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Olympus launches LEXT OLS4100 laser confocal microscope

Fri, 6 Jun 2013

New 3D measuring system offers auto brightness and high-speed stitching.

All-in-one microscope for advanced imaging, recording and measurement

Fri, 6 Jun 2013

Building on its extensive microscope lineup, KEYENCE Corporation has released a new multipurpose microscope.

COMSOL Multiphysics 4.3b offers new additions to simulation platform

Thu, 5 May 2013

COMSOL Inc., a multiphysics simulator software developer, recently announced the release of major new additions to the COMSOL simulation platform.

MoSys announces support of GigaChip interface

Tue, 4 Apr 2013

MoSys, a provider of semiconductor solutions, today announced that Macnica Americas, a provider of semiconductor distribution and design services, will support the GigaChip Interface in its distribution and technology innovation business.

Quartz Imaging introduces automated measurement for semiconductor images

Tue, 4 Apr 2013

It can be very time-consuming for engineers to measure the various features of an X-SEM image of a semiconductor device.

Spectra-Physics introduces industrial picosecond laser

Fri, 5 May 2013

Spectra-Physics, a Newport Corporation brand, introduces Spirit ps 1040-10, an industrial-grade picosecond laser for precision micromachining applications.

Multitest announces ecoAmp for high-power applications

Wed, 5 May 2013

Multitest announces that its ecoAmp high power Kelvin contactor successfully passed a challenging evaluation for an automotive application at a European based IDM.

EV Group rolls out EVG120 processing system

Tue, 5 May 2013

EV Group (EVG), a supplier of wafer bonding and lithography equipment for the MEMS, nanotechnology and semiconductor markets, today introduced the latest version of its EVG120 automated resist processing system.

3M announces QDEF; to bring 50% more color to LCD devices

Tue, 5 May 2013

3M announced today it is in the final stages of scale-up for its new 3M Quantum Dot Enhancement Film (QDEF). The new film allows up to 50 percent more color than current levels in liquid crystal display (LCD) devices.

Axcelis launches Purion XE high energy implanter

Tue, 4 Apr 2013

Axcelis Technologies, Inc. today announced the introduction of the Purion XE next generation single wafer high energy implanter, the second tool in its expanding family of Purion ion implanters. 

EMS debuts low-cost conductive LED die attach adhesive

Mon, 4 Apr 2013

Engineered Material Systems debuted its CA-105 Low-Cost Conductive LED Die Attach Adhesive for attaching LEDs and other small semiconductor die to silver and copper lead frames.

Picosun’s 300mm ALD cluster tools selected for new memory applications

Wed, 4 Apr 2013

Picosun Oy, an Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) equipment manufacturer, reports that its PICOPLATFORM 300 ALD cluster tool has been selected by a key customer in Asia for new memory applications.

Multitest contact unit holder shortens and simplifies testing

Thu, 4 Apr 2013

Multitest, a designer and manufacturer of final test handlers, contactors and load boards used by integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) and final test subcontractors worldwide,  announces that the new Access+ contact unit holder (CUH) for the MT9510 significantly shortens the downtime of the test cell.

New Product: O2/Ar ion gun spots the difference

Thu, 2 Feb 2013

The Hiden IG20 high-brightness gas ion gun is further enhanced by the introduction of a new beam optic and ion source configuration to enable both increased beam brightness and beam contrast, together with a significant reduction in ultimate spot size.

Low-power chip for intra-cardiac ventricular fibrillation detection presented at ISSCC 2013

Wed, 2 Feb 2013

Imec demonstrated a low-power (20µW), intra-cardiac signal processing chip for the detection of ventricular fibrillation at this week’s International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC 2013) in San Francisco with Olympus.

Imec demonstrates low power beamforming transceiver chipset

Wed, 2 Feb 2013

New advancement enables the development of low-power, low-cost, high-data rate solutions for true mobile devices.

