEMS microphone development alliance

Fri, 3 Mar 2014
InvenSense, Inc. and Sonion today announced a strategic alliance in which the two parties will cooperate in the development of MEMS microphones and related technologies for use in a broad range of hearing applications.

Fabricating nanostructures with silk could make clean rooms green rooms

Tue, 4 Apr 2014
Tufts University engineers have demonstrated that it is possible to generate nanostructures from silk in an environmentally friendly process that uses water as a developing agent and standard fabrication techniques.

MACOM announces IP licensing program for GaN-on-Si technology

Tue, 4 Apr 2014
M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. this week announced an IP licensing program for Gallium Nitride (GaN) on Silicon technology.

Quantum Polymers announces 8 inch diameter carbon and glass filled PEEK rod products

Tue, 4 Apr 2014
These products work well for applications requiring a balance of chemical resistance and mechanical strength in high temperature environments like those frequently found in the oil and gas, chemical processing, and semiconductor industries.

MEMS microphone market to grow at 13% CAGR, reaching $1.65B by 2019

Wed, 4 Apr 2014
MEMS microphone market has been growing since its first appearance in 2003. The huge worldwide adoption of smartphones, each using more than one MEMS microphone, creates the wide integration and rocketing growth of the MEMS microphone market.

To bridge LEDs' green gap, scientists think small

Fri, 4 Apr 2014
Nanostructures half the breadth of a DNA strand could improve the efficiency of light emitting diodes (LEDs), especially in the "green gap," a portion of the spectrum where LED efficiency plunges, simulations at the U.S. Department of Energy's National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) have shown.

MEMS microphones broadcast strong growth

Fri, 4 Apr 2014
Global revenue for MEMS microphones is forecast to reach $1.04 billion this year, up a robust 24 percent from $836.9 million in 2013.

New "switch" could power quantum computing

Thu, 4 Apr 2014
A light lattice that traps atoms may help scientists build networks of quantum information transmitters.

Domain walls in nanowires cleverly set in motion

Thu, 4 Apr 2014
Important prerequisite for the development of nano-components for data storage and sensor technology.

Catching the (invisible) wave

Fri, 4 Apr 2014
UC Santa Barbara researchers create a unique semiconductor that manipulates light in the invisible infrared/terahertz range, paving the way for new and enhanced applications.

Global scientific team "visualizes" a new crystallization process

Thu, 4 Apr 2014
Sometimes engineers invent something before they fully comprehend why it works. To understand the "why," they must often create new tools and techniques in a virtuous cycle that improves the original invention while also advancing basic scientific knowledge.

imec reports 4 percent growth in 2013 fiscal year

Thu, 4 Apr 2014
Revenue for 2013 totaled 332 million euro, a four percent growth from the previous year.

How to create nanowires only 3 atoms wide with an electron beam

Tue, 4 Apr 2014
Junhao Lin, a Vanderbilt University Ph.D. student and visiting scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), has found a way to use a finely focused beam of electrons to create some of the smallest wires ever made.

Sensor hubs make big gains while enabling the future of sensing

Wed, 4 Apr 2014
Sensor hubs that offload tasks from power-hungry application processors and let mobile devices like smartphones and tablets run longer on a single battery charge are reaping gargantuan gains thanks to the global microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) market

Abracon announces relaunch of its MEMS oscillators series

Thu, 5 May 2014
Abracon’s miniature ASCSM series was originally launched in 2013 and is being relaunched in June 2014 with the incorporation of enhanced production processes, which further reduce manufacturing costs. The ASCSM devices with an LVCMOS output from 1MHz to 156.25MHz will be available through Abracon beginning in June 2014.

New lab-on-a-chip device overcomes miniaturization problems

Thu, 5 May 2014
UNSW Australia chemists have invented a new type of tiny lab-on-a-chip device that could have a diverse range of applications, including to detect toxic gases, fabricate integrated circuits and screen biological molecules.

An edgy look at 2D molybdenum disulfide

Thu, 5 May 2014
Berkeley Lab researchers observe 1D edge states critical to nanoelectronic and photonic applications.

Minneapolis Heart Institute implants its first world's smallest pacemaker

Mon, 5 May 2014
The Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation (MHIF) today announced its first implant of the world’s smallest pacemaker: the Medtronic Micra Transcatheter Pacing System (TPS) in the Midwest. The device was implanted by Dr. Charles Gornick as part of the global pivotal clinical trial.

Ghent University and imec demonstrate interaction between light and sound in nanoscale waveguide

Tue, 2 Feb 2015
Silicon photonics enables extreme light-matter interaction.

mCube named MEMS Start-Up of the Year at MEMS Executive Congress

Thu, 11 Nov 2014
mCube, provider of the world’s smallest MEMS motion sensors, today announced the company secured three awards at last week’s MEMS Executive Congress for its significant innovations in MEMS and sensors

New implanted devices may reshape medicine

Wed, 5 May 2014
Researchers from The University of Texas at Dallas and the University of Tokyo have created electronic devices that become soft when implanted inside the body and can deploy to grip 3-D objects, such as large tissues, nerves and blood vessels.

Smartphone connectivity presents both opportunities and challenges for automotive processor chip suppliers

Mon, 9 Sep 2014
The use of smartphones in motor vehicles—already a near-ubiquitous phenomenon—is the most disruptive trend in the automotive infotainment business today, presenting both challenges and opportunities for automakers and their processor semiconductor suppliers.

NIST studies why quantum dots suffer from "fluorescence intermittency"

Thu, 5 May 2014
Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), working in collaboration with the Naval Research Laboratory, have found that a particular species of quantum dots that weren't commonly thought to blink, do.

Engineers build world's smallest, fastest nanomotor

Thu, 5 May 2014
Researchers at the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin have built the smallest, fastest and longest-running tiny synthetic motor to date.

Penn research combines graphene and painkiller receptor into scalable chemical sensor

Tue, 5 May 2014
Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have led an effort to create an artificial chemical sensor based on one of the human body's most important receptors, one that is critical in the action of painkillers and anesthetics..

UT Dallas team creates flexible electronics that change shape inside body

Tue, 5 May 2014
Transistors maintain electrical properties after implantation.

IEDM announces 2014 Call for Papers

Wed, 5 May 2014
The 60th annual IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) has issued a Call for Papers seeking the world's best original work in all areas of microelectronics research and development.

MEMSIC introduces world's highest performance three-axis magnetic sensor

Mon, 6 Jun 2014
MEMSIC Inc., a sensing solution provider, today announced the availability of its MMC3524xPJ Three-Axis Magnetic Sensor.

2D transistors promise a faster electronics future

Tue, 6 Jun 2014
Faster electronic device architectures are in the offing with the unveiling of the world’s first fully two-dimensional field-effect transistor (FET) by researchers with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab).

Imec and Samsung join to accelerate innovation digital health

Thu, 6 Jun 2014
Imec, a nanoelectronics research center, announced today that it is collaborating with Samsung Electronics to accelerate innovation and collaboration among technology companies and researchers working in the burgeoning mobile wearable field.

IoT devices offer huge potential for components manufacturers

Thu, 6 Jun 2014
While Internet of Things devices offer huge potential, it is clearly not where the value will stop, according to a new report from Yole Developpement.

Design of self-assembling protein nanomachines starts to click

Thu, 6 Jun 2014
A nanocage builds itself from engineered components.

InvenSense unveils gyroscope for high speed motion and wearable applications

Wed, 6 Jun 2014
InvenSense, Inc., the provider of MotionTracking system on chip (SoC) and sound devices, announced the world’s widest full scale range (FSR) 3-axis MEMS gyroscope for high impact wearable applications.

memsstar relocates; Increases manufacturing capacity by 40%

Wed, 6 Jun 2014
memsstar Limited, a provider of etch and deposition equipment and technology solutions to manufacturers of semiconductors and micro-electrical mechanical systems (MEMS), today announced that it has relocated to a new, larger facility.

The next big thing: IoT

Sat, 5 May 2013
The semiconductor industry has greatly benefited from the push to mobile technology, but what’s next?

Collecting light with artificial "moth eyes"

Mon, 6 Jun 2014
Empa researchers have developed such a photoelectrochemical cell, recreating a moth’s eye to drastically increase its light collecting efficiency. The cell is made of cheap raw materials – iron and tungsten oxide.

imec joins Graphene Flagship

Mon, 6 Jun 2014
To coincide with Graphene Week 2014, the Graphene Flagship is proud to announce that today one of the largest-ever European research initiatives is doubling in size.

At The ConFab 2014: Do we still need Moore’s Law?

Mon, 6 Jun 2014
Many questions were in the air on the first day of the 10th annual ConFab 2014, and certainly chief among them was raised during Dr. Roawen Chen of Qualcomm’s keynote “What’s On Our Mind” on Monday morning when he asked, “Should we pursue Moore's Law unconditionally?"

ConFab panelists discuss optimizing R&D in the changing semi landscape

Tue, 6 Jun 2014
Overheard @The ConFab: “I feel the best I’ve felt about semi since 2009.” –Mike Noonen, Silicon Catalyst

“What comes next?” — Latest technology breakthroughs featured at SEMICON West

Fri, 6 Jun 2014
The latest manufacturing, materials and production developments for emerging and adjacent markets will be featured at SEMICON West 2014, to be held on July 8-10 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Calif.

CEA-Leti and CORIMA collaborate on force sensors integrated in cycle wheels

Fri, 6 Jun 2014
CEA-Leti and CORIMA, a supplier of carbon-composite wheels and frames for track and road-racing cyclists, today announced they are developing an integrated sensor system to measure the power output of riders as they pedal.

Nanolab Technologies acquires Microtech Laboratories, LLC

Wed, 7 Jul 2014
Nanolab Technologies, Inc. announced today that it has acquired Microtech Laboratories, LLC a well-established Dallas, Texas, failure analysis laboratory founded in 1999.

Breakthrough research in the semiconductor industry

Mon, 6 Jun 2014
Research forms the DNA of the semiconductor industry — few other industries invest as much as a percentage of revenue.

Stanford engineers envision an electronic switch just 3 atoms thick

Tue, 7 Jul 2014
Computer simulation shows how to make a crystal that would toggle like a light switch between conductive and non-conductive structures; this could lead to flexible electronic materials and enable a cell phone to be woven into a shirt.

Smart, sustainable manufacturing: new sensors for process monitoring

Thu, 7 Jul 2014
Industries ranging from chemicals to agri-food to bio-tech and pharmaceuticals are looking at new sensor technologies to streamline processes and improve quality control.

IoT will transform transportation

Thu, 7 Jul 2014
Cars that can get along without drivers are coming, down the road, but they are a small part of the changes that the global transportation industries will undertake as microelectronics and the Internet of Things prompt major changes in infrastructure and logistics, as well as all type of vehicles.

Columbia researchers observe tunable quantum behavior in bilayer graphene

Thu, 7 Jul 2014
Columbia researchers have observed the fractional quantum Hall effect in bilayer graphene and shown that this exotic state of matter can be tuned by an electric field.

Making dreams come true : Making graphene from plastic?

Thu, 7 Jul 2014
Recently, a domestic research team developed a carbon material without artificial defects commonly found during the production process of graphene while maintaining its original characteristics.

Orbotech to acquire SPTS Technologies

Mon, 7 Jul 2014
Orbotech Ltd. today announced the acquisition of SPTS Technologies Group Limited, a U.K.-based leading manufacturer of etch, deposition and thermal processing equipment for the microelectronics industry, from European private equity firm Bridgepoint and others.

Paradigm shift in semi equipment - Confirmed

Tue, 7 Jul 2014
Technology node transitions slowing below 32nm.

A nanosensor to identify vapors based on a Graphene/Silicon heterojunction Schottky diode

Tue, 7 Jul 2014
Among other carbon-based nanomaterials, graphene represents a great promise for gas sensing applications.

IBM announces $3B research initiative

Tue, 7 Jul 2014
IBM announced it is investing $3 billion over the next 5 years in two broad research and early stage development programs to push the limits of chip technology needed to meet the emerging demands of cloud computing and Big Data systems.

Imaging without limits: Phones lead growth but innovative applications expanding the market

Fri, 7 Jul 2014
To address the rising demands of imaging systems in mobile, medical, automotive and other technology applications, the Imaging Without Limits Conference (7-8 October) will be introduced at SEMICON Europa 2014 this year to address this surging market.

Silicon Image appoints new Chief Financial Officer

Wed, 7 Jul 2014
Silicon Image, a provider of multimedia connectivity solutions and services, today announced the appointment of Raymond Cook as Chief Financial Officer effective July 28, 2014.

Wireless connectivity semiconductors maintain strong double-digit growth in health and fitness

Thu, 7 Jul 2014
Semiconductors providing wireless connectivity in health and fitness devices are set for solid double-digit growth in 2014 and beyond, especially as a clutch of wireless technologies make their way into a growing number of wearable devices.

Smart cities to rise fourfold in number from 2013 to 2025

Thu, 7 Jul 2014
The number of smart cities worldwide will quadruple within a 12-year period that started last year, proliferating as local governments work with the private sector to cope with a multitude of challenges confronting urban centers.

Sensors, semiconductors, autonomous driving and regulation to drive ADAS revolution

Tue, 8 Aug 2014
In its recent market research report, ABI Research forecasts automotive camera sensor shipments to reach 197 million by 2020.

NJR and UMC extend collaboration on MEMS microphone manufacturing

Thu, 8 Aug 2014
New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. and United Microelectronics Corporation, a global semiconductor foundry, today announced that the two companies have successfully collaborated to achieve high-volume manufacturing for NJR's MEMS microphone products.

NC State researchers create 'nanofiber gusher'

Thu, 3 Mar 2015
Engineers and researchers at North Carolina State University and one of its start-up companies have now reported a method that can produce unprecedented amounts of polymer nanofibers, which have potential applications in filtration, batteries and cell scaffolding.

MEMS Industry Group goes to the 'Shark Tank' for MEMS and sensor-based products

Mon, 10 Oct 2014
MIG announces finalists for Elevator Pitch Session at MEMS Executive Congress US 2014.

Eco-friendly "pre-fab nanoparticles" could revolutionize nano manufacturing

Wed, 8 Aug 2014
A team of materials chemists, polymer scientists, device physicists and others at the University of Massachusetts Amherst today report a breakthrough technique for controlling molecular assembly of nanoparticles over multiple length scales that should allow faster, cheaper, more ecologically friendly manufacture of organic photovoltaics and other electronic devices.

Global pressure sensors market is expected to reach $9.36B in 2020

Thu, 8 Aug 2014
The global pressure sensors market was valued at $6.53 billion USD in 2013, growing at a CAGR of 6.2% from 2014 to 2020 to account for $9.36 billion USD in 2020.

