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Entegris launches ultra clean filter for semiconductor manufacturing

Tue, 7 Jul 2014
Entegris, Inc. announced the latest addition to its Torrento family of ultra clean liquid filtration solutions used in the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Applied Materials unveils CVD and CMP systems

Tue, 7 Jul 2014
On Monday, Applied Materials announced two new systems, a Reflexion LK Prime CMP system and a Producer XP Precision CVD system, both aimed at complex devices with 3D architectures.

The latest in CMP tech will be on offer at SEMICON West

Wed, 7 Jul 2015
Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) technology has been around for a long time. In addition to the semiconductor industry, CMP has applications in data storage, polishing the rigid disks and magnetic heads of hard-disk drives.

Tackling advanced litho challenges on the path to node 5

Thu, 7 Jul 2015
If you attended just about any mask making conference in the last five to seven years, you would have heard the lament about exploding data volumes and their impact on mask writing time and, by extension, mask costs.

Leti reports FinFET feasibility and circuit design with CoolCube tech

Mon, 7 Jul 2015
CEA-Leti today announced its first results towards the demonstration of CoolCube’s feasibility in FinFET technology on its 300mm production line, and new CoolCube circuit designs that improve the trade off between area, speed and power.

Imec introduces self-assembled monomolecular organic films to seal ultra-porous low- k materials

Tue, 7 Jul 2015
Nano-electronics research center imec announced today at SEMICON West that it has demonstrated concept and feasibility for pore-sealing low-k dielectrics in advanced interconnects.

Rudolph Technologies and DISCO Corporation partner to improve wafer saw process

Tue, 7 Jul 2015
Dicing and laser saw systems, together with inspection systems and yield-enhancing software provide revolutionary control and accuracy.

Is silicon’s heyday over? New materials challenge the industry workhorse

Tue, 7 Jul 2015
The short answer to that headline’s question is “no.” Longer term, in going beyond the 5-nanometer process node, silicon may finally reach the end of its usefulness to the semiconductor industry.

ClassOne develops new Solstice solution for >200mm TSV plating

Tue, 7 Jul 2015
Semiconductor equipment manufacturer ClassOne Technology today announced a configuration for optimizing Through Silicon Via (TSV) and Through Wafer Via (TWV) processes on its affordable Solstice electroplating systems.

New materials require new approaches

Wed, 7 Jul 2015
Continued advances in the semiconductor will increasingly be enabled by materials technology, versus the scaling that has been commonplace over the last 50 years as defined by Moore’s Law.

A new sensor from Golden Valley-based CyberOptics will advance digital gadgets

Wed, 7 Jul 2015
CyberOptics’ latest product ultimately will make digital gadgets better, cheaper.

TÜV Rheinland showcases services & abilities for semi industry focus is on OSHA and EMC testing certification

Wed, 7 Jul 2015
TÜV Rheinland, a full-service testing, inspection and certification company, exhibiting at the annual SEMICON West expo, announced the expansion of services to include Environmental, Health & Safety testing and certification of Group III-V compounds in semiconductor manufacturing environments.

Tanaka launches semiconductor wafer cup-type ultra-compact plating laboratory equipment

Wed, 7 Jul 2015

New motion sensor from STMicroelectronics enhances user interface and image stabilization in smartphones and tablets

Thu, 9 Sep 2015
STMicroelectronics has introduced a six-axis motion-sensing device fully supporting image stabilization in smartphones, tablets, and digital still cameras.

Perovskite photovoltaics excitement

Tue, 9 Sep 2015
Perovskite photovoltaics efficiency gains are double those of organic PV, exciting researchers from KIMM in Korea to Dyesol in Australia.

SUNY Poly announces joint development agreement with INFICON

Mon, 9 Sep 2015
The collaboration is expected to advance semiconductor manufacturing processes and lead to the creation of 50 jobs at SUNY Poly statewide facilities.

UMC enters high volume touch IC production using foundry industry's first 0.11um eFlash process

Thu, 9 Sep 2015
United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), a global semiconductor foundry, today announced that it has entered high volume production for touch IC applications manufactured on UMC's 0.11um eFlash process.

New software update for parametric test system reduces test times by 25 percent

Thu, 9 Sep 2015
Tektronix, Inc. announced the release of a major system software update for the Keithley S530 Parametric Test System that can reduce measurement speed by as much as 25 percent.