CoorsTek introduces high-performance aluminum nitride substrates

Wed, 2 Feb 2013

CoorsTek, one of the largest technical ceramics manufacturers, today announced introduction of aluminum nitride substrates.

Microchip unveils three new low-power devices

Tue, 2 Feb 2013

Microchip Technology Inc., a leading provider of microcontroller, mixed-signal, analog and Flash-IP solutions, announced an expansion of its SPI Flash memory portfolio yesterday.

KLA-Tencor announces new e-beam inspection system

Wed, 1 Jan 2013

KLA-Tencor Corporation (NASDAQ: KLAC) announced the eS805, a new electron-beam inspection system capable of detecting very small defects, and defects that cause electrical problems.

New Product: New battery "fuel gauge" gives reliable runtimes for mobile users

Fri, 2 Feb 2013

STMicroelectronics unveils calculator to maintain accurate fuel gauging with battery age and usage

APIX Technology introduces gas chromatography device based on silicon nano-scale components

Thu, 2 Feb 2013

GCAP targets a range of industrial applications as well as research labs, advanced gas analysis and biomedical screening.

MOCON unveils WVTR instrument for ultra-high barrier films

Thu, 2 Feb 2013

MOCON, Inc., a manufacturer of package integrity instrumentation, is launching a new system to measure the water vapor transmission rate, or WVTR, of ultra-high barrier films with greater sensitivity than ever before possible.

Newport introduces long-lived deep UV excimer laser mirrors

Tue, 1 Jan 2013

Newport Corporation introduced long-lived deep ultraviolet (UV) excimer laser mirrors with projected lifetimes greater than 30 billion pulses.

Cadence unveils Virtuoso Advanced Node for 20nm design

Tue, 1 Jan 2013

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. announced the availability of Virtuoso® Advanced Node, a new set of custom/analog capabilities designed for the advanced technology nodes of 20nm and below.

1/f noise measurement system unveiled

Tue, 1 Jan 2013

ProPlus Design Solutions announced it is shipping a new wafer-level, 1/f noise measurement system. Increasingly, circuit designers are interested in 1/f noise data at higher frequencies.

New Product: Engineered Material Systems introduces die attach for temperature-sensitive applications

Tue, 2 Feb 2013

Engineered Material Systems, a global supplier of electronic materials for circuit assembly applications, debuts its DB-1568-1 low-temperature cure die attach adhesive for attaching semiconductor die in temperature-sensitive devices.

New Product: KLA-Tencor announces two new litho/etch process control tools

Tue, 2 Feb 2013

New metrology and inspection products facilitate advanced patterning techniques for manufacturing sub-20nm memory and microprocessor chips.

Toshiba develops CMOS image sensor for small and low power applications

Mon, 2 Feb 2013

Toshiba Corporation announced the development of a CMOS image sensor with a small area and low power pixel readout circuits. A sample sensor embedded with the readout circuits shows double the performance of a conventional one. Toshiba presented this development at ISSCC 2013 in San Francisco, CA on Feb. 20.

Toshiba develops low power technology for embedded SRAM

Fri, 2 Feb 2013

-27% active power reduction and 85% standby power reduction is confirmed at International Solid-State Circuits Conference 2013.

Smart new sensor fusion chip enables mobile devices to operate multiple sensors

Tue, 3 Mar 2013

PNI Sensor Corporation and EM Microelectronic -Marin SA announce the introduction of the Sentral sensor fusion hub: a new, highly effective way to integrate complex motion sensors on mobile devices.

Toshiba develops intelligent, wearable vital signs sensor module

Tue, 3 Mar 2013

Toshiba Corporation today announced that it has developed an intelligent vital signs sensor module: Smart healthcare Intelligent Monitor Engine and Ecosystem with Silmee, that simultaneously senses information on key vital signs, Electric Cardio Gram, pulse, body temperature and movements, and that can deliver the data to smartphones and tablet PCs with wireless technology.