MEMSIC introduces the world's first monolithic and wafer level packaged 3D-axis accelerometer

Fri, 8 Aug 2014
MEMSIC, Inc., a MEMS sensing solution provider, announced today the availability of its MXC400xXC, the world's first monolithic 3D accelerometer, and also the first 3D accelerometer to utilize WLP technology.

Himax Technologies and Lumus announce collaboration to develop next-generation smart glasses

Tue, 8 Aug 2014
Himax Technologies, Inc., a supplier and fabless manufacturer of display drivers and other semiconductor products, and Lumus, a producer of Augmented Reality glasses, announced today another joint initiative to continue developing the next-generation of smart glasses that will set new technological standards in image quality and performance.

MIPT and RAS scientists made an important step towards creating medical nanorobots

Tue, 8 Aug 2014
Researchers from the Institute of General Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences and MIPT have made an important step towards creating medical nanorobots.

A breakthrough in imaging gold nanoparticles to atomic resolution by electron microscopy

Fri, 8 Aug 2014
Nanometer-scale gold particles are intensively investigated for application as catalysts, sensors, drug delivery devices, biological contrast agents and components in photonics and molecular electronics.

JEDEC releases LPDDR4 Standard for low power memory devices

Mon, 8 Aug 2014
JEDEC Solid State Technology Association today announced the publication of JESD209-4 Low Power Double Data Rate 4 (LPDDR4).

S2C opens Korean office and appoints country manager

Tue, 8 Aug 2014
S2C, Inc. announced today the opening of a direct sales and support office in Seoul, Korea, appointing Suk-Ha Lee (SH Lee) as country manager.

Plastic electronics: Opportunity on the edge of commercialization

Wed, 8 Aug 2014
The Plastics Electronics Conference and Exposition will co-locate with SEMICON Europa. Plastic Electronics 2014 (PE 2014) is themed “Enabling Applications beyond Limits in Electronics” and will be held at Alpexpo in Grenoble on 7-9 October.

MEMS Industry Group hosts 10th annual MEMS Executive Congress US

Thu, 8 Aug 2014
MEMS Industry Group (MIG) will host MEMS Executive Congress US 2014, an annual business conference and networking event for the MEMS and sensors industry, November 5-7, 2014 in Scottsdale, AZ.

Engineers develop new sensor to detect tiny individual nanoparticles

Tue, 9 Sep 2014
A team of researchers at Washington University in St. Louis, led by Lan Yang, PhD, the Das Family Career Development Associate Professor in Electrical & Systems Engineering, and their collaborators at Tsinghua University in China have developed a new sensor that can detect and count nanoparticles, at sizes as small as 10 nanometers, one at a time.

TowerJazz and Triune Systems announce Neo-Iso Products ramping to mass production

Tue, 9 Sep 2014
TowerJazz, the global specialty foundry, and Triune Systems LLC, a mixed signal and power management IC provider, today announced that Triune has developed a proprietary isolated power and data technology using the TowerJazz TS18PM process on its 0.18um based power management platform.

IDC lowers tablet projections for 2014 as demand in mature markets levels off

Tue, 9 Sep 2014
Following a second consecutive quarter of softer than expected demand, International Data Corporation (IDC) has lowered its worldwide tablet plus 2-in-1 forecast for 2014 to 233.1 million units.

SEMICON Taiwan 2014 opens today with spotlight on 3D-IC, sustainable manufacturing, and MEMS

Wed, 9 Sep 2014
Taiwanese chipmakers, LED manufacturers, and Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) firms will spend firm nearly $24 billion in the next two years on equipment and materials, powering excitement for SEMICON Taiwan 2014, which opened today in Taipei.

Analog Devices releases high-temperature MEMS gyroscope

Wed, 9 Sep 2014
Analog Devices, Inc. today introduced the first and only MEMS gyroscope specified to withstand temperatures of up to 175 degrees Celsius commonly encountered by oil and gas drilling equipment.

UCSB researchers develop ultra sensitive biosensor from molybdenite semiconductor

Thu, 9 Sep 2014
Move over, graphene. An atomically thin, two-dimensional, ultrasensitive semiconductor material for biosensing developed by researchers at UC Santa Barbara promises to push the boundaries of biosensing technology in many fields, from health care to environmental protection to forensic industries.

Leti and LUCIOM focusing on high-data-rate bidirectional transceivers for enriched LiFi applications

Wed, 9 Sep 2014
CEA-Leti and LUCIOM, which develops visible-light communication using light-emitting diodes (LEDs), have launched a project to develop high-data-rate LiFi transceivers.

Oxford Instruments launches 3rd annual Indian nanotechnology seminars in Kolkata and Delhi

Thu, 9 Sep 2014
Oxford Instruments is hosting its third series of annual seminars for the nanotechnology industry in India in November.

Samsung now mass producing industry’s first 20nm 6Gb LPDDR3 mobile DRAM

Thu, 9 Sep 2014
The new mobile memory chip will enable longer battery run-time and faster application loading on large screen mobile devices with higher resolution.

For electronics beyond silicon, a new contender emerges

Thu, 9 Sep 2014
Silicon has few serious competitors as the material of choice in the electronics industry. Yet transistors, the switchable valves that control the flow of electrons in a circuit, cannot simply keep shrinking to meet the needs of powerful, compact devices; physical limitations like energy consumption and heat dissipation are too significant.

Vesper launches with very high SNR MEMS microphone

Mon, 9 Sep 2014
Intending to improve the smallest audio component found in smartphones, wearables and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, a new Boston-based sensor company called Vesper has designed a microphone that will enhance consumers' acoustic experience with voice capture and sound recording.

SiTime raises $25 Million

Tue, 9 Sep 2014
SiTime Corporation, a MEMS analog semiconductor company, today announced that it has closed $25 million in new financing, which consisted of a combination of structured debt facility of $15 million provided by Capital IP Investment Partners LLC and strategic equity investment from other investors.

All directions are not created equal for nanoscale heat sources

Wed, 10 Oct 2014
Thermal considerations are rapidly becoming one of the most serious design constraints in microelectronics, especially on submicron scale lengths.

Smallest world record has 'endless possibilities' for bio-nanotechnology

Mon, 10 Oct 2014
Scientists from the University of Leeds have taken a crucial step forward in bio-nanotechnology, a field that uses biology to develop new tools for science, technology and medicine.

New 'lab-on-a-chip' could revolutionize early diagnosis of cancer

Mon, 10 Oct 2014
University of Kansas Medical Center and KU Cancer Center have just published a breakthrough paper in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal describing their invention of a miniaturized biomedical testing device for exosomes.

Wearable sensor market to expand sevenfold in five years

Thu, 10 Oct 2014
Driven by rising demand for fitness and health monitoring features as well as by improved user interfaces, shipments of sensors used in wearable electronic devices will rise by a factor of seven from 2013 through 2019

Magnetic mirrors enable new technologies by reflecting light in uncanny ways

Fri, 10 Oct 2014
As in Alice’s journey through the looking-glass to Wonderland, mirrors in the real world can sometimes behave in surprising and unexpected ways, including a new class of mirror that works like no other.

Special UO microscope captures defects in nanotubes

Tue, 10 Oct 2014
University of Oregon chemists have devised a way to see the internal structures of electronic waves trapped in carbon nanotubes by external electrostatic charges.

Mergers, acquisitions reshape the automotive semi supplier landscape

Wed, 10 Oct 2014
Capped by last week’s announcement that Qualcomm Inc. would buy CSR PLC, the automotive semiconductor industry recently has been undergoing a wave of merger and acquisition (M&A) activity that has shaken up the competitive order of the market.

Finalists announced for MEMS Executive Congress US 2014

Thu, 10 Oct 2014
Six companies selected from a pool of applicants will compete in MEMS Industry Group's (MIG)'s MEMS & Sensors Technology Showcase at MEMS Executive Congress.

STMicroelectronics tops five billion MEMS sensors shipped

Thu, 10 Oct 2014
Beyond gaming systems, smartphones, tablets, navigation systems, and other widely adopted applications, ST’s sensors have also been used in thousands of other useful, fun, and valuable applications.

MegaChips to acquire SiTime for $200M

Wed, 10 Oct 2014
SiTime Corporation, a MEMS and analog semiconductor company, today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement under which MegaChips Corporation, a top 25 fabless semiconductor company based in Japan, will acquire SiTime for $200 million in cash.

Imec presents back-side illuminated CMOS image sensor with UV-optimized antireflective coating

Tue, 11 Nov 2014
At this week’s VISION 2014 exhibition, imec presents a backside-illuminated (BSI) CMOS image sensor chip featuring a new anti-reflective coating (ARC) optimized for UV light.

Solar glass price plunge to cease as trade sanctions take effect

Mon, 11 Nov 2014
After falling by about 50 percent from 2009 through 2014, pricing for solar glass is set to commence a rebound starting next year, as anti-dumping duties levied by the European Union go into effect on Chinese suppliers.

Apple and Samsung drive adoption of next-generation sensors

Mon, 11 Nov 2014
Propelled by the race between Apple and Samsung to enhance their mobile products with cutting-edge sensor technology, the market for sensors in cellphones and tablets is set to nearly triple from 2012 through 2018, according to IHS Technology.

Rice chemists gain edge in next-generation energy

Tue, 11 Nov 2014
Rice University scientists who want to gain an edge in energy production and storage report they have found it in molybdenum disulfide.

'Nanomotor lithography' answers call for affordable, simpler device manufacturing

Tue, 11 Nov 2014
Nanoengineers at the University of California, San Diego recently invented a new method of lithography in which nanoscale robots swim over the surface of light-sensitive material to create complex surface patterns that form the sensors and electronics components on nanoscale devices.

Crocus MLU sensors aim to put more 'flex' into flexible displays

Wed, 11 Nov 2014
Crocus Technology, a provider of magnetically enhanced semiconductor technologies and products, today announces a new Magnetic Logic Unit (MLU) based solution that can detect the position and shape of flexible two dimensional surfaces.

Clearing a path for electrons in polymers: Closing in on the speed limits

Wed, 11 Nov 2014
Researchers from the University of Cambridge have identified a class of low-cost, easily-processed semiconducting polymers which, despite their seemingly disorganised internal structure, can transport electrons as efficiently as expensive crystalline inorganic semiconductors.

MEMS Industry Group announces first open-source Algorithm Community

Thu, 11 Nov 2014
MEMS Executive Congress -- Karen Lightman, executive director of MEMS Industry Group (MIG), today announced the first open-source algorithm cooperative, Accelerated Innovation Community (AIC), during her opening remarks at MEMS Executive Congress US 2014.

Cavendish Kinetics secures funding to accelerate the growth of the RF MEMS market

Tue, 11 Nov 2014
Cavendish Kinetics, the provider of high-performance RF MEMS tuning solutions for mobile and wearable devices, today announced the closing of a $7 million funding round as well as the appointment of Gilles Delfassy to its board of directors.

Deal to expand information technology agreement will strengthen semiconductor industry

Tue, 11 Nov 2014
Agreement will extend tariff-free coverage of the latest semiconductor products and technologies.

Freescale wearable technology selected as 2015 CES Innovation Awards honoree

Wed, 11 Nov 2014
Freescale Semiconductor has been named a 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree for its Wearable Reference Platform (WaRP).

Bending -- but not breaking -- in search of new materials

Wed, 11 Nov 2014
Researchers at Drexel University and Dalian University of Technology in China have chemically engineered a new, electrically conductive nanomaterial that is flexible enough to fold, but strong enough to support many times its own weight.

GigOptix appoints Darren Ma as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Tue, 11 Nov 2014
GigOptix, Inc., a supplier of advanced high speed semiconductor components, today announced the appointment of Darren Ma as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

Notebook PC shipments rise year over year as tablet PCs decline

Tue, 11 Nov 2014
Notebook PC growth was primarily driven by the developed regions of North America and Western Europe, which increased year-over-year shipments by more than 20 percent in the third quarter.

Carbonics aims for improved power consumption and performance with new carbon nanomaterials

Wed, 11 Nov 2014
Startup is backed by $5.5M investment, leveraging carbon research conducted at UCLA and USC.

STMicroelectronics, AKM, InvenSense and Bosch share 75% of the consume inertial combo market

Wed, 11 Nov 2014
Combo sensors continue their growth in a market expected to reach US$ 1.4 billion in 2019 overcoming discrete sensors.

Holst Centre, imec and CARTAMUNDI join forces to create the near field communication chip of the future

Wed, 11 Nov 2014
Holst Centre, set up by the Belgian nanoelectronics research center imec and the Dutch research institute TNO, and Cartamundi NV have announced a collaboration to develop ultra-thin flexible near field communication (NFC) tags.

How emerging IoT impacts the semiconductor sector

Thu, 4 Apr 2015
In this 50th year anniversary of Moore’s Law, the steady scaling of silicon chips’ cost and performance that has so changed our world over the last half century is now poised to change it even further through the Internet of Things.

Georgia Tech research offers novel cellular sensing platform for expanded use of semiconductor in biotech applications

Thu, 4 Apr 2015
Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a novel cellular sensing platform that promises to expand the use of semiconductor technology in the development of next-generation bioscience and biotech applications.

SCHOTT advances MEMS technology by using HermeS glass wafers with through glass vias

Wed, 11 Nov 2014
The international technology group SCHOTT is expanding its HermeS wafers with hermetically sealed, solid through glass vias (TGV) into MEMS applications.

X-FAB MEMS Foundry wins “Foundry of the Year” Award at MEMS Executive Congress

Thu, 11 Nov 2014
X-FAB MEMS Foundry today announced it received the “MEMS Foundry of the Year” award at the Best in MEMS & Sensors Innovation Awards ceremony, as part of the MEMS Industry Group’s 10th annual MEMS Executive Congress held in Scottsdale, Arizona last week.

UO-industry collaboration points to improved nanomaterials

Fri, 11 Nov 2014
A potential path to identify imperfections and improve the quality of nanomaterials for use in next-generation solar cells has emerged from a collaboration of University of Oregon and industry researchers.

Physicists and chemists work to improve digital memory technology

Mon, 11 Nov 2014
The improvements in random access memory that have driven many advances of the digital age owe much to the innovative application of physics and chemistry at the atomic scale.

11) 3D Integration of Diverse Technologies for Self-Driving Vehicles

Tue, 11 Nov 2013

13) Combating Alzheimer’s Disease with MEMS Technology

Tue, 11 Nov 2013

Soitec announces new world record for solar cell efficiency at 46%

Wed, 12 Dec 2014
The record multi-junction solar cell converts 46 % of the solar light into electrical energy.