X-FAB sets benchmark for low-noise CMOS

Fri, 9 Sep 2015
Enhanced XH035 and XH018 CMOS transistors deliver industry-leading performance for highly noise-sensitive applications.

First circularly polarized light detector on a silicon chip

Thu, 10 Oct 2015
Invention of the first integrated circularly polarized light detector on a silicon chip opens the door for development of small, portable sensors that could expand the use of polarized light for many applications.

Organic semiconductors get weird at the edge: University of British Columbia research

Thu, 10 Oct 2015
As the push for tinier and faster electronics continues, a new finding by University of British Columbia scientists could help inform the design of the next generation of cheaper, more efficient devices.

Next-generation perovskite solar cells made stable by metal oxide "sandwich"

Mon, 10 Oct 2015
New solar cell construction extends the cell's effective life in air by more than 10 times, with only a marginal loss of efficiency converting sunlight to electricity.

Successful industrialization of high-density 3D integrated silicon capacitors for ultra-miniaturized electronic components

Thu, 10 Oct 2015
Two years after the launch of the PICS project , three European SMEs, IPDiA, Picosun, and SENTECH Instruments along with CEA-Leti and Fraunhofer IPMS-CNT announce the major technological results achieved.

EV Group rolls out automated metrology system for advanced packaging, MEMS manufacturing

Mon, 7 Jul 2016
EV Group (EVG) today introduced the EVG50 automated metrology system.

Rudolph Technologies announces new Clearfind technology for advanced packaging inspection

Mon, 7 Jul 2016
Clearfind technology sees organic defects that often escape detection with conventional white-light inspection technologies.

Leti develops 3D network-on-chip to improve high-performance computing

Tue, 7 Jul 2016
Leti, a CEA Tech institute, today announced it has developed a new on-chip communications system to improve high-performance computing (HPC) that is faster and more energy efficient than current solutions and is compatible with 3D architectures.​

Nitrous oxide no laughing matter

Wed, 7 Jul 2016
N2O, or Nitrous Oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a weak anesthetic gas that has been in use since the late 18th century.

Kateeva: Enabling OLED success

Wed, 7 Jul 2016
Kateeva is out to change the way displays are being made, and during Tuesday’s Silicon Innovation Forum keynote, Kateeva President and COO Conor Madigan, PhD, laid out how their YIELDJet inkjet system is making that happen.

Flexible medical device manufacturing developments

Thu, 7 Jul 2016
The SEMICON West 2016 Flexible Electronics Forum provided two days of excellent presentations by industry experts on these topics, and the second day focused on the medical applications of flexible circuits.

Pall intros 5nm PTFE filtration membrane

Thu, 7 Jul 2016
Pall Corporation announced this week the availability of its new 5nm XpressKleen filter.

Sono-Tek introduces photoresist ultrasonic coating system

Thu, 7 Jul 2016
Sono-Tek Corp. unveiled a new photoresist ultrasonic coating system in Booth #2146.

Digital revolution: The path to innovation is opened by disruption

Thu, 7 Jul 2017
Digital disruption begets innovation. Challenges equal opportunities.

Brewer Science partners with Arkema to develop high-chi DSA materials for advanced node patterning

Mon, 7 Jul 2017
Brewer Science Inc. today announced from SEMICON West the extension of its partnership with Arkema to develop second-generation directed self-assembly (DSA) materials using high-x (chi) block copolymers.

How low can we go?

Tue, 7 Jul 2017
In the advanced CMOS technology programs ongoing in the Belgium city of Leuven, imec works to extend the building-blocks of integrated circuits (IC).

Imec demonstrates electrically functional 5nm solution for back-end-of-line

Mon, 7 Jul 2017
At its annual Imec Technology Forum USA in San Francisco, imec today presented an electrically functional solution for the 5nm back-end-of-line (BEOL).

Edwards sees promise in sub-fab data analysis

Tue, 7 Jul 2017
Integrating data from various sensors in semiconductor fabs is a key focus in the industry now, and the sub-fab is an increasingly important part of the equation.

New materials, new challenges

Wed, 7 Jul 2017
In order to increase device performance, the semiconductor industry has slowly been implementing many new materials.

Bridging the macro and micro world of defects

Wed, 7 Jul 2017
When it comes to defects and contamination in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, most people tend to think of small, sub-nm defects at the transistor level. As important as those are, there are plenty of things that can go wrong and be seen at the macro level.