Cree introduces new LED bulb for under $10

Tue, 3 Mar 2013

Cree, Inc. introduces a game-changing series of LED bulbs, with bulbs starting at a new low price of $9.97 for a 40-watt bulb. The new bulbs shine as brightly as comparable incandescents, while saving 84% of the energy compared to traditional bulbs.

ams introduces intelligent flash LED driver

Tue, 3 Mar 2013

LED driver matches flash LED input current with safe output capability of battery – in real time.

Deposition Sciences increases photolithography patterning capacity

Mon, 3 Mar 2013

New 200 mm diameter wafer enhances photolithography capability.

Coherent introduces highest power ultrafast laser for materials processing

Mon, 3 Mar 2013

Coherent, Inc. has expanded its family of industrial ultrafast lasers with the new Talisker 1000 series. This new series of high power picosecond lasers is designed for high-throughput, precision materials processing applications in the semiconductor, solar (photovoltaics), medical devices, consumer electronics and automotive industries.

New Product: Hiden launches integration of on-board timers

Tue, 3 Mar 2013

Hiden announced this week the integration of on-board timers for real-time pulsed plasma measurement, the fast gating fully controllable within the MASsoft operating program. Two timers provide “gate open/close” and “gate increment” periodicity with sub-microsecond gating resolution to just 100 nanoseconds, phasing data acquisition precisely with each individual plasma pulse.

Signetics introduces an alternative to standard plastic ball grid array packages

Tue, 3 Mar 2013

Signetics Corporation today introduced their new MapBGA package to the industry. This alternative to standard PBGA packaging has improved reliability and design flexibility due to its unique assembly process.

New Product: Mentor Graphics launches cell characterization and analysis platform

Wed, 2 Feb 2013

Mentor Graphics Corp. today announced availability of the Kronos Cell Characterization and Analysis platform. The Kronos platform quickly produces accurate performance models for standard cells, I/Os, and complex cells within an advanced, integrated environment.

New products to be presented at Semicon China 2013

Mon, 3 Mar 2013


Heraeus will present numerous product highlights with regard to bonding wires, assembly materials and sputtering targets at this year's Semicon China, taking place on March 19-21, 2013 in Shanghai.

PI miCos releases 2-axis precision linear translation stage for surface metrology

Wed, 3 Mar 2013

PI miCos announced the release of a new 2-axis precision linear translation stage. The new MCS XY precision linear stage was designed for industrial precision motion control and surface metrology applications and combines robustness and high accuracy.

Bruker introduces new AFM semiconductor characterization solution

Thu, 4 Apr 2013

Bruker announced today the release of the Dimension Icon SSRM-HR, a new atomic force microscope (AFM) configuration including the Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy (SSRM) module, designed specifically for high-resolution (HR) semiconductor characterization.

Ferrotec Temescal introduces electron beam metallization system

Wed, 4 Apr 2013

The Temescal Division of Ferrotec Corporation today announced the Temescal UEFC-5700, a ultra-high efficiency electron beam metallization system for lift-off compound semiconductor applications.

Brooks Instrument launches upgrades to thermal mass flow controllers

Mon, 3 Mar 2013

Brooks Instrument, a provider of advanced flow, pressure, vacuum and level solutions, has expanded its GF 40/80 Series portfolio of thermal mass flow controllers. Broader capabilities, including increased flow rates up to 50 slpm and a “normally open” valve for non-hazardous gas applications, are ideal upgrades for users of Aera (Hitachi), Celerity, Tylan, Mykrolis, Millipore and Unit mass flow controllers, as well as other competitive devices.

Oxford Instruments’ newest tool streamlines batch production for HBLED

Mon, 3 Mar 2013

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology has just announced an evolution in batch etch technology with the launch of the PlasmaPro 1000 Astrea etch system, a large batch etch solution for PSS, GaN and AlGaInP that will offer HBLED production manufacturers high throughput.