Imec partners with Huawei on high-bandwidth optical data link technology

Wed, 12 Dec 2014
Nanoelectronics research center imec and global ICT leader Huawei announced today that they have taken a further step in their strategic partnership focusing on optical data link technology.

AXSEM and SIGFOX announce ‘ultra-low-power’ System-on-Chip solution

Wed, 12 Dec 2014
AXSEM, a developer of lowest-power radio microcontrollers, and SIGFOX, a developer of cost-effective, energy-efficient Internet of Things connectivity, today announced that AXSEM’s system-on-chip (SoC) with an AX8052 microcontroller has been certified SIGFOX Ready for two-way connectivity.

Wireless nanorod-nanotube film enables light stimulation of blind retina

Wed, 12 Dec 2014
Breakthrough could lead to artificial retinas for visually impaired. Combining semiconductor nanorods and carbon nanotubes, it could potentially form part of a future prosthetic device that replaces damaged retinal cells.

What to expect from the 3rd Edition of the European 3D TSV Summit

Thu, 12 Dec 2014
Interview with SEMI Europe’s Yann Guillou gives attendees a preview of the event.

Imec and Holst Centre announce IC and open hardware development kit for personal health monitoring

Thu, 12 Dec 2014
At next week’s mHealth Summit 2014, held Dec. 7-11 in Washington, D.C., nanoelectronics research center imec and Holst Centre will showcase at their booth a development kit based on an open hardware platform using a highly integrated multi-sensor data acquisition chip.

Silicon Image launches new subsidiary to focus on Internet of Everything services

Thu, 12 Dec 2014
Silicon Image, a provider of multimedia connectivity solutions and services, announced that Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. has made a $7 million strategic investment in Silicon Image’s new subsidiary, Qterics, for a 7% ownership interest.

OCEASOFT harnesses SIGFOX IoT network in Cobalt S3 sensor family for cloud connectivity

Tue, 12 Dec 2014
Industrial Internet of Things sensor-monitoring solution opens new vistas in pollution and environmental applications, other remote-sensing sectors.

System Plus analyzes the world's smallest microbolometer-based thermal imaging camera core released by FLIR

Thu, 12 Dec 2014
Initially focused on the military, uncooled thermal camera sales have grown significantly due to substantial cost reduction of micro bolometers and growing adoption in commercial markets, including thermography, automotive and surveillance applications.

Murata completes acquisition of Peregrine Semiconductor

Fri, 12 Dec 2014
Murata Electronics North America, Inc. and Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation, founder of RF silicon on insulator (SOI) and pioneer of advanced RF solutions, today announce that Murata has acquired all outstanding shares of Peregrine.

Synopsys and imec expand TCAD collaboration to 5nm and beyond

Tue, 12 Dec 2014
Synopsys, Inc. today announced the expansion of its collaboration with imec (nanoelectronics research center imec) to nanowire and other devices (FinFETs, Tunnel-FETs) targeting the 5-nanometer (nm) technology node and beyond.

What’s next for MEMS?

Tue, 12 Dec 2014
The proliferation of sensors into high volume consumer markets, and into the emerging Internet of Things, is driving the MEMS market to maturity, with a developed ecosystem to ease use and grow applications. But it is also bringing plenty of demands for new technologies, and changes in how companies will compete.

Imec demonstrates broadband graphene optical modulator on silicon

Wed, 12 Dec 2014
At this week’s IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM 2014), nanoelectronics research center imec and its associated lab at Ghent University have demonstrated the industry’s first integrated graphene optical electro-absorption modulator (EAM) capable of 10Gb/s modulation speed.

Daintree Networks named to "50 Most Promising IoT Companies of 2014"

Wed, 12 Dec 2014
Daintree Networks has been named by CIO Review Magazine as one of the '50 Most Promising Internet of Things (IoT) Companies 2014.'

Imec presents ultralow power RFID transponder chip in thin-film transistor technology on plastic at IEDM 2014

Wed, 12 Dec 2014
At this week’s IEDM 2014, held in San Francisco, California, nanoelectronics research center imec demonstrated an ultra-low power RFID transponder chip.

IoT's divergent needs will drive different types of technologies

Fri, 12 Dec 2014
Given the current buzz around the Internet of Things (IoT), it is easy to lose sight of the challenges – both economic and technical.

Piezoelectricity in a 2-D semiconductor

Mon, 12 Dec 2014
Berkeley Lab researchers discovery of piezoelectricty in molybdenum disulfide holds promise for future MEMS.

Zinc oxide materials tapped for tiny energy harvesting devices

Tue, 1 Jan 2015
New research helps pave the way toward highly energy-efficient zinc oxide-based micro energy harvesting devices with applications in portable communications, healthcare and environmental monitoring, and more.

Internet of Things stimulates MEMS market

Tue, 12 Dec 2014
The explosive expansion of the Internet of things (IoT) is driving rapid demand growth for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices in areas including asset-tracking systems, smart grids and building automation.

HLMC develops specialty technology in pursuit of growing IoT market

Mon, 1 Jan 2015
Chinese IC manufacturer Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation gave a presentation on its outlook for the Internet of Things (IoT) market and the wide application of its specialty technology at the 2014 China Semiconductor Industry Association IC Design Branch Annual Conference ("ICCAD"), which was recently held at Hong Kong Science Park.

InvenSense to ship over 1B MEMS sensors worldwide

Tue, 1 Jan 2015
InvenSense, Inc., a provider of intelligent sensor solutions, announced that since starting shipment of MEMS-based sensors in late 2006, it will reach 1 billion devices shipped in Q1 of calendar 2015.

Spotlight on MEMS: SEMI launches new European MEMS Summit

Wed, 1 Jan 2015
SEMI today announced the launch of the European MEMS Summit, to be held on 17-18 September 2015 in Milan, Italy.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Linear Dimensions to offer joint analog solution for wearables and MEMs sensors markets

Fri, 1 Jan 2015
GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Linear Dimensions Semiconductor Inc. today announced that they are working together to manufacture a 14-channel programmable reference from Linear Dimensions for multiple markets including IoT (Internet of Things) sensor and wearable device applications.

Apple Watch spurs rapid growth of market for wireless charging in wearable technology in 2015

Tue, 1 Jan 2015
Propelled by the arrival of the Apple Watch, the global market for wireless power and charging in wearable applications is set to attain a gargantuan 3,000 percent expansion this year compared to 2014.

SUNY Board appoints Dr. Alain Kaloyeros as founding president of SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Wed, 1 Jan 2015
SUNY Polytechnic Institute (SUNY Poly) yesterday announced the SUNY Board of Trustees has appointed Dr. Alain Kaloyeros as the founding President of SUNY Poly.

JEOL and UC Irvine partner to develop electron microscopy and materials research center

Wed, 1 Jan 2015
JEOL USA and the University of California's Irvine Materials Research Institute (IMRI) have entered into a strategic partnership to create a premier electron microscopy and materials science research facility.

Temporary tattoo offers needle-free way to monitor glucose levels

Fri, 1 Jan 2015
Nanoengineers at the University of California, San Diego have tested a temporary tattoo that both extracts and measures the level of glucose in the fluid in between skin cells. This first-ever example of the flexible, easy-to-wear device could be a promising step forward in noninvasive glucose testing for patients with diabetes.

Carbon nanotube finding could lead to flexible electronics with longer battery life

Fri, 1 Jan 2015
University of Wisconsin-Madison materials engineers have made a significant leap toward creating higher-performance electronics with improved battery life -- and the ability to flex and stretch.

Scientists 'bend' elastic waves with new metamaterials that could have commercial applications

Fri, 1 Jan 2015
Engineering researchers at the University of Missouri have developed a material that has the ability to control these waves, creating possible medical, military and commercial applications with the potential to greatly benefit society.

New pathway to valleytronics

Tue, 1 Jan 2015
A potential avenue to quantum computing currently generating quite the buzz in the high-tech industry is "valleytronics," in which information is coded based on the wavelike motion of electrons moving through certain two-dimensional (2D) semiconductors.

2014 was bumper year for automotive semiconductors

Tue, 1 Jan 2015
The automotive semiconductor market did exceptionally well in 2014, according to new analysis from IHS.

Gov. Baker announces $4M grant to UMass Lowell to fuel emerging printed electronics cluster

Thu, 1 Jan 2015
Gov. Charlie Baker today announced a $4 million dollar grant from the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (“MassTech”) to UMass Lowell to support development of a printed and flexible electronics industry cluster, an emerging field that has the potential to become a $76 billion global market in the next decade.

CARDIS, a new European effort targeting mobile early-stage cardio vascular disease detection

Tue, 2 Feb 2015
Imec, Medtronic, Ghent University and their project partners today announced the launch of the CARDIS project.

Imec introduces new snapshot hyperspectral image sensors with mosaic filter architecture

Wed, 2 Feb 2015
At next week’s SPIE Photonics West 2015, imec will present a new set of snapshot hyperspectral CMOS image sensors featuring spectral filter structures in a mosaic layout, processed per-pixel on 4x4 and 5x5 ‘Bayer-like’ arrays.

Cambridge Nanotherm appoints Ewald Braith as Non-Exec Director

Fri, 2 Feb 2015
Cambridge Nanotherm today announced that Ewald Braith has joined the board as a Non-Exec Director.

Mentor Graphics launches broadest embedded systems solution for industrial automation

Mon, 2 Feb 2015
Mentor Graphics Corporation today announced the embedded systems industry's broadest portfolio for industrial automation.

Imec and Holst Centre to present key achievements at ISSCC 2015

Thu, 2 Feb 2015
At this year’s International Solid State Circuits Conference to be held in San Francisco, Calif., Feb. 22-26, imec and Holst Centre will present eight scientific papers covering groundbreaking results on ultra-low power design for wireless broadband communication, for wireless sensor networks, and organic electronics.

Giga-scale challenges will dominate 2015

Fri, 2 Feb 2015
It wasn’t all that long ago when nano-scale was the term the semiconductor industry used to describe small transistor sizes to indicate technological advancement.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES joins imec to develop innovative RF solutions for Internet of Things applications

Tue, 2 Feb 2015
GLOBALFOUNDRIES, a provider of advanced semiconductor manufacturing technology, today announced a partnership with imec, a nanoelectronics research center, for joint research on future radio architectures and designs for highly integrated mobile devices and IoT applications.

A new spin on spintronics

Tue, 2 Feb 2015
A team of researchers from the University of Michigan and Western Michigan University is exploring new materials that could yield higher computational speeds and lower power consumption, even in harsh environments.

Samsung announces mass production of industry’s first 14nm finFET mobile application processor

Tue, 2 Feb 2015
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced that it has begun mass production of industry’s first mobile application processor using the advanced 14-nanometer (nm) FinFET process technology.

Novel crumpling method takes flat graphene from 2-D to 3-D

Tue, 2 Feb 2015
Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have developed a unique single-step process to achieve three-dimensional (3D) texturing of graphene and graphite.

MIG announces finalists for MEMS & Sensors Technology Showcase

Thu, 2 Feb 2015
Selected from a pool of applicants, finalist companies will demo their MEMS/sensors-based applications as they vie for attendees’ votes.

Optical nanoantennas set the stage for a NEMS lab-on-a-chip revolution

Tue, 2 Feb 2015
Newly developed tiny antennas, likened to spotlights on the nanoscale, offer the potential to measure food safety, identify pollutants in the air and even quickly diagnose and treat cancer, according to the Australian scientists who created them.

Radio chip for the 'Internet of things'

Tue, 2 Feb 2015
At this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the big theme was the "Internet of things" -- the idea that everything in the human environment, from kitchen appliances to industrial equipment, could be equipped with sensors and processors that can exchange data, helping with maintenance and the coordination of tasks.

Freescale pushes for a secure Internet of Things

Tue, 2 Feb 2015
As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to gain momentum, Freescale Semiconductor and its partners are tackling the most dire challenge the young movement has faced to date – the alarming lack of unified guidelines for ensuring the security of IoT applications.

Imec and Panasonic present breakthrough in CMOS-based transceivers for mm-wave radar systems

Wed, 2 Feb 2015
Today, at the 2015 International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), imec and Panasonic presented a transceiver chip for phase-modulated continuous-wave radar at 79GHz.

Cypress debuts reliable, secure fingerprint sensing solution for mobile devices

Mon, 3 Mar 2015
The flexible solution enables designers to create custom home buttons with specialized shapes and sizes or to integrate the sensor into any mobile device’s industrial design or home button.

11 IC product categories to exceed total IC market growth in 2015

Thu, 3 Mar 2015
IC Insights’ March Update to the 2015 McClean Report (being released later this month) refreshes the forecasts for 33 major IC product categories through 2019.

Engineers create chameleon-like artificial 'skin' that shifts color on demand

Thu, 3 Mar 2015
Borrowing a trick from nature, engineers from the University of California at Berkeley have created an incredibly thin, chameleon-like material that can be made to change color -- on demand -- by simply applying a minute amount of force.

New technology may double radio frequency data capacity

Fri, 3 Mar 2015
Columbia engineers invent nanoscale IC that enables simultaneous transmission and reception at the same frequency in a wireless radio.

Light sensors market to grow 16 percent between 2013 and 2016

Fri, 3 Mar 2015
Samsung, Apple and Chinese OEMs will drive revenue in the light sensor market to grow 16 percent between 2013 and 2016, according to a new report released today from IHS Inc.

High tech start-ups to connect with investors at SEMICON Europa 2015

Tue, 3 Mar 2015
SEMICON Europa 2015 (October 6-8) will prominently feature second edition of this very successful program connecting early-stage companies with strategic investors, venture capitalists and other relevant stakeholders.

Rice fine-tunes quantum dots from coal

Wed, 3 Mar 2015
Rice University scientists gain control of electronic, fluorescent properties of coal-based graphene.

Small powerful systems give rise to medical semiconductor sales

Thu, 3 Mar 2015
Market for medical semiconductors seen rising to $8.2 billion in 2018.

Silicon Labs and Digi-Key challenge developer innovation with "Your IoT" design competition

Tue, 3 Mar 2015
Silicon Labs and Digi-Key today announced an IoT design contest for pioneering developers who want to create connected "things" that will help make the world a smarter, more connected and energy-friendly place.

2014 top MEMS players ranking: Rising of the first MEMS titan

Tue, 3 Mar 2015
With an impressive 20 percent growth in MEMS revenue compared to 2013, and sales revenues of more than $1.2B, Robert Bosch GmbH is the clear #1.

Apple dictates the ranking of top 10 MEMS manufacturers in 2014

Wed, 3 Mar 2015
Apple boosted Bosch’s MEMS revenue in 2014 again as Bosch is the sole supplier of the pressure sensors added to the iPhone 6 and 6+.