EUV patterning materials evolving

Thu, 7 Jul 2017
Global industry R&D hub IMEC defines the “IMEC 7nm-Node” (I7N) for finFETs to have 56 nm Contacted Gate Pitch (CGP) with 40 nm Metal Pitch (MP), and such critical mask layers can be patterned with a single exposure of 0.33 N.A. EUVL as provided by the ASML NXE:3400B tool.

Industry acting to reduce greenhouse gases

Thu, 7 Jul 2017
Semiconductor manufacturers use a variety of high global warming potential (GWP) gases to process wafers and to rapidly clean chemical vapor deposition (CVD) tool chambers.

EUV lithography: Extending the patterning roadmap to 3nm

Fri, 5 May 2018
This year’s Advanced Lithography TechXPOT at SEMICON West will explore the progress on extreme ultra-violet lithography (EUVL) and its economic viability for high-volume manufacturing (HVM), as well as other lithography solutions that can address the march to 5nm and onward to 3nm.

Process complexity means exponentially increasing data volumes and analysis challenges, with co-optimization across process steps

Tue, 7 Jul 2018
The fast-maturing infrastructure that is enabling applications for big data and artificial intelligence means disruptive change not just at individual companies but also in data connections among companies across the microelectronics manufacturing value chain.

New infrastructure and sensors extract actionable information from mature IoT

Mon, 7 Jul 2018
For medtech applications to flourish, sensors need a supporting infrastructure that translates the data they harvest into actionable insights, says Qualcomm Life director of business development Gene Dantsker, who will speak about the future of digital healthcare in the Medtech program at SEMICON West.

The devilish details of EUV lithography

Tue, 7 Jul 2018
Industry R&D consortium imec runs a series of technology forums around the world, starting in June in Antwerp, Belgium, and including a stop in July in San Francisco in coordination with SEMICON West.

Proving the benefits of data analysis

Tue, 7 Jul 2018
The semiconductor industry is collecting massive amounts of data from fab equipment and other sources. But is the trend toward using that data in a Smart Manufacturing or Industry 4.0 approach happening fast enough in what Mike Plisinski, CEO of Rudolph Technologies, calls a "very conservative" chip manufacturing sector?

Getting to 3nm: It really is scaling every which way!

Tue, 7 Jul 2018
This year’s Scaling Technologies TechXPOT at SEMICON West (Scaling Every Which Way! – Thursday, July 12, 2:00PM-4:00PM) will provide an update on the evolution of scaling and describe how the various players (foundry, IDM, fabless, and application developers) are jockeying for innovation leadership.

Intel wins SEMI Award at SEMICON West for process and integration

Wed, 7 Jul 2018
Intel has won SEMI's 2018 Award for the Americas. SEMI honored the celebrated chipmaker for pioneering process and integration breakthroughs that enabled the first high-volume Integrated Silicon Photonics Transceiver. The award was presented yesterday at SEMICON West 2018.

Next on-chip: Human organs

Wed, 7 Jul 2018
Many new innovations were discussed at imec’s U.S. International Technology Forum (ITF) on Monday at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco, including quantum computing, artificial intelligence, sub-3nm logic, memory computing, solid-state batteries, EUV, RF and photonics, but perhaps the most interesting was new technology that enables human cells, tissues and organs to be grown and analyzed on-chip.

AI and quantum computing: The third and fourth exponentials

Thu, 7 Jul 2018
This is an era of computing which is at a scale that will dwarf the previous era, in ways that will change all of our businesses and all of our industries, and all of our lives.

New regulations coming for nitrous oxide

Thu, 7 Jul 2018
Nitrous oxide (N2O) has a variety of uses in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. It is the oxygen source for chemical vapor deposition of silicon oxy-nitride (doped or undoped) or silicon dioxide, where it is used in conjunction with deposition gases such as silane.

imec shows integrated 5G chip directions

Thu, 7 Jul 2018
To fulfill the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT), the world needs low-cost high-bandwidth radio-frequency (RF) chips for 5th-generation (5G) internet technology.

New laser-based sample prep solution

Thu, 7 Jul 2018
3D-Micromac AG (booth #1645 in the South Hall) this week introduced the microPREP 2.0 laser ablation system for high-volume sample preparation of metals, semiconductors, ceramics and compound materials for microstructure diagnostics and failure analysis (FA).