Nanoplas introduces a new class of dry-etching technology

Thu, 3 Mar 2013

Nanoplas, a global supplier of plasma processing equipment to the semiconductor industry, today announced a new dry-etch process offering virtually unlimited etch selectivity for removing dielectric films on microprocessors and memories at high throughput.

Coherent launches highest power UV laser for microelectronics manufacturing

Mon, 4 Apr 2013

The newest AVIA micromachining laser from Coherent, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) delivers the highest power commercially available at its wavelength and repetition rate.

ProPlus Design Solutions launches SPICE simulator for giga-scale simulations

Wed, 4 Apr 2013

ProPlus Design Solutions, Inc. yesterday launched NanoSpice, the next-generation high-capacity, high-performance parallel SPICE simulator for giga-scale circuit simulation.

PI releases high power piezo amplifier

Mon, 8 Aug 2013

PI (Physik Instrumente) presents the E-482, a new high-power amplifier providing 6 kW peak power with an energy saving power recovery design.

Compact linear piezo nanopositioning stage

Wed, 8 Aug 2013

PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., a manufacturer of nanopositioning equipment — offers the LPS-45 series of piezo positioning stages manufactured by PI subsidiary PI miCos.

Ultra-pure sputtering targets for UHD screens

Thu, 8 Aug 2013

Transistors in ultra-high definition displays (UHD) possess particularly fine structures. Only extremely pure sputtering targets are suitable for use as the input materials for the fine conductor paths.

Primoceler develops world’s first sapphire-to-sapphire welding machine

Tue, 8 Aug 2013

New technology allows process even more difficult than glass-to-glass welding, expanding the ways in which industries can take advantage of the versatile and popular sapphire.

ROFIN presents turnkey solutions for FEOL applications

Tue, 7 Jul 2013

The new laser wafer processing system Waferlase 200/300/450, is a fully automated modular platform comprising a market-leading handling system for (ultra) thin semiconductor wafers and a choice of laser processing modules, depending on the type of application.

Scrubber developed for POU abatement of wet bench gases

Thu, 7 Jul 2013

DAS Environmental Expert GmbH of Dresden, Germany, has developed SALIX, a point-of-use system for removing waste gas pollutants in semiconductor wafer manufacturing wet bench applications.

Jordan Valley lands order for FEOL tool

Tue, 10 Oct 2013
Jordan Valley Semiconductors Ltd. received another order for its recently introduced JVX7300LMI scanning X-ray in-line metrology tool for patterned and blanket wafers

Brooks Instrument unveils new MFCs

Mon, 10 Oct 2013
Brooks Instrument, a provider of advanced flow, pressure, vacuum and level solutions, has expanded its GF 40/80 Series portfolio of thermal mass flow controllers (MFCs) to enable a broader range of applications.

Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces energy-saving dry pumps

Mon, 10 Oct 2013
The dry pumps A 100 L with their compact dimensions were specially developed for flexible integration in semiconductor production facilities.

Mentor Graphics introduces new Valor supply chain tools

Thu, 10 Oct 2013
Mentor Graphics Corporation yesterday announced the Valor Information Highway and the Valor Warehouse Management products, two supply chain-focused tools designed to enhance Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) effectiveness and assist electronics manufacturers in reducing material costs.

inTEST Thermal launches mobile temperature control system

Tue, 11 Nov 2013
inTEST Thermal today announced the launch of a mobile temperature control system for high-speed thermal testing of chips, components and PCBs.

EV Group introduces non-contact lithography system

Tue, 11 Nov 2013
Leveraging EVG's expertise in photolithography, the EVG PHABLE system incorporates a unique contactless lithography mask-based approach that enables full-field, high-resolution and cost-efficient micro- and nanopatterning of passive and active photonic components, such as patterned structures on light emitting diode (LED) wafers, in high-throughput production environments.