Optoelectronics, sensors/actuators, and discretes growth accelerates

Wed, 3 Mar 2015
After two years of sluggishness, O-S-D sales strengthen with an improving economy and a boost from new applications, says new 2015 report.

Imec demonstrates 50GHz Ge waveguide electro-absorption modulator

Wed, 3 Mar 2015
At this week’s OFC 2015, the largest global conference and exposition for optical communications, nanoelectronics research center imec, its associated lab at Ghent University (Intec), and Stanford University have demonstrated a compact germanium (Ge) waveguide electro-absorption modulator (EAM) with a modulation bandwidth beyond 50GHz.

Light-powered gyroscope is world's smallest

Wed, 4 Apr 2015
A pair of light waves - one zipping clockwise the other counterclockwise around a microscopic track - may hold the key to creating the world's smallest gyroscope: one a fraction of the width of a human hair.

Supplier Hub answers the needs of a changing semiconductor industry

Thu, 4 Apr 2015
Supplier Hub answers the needs of a changing semiconductor industry.

Better sensors for medical imaging, contraband detection

Tue, 4 Apr 2015
MIT researchers have developed a new, ultrasensitive magnetic-field detector that is 1,000 times more energy-efficient than its predecessors.

Standing Egg chooses MIPS CPUs for sensor hubs targeting mobile, IoT, wearables and automotive

Tue, 4 Apr 2015
Imagination Technologies announces that South Korea based MEMS sensor development company Standing Egg has licensed Imagination's MIPS Warrior M-class CPU for use in its next-generation sensor hubs targeting an expanding range of products including mobile devices, IoT, wearables, and automotive.

MEMS shipments to reach 43.3B units by 2018, says Semico Research

Thu, 4 Apr 2015
The market for MEMS has been growing at a fast rate. But growth will come as a result of a wide variety of emerging MEMS and will be driven by the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), where MEMS devices will replace conventional sensors, and by the introduction of new sensor technologies.

Sensor shipments strengthen but falling prices cut sales growth

Fri, 4 Apr 2015
Sensor shipments are getting a big boost from the spread of embedded measurement functions for automated intelligent controls in systems and new high-volume applications, but sales growth is being pulled down significantly by price erosion in this once high-flying semiconductor marketplace.

New understanding of electromagnetism could enable 'antennas on a chip'

Fri, 4 Apr 2015
A team of researchers from the University of Cambridge have unravelled one of the mysteries of electromagnetism, which could enable the design of antennas small enough to be integrated into an electronic chip. These ultra-small antennas - the so-called 'last frontier' of semiconductor design - would be a massive leap forward for wireless communications.

Solution-grown nanowires make the best lasers

Tue, 4 Apr 2015
Take a material that is a focus of interest in the quest for advanced solar cells. Discover a "freshman chemistry level" technique for growing that material into high-efficiency, ultra-small lasers. The result, disclosed Monday, April 13 in Nature Materials, is a shortcut to lasers that are extremely efficient and able to create many colors of light.

Engineer improves rechargeable batteries with MoS2 nano 'sandwich'

Fri, 4 Apr 2015
The key to better cellphones and other rechargeable electronics may be in tiny "sandwiches" made of nanosheets, according to mechanical engineering research from Kansas State University.

MagnaChip to offer diversified products for Internet of Things applications

Mon, 4 Apr 2015
MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation, a Korea-based designer and manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products announced today that it has kicked-off an Internet of Things (IoT) task force and will offer diversified products with ultra-low power technology in anticipation of the fast growing IoT market.

Communications, computer systems drive IC sales across all regions

Thu, 4 Apr 2015
Automotive systems forecast to remain a major application in Europe.

From metal to insulator and back again

Thu, 4 Apr 2015
New work from Carnegie's Russell Hemley and Ivan Naumov hones in on the physics underlying the recently discovered fact that some metals stop being metallic under pressure.

Surface matters: Huge reduction of heat conduction observed in flat silicon channels

Thu, 4 Apr 2015
A paper published in ACS Nano describes how the nanometre-scale topology and the chemical composition of the surface control the thermal conductivity of ultrathin silicon membranes.

Picture this: Graphene brings 3-D holograms clearer and closer

Tue, 4 Apr 2015
From mobile phones and computers to television, cinema and wearable devices, the display of full color, wide-angle, 3D holographic images is moving ever closer to fruition, thanks to international research featuring Griffith University.

SIGFOX and TI collaborate to deliver cost-effective, long-range, low-power Internet of Things connectivity

Tue, 4 Apr 2015
SIGFOX and Texas Instruments (TI) announced the two companies are working together to increase IoT deployments using the Sub-1 GHz spectrum.

Imec reports 9% growth in 2014

Wed, 4 Apr 2015
Nanoelectronics research center imec, today reported the financial results for fiscal year ended December 31, 2014.

Sensor competition, actuator recovery impact supplier ranking

Thu, 4 Apr 2015
Sensor leader Bosch grabs 20 percent of worldwide sales in 2014 while ST falls from second to fourth place with a 19 percent drop in dollar volume last year, says new O-S-D Report.

MEMS industry influencers to present at SEMI European MEMS Summit

Thu, 5 May 2015
SEMI has announced that executives from MEMS giants Bosch and STMicroelectronics, MEMS largest fabless Invensense and dominating IC foundry TSMC will be delivering the keynote talks at the European MEMS Summit.

High-performance 3-D microbattery suitable for large-scale on-chip integration

Tue, 5 May 2015
By combining 3D holographic lithography and 2D photolithography, researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have demonstrated a high-performance 3D microbattery suitable for large-scale on-chip integration with microelectronic devices.

New approaches to vision with microchips holds out prospects for the blind

Mon, 5 May 2015
To date, chip-based retinal implants have only permitted a rudimentary restoration of vision. However, modifying the electrical signals emitted by the implants could change that.

New device could greatly improve speech and image recognition

Tue, 5 May 2015
Researchers have demonstrated pattern recognition using a magnonic holographic memory device.

IBM's silicon photonics technology ready to speed up cloud and Big Data applications

Tue, 5 May 2015
IBM today announced a significant milestone in the development of silicon photonics technology, which enables silicon chips to use pulses of light instead of electrical signals over wires to move data at rapid speeds and longer distances in future computing systems.

Samsung announces ARTIK platform to accelerate Internet of Things development

Tue, 5 May 2015
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced the Samsung ARTIK platform to allow faster, simpler development of new enterprise, industrial and consumer applications for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Intel, eASIC collaborate on customized Intel-based solutions for the cloud

Tue, 5 May 2015
Intel Corporation today announced plans to develop integrated products with eASIC Corporation that combine processing performance and customizable hardware to meet the increasing demand for custom compute solutions for data centers and the "cloud."

Moore's Law to keep on 28nm

Wed, 5 May 2015
Scaling is now bifurcating - some scaling on with 28/22nm, while other push below 14nm.

Freescale speeds the creation of sensor applications for a secure IoT

Thu, 5 May 2015
Freescale Semiconductor today introduced its Intelligent Sensing Framework (ISF) 2.1, which now includes integration with Freescale’s Processor Expert tool to help create, configure, and generate embedded sensor-based applications for Freescale microcontrollers (MCUs).

Janusz Bryzek joins MEMS Industry Group to lead new TSensors division

Thu, 5 May 2015
MEMS Industry Group (MIG), the trade association advancing micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and sensors across global markets, today announced the creation of a new TSensors division headed by TSensors Summit, Inc.

SEMICON West 2015 focuses on the most critical issues in semiconductor manufacturing

Fri, 5 May 2015
SEMI today announced the SEMICON West 2015 technical and business program agenda tackling the most important issues facing the future of semiconductor manufacturing.

Growing in maturity, the MEMS industry is getting its second wind

Tue, 5 May 2015
In 2014, the MEMS sector represented an $11.1B business for Si-based devices. According to Yole Développement (Yole) latest MEMS report “Status of the MEMS Industry”, the MEMS industry is preparing to exceed $20B by 2020.

Tablet shipments lose momentum; Total PC unit forecast downgraded

Fri, 5 May 2015
IC Insights has downgraded its forecast for the overall personal computing market, including much lower growth in tablets and continued weakness in standard PCs.

Technology for tomorrow’s market opportunities and challenges at LetiDays Grenoble

Fri, 5 May 2015
The 17th annual LetiDays Grenoble on June 24-25 will expand the conversation with presentations about Internet of Things-augmented mobility, which is revolutionizing the way we interact with appliances, infrastructure and countless common objects that are part of our daily lives.

Imagination and TSMC collaborate on advanced IoT IP platforms

Mon, 6 Jun 2015
Imagination Technologies (IMG.L) and TSMC announce a collaboration to develop a series of advanced IP subsystems for the Internet of Things (IoT) to accelerate time to market and simplify the design process.

MEMS suppliers ride automotive safety wave

Tue, 6 Jun 2015
Suppliers of MEMS-based devices rode a safety sensing wave in 2014 to reach record turnover in automotive applications, according to analysis from IHS.

Slip sliding away: Graphene and diamonds prove a slippery combination

Wed, 6 Jun 2015
Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory have found a way to use tiny diamonds and graphene to give friction the slip, creating a new material combination that demonstrates the rare phenomenon of "superlubricity."

MIPT physicists develop ultrasensitive nanomechanical biosensor

Wed, 6 Jun 2015
t can analyze the chemical composition of substances and detect biological objects, such as viral disease markers, which appear when the immune system responds to incurable or hard-to-cure diseases, including HIV, hepatitis, herpes, and many others.

Leti Workshop on June 26 to cover latest R&D successes in innovative memory technologies

Wed, 6 Jun 2015
CEA-Leti is hosting its seventh workshop on innovative memory technologies following the 17th annual LetiDays Grenoble, June 24-25, on the Minatec campus.

ASCENT project offers unparalleled access to European nanoelectronics infrastructure

Thu, 6 Jun 2015
Europe’s leading nanoelectronics institutes, Tyndall National Institute in Ireland, CEA-Leti in France and imec in Belgium, have entered a €4.7 million collaborative open-access project called ASCENT (Access to European Nanoelectronics Network).

MEMSIC's SmartSensing tech delivers highest performance in inertial measurement systems

Thu, 6 Jun 2015
MEMSIC announced the launch of its latest addition, the INS380, to its portfolio of Inertial Systems enabled with SmartSensing technology targeted to a broad range of precision motion sensing applications.

Fairchild launches MEMS product line

Tue, 6 Jun 2015
Fairchild, a supplier of high-performance semiconductor solutions, today launched the FIS1100 6-axis MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), the company’s first MEMS product stemming from its strategic investments in MEMS and motion tracking.

Researchers grind nanotubes to get nanoribbons

Mon, 6 Jun 2015
A simple way to turn carbon nanotubes into valuable graphene nanoribbons may be to grind them, according to research led by Rice University.

A KAIST research team develops the first flexible phase-change random access memory

Mon, 6 Jun 2015
Phase change random access memory (PRAM) is one of the strongest candidates for next-generation nonvolatile memory for flexible and wearable electronics.

Renesas Electronics announces Synergy Platform for IoT

Mon, 6 Jun 2015
Renesas Electronics, a supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced the Renesas Synergy Platform.

Researchers create transparent, stretchable conductors using nano-accordion structure

Thu, 6 Jun 2015
Researchers from North Carolina State University have created stretchable, transparent conductors that work because of the structures' "nano-accordion" design. The conductors could be used in a wide variety of applications, such as flexible electronics, stretchable displays or wearable sensors.

Organ-on-a-chip technology helps researchers better understand pregnancy

Thu, 6 Jun 2015
National Institutes of Health (NIH) researchers and their colleagues have developed a "placenta-on-a-chip" to study the inner workings of the human placenta and its role in pregnancy.

Bosch selects Rudolph for semiconductor inspection solutions

Mon, 6 Jun 2015
Rudolph Technologies, Inc. announced today that the MEMS company, Robert Bosch GmbH, has selected Rudolph to supply several different configurations of its F30 Inspection System for various steps in the front- and back-end fabrication processes of micro electrical mechanical systems (MEMS) devices.

MEMS applications take the stage in the first edition of the European MEMS Summit

Mon, 6 Jun 2015
The first edition of this Summit will take place on September 17-18, 2015 in Milan, Italy and its theme will be “Sensing the Planet, MEMS for Life.”

imec and Holst Centre present a gas sensing platform for intuitive IoT applications

Tue, 6 Jun 2015
Imec and Holst Centre have developed a small NO2 sensor featuring a low power consumption in the mW range.

Toward tiny, solar-powered sensors

Wed, 6 Jun 2015
Last week, at the Symposia on VLSI Technology and Circuits, MIT researchers presented a new power converter chip that can harvest more than 80 percent of the energy trickling into it, even at the extremely low power levels characteristic of tiny solar cells.

Consumer, healthcare, and industrial to drive wearable industry to potential value of $90B by 2020

Wed, 7 Jul 2015
Wearable electronics is one of the consumer market’s hottest topics. Indeed, giants like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei are now competing for a slice of a very promising pie.

Graphene flexes its electronic muscles

Wed, 7 Jul 2015
Flexing graphene may be the most basic way to control its electrical properties, according to calculations by theoretical physicists at Rice University and in Russia.

Ambiq Micro appoints Mike Noonen as interim CEO

Wed, 7 Jul 2015
Ambiq Micro, a developer of ultra-low power integrated circuits for power-sensitive applications, today announced the appointment Mike Noonen as interim Chief Executive Officer with immediate effect.

Cypress to acquire Broadcom's Wireless of Internet of Things business

Thu, 4 Apr 2016
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (Nasdaq: CY) and Broadcom Limited (Nasdaq: AVGO) today announced the signing of a definitive agreement under which Cypress will acquire Broadcom's Wireless Internet of Things (IoT) business and related assets in an all-cash transaction valued at $550 million.

Smartphone sales remain an important IC market driver in 2015

Thu, 7 Jul 2015
Smartphones forecast to represent 80% of total cellphone shipments in 4Q15.

New technology using silver may hold key to electronics advances

Thu, 7 Jul 2015
Engineers at Oregon State University have invented a way to fabricate silver, a highly conductive metal, for printed electronics that are produced at room temperature.

Surging phablets to shoot past stalled tablet market in 2015

Wed, 7 Jul 2015
Updated forecast shows large-screen smartphone shipments climbing 66% this year to 252 million units while the lack of replacement purchases stymies tablets.

IoT platform, Silicon Impulse, energy efficiency and consumer applications focus of LetiDays discussion

Thu, 7 Jul 2015
Smart devices for the Internet of Things are among the top three growth drivers for the semiconductor industry, but the IoT is a highly fragmented market where multiple applications have varying energy requirements.