Infinite Graphics Incorporated calibration masks accommodate large size requirements

Wed, 11 Nov 2013
Infinite Graphics Incorporated, a precision graphics company, produces a wide variety of calibration masks used by manufacturers to calibrate their Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs).

Multitest ships first MEMS tri-temp solution for 3+2 axis magnetic test and calibration

Mon, 11 Nov 2013
Multitest, a designer and manufacturer of final test handlers, contactors and load boards used by integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) and final test subcontractors worldwide, announces that its solution for 3-axis magnetometer plus 2-axis low g-test and calibration fully supports the technical features of today’s advanced 3D hall sensors.

Brewer Science commercializes thermal slide debonder

Fri, 12 Dec 2013
Brewer Science, a supplier of thin-wafer-handling materials, processes, and equipment to the microelectronics industry, announced today the first commercial placement of its Cee 1300CSX thermal slide debonder.

High-performance Opterra multipoint scanning confocal microscope

Mon, 12 Dec 2013
Today at the 2013 American Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting, Bruker introduced the Opterra Multipoint Scanning Confocal Microscope, which sets a new standard for integration of confocal imaging with photoactivation.

SAMCO unveils deep silicon etching system for MEMS and TSV production processing

Wed, 12 Dec 2013
The RIE-800iPBC is the latest in SAMCO's etching system lineup, and was officially introduced by SAMCO at SEMICON Japan 2013 (the world's largest exhibition for semiconductor equipment and materials), held in Tokyo from December 4-6, 2013.

Energetiq introduces laser-driven light sources

Tue, 1 Jan 2014
Energetiq Technology, a provider of ultra‐high brightness light sources for advanced technology applications, introduces the EQ‐99X and EQ‐99XFC enhanced performance Laser‐Driven Light Sources at Photonics West 2014.

First surfactant-free semiconducting carbon nanotube inks

Mon, 2 Feb 2014
Brewer Science today launched inks with the potential to change the way carbon nanotube (CNT) users manufacture microelectronic devices.

Digitally controlled lab unit for small sample material processing

Fri, 2 Feb 2014
Microfluidics International Corporation introduces the new LM10 Microfluidizer, a digitally controlled lab unit for small sample material processing.

Extremely accurate conductive measurement technology at nanoscale resolution for failure analysis

Tue, 3 Mar 2014
Park Systems, a manufacturer of Atomic Force Microscopy systems since 1997 announced PinPoint Conductive AFM, an extremely accurate conductive measurement technology at nano-scale resolution for failure analysis (FA) in the semiconductor industry.

Electrolube launches versatile new silver conductive adhesive for display applications

Mon, 3 Mar 2014
Electrolube, the leading supplier of formulated chemical products to the global electronic, industrial and domestic devices manufacturing sectors, will be launching a versatile new silver conductive adhesive at APEX Expo 2014 in Las Vegas (March 25-27).

NanoWorld AG introduces ultra-short cantilevers for high-speed atomic force microscopy

Tue, 3 Mar 2014
After a very successful beta-testing phase, six types of AFM probes for high speed scanning will be commercially available from now on.

UVOTECH releases UV-Ozone Cleaning System

Thu, 4 Apr 2014
Using a UV-Ozone Cleaner, near atomically clean surfaces can be achieved in minutes without any damage to your devices.

New Kimtech Pure G3 EvT nitrile gloves

Thu, 4 Apr 2014
Kimberly-Clark Professional has introduced a new glove that is designed to provide process protection for the semiconductor and electronics industries.

Spectral reflectometer for film thickness measurement

Tue, 4 Apr 2014
Verity Instruments, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of its new SP2100 Spectral Reflectometer designed for film thickness measurement for in-situ and in-line applications.

Veeco introduces new Apex gas mixing system

Mon, 5 May 2014
The Apex system generates precise binary gas mixtures on a single platform for use in semiconductor applications at 20nm and below.