Blood and tears at DAC

Tue, 7 Jul 2015
At this year’s Design Automation Conference (DAC) in San Francisco, Brian Otis, a Director at Google, talked about how hundreds of millions of people are at risk of diabetes – and how a smart contact lens that continuously monitors blood glucose levels and transmits the data to a smartphone might just be the ideal solution.

Imec introduces self-assembled monomolecular organic films to seal ultra-porous low- k materials

Tue, 7 Jul 2015
Nano-electronics research center imec announced today at SEMICON West that it has demonstrated concept and feasibility for pore-sealing low-k dielectrics in advanced interconnects.

Small electronics companies spent $78.3B on semiconductors in 2014

Fri, 8 Aug 2015
Startups and small electronics companies spent $78.3 billion on semiconductors in 2014, representing 23 percent of the total market, compelling semiconductor companies to revisit their sales strategy to focus on the large number of smaller organizations than relying on big deals from large customers, research firm Gartner said.

Wearable systems give major boost to total IoT sales in 2015

Thu, 7 Jul 2015
Market revenues associated with network communications, sensing, and control functions in subsystems and objects attached to the Internet of Things (IoT) are forecast to grow 29% in 2015 to $62.4 billion after increasing 21% in 2014 to about $48.4 billion.

Penn researchers discover new chiral property of silicon, with photonic applications

Fri, 7 Jul 2015
By encoding information in photons via their spin, "photonic" computers could be orders of magnitude faster and efficient than their current-day counterparts. Likewise, encoding information in the spin of electrons, rather than just their quantity, could make "spintronic" computers with similar advantages.

Microcontroller unit shipments surge but falling prices sap sales growth

Wed, 8 Aug 2015
Explosion of smartcards, embedded sensors, and new Internet of Things applications are driving up unit volumes of low-cost 32-bit MCU solutions, says Mid-Year Update.

IBM launches new Internet of Things community for developers

Wed, 7 Jul 2015
IBM today announced the launch of a new community, IBM developerWorks Recipes, designed to help developers – from novice to experienced – quickly and easily learn how to connect Internet of Things (IoT) devices to the cloud and how to use data coming from those connected devices.

OMRON to acquire motion control company, Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc.

Mon, 8 Aug 2015
OMRON Corporation announced its entry into a stock purchase agreement to acquire a 100 percent stake in Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc. of California (DT), which will result in DT becoming a member of the OMRON Group.

ON Semiconductor introduces new ICs for next generation auto designs

Mon, 8 Aug 2015
ON Semiconductor has introduced an array of new AEC-Q100-compliant integrated circuits (ICs) optimized for implementation into next generation automobile designs.

Microchip Technology completes acquisition of Micrel

Tue, 8 Aug 2015
Microchip Technology Incorporated, a provider of microcontroller, mixed-signal, analog and Flash-IP solutions, and Micrel, Incorporated today announced that Microchip has completed its previously announced acquisition of Micrel.

MEMS Industry Group Conference Asia explores MEMS and sensors opportunities in global IoT

Tue, 8 Aug 2015
MEMS Industry Group (MIG) will gather the world’s leading providers of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and sensors technology for its second annual MEMS Industry Group Conference Asia in Shanghai, China on September 8-11, 2015.

Flexible dielectric polymer can stand the heat

Fri, 8 Aug 2015
Easily manufactured, low cost, lightweight, flexible dielectric polymers that can operate at high temperatures may be the solution to energy storage and power conversion in electric vehicles and other high temperature applications, according to a team of Penn State engineers.

Toshiba launches 16MP CMOS image sensors targeting smartphones and tablets

Mon, 8 Aug 2015
Designed for use in smartphones and tablets, the backside-illuminated (BSI) chips are among the world's smallest class of CMOS image sensors, and achieve both high-performance image capture and low power consumption.

Challenges for MEMS, sensors, and semiconductors

Tue, 8 Aug 2015
Leading industry experts participated in the joint SEMI-MEMS Industry Group (MIG) workshop during SEMICON West 2015 to discuss industry challenges – and potential solutions and collaborative approaches – in the MEMS, sensors and semiconductor industries.

Rice U. discovery may boost memory technology

Tue, 8 Aug 2015
Scientists at Rice University have created a solid-state memory technology that allows for high-density storage with a minimum incidence of computer errors.

MEMS Executive Congress US 2015 examines commercial forces driving MEMS & sensors to $20B by 2020

Tue, 8 Aug 2015
MEMS Industry Group (MIG)'s next MEMS Executive Congress US 2015 will explore the market drivers behind the double-digit growth propelling MEMS and sensors to more than $20+ billion by 2020.

As utilities get smarter, smart meter semiconductors rise

Tue, 8 Aug 2015
The global market for semiconductors used in smart meters that provide two-way communications between meters and utilities will continue to expand in the coming years, providing significant growth opportunities semiconductor manufacturers.

EV Group organizes Photonics Workshop in conjunction with MNE Conference

Tue, 8 Aug 2015
EV Group (EVG), a supplier of wafer bonding and lithography equipment for the MEMS, nanotechnology and semiconductor markets, will host a special session at the 41st Micro and Nano Engineering (MNE 2015) conference.

Cypress introduces the world's lowest-power energy harvesting power management ICs

Fri, 8 Aug 2015
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. today announced a new family of Energy Harvesting Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMICs) that enable tiny, solar-powered wireless sensors for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

What to expect from the European MEMS Summit Conference

Tue, 8 Aug 2015
As Bosch, InvenSense and STMicroelectronics continue to go head-to-head in an attempt to capture the biggest shares of the growing MEMS market, SEMI has announced that it will bring these MEMS giants together in an unprecedented European conference & exhibition to discuss the future of MEMS and Sensors.

Imec and Holst Centre launch comfortable EEG headset for consumer applications

Wed, 8 Aug 2015
The headset enables effective brain-computer interfacing and can monitor emotions and mood in daily life situations using a smartphone application.

These microscopic fish are 3-D-printed to do more than swim

Wed, 8 Aug 2015
These proof-of-concept synthetic microfish will inspire a new generation of "smart" microrobots that have diverse capabilities such as detoxification, sensing and directed drug delivery, researchers said.

University of Colorado and SRC research accelerates microscopic imaging for next-generation nanoelectronics

Thu, 8 Aug 2015
University of Colorado researchers sponsored by Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), a university-research consortium for semiconductor technologies, have developed new microscopic imaging techniques to help advance next-generation nanotechnology in applications ranging from data storage to medicine.

Three markets will drive the wearable industry

Fri, 8 Aug 2015
Yole’s analysts explain wearable is, without doubts, a promising industry. But, who will take benefit of this attracting market, growing from US$22 billion in 2015 to more than US$ 90 billion by 2020?

Mouth guard monitors health markers, transmits information wirelessly to smart phone

Mon, 8 Aug 2015
Engineers at the University of California, San Diego, have developed a mouth guard that can monitor health markers, such as lactate, cortisol and uric acid, in saliva and transmit the information wirelessly to a smart phone, laptop or tablet.

A partnership to secure and protect the emerging Internet of Things

Fri, 8 Aug 2015
The National Science Foundation (NSF), in partnership with Intel Corporation, one of the world's leading technology companies, today announced two new grants totaling $6 million to research teams that will study solutions to address the security and privacy of cyber-physical systems.

BeSpoon's position-tracking system captures and displays real-time data to improve sports teams' performance

Mon, 8 Aug 2015
BeSpoon SAS today launched BeSpoon Sport Edition, an ultra-precise position-tracking system that allows teams to measure and analyze player movement in three dimensions and provide immediate feedback to improve performance.

Wearables and bioelectronics seek better energy storage

Tue, 9 Sep 2015
Energy storage players are eyeing emerging opportunities in bioelectronics as wearable, implantable and other medical devices create energy demands and design requirements beyond conventional batteries, according to Lux Research.

Knowm first to deliver memristors capable of bi-directional learning

Wed, 9 Sep 2015
Milestone confirmed by groundbreaking new data; bi-directional incremental capability allows startup to leapfrog IBM and other established competitors in emerging computing fields.

Thin, flexible batteries set to become a $400 million market in 2025 mainly by enabling new products

Wed, 9 Sep 2015
Batteries have not been a triumph of rapid innovation - from lead acid, nickel-cadmium, to nickel-metal-hydride and lithium-ion batteries, the development of batteries has significantly lagged many other components.

The future of MEMS in the IoT

Thu, 9 Sep 2015
SEMI’s European MEMS Summit will be held on 17-18 September 2015 in Milan, Italy. Over the course of the two-day event, more than 20 keynote and invited speakers from the entire supply chain will share their perspectives and latest updates, including participation by European MEMS leaders. In addition, a focused industry exhibition will complement the conferences offering with additional networking opportunities.

OMRON to Acquire U.S. based Adept Technology

Wed, 9 Sep 2015
OMRON Corporation and Adept Technology, Inc. today announced that the two companies have entered into an agreement whereby OMRON will acquire Adept.

Hillcrest Labs unveils MotionEngine Wear software

Tue, 9 Sep 2015
Hillcrest Labs unveiled its MotionEngine (TM) Wear software with always-on, sensor-enabled features optimized for the latest generation of wearable devices.

A new slant on semiconductor characterization

Thu, 11 Nov 2015
Method analyzes non-uniform conductors with a magnetic field.

Security by design

Fri, 11 Nov 2015
The advent of Internet-connected devices, the so-called Internet of Things (IoT), offers myriad opportunities and significant risks. It is our collective responsibility, as an industry, to secure the transport and storage of the data. Failing to properly secure the data risks turning the digital threat into a physical threat.

Bosch Sensortec CEO recognized with Lifetime Achievement Award

Fri, 11 Nov 2015
Bosch Sensortec announced that its CEO, Dr. Stefan Finkbeiner, has been chosen by the MEMS & Sensors Industry Group to receive its prestigious MEMS/Sensors Lifetime Achievement Award.

Researchers design and patent graphene biosensors

Mon, 11 Nov 2015
Graphene is the first truly two-dimensional crystal, which was obtained experimentally and investigated regarding its unique chemical and physical properties. There has now been a considerable increase in the number of research studies aimed at finding commercial applications for graphene and other two-dimensional materials.

Europe’s secondary industry in the spotlight

Tue, 11 Nov 2015
The dramatic shift from the trend for increasingly advanced technology to a vast array and volume of application-based devices presents Europe with a huge opportunity.

Highlights from Day 1 of IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA 2015

Thu, 11 Nov 2015
IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA 2015, held in Santa Clara, CA Nov 18-19, is one mega conference with eight co-located tracks ranging from sensor technology & wearables to IoT, energy harvesting & storage to electric vehicles, 3D printing and graphene.

Highlights from Day 2 of IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA 2015

Mon, 11 Nov 2015
IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA 2015, held in Santa Clara, CA Nov 18-19, is one mega conference with 8 co-located tracks ranging from sensor technology & wearables to IoT, energy harvesting & storage to electric vehicles, 3D printing and graphene.

The inertial MEMS device market keeps on growing. What's next?

Mon, 11 Nov 2015
Gyroscope and accelerometer production volumes are also growing, with the following CAGR: 7.9% and 1.6% respectively over the same period. Every sector will keep growing. So, what’s next?

Silicon Labs acquires Telegesis, a provider of ZigBee modules

Tue, 11 Nov 2015
A privately held company founded in 1998 and based near London, Telegesis has established itself as a ZigBee expert with strong momentum in the smart energy market, providing ZigBee module solutions to many of the world’s top smart metering manufacturers.

Tandem solar cells are simply better

Tue, 11 Nov 2015
What is true for double-blade razors is also true for solar cells: two work steps are more thorough than one.

SITRI and Bosch announce IoT technology collaboration

Wed, 12 Dec 2015
The agreement covers IoT applications such as smart home, wearable devices, smart city, Industry 4.0 and robotics.

Penn researchers make thinnest plates that can be picked up by hand

Fri, 12 Dec 2015
Despite being thousands of times thinner than a sheet of paper and hundreds of times thinner than household cling wrap or aluminum foil, their corrugated plates of aluminum oxide spring back to their original shape after being bent and twisted.

Innovative sensors make wearables truly unique

Thu, 12 Dec 2015
There will be a $5.5 billion market for sensors used in wearable technology applications by 2025, according to IDTechEx’s best-selling research report on the topic.

New approaches for hybrid solar cells

Thu, 12 Dec 2015
Using a new procedure researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the Ludwig Maximillians University of Munich (LMU) can now produce extremely thin and robust, yet highly porous semiconductor layers. A very promising material - for small, light-weight, flexible solar cells, for example, or electrodes improving the performance of rechargeable batteries.

Cellphones remain the largest driver of IC sales, but growth stalls

Fri, 12 Dec 2015
The total production value of electronic systems is forecast to decrease 2% in 2015 to an estimated $1,423 billion, marking only the fourth time in history that the systems market registers a decline.

Imec, KU Leuven and NERF combine electronics and photonics in neural probes

Thu, 12 Dec 2015
At last week’s IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting 2015, nanoelectronics research center imec, KU Leuven, and Neuro-Electronics Research Flanders (NERF, set up by VIB/KU Leuven and imec) presented a set of silicon neural probes that combine 12 monolithically integrated optrodes using a CMOS compatible process.

Internet of Things market to nearly double by 2019

Thu, 12 Dec 2015
Between 2015 and 2019, worldwide systems revenues for applications connecting to the Internet of Things will nearly double, reaching $124.5 billion in the final year of this decade, according to IC Insights’ new 2016 edition of its IC Market Drivers report. During that same timeframe, new connections to the Internet of Things (IoT) will grow from about 1.7 billion in 2015 to nearly 3.1 billion in 2019 (Figure 1), based on the forecast in the new 450-page report, which examines emerging and major end-use applications fueling demand for ICs.

Strong semiconductor growth forecast for electric vehicle DC fast-charging stations

Wed, 12 Dec 2015
The global market for semiconductors used in electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for plug-in hybrid (PH) and battery electric vehicles (BEV) will continue to expand in the coming years, providing significant growth opportunities to semiconductor manufacturers.

New device uses carbon nanotubes to snag molecules

Tue, 12 Dec 2015
Engineers at MIT have devised a new technique for trapping hard-to-detect molecules, using forests of carbon nanotubes.

A microfluidic biochip for blood cell counts at the point-of-care

Tue, 12 Dec 2015
Teams of researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) have demonstrated a biosensor capable of counting the blood cells electrically using only a drop of blood.

New bimetallic alloy nanoparticles for printed electronic circuits

Tue, 1 Jan 2016
"Printed electronics" has the potential to enable low-cost fabrication of electronics on flexible or curved surfaces, which will lead to the use of electronics in more varied applications.