Brewer Science commercializes megasonic developer for MEMS and compound semiconductors

Thu, 5 May 2014
Brewer Science, a supplier of advanced materials, processes, and equipment to the microelectronics industry, announced today the first commercial placement of a Cee 300MXD megasonic developer.

Chad Industries will demonstrate world-class flexible automated wafer handling for 450mm wafers at SEMICON West 2014

Thu, 6 Jun 2014
Chad Industries, owned by Jabil Circuit, Inc., announced today that it will demonstrate flexible automated wafer handling for 450mm wafers during SEMICON West 2014 in San Francisco.

Radiant Zemax announces ProMetric Y series compact imaging photometers

Wed, 6 Jun 2014
Radiant Zemax, a provider of light and color test and measurement systems, announces the release of the ProMetric Y line of imaging photometers.

MEMS wafer inspection system from Sonoscan

Wed, 6 Jun 2014
Sonoscan has announced its AW322 200 fully automated system for ultrasonic inspection of MEMS wafers.

Bruker introduces Inspire nanoscale chemical mapping system

Tue, 7 Jul 2014
Bruker today announced the release of Inspire, the first integrated scanning probe microscopy (SPM) infrared system for 10-nanometer spatial resolution in chemical and materials property mapping.

Entegris announces GateKeeper GPS platform

Tue, 7 Jul 2014
Entegris, Inc., announced last week the launch of GateKeeper GPS, its next-generation of automated regeneration gas purification system (GPS) technology.

SEMI-GAS broadens gas mixing capabilities for highly corrosive gases

Thu, 8 Aug 2014
SEMI-GAS Systems, a provider of ultra-high purity gas delivery equipment, recently broadened the capabilities of its custom Xturion Blixer gas blender product line.

Next-generation nanoimprint lithography technology

Tue, 10 Oct 2014
EV Group (EVG) today introduced its SmartNIL large-area nanoimprint lithography (NIL) process.

Entegris' VaporSorb filter line protects advanced yield production

Tue, 10 Oct 2014
Entegris, Inc. today announced a new product for its VaporSorb line of airborne molecular contamination (AMC) filters.

Dynaloy unveils safer cleaners

Wed, 11 Nov 2014
In response to evolving industry trends and customer preferences for products with better environmental, health, and safety (EHS) profiles, Dynaloy LLC is launching three new formulated products that offer exceptional performance without the use of certain chemicals, while continuing to offer its line of traditional cleaners.

Ultratech Cambridge NanoTech introduces the Savannah G2 ALD system

Thu, 1 Jan 2015
Ultratech, Inc., a supplier of ALD systems, as well as lithography, laser-processing and inspection systems used to manufacture semiconductor devices and high-brightness LEDs (HB-LEDs), today introduced the Ultratech Cambridge NanoTech Savannah G2 atomic layer deposition (ALD) system.

Ultra fast diaphragm valve for ALD applications

Tue, 2 Feb 2015
HAM-LET, a global manufacturer of instrumentation valves and fittings for industrial and high purity fluid and gas delivery systems is showcasing its Ultra Fast (UF series) Diaphragm Valve for Atomic Layer Deposition.

Entegris launches Dispense System optimized for 3D and MEMS applications

Tue, 2 Feb 2015
Entegris, Inc. announced the latest addition to its IntelliGen family of two-stage dispense technologies used in microelectronics manufacturing processes.

TMC introduces stage-base 450 with voice coil technology

Tue, 2 Feb 2015
TMC, a developer of high-performance vibration and motion cancellation technology, has introduced Stage-Base 450, its next generation of frame-mountable, active vibration and motion cancellation systems designed to control building floor vibration in semiconductor facilities, while increasing wafer-processing throughput.

MKS introduces the I-Series family of high flow mass flow controllers

Wed, 2 Feb 2015
MKS Instruments, Inc., a global provider of technologies that enable advanced processes and improve productivity, has introduced the I-250, I-500 and I-1000 Mass Flow Controllers.