Imec and Cloudtag collaborate on frictionless wearables

Thu, 1 Jan 2016
Cloudtag and imec, the nanoelectronics research center, today presented the first results of their collaboration on accurate frictionless wearable health solutions.

Flexible hybrid electronics market heating up in 2016

Thu, 1 Jan 2016
Flexible and printed electronics applications are becoming real. Forecasters are predicting a nearly $30 billion market for internet-connected devices in a combined industry and consumer sector.

Worldwide semiconductor revenue declined 1.9% in 2015, Gartner reports

Fri, 1 Jan 2016
Worldwide semiconductor revenue totaled $333.7 billion in 2015, a 1.9 percent decrease from 2014 revenue of $340.3 billion, according to preliminary results by Gartner, Inc.

Gartner reports worldwide PC shipments declined 8.3% in fourth quarter of 2015

Wed, 1 Jan 2016
Worldwide PC shipments totaled 75.7 million units in the fourth quarter of 2015, a 8.3 percent decline from the fourth quarter of 2014, according to preliminary results by Gartner, Inc

Qualcomm and TDK announce joint venture

Thu, 1 Jan 2016
Qualcomm and TDK to expand their collaboration across multiple technologies.

Engineers invent a bubble-pen to write with nanoparticles

Thu, 1 Jan 2016
Researchers at the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin have developed a device and technique, called bubble-pen lithography, that can gently and effectively handle nanoparticles.

Sensor technologies are mature for autonomous driving application

Fri, 1 Jan 2016
Currently the most advanced commercial car with autonomous features embeds about 17 sensors with two main solutions: ultrasonic sensors and cameras for surround. And by 2030, Yole anticipates more than 29 sensors.

Team develops wireless, dissolvable sensors to monitor brain

Mon, 1 Jan 2016
A team of neurosurgeons and engineers has developed wireless brain sensors that monitor intracranial pressure and temperature and then are absorbed by the body, negating the need for surgery to remove the devices.

Physicists develop a cooling system for the processors of the future

Tue, 1 Jan 2016
Researchers from MIPT have found a solution to the problem of overheating of active plasmonic components.

Gartner analysts reveal unexpected implications arising from the Internet of Things

Tue, 1 Jan 2016
More than half of major new business processes and systems will incorporate some element of the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2020, according to Gartner, Inc.

Vesper collaborates with GLOBALFOUNDRIES to deliver first piezoelectric MEMS microphones

Wed, 1 Jan 2016
Acoustic sensing company works with top foundry to support mass-market consumer products.

Worldwide device shipments to grow 1.9% in 2016, while end-user spending to decline for the first time

Wed, 1 Jan 2016
Worldwide combined shipments of devices (PCs, tablets, ultramobiles and mobile phones) are expected to reach 2.4 billion units in 2016 , a 1.9 percent increase from 2015, according to Gartner, Inc.

Gartner says worldwide IT spending is forecast to grow 0.6% in 2016

Fri, 1 Jan 2016
Worldwide IT spending is forecast to total $3.54 trillion dollars in 2016, just a 0.6 percent increase over 2015 spending of $3.52 trillion dollars, according to Gartner, Inc.

Technavio: Top two emerging trends impacting the global MEMS microphone market through 2020

Fri, 1 Jan 2016
According to the report, the global MEMS microphone market is expected to reach close to USD 2 billion by 2020, posting a CAGR of over 12%.

Fingerprint sensor market growth continues upward trajectory

Mon, 1 Jan 2016
Led by Apple’s iPhone juggernaut, unit shipments of fingerprint sensors were expected to have grown from 316 million in 2014 to 499 million in 2015 and will continue to increase each year to peak at 1.6 billion in 2020

Led by iPhone 6S, sensor hubs market is growing fast

Mon, 1 Jan 2016
The demand for sensor hubs, dedicated processing elements used for low-power sensor processing tasks, is booming.

Two in five wearable devices will be enabled for wireless charging by 2020

Tue, 1 Jan 2016
The wearable technology market continues to rapidly expand, driving more than $40 billion in revenue by 2020.

An increasing number of healthcare applications is using bioMEMS components

Fri, 5 May 2016
According to Yole Développement (Yole) analysts, this market will triple from US$2.7 billion in 2015 to US$7.6 billion in 2021.

Imec and Vrije Universiteit Brussel present small, low-cost, low-power chip for multi-gigabit 60GHz communication

Wed, 2 Feb 2016
At this week's IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC2016), nanoelectronics research center imec and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) presented a four-antenna path beamforming transceiver for 60GHz multi Gb/s communication in 28nm CMOS technology.

Self-calibrated 10 Mbit/s phase modulator exceeds state-of-the-art performance

Wed, 2 Feb 2016
At this week's IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC2016), nanoelectronics research center imec and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) presented a self-calibrated high-speed (10Mbits/s) phase modulator achieving an excellent Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) of -37dB at 10.25 GHz.

Apple products are driving market growth for MEMS microphones

Wed, 2 Feb 2016
The popularity of Apple’s iPhone 6S and other products is boosting the microelectromechanical-systems (MEMS) microphones market to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11 percent from 2015 to 2019.

Gartner says worldwide wearable devices sales to grow 18.4 percent in 2016

Wed, 2 Feb 2016
Gartner, Inc. forecasts that 274.6 million wearable electronic devices will be sold worldwide in 2016, an increase of 18.4 percent from 232.0 million units in 2015.

Cautious expectations amid a slow-growth global economy

Thu, 2 Feb 2016
The health of the IC industry is increasingly tied to the health of the worldwide economy. Rarely can there be strong IC market growth without at least a “good” worldwide economy to support it.

Researchers develop hack-proof RFID chips

Thu, 2 Feb 2016
New technology could secure credit cards, key cards, and pallets of goods in warehouses.

The iron stepping stones to better wearable tech without semiconductors

Fri, 2 Feb 2016
The road to more versatile wearable technology is dotted with iron. Specifically, quantum dots of iron arranged on boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs).

Renesas unveils 90nm one-transistor MONOS flash memory tech

Thu, 2 Feb 2016
Renesas Electronics Corp. reported the development of 90nm one-transistor MONOS (1T-MONOS) flash memory technology that can be used in combination with a variety of processes.

Imec introduces broad spectrum hyperspectral imaging solutions

Mon, 2 Feb 2016
At this week's SPIE Photonics West, imec will present a new set of hyperspectral sensor and camera solutions with extended spectral range, going from the visible light (VIS) up to near infrared (NIR).

The Wi-Fi semiconductor market will reach more than $12B in 2020

Wed, 2 Feb 2016
Mobile Experts released a new report today on Wi-Fi Semiconductors, highlighting the trends in combo chips, SoCs, power amplifiers, LNAs, switches, and Front End Modules (FEMs).

Advance could aid development of nanoscale biosensors

Thu, 2 Feb 2016
Researchers from Brown University's School of Engineering have made an important fundamental advance that could make such devices more practical.

First-of-a-kind tunable balance network for electrical balance duplexers supporting all LTE bands from 0.7-1GHz

Fri, 2 Feb 2016
Nanoelectronics research center imec and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) present a frequency division duplex (FDD) balance network, capable of dual-frequency impedance tuning for all LTE bands in the 0.7-to-1GHz range.

Vesper partners with AAC Technologies on piezoelectric MEMS microphones

Mon, 2 Feb 2016
Vesper today announced a partnership with AAC Technologies Holdings Inc. for the commercialization of the world’s first piezoelectric MEMS microphones for consumer electronic devices.

Bosch Sensortec launches vital sensor hubs for wearables at Mobile World Congress 2016

Mon, 2 Feb 2016
Today, at the 2016 Mobile World Congress, Bosch Sensortec introduces its first generation of sensor hub products with optimized vital sensing features.

imec and iMinds to merge and create high-tech research center

Mon, 2 Feb 2016
Nanoelectronics research center, imec, and digital research and incubation center, iMinds, announced that its respective board of directors have approved the intention to merge the research centers.

Gartner says worldwide smartphone sales grew 9.7% in fourth quarter of 2015

Mon, 2 Feb 2016
Global smartphone sales exhibited slowest growth since 2008; iPhone sales declined for the first time.

New NTU microchip shrinks radar cameras to fit into a palm

Tue, 2 Feb 2016
NTU's new radar chip was presented and published at the prestigious International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) 2016.

Stretchable electronics that quadruple in length

Mon, 2 Feb 2016
EPFL researchers have developed conductive tracks that can be bent and stretched up to 4 times their original length; they could be used in artificial skin, connected clothing and on­-body sensors.

ON Semiconductor and RFMicron to unveil IoT platform

Tue, 3 Mar 2016
ON Semiconductor Corporation has teamed up with RFMicron, Inc. to unveil multifaceted Internet of Things, or IoT, sensor platform supporting battery-free operation.

Gartner identifies the top 10 Internet of Things technologies for 2017 and 2018

Thu, 3 Mar 2016
Gartner, Inc. has highlighted the top 10 Internet of Things (IoT) technologies that should be on every organization's radar through the next two years.

'Bending current' opens up the way for a new type of magnetic memory

Mon, 3 Mar 2016
Use your computer without the need to start it up: a new type of magnetic memory makes it possible. This "MRAM" is faster, more efficient and robust than other kinds of data storage. However, switching bits still requires too much electrical power to make large-scale application practicable.

Think small

Wed, 3 Mar 2016
Students learn huge challenges involved in making tiny devices in SEAS Microfabrication Laboratory.

CyberOptics and Nordson ink a strategic OEM supplier agreement for 3D MRS sensors

Wed, 3 Mar 2016
CyberOptics today announced an OEM supplier agreement with Nordson YESTECH to supply its proprietary 3D Multi-Reflection Suppression (MRS) sensors.

IoT Planet to co-locate with SEMICON Europa in 2016

Wed, 3 Mar 2016
IoT Planet, a new European event dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT), will co-locate this year with SEMICON Europa (25-27 October) in Grenoble, France.

World's thinnest lens to revolutionize cameras

Fri, 3 Mar 2016
Scientists have created the world's thinnest lens, one two-thousandth the thickness of a human hair, opening the door to flexible computer displays and a revolution in miniature cameras.

New way to control particle motions on 2-D materials

Mon, 3 Mar 2016
Researchers at MIT and other institutions have found a new phenomenon in the behavior of a kind of quasiparticles called plasmons as they move along tiny ribbons of two-dimensional materials such as graphene and TMDs

Entrepreneurs to compete in MEMS Shark Tank at Hilton Head 2016

Thu, 3 Mar 2016
Teams vie for expert consulting services, MEMS foundry package, specialized software tools, industry group membership.

A new virtuous cycle for the MEMS industry

Thu, 3 Mar 2016
Since 2000, we have entered the age of sensing and interacting with the wide diffusion of MEMS and sensors that give us a better, safer perception of our environment. MEMS have grown in volume to be almost a 15 billion units market today.

Mixed signal and IoT driving ASIC design starts growth, says Semico Research

Tue, 3 Mar 2016
Steady demand in existing end markets and growth from new end applications are pushing ASIC design activity to new levels.

Optoelectronics, sensors/actuators and discretes will stabilize after spotty growth in 2015

Thu, 3 Mar 2016
Modest economic improvements and new applications such as wearable systems and Internet of Things are expected to result in more normal growth rates of O-S-D over the next five years.

For rechargeable batteries that crush the competition, crush this material

Fri, 4 Apr 2016
By chemically modifying and pulverizing a promising group of compounds, scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have potentially brought safer, solid-state rechargeable batteries two steps closer to reality.

Heat and light get larger at the nanoscale

Fri, 4 Apr 2016
In a new study recently published in Nature Nanotechnology, researchers from Columbia Engineering, Cornell, and Stanford have demonstrated heat transfer can be made 100 times stronger than has been predicted, simply by bringing two objects extremely close--at nanoscale distances--without touching.

Leti and ARaymondlife launch project to speed use of microfluidic devices for biological sample analysis

Thu, 4 Apr 2016
Leti, an Institute of CEA Tech, and ARaymondlife, a manufacturer of customized devices and consumables for the IVD industry today announced a joint initiative to accelerate the development and manufacturing of innovative medical devices, especially in the field of microfluidic cartridge analysis.

Technavio updates on the global piezoelectric smart materials market

Mon, 4 Apr 2016
According to their latest report, Technavio analysts expect the global piezoelectric smart materials market for 2016-2020 to exceed USD 42 billion by 2020 growing at a CAGR of almost 13 percent.

Sensors driving next-generation wearable devices

Tue, 4 Apr 2016
Last week, IDTechEx gave the opening presentation at the 2016 Korea Summit for Smart Wearable Devices, excellently hosted by KDIA and KSA in Seoul, Korea.

Tech companies creating strategic platforms to support the Internet of Things

Tue, 4 Apr 2016
IHS forecasts that the IoT market will grow from an installed base of 15.4 billion devices in 2015 to 30.7 billion devices in 2020 and 75.4 billion in 2025.

Imec Technology Forum Brussels puts nanotechnology in the hot seat

Wed, 4 Apr 2016
Imec, the nanoelectronics research center, today announced that its annual Imec Technology Forum (ITF) in Brussels will take place May 24-25, 2016 in Brussels, Belgium at SQUARE, Brussels Meeting Centre

imec and Crystal Solar demonstrate 22.5% nPERT Si solar cells on kerfless epitaxial wafers

Thu, 4 Apr 2016
Crystal Solar’s kerfless wafers are a disruptive solution for the solar cell industry, substantially reducing the cost of Si solar cells.

MU, STMicroelectronics improve medical care with miniature ultrasound diagnostic device

Thu, 4 Apr 2016
MU, a medical-device manufacturer, and STMicroelectronics today announced that MU's US-304 portable ultrasound imager, powered by ST's STHV800 pulser, is aiming to increase the quality of point-of-care medical diagnostics in remote rural areas of Africa.

IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting announces 2016 Call for Papers

Fri, 4 Apr 2016
The 62nd annual IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), to be held at the San Francisco Union Square Hilton hotel December 3 - 7, 2016, has issued a Call for Papers seeking the world's best original work in all areas of microelectronics research and development.

14 IC product categories to exceed total IC market growth in 2016

Tue, 4 Apr 2016
Cellphone App MPUs and Signal Conversion top the list; Tablet MPU growth stalls, DRAM tumbles.

New nanodevice shifts light's color at single-photon level

Mon, 4 Apr 2016
Scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have now developed a miniaturized version of a frequency converter, using technology similar to that used to make computer chips.

Energy harvesting to drive semiconductor sales to $3B by 2020

Wed, 4 Apr 2016
The new Semico Research report "Energy Harvesting: The Next Billion Dollar Market for Semiconductors" projects semiconductor sales for this market will reach $3 billion by 2020.

ams breaks ground on NY wafer fab

Wed, 4 Apr 2016
ams AG (SIX: AMS) today took a step forward in its long-term strategy of increasing manufacturing capacity for its high-performance sensors and sensor solution integrated circuits (ICs), holding a groundbreaking event at the site of its new wafer fabrication plant in Utica, New York.