MKS introduces the Cirrus 3-XD Atmospheric gas analysis system

Tue, 3 Mar 2015
MKS Instruments, Inc., a global provider of technologies that enable advanced processes and improve productivity, has introduced the Cirrus 3-XD Atmospheric gas analysis system in both benchtop and rack mounted models.

Dramatic results achieved in cleaving glass using ultra-short pulsed lasers

Wed, 3 Mar 2015
ROFIN-SINAR, Inc. introduces the SmartCleave FI laser process and the MPS glass handling system for high speed and precise cleaving and drilling of glass up to 10mm thickness.

Thin wafer processing temporary bonding adhesive film for 3D wafer integration

Tue, 3 Mar 2015
AI Technology, Inc (AIT) is the first known provider of a film format high temperature temporary bonding adhesive for thin wafer processing of bonding device wafer to carrier wafer.

New AFM with high definition electrical measurement capabilities

Thu, 4 Apr 2015
The Nano-Observer, designed by Concept Scientific Instruments, is ideal for current and future AFM research applications.

ClassOne introduces new mid-sized electroplater

Mon, 7 Jul 2015
Semiconductor equipment manufacturer ClassOne Technology has announced a new addition to its popular Solstice family of ≤200mm wafer electroplaters.

ClassOne develops new Solstice solution for >200mm TSV plating

Tue, 7 Jul 2015
Semiconductor equipment manufacturer ClassOne Technology today announced a configuration for optimizing Through Silicon Via (TSV) and Through Wafer Via (TWV) processes on its affordable Solstice electroplating systems.

HORIBA Semiconductor introduces the HD-960L monitor for dissolved oxygen

Wed, 7 Jul 2015
HORIBA Semiconductor, global leader in process metrology and control components, introduces its new HD-960L for sub-parts-per-billion level monitoring of DO in chemicals with a low sample-consumption rate.

Tanaka launches semiconductor wafer cup-type ultra-compact plating laboratory equipment

Wed, 7 Jul 2015

New fiber optic temperature sensing and control system ideal for RF environments

Wed, 7 Jul 2015
Watlow, a designer and manufacturer of complete thermal systems, announced its new EZ-ZONE RM fiber optic temperature measurement system, a compact sensing and control solution ideal for plasma environments.

Compact point of use fluid delivery heater replaces multiple components in a system

Wed, 7 Jul 2015
Watlow, a designer and manufacturer of complete thermal systems, announces its new point-of-use fluid delivery heater, a compact solution used to provide precise and uniform heat to gases flowing into the chamber.

SEMI-GAS unveils new custom-engineered ultra high purity liquid push system

Wed, 9 Sep 2015
The fully automatic system, operated by a GigaGuard PLC controller, features an intuitive 9” color touchscreen and user-definable alarms and set points.

DCG Systems extends circuit edit capability to the 10nm node with the introduction of OptiFIB Taipan

Wed, 9 Sep 2015
DCG Systems today announces the release of the OptiFIB Taipan circuit edit solution for the most advanced integrated circuit (IC) nodes.

Entegris expands CMP filtration technology solutions and research, analytical and manufacturing capabilities

Fri, 9 Sep 2015
The Entegris filter platform using NMB media now includes the Planargard bulk, Solaris point-of-tool and Planarcap point-of-dispense families to provide contamination control solutions throughout the CMP process area.

Versatile high throughput SEM from JEOL

Wed, 11 Nov 2015
JEOL's new JSM-IT100 is the latest addition to its InTouchScope Series of Scanning Electron Microscopes.

Low-outgassing Faraday Isolators to improve lifetime and reliability of optical systems

Thu, 2 Feb 2016
Qioptiq, an Excelitas Technologies company introduces the LINOS Low-outgassing Faraday Isolators, the first of their kind.