IoT: Powering small devices

Fri, 4 Apr 2016
Are the power solutions the IoT needs arriving quickly enough?

MagnaChip begins delivery of e-Compass sensors in China

Mon, 4 Apr 2016
MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation, a Korea-based designer and manufacturer of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products, today announced that it is now shipping its e-Compass sensor (MXG2320) in China to a major smartphone manufacturer that is targeting mobile markets in China and India.

Latest advancements in sensor technology examined at SEMI European MEMS Summit

Mon, 4 Apr 2016
SEMI today announced the second annual edition of the SEMI European MEMS Summit, dedicated to MEMS and sensors, to be held on September 15-16.

NREL finds nanotube semiconductors well-suited for PV systems

Wed, 4 Apr 2016
Researchers at the Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) discovered single-walled carbon nanotube semiconductors could be favorable for photovoltaic systems because they can potentially convert sunlight to electricity or fuels without losing much energy.

Cartamundi, imec and Holst Centre win "Best Product" award at Printed Electronics Europe

Wed, 4 Apr 2016
Cartamundi, imec and Holst Centre (set up by imec and TNO) are proud to announce to have just won the "Best Product" - Award at Printed Electronics Europe for their ultra-thin plastic RFID technology integrated into Cartamundi's playing cards.

Imec honors Dr. Gordon Moore with "Lifetime of Innovation Award"

Tue, 5 May 2016
Nanoelectronics research center imec has announced that Dr. Gordon E. Moore, creator of the famous Moore’s law theory and co-founder of Intel, is the recipient of its lifetime of innovation award.

Maturing smartphone market signals falling growth for wireless semiconductors

Wed, 5 May 2016
Revenue associated with the wireless competitive landscape continued to serve as a bright spot in the larger semiconductor market in 2015, growing almost 4 percent to over $56 billion, year over year, while total semiconductor revenue fell 2 percent to $347 billion during the same period.

Automotive electronics system demand fails to boost automotive IC market in 2015

Tue, 5 May 2016
Falling ASPs offset strong unit growth in automotive IC market, resulting in 3% decline.

Samsung PhD Fellowship program recognizes best and brightest student innovators

Thu, 5 May 2016
Each student will receive a Fellowship award of $50,000 as well as mentorship to support their ground-breaking research.

Si2 launches project to develop new integrated circuit power modeling technology

Thu, 5 May 2016
Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2), an Austin-based integrated circuit research and development joint venture, has launched a project to help designers reduce power consumption, a growing challenge for most system-on-chip designs.

IBM keynoter outlines disruptive "Economy of Things" at SEMI’s ASMC 2016

Wed, 5 May 2016
The 27th annual SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference (ASMC 2016), opened today (May 17) in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Worldwide wearables market increases 67.2% amid seasonal retrenchment, reports IDC

Mon, 5 May 2016
A combination of device releases, price reductions, and company rationalizations marked the first quarter of 2016 (1Q16) in the worldwide wearables market.

Ultratech Cambridge Nanotech forms research collaboration with Northeastern University

Tue, 5 May 2016
Ultratech, Inc. announced the formation of a research collaboration with Professor Thomas J. Webster, Ph.D. at Northeastern University, to study the use of nano-materials produced via ALD for medical applications.

TowerJazz begins mass producing new integrated SiGe-based "front-end module on a chip" RF platform for IoT applications

Tue, 5 May 2016
TowerJazz today announced volume production of a new RF technology capable of integrating a wireless front-end module (FEM) on a single chip, tailored to meet the challenges of Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The CEA announces expanded collaboration with Intel

Wed, 5 May 2016
The CEA (Atomic Energy Commission) and Intel are boosting their collaboration through a new R&D agreement signed in Paris on Thursday 12 May.

STMicroelectronics, Arduino launch cooperation to expand maker-community access to STM32 MCUs and sensors

Thu, 5 May 2016
Moving to enable makers to make even more than before, STMicroelectronics and Arduino today announced an agreement that brings the STM32 family of microcontrollers (MCU), along with ST's full portfolio of sensing, power, and connectivity technology, even closer to the Arduino maker community.

Fujitsu boosts efficiency of manufacturing processes at Shimane Fujitsu through IoT collaboration with Intel

Thu, 5 May 2016
Fujitsu Limited today announced that it has with Intel Corporation carried out a field trial to visualize manufacturing processes at Shimane Fujitsu Limited.

Imec and Holst Centre present multi-standard low-power wide-area radio chip

Tue, 5 May 2016
The nanoelectronics research centers imec and Holst Centre (set up by imec and TNO), presented a low-power wide-area (LPWA) multi-standard radio chip today at imec's annual technology forum in Brussels (ITF Brussels 2016).

Optics breakthrough to revamp night vision

Wed, 5 May 2016
A breakthrough by an Australian collaboration of researchers could make infra-red technology easy-to-use and cheap, potentially saving millions of dollars in defence and other areas using sensing devices, and boosting applications of technology to a host of new areas, such as agriculture.

Smart city devices to top 1 billion units in 2025

Wed, 5 May 2016
Global unit shipments of smart city devices, which are internet-connected devices used in smart city projects, will increase from 115.4 million in 2015 to 1.2 billion in 2025.

Imec, Holst Centre and Barco Silex collaborate on data security for wearables and IoT networks

Wed, 5 May 2016
Nanoelectronics research center imec, Holst Centre (set up by imec and TNO) and micro-electronic design house Barco Silex, belonging to the Barco group, today announced that they will collaborate to implement data security into sensors for wearable devices and Internet of Things (IoT) sensor networks.

MEMS technology is contributing to the inkjet printing industry revolution

Wed, 5 May 2016
With a market reaching US$ 1 billion in 2021, the MEMS printhead is one of the most mature MEMS devices.

Will conductive inks help wearables go truly wearable?

Thu, 6 Jun 2016
The first generation of wearable devices are constructed using mature, rigid technologies put inside a new box that can be worn. These are often bulky devices that are not truly wearable in the sense that our clothes are. This is, however, beginning to change, albeit slowly.

The next generation of carbon monoxide nanosensors

Thu, 5 May 2016
Scientists have been investigating sensors that can determine CO concentration, and a team from the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST), in tandem with the University of Toulouse, has found an innovative method to build such sensors.

Advanced power technology from STMicroelectronics enables unique portable e-car charger from Zaptec

Tue, 5 May 2016
Silicon-carbide (SiC) power electronics from STMicroelectronics has enabled the creation of ZapCharger Portable, the world's smallest, smartest, and safest electric-car charging station from Zaptec, an innovative start-up company that has revolutionized the transformer industry.

Cadence next-generation Virtuoso platform deployed by STMicroelectronics for SmartPower Technologies

Thu, 6 Jun 2016
Cadence Design Systems, Inc. today announced that STMicroelectronics has qualified and actively deployed the next-generation Cadence Virtuoso platform for its SmartPower technologies.

imec, partners develop Wi-Fi HaLow radio solution for IoT applications

Mon, 6 Jun 2016
At this week’s Design Automation Conference (DAC 2016), nanoelectronics research center imec, Holst Centre (initiated by imec and TNO), and Wi-Fi IP provider Methods2Bussiness will present a complete Wi-Fi HaLow radio solution.

China-based smartphone suppliers held 8 of Top 12 spots in first quarter ranking

Thu, 6 Jun 2016
An India-based smartphone supplier -- Micromax -- joins the top 12 ranking for the first time.

Novel energy inside a microcircuit chip

Thu, 6 Jun 2016
VTT developed an efficient nanomaterial-based integrated energy.

Equipment spending up: 19 new fabs and lines to start construction

Fri, 6 Jun 2016
While semiconductor fab equipment spending is off to a slow start in 2016, it is expected to gain momentum through the end of the year. For 2016, 1.5 percent growth over 2015 is expected while 13 percent growth is forecast in 2017.

Scientists design energy-carrying particles called 'topological plexcitons'

Fri, 6 Jun 2016
Scientists at UC San Diego, MIT and Harvard University have engineered "topological plexcitons," energy-carrying particles that could help make possible the design of new kinds of solar cells and miniaturized optical circuitry.

Changing markets drive smarter manufacturing by IC sector

Mon, 6 Jun 2016
The changing market for ICs means the end of business as usual for the greater semiconductor supply chain. Smarter use of data analytics looks like a key strategy to get new products more quickly into high yield production at improved margins.

Leti Innovation Day in Lyon will explore new security challenges and responses for a safe connected world

Wed, 6 Jun 2016
Leti, an institute of CEA Tech, is hosting a one-day conference covering "System Reliability & Security in a Connected World" in Lyon, France, on June 23.

Electronic nose using CMOS integrated circuits analyzes breath

Thu, 6 Jun 2016
Researchers at the Texas Analog Center of Excellence(TxACE), a Semiconductor Research Corporation(SRC)-funded research effort centered at the University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas), are working to develop an affordable electronic nose that can be used in breath analysis for a wide range of health diagnosis.

ams acquires CCMOSS

Thu, 6 Jun 2016
ams, a manufacturer of high performance sensor and analog solutions, has signed an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares in Cambridge CMOS Sensors Ltd (CCMOSS), a developer of micro hotplate structures for gas sensing and infrared applications, in an all-cash transaction.

Circuit technology that resolves issues with high-frequency piezoelectric resonators

Fri, 6 Jun 2016
Realizing compact, low-cost, high-speed radio communication systems for the IoT age.

Solar cells for greener and safer energies

Tue, 6 Jun 2016
ICFO researchers report on low-temperature, solution-processed, environmentally friendly inorganic solar cells made with Earth-abundant materials capable of operating with a power conversion of 6.3 percent.

EV Group scores fourth consecutive triple crown win in annual VLSIresearch customer satisfaction survey

Tue, 6 Jun 2016
EV Group (EVG) today announced that, for the fourth successive year, it has earned all three awards resulting from VLSIresearch Inc.'s annual Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Photovoltaic cells replicate rose petals

Fri, 6 Jun 2016
With a surface resembling that of plants, solar cells improve light-harvesting and thus generate more power.

Brite Semiconductor and Semitech Semiconductor collaborate on industrial M2M SoC

Fri, 6 Jun 2016
This SoC is designed to support M2M communication in the global industrial and energy transmission market via PLC/wireless modes.

Building a smart cardiac patch

Mon, 6 Jun 2016
'Bionic' cardiac patch could one day monitor and respond to cardiac problems.

Presto Engineering signs agreement with NAGRA for secure product production

Mon, 6 Jun 2016
Presto will provide supply chain management and production services for several of NAGRA’s key products in the Pay TV market.

Tiniest imperfections make big impacts in nano-patterned materials

Tue, 6 Jun 2016
A Clarkson University research team reports surprising findings that could have significant impact for constructing nano-patterned materials in electronic, magnetic or optical devices.

Amkor opens MEMS packaging line in China

Wed, 6 Jun 2016
Driven by the increase in global demand for sensors from the smartphone and automotive markets, Amkor Technology, Inc. today announced it is ramping up a new MEMS and sensor packaging line at its facility in Shanghai.

IC Insights lowers 2016 semiconductor market forecast to -1%

Fri, 7 Jul 2016
Weak global economy and poor DRAM market to drag down growth this year.

Sector shake-up as the hype shifts in the $30B wearables market

Thu, 7 Jul 2016
With hype around some of the core wearable technology sectors beginning to wane, IDTechEx have released their latest analysis of this diverse and growing industry in their brand new report Wearable Technology 2016-2026.

Imec announces the opening of imec Florida

Fri, 7 Jul 2016
Imec, a nanoelectronics research center, today announced the opening of imec Florida, a new entity focusing on photonics and high-speed electronics IC design based in Osceola, Florida.

SEMICON West Day 2: Don't Miss

Wed, 7 Jul 2016
Gear up for Day 2 of SEMICON West with this list of must-see conference events.

Light-trapping 3D solar cells undergo space testing

Mon, 7 Jul 2016
A novel three-dimensional solar cell design developed at Georgia Tech will soon get its first testing in space aboard the International Space Station.

Scientists glimpse inner workings of atomically thin transistors

Tue, 7 Jul 2016
With an eye to the next generation of tech gadgetry, a team of physicists at The University of Texas at Austin has had the first-ever glimpse into what happens inside an atomically thin semiconductor device.

STMicroelectronics unveils world's smallest single-chip motor driver

Tue, 7 Jul 2016
With the combination of low power consumption and small form factor, the ST's new motor driver plans to contribute to the battery powered IoT device adoption.

Research team led by NUS scientists develop plastic flexible magnetic memory device

Wed, 7 Jul 2016
Novel technique to implant high-performance magnetic memory chip on a flexible plastic surface without compromising performance.

Automotive MEMS sensor unit-shipments rose in 2015, even as revenue stalled

Thu, 7 Jul 2016
Although shipments of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensors used in automotive applications grew 8.4 percent in 2015, revenues were flat compared to the previous year, reaching $2.7 billion.

Sensor sales keep hitting new records but price erosion curbs growth

Fri, 7 Jul 2016
Double-digit unit shipment increases continue with demand being strong for low-cost sensors in wearable systems, Internet of Things, and automated embedded control.

Sustainable sensors to detect, predict muscle fatigue

Thu, 7 Jul 2016
A new study published in the ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology aims to take advantage of sweat's trove of medical information through the development of a sustainable, wearable sensor to detect lactate levels in your perspiration.

Why are some MEMS devices successful while others are not?

Thu, 7 Jul 2016
Beyond its gloom, the MEMS industry is showing numerous emerging devices that hold promise for future growth.

STMicroelectronics acquires ams' NFC and RFID reader assets

Fri, 7 Jul 2016
STMicroelectronics today announced that it has acquired ams' assets related to NFC1 and RFID2 reader business

Scientists find a way of acquiring graphene-like films from salts to boost nanoelectronics

Fri, 7 Jul 2016
Physicists use supercomputers to find a way of making 'imitation graphene' from salt.

Analog Devices and Linear Technology to merge

Fri, 7 Jul 2016
Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI) and Linear Technology Corporation (NASDAQ: LLTC) this week announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Analog Devices will acquire Linear Technology in a cash and stock transaction that values the combined enterprise at approximately $30 billion.

STMicroelectronics earns MEMS Manufacturer of the Year Award

Mon, 8 Aug 2016
STMicroelectronics has been named the MEMS Manufacturer of the Year at the MEMS World Summit, the MEMS Manufacturing Conference gathering the top executives in the Worldwide MEMS Manufacturing Industry.

Top MEMS sensor suppliers of 2015

Tue, 8 Aug 2016
Micro-electrical mechanical systems (MEMS) sensor revenue declined by 3.4% in 2015 with slow growth expected to start from 2017. While microphones and other MEMS categories grew, other categories declined -- most notably, motion sensors.

IBM scientists imitate the functionality of neurons with a phase-change device

Fri, 8 Aug 2016
Technology could lead to the development of neuromorphic computers with highly co-located memory and processing units to speed up cognitive computing and analyze IoT Big Data.

ON Semiconductor joins Automotive Equipment Supplier Association

Fri, 8 Aug 2016
ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ON) this week announced that it is joining the Original Equipment Suppliers Association.

MEMS & Sensors Industry Group Conference Asia explores MEMS, sensors in IoT of today and tomorrow

Mon, 8 Aug 2016
MEMS & Sensors Industry Group (MSIG) will hold its third annual MEMS & Sensors Industry Group Conference Asia in Shanghai, China on September 13-14, 2016.

Global silicon photonics market to grow at a CAGR of over 48% through 2020

Thu, 8 Aug 2016
Technavio analysts forecast the global silicon photonics market to grow at an impressive CAGR of over 48% during the forecast period, according to their latest report.

Natural scale caterpillar soft robot is powered and controlled with light

Thu, 8 Aug 2016
Researchers at the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw, using the liquid crystal elastomer technology, originally developed in the LENS Institute in Florence, demonstrated a bioinspired micro-robot capable of mimicking caterpillar gaits in natural scale.

Automotive MEMS market to thrive; China and India project lucrative growth

Mon, 8 Aug 2016
A few major brands in the automotive MEMS market witnessed a regulatory blow in 2014-15, resulting in passive market dynamics. However, the market has recovered rapidly and is currently growing at a significant pace, according to new research recently published by Future Market Insights.

Longtime SRC researcher Pradeep Lall wins NSF Award

Tue, 8 Aug 2016
Pradeep Lall, John and Anne MacFarlane professor of mechanical engineering, has received a top award from the National Science Foundation’s Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers program.

Full program for SEMI European MEMS Summit announced

Wed, 8 Aug 2016
Leading companies will present the latest and most impactful trends at the upcoming SEMI European MEMS Summit in Stuttgart on 15-16 September, 2016.

Global MEMS market to grow at a CAGR of close to 12% until 2020

Fri, 8 Aug 2016
According to the latest market study released by Technavio, the global micro-electro-mechanical-systems (MEMS) market is expected to reach USD 20.26 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of nearly 12%.

Memory for future wearable electronics

Fri, 9 Sep 2016
Stretchable, flexible, reliable memory device inspired by the brain.

Iowa State engineers treat printed graphene with lasers to enable paper electronics

Fri, 9 Sep 2016
Iowa State engineers have led development of a laser-treatment process that allows them to use printed graphene for electric circuits and electrodes -- even on paper and other fragile surfaces. The technology could lead to many real-world, low-cost applications for printed graphene electronics, including sensors, fuel cells and medical devices.

Top 4 drivers leading to the growth of the RF IC market

Fri, 9 Sep 2016
Technavio analysts forecast the global radio frequency (RF) IC market to grow at a CAGR of nearly 12% during the forecast period, according to their latest report.

SEMI European MEMS Summit brings industry leaders to Stuttgart

Tue, 9 Sep 2016
Leading sensors and actuators companies will present the latest trends at the upcoming SEMI European MEMS Summit in Stuttgart on 15-16 September 2016.

IC Insights updates semiconductor outlook for Internet of Things

Wed, 9 Sep 2016
Lower sales projections for connected cities leads to reduced semiconductor IoT market forecast.

High-volume processes for next-generation biotechnology devices

Mon, 9 Sep 2016
Over the past several decades, miniaturization has significantly improved clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical research and analytical chemistry. Modern biotechnology devices— such as biosensors, fully integrated systems for diagnostics, cell-analysis or drug discovery—are often chip-based and rely on close interaction of biological substances at the micro- and nanoscale. Thus, process technologies that enable the production of surface patterns and integration of fluidic components with small feature sizes are needed.

Imec scientist awarded ERC Starting Grant to develop breakthrough flexible electronics

Tue, 9 Sep 2016
Nanoelectronics research center imec announces that Kris Myny, one of its young scientists, has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant.

SEMI and MSIG join together in strategic association partnership

Thu, 9 Sep 2016
SEMI announced that MEMS & Sensors Industry Group (MSIG) will become a SEMI Strategic Association Partner effective January 1, 2017.

Thorlabs deploys manufacturing infrastructure to expand piezo chip/stack line

Fri, 9 Sep 2016
Thorlabs has expanded its piezoelectric line to include new types of piezoelectric actuators, low‐voltage piezoelectric chips, and discrete stacks with through holes, enabling a higher level of flexibility when integrating the actuators into other devices.

Moore's Law did indeed stop at 28nm

Mon, 9 Sep 2016
As we have predicted two and a half years back, the industry is bifurcating, and just a few products pursue scaling to 7nm while the majority of designs stay on 28nm or older nodes.

Solid State Technology announces expanded conference for The ConFab 2017

Wed, 9 Sep 2016
The conference and networking event, will be held at the iconic Hotel del Coronado in San Diego on May 14-17, 2017.

NIST illuminates transfer of nanoscale motion through microscale machine

Fri, 9 Sep 2016
For the first time, the NIST researchers have measured the transfer of motion through the contacting parts of a microelectromechanical system at nanometer and microradian scales.

EV Group extends volume manufacturing expertise to biotech and medical applications

Mon, 9 Sep 2016
EV Group today announced that it is increasing its focus on bringing its high-volume manufacturing process solutions and services to the biotechnology and medical device market.

MEMS & Sensors Industry Group highlights near-term and future connected tech at annual Executive Conference

Mon, 9 Sep 2016
MEMS & Sensors Industry Group (MSIG) today announced highlights of its twelfth annual business conference, MEMS & Sensors Executive Congress 2016 in Scottsdale, AZ on November 9-11, 2016.

SiTime introduces high-precision MEMS oscillators

Tue, 9 Sep 2016
SiTime Corporation today introduced an innovative Elite Platform encompassing Super-TCXOs (temperature compensated oscillators) and oscillators.

New design contest encourages developers to build innovative sensing applications

Fri, 9 Sep 2016
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (Nasdaq: CY) and Hackster today announced a global design competition that gives engineers the opportunity to prototype their innovative ideas that sense the world around us for use in the growing Internet of Things (IoT) market, home appliances, and consumer and industrial applications.

imec and Holst Centre present the world's most energy-efficient biomedical sensor hub

Tue, 10 Oct 2016
imec and Holst Centre (established by imec and TNO), today announced a new sensor hub integrated as a system-on-chip (SoC) intended for a broad range of wearable health devices and applications.

Leti to tackle tomorrow's research strategies with Stanford SystemX Alliance

Mon, 10 Oct 2016
Leti, an institute of CEA Tech, announced today it has joined the Stanford SystemX Alliance, a network of 100 renowned Stanford University professors and 27 world-class companies, joining forces in a pre-competitive environment to define tomorrow's research strategies.

STMicroelectronics' semiconductors chips contribute to connected toothbrush from Oral-B

Mon, 10 Oct 2016
STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) today revealed its contributions to an intelligent toothbrush system from Oral-B.

Silicon Labs acquires leading RTOS company Micrium

Mon, 10 Oct 2016
Silicon Labs today announced the acquisition of Micrium, a supplier of real-time operating system (RTOS) software for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Leti and Institute for Information Industry of Taiwan partner on technologies for IoT, 5G

Tue, 10 Oct 2016
The five-year collaboration will include, but is not limited to, joint development and implementation of IoT and 5G based Smart ICT solutions for the EU and Taiwan, and scientific information exchanges.

STMicroelectronics and WiTricity to develop integrated circuits for resonant wireless power transfer

Tue, 10 Oct 2016
STMicroelectronics and WiTricity, an industry pioneer in wireless power transfer over distance, today announced their design collaboration to develop semiconductor solutions for magnetic-resonance-based wireless power transfer.

Berkeley Lab-led research breaks major barrier in transistor size

Thu, 10 Oct 2016
A research team led by faculty scientist Ali Javey at the Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has done just that by creating a transistor with a working 1-nanometer gate. For comparison, a strand of human hair is about 50,000 nanometers thick.

New sensor material could enable more sensitive readings of biological signals

Fri, 10 Oct 2016
Scientists have created a material that could make reading biological signals, from heartbeats to brainwaves, much more sensitive.

First demonstration of brain-inspired device to power artificial systems

Fri, 10 Oct 2016
New research, led by the University of Southampton, has demonstrated that a nanoscale device, called a memristor, could be used to power artificial systems that can mimic the human brain.

MEMS & Sensors Industry Group reveals Tech Showcase finalists

Tue, 10 Oct 2016
MSIG today announced the shortlist of finalists who will compete for the title of winner at this year's event.

Researchers develop DNA-based single-electron electronic devices

Thu, 10 Oct 2016
Researchers at the Nanoscience Center (NSC) of the University of Jyväskylä and BioMediTech (BMT) of the University of Tampere have now demonstrated a method to fabricate electronic devices by using DNA.

Samsung starts industry's first mass production of System-on-Chip with 10nm finFET technology

Mon, 10 Oct 2016
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced that it has commenced mass production of System-on-Chip (SoC) products with 10-nanometer (nm) FinFET technology for which would make it first in the industry.

Motion-sensing device from ST supports immersive virtual, augmented reality on Android mobile devices

Tue, 10 Oct 2016
STMicroelectronics today announced that its LSM6DSM 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) has earned certification for use in next-generation mobile devices running Google Daydream, a high-performance virtual-reality platform, and Tango, a platform that maps 3D space and enables it to be overlaid with virtual objects.

New perovskite solar cell design could outperform existing commercial technologies

Fri, 10 Oct 2016
Stanford, Oxford team creates high-efficiency tandem cells.

Revenue growth sounding strong for suppliers of packaged MEMS microphones

Fri, 10 Oct 2016
Knowles, Goertek and AAC ranked as the top three global suppliers of packaged MEMS microphones for 2015.

Messe München and SEMI Europe announce new alliance

Mon, 10 Oct 2016
SEMICON Europa co-locating with productronica and electronica, expanding electronics focus.

3D-printed organ-on-a-chip with integrated sensors

Mon, 10 Oct 2016
Harvard University researchers have made the first entirely 3D-printed organ-on-a-chip with integrated sensing.

Next-generation smartphone battery inspired by the gut

Wed, 10 Oct 2016
Researchers have developed a prototype of a next-generation lithium-sulphur battery which takes its inspiration in part from the cells lining the human intestine. The batteries, if commercially developed, would have five times the energy density of the lithium-ion batteries used in smartphones and other electronics.

When it comes to atomic-scale manufacturing, less really is more

Fri, 10 Oct 2016
Electrical currents can be now be switched on and off at the smallest conceivable scale enabling a new generation of 'green electronics' with the potential for great impact on the digital economy.

A tiny machine

Mon, 10 Oct 2016
UCSB electrical and computer engineers design an infinitesimal computing device.

Imec reports breakthrough work that advances path for nanoscale spin-wave majority gates

Mon, 10 Oct 2016
At the Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, imec presented breakthrough results supporting the building of technology-relevant majority gates based on spin waves.

Nanosensors on the alert for terrorist threats

Wed, 11 Nov 2016
Scientists interested in the prospects of gas sensors based on binary metal oxide nano composites.

The gas sensor market is about to change

Wed, 11 Nov 2016
Nowadays, the number of enforceable patents dedicated to miniaturized gas sensors is increasing worldwide, and several companies already stand out by their strong IP position.

WORLD OF IOT grows with 30 new exhibitors at SEMICON Japan

Thu, 11 Nov 2016
Today, SEMI announced that WORLD OF IOT, a show-within-a-show at SEMICON Japan 2016, will expand with the addition of 30 new exhibitors.

Automotive systems forecast to show strongest growth through 2020

Thu, 11 Nov 2016
Newly updated report reviews many of the end-use system applications that are presently impacting and that are forecast to help propel the IC market through 2020.

Small, energy-efficient health patch from imec and Holst Centre lays the foundation for better mobile health solutions

Tue, 11 Nov 2016
At electronica, imec, Holst Centre (set up by imec and TNO), and TNO have introduced their next-generation health patch.

Analog Devices makes MEMS switch technology a commercial reality

Tue, 11 Nov 2016
Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) today introduced a breakthrough in switch technology that provides a long-sought replacement for electromechanical relay designs first adopted by the electronics industry more than 100 years ago.

Smartphone unit shipments forecast to grow at single-digit rates through 2020

Wed, 11 Nov 2016
IC Market Drivers 2017 analyzes end-use applications and impact on IC market growth.

MicroVision and STMicroelectronics to co-market MEMS mirror-based laser beam scanning solutions

Thu, 11 Nov 2016
MicroVision, Inc. and STMicroelectronics today announced that they plan to work together to develop, sell, and market Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) technology.

The best MEMS microphones for the iPhone 7 Plus

Thu, 11 Nov 2016
The MEMS microphone market has enjoyed continuous growth since its debut.

Putting a spin on logic gates

Mon, 4 Apr 2017
A research collaboration in Germany develops a prototype for a spin-wave majority logic gate that uses wave interference for information processing.

SMIC and IMECAS sign an agreement for MEMS R&D and foundry platform

Tue, 11 Nov 2016
Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation and The Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced the signing of a cooperation agreement for a MEMS R&D foundry platform to jointly develop MEMS sensor standard processes and build a complete MEMS supply chain.

Lab4MEMS project recognized with European Innovation Award

Mon, 11 Nov 2016
Project developed pilot line for next-generation MEMS devices.

Health diagnosis through bio-signal measuring electrodes on IoT devices

Mon, 11 Nov 2016
DGIST developed electrodes that can measure biological signals.

IoT and automotive to drive IC market growth through 2020

Wed, 11 Nov 2016
New report also projects good IC sales increases in medical electronics, digital TVs, and servers.

Delivering a power punch

Mon, 12 Dec 2016
Microscale energy storage units for wearable and miniaturized electronic devices are improved using porous materials.

Leti shows memristive devices can mimic different kind of synaptic plasticity inspired by biology

Wed, 12 Dec 2016
Presented at IEDM 2016, breakthrough suggests path to embedding neuromorphic learning in low-power devices that could enable autonomous systems.

EVG and Korea National NanoFab Center program on novel display coatings delivers outstanding results

Wed, 12 Dec 2016
EV Group and the Korea National NanoFab Center announced preliminary results on improved transpar