Edwards launches new vacuum pumps at SEMICON China 2016

Tue, 3 Mar 2016
Edwards announced the availability of two new vacuum pump product families at SEMICON China: the iXM Series for semiconductor etch and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) applications, and the iXL900R for fast pump down of large flat panel display (FPD) loadlock chambers.

NanoFocus AG introduces new inspection system for semiconductors industry

Tue, 5 May 2016
NanoFocus AG, the developer and manufacturer of optical 3D surface measuring technology, introduces the new measuring system µsprint hp-opc 3000 for the optical inspection of probe cards within the framework of the 26th Annual SW Test Workshop in San Diego from 5th - 8th June 2016.

Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces HiPace 2800 turbopump for ion implantation applications

Wed, 7 Jul 2016
Pfeiffer Vacuum has introduced the HiPace 2800 IT turbopump that is designed for ion implantation applications.

Novel Wafer Analyzer for up to 300mm wafer using high speed Raman Imaging Technology

Mon, 8 Aug 2016
Nanophoton introduces RAMANdrive - a new Wafer Analyzer - for a wide range of applications at semiconductor market at ICCGE-18 (the 18th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy) in Nagoya, Japan, August 7th - 12th, 2016.

Tektronix introduces Keithley S540 power semiconductor test system

Wed, 10 Oct 2016
Tektronix, Inc., a worldwide provider of measurement solutions, today introduced the Keithley S540 Power Semiconductor Test System, a fully-automated, 48 pin parametric test system for wafer-level testing of power semiconductor devices and structures up to 3kV.

Edwards launches new Smart Thermal Management System at SEMICON Europa 2016

Tue, 10 Oct 2016
Smart TMS helps semiconductor, flat panel display and solar manufacturers improve their process performance and safety by reducing vacuum/abatement pipework condensation.

Astronics Test Systems announces new PXIe test instruments

Tue, 1 Jan 2017
Astronics Corporation, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Astronics Test Systems, introduced two new test instruments today.

ULVAC launches NA-1500 dry etching system for 600mm advanced packaging systems

Fri, 3 Mar 2017
ULVAC, Inc. is pleased to announce the NA-1500 dry etching system for 600mm advanced packaging substrates, providing for uniform Descum and Ti etching processes.

3D-Micromac launches the second generation of its high-performance microcell OTF laser systems

Mon, 4 Apr 2017
The high-performance production solution for Laser Contact Opening (LCO) of PERC solar cells achieves a throughput of 8,000 wafers per hour.

Automated thickness measurement system speeds production

Wed, 9 Sep 2017
ACU-THIK is an automated thickness measurement tool incorporating dual contact probes for high accuracy inspection of semiconductor wafers.

SEMI-GAS Xturion Blixer enables on-site blending of forming gas mixtures

Tue, 10 Oct 2017
The Blixer provides a cost-effective alternative to purchasing expensive pre-mixed gas cylinders by enabling operators to blend their own mixtures on-site in their facility.

Radiant Vision Systems announces new automated visual inspection system

Mon, 11 Nov 2017
Radiant Vision Systems, a provider of high-resolution imaging solutions for automated visual analysis of devices and surfaces, announces the release of the INSPECT.assembly system, a new turnkey automated visual inspection station for in-line assembly verification.

Leak check semiconductor process chambers quickly and reliably

Thu, 2 Feb 2018
INFICON,a manufacturer of leak test equipment, introduced the UL3000 Fab leak detector for semiconductor manufacturing maintenance teams to easily check the tightness of vacuum chambers for wafer production.

3D-Micromac unveils laser-based high-volume sample preparation solution for semiconductor failure analysis

Mon, 7 Jul 2018
microPREP 2.0 provides order of magnitude time and cost savings compared to traditional sample preparation methods.

KLA-Tencor announces new defect inspection systems

Thu, 7 Jul 2018
KLA-Tencor Corporation announced two new defect inspection products at SEMICON West this week, addressing two key challenges in tool and process monitoring during silicon wafer and chip manufacturing at the leading-edge logic and memory nodes.