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Linde Electronics Roundtable on Gases

Fri, 7 Jul 2009
At Intersolar, held in conjunction with SEMICON West in San Francisco this week, Linde Electronics, supplier of ultra-high purity bulk and specialty gases and services to the semiconductor, flat panel display, PV and electronic packaging industries, held a roundtable discussion.

SEMICON West Day 3: CMP and beyond, YouTube walkthroughs, PV drinking habits

Tue, 7 Jul 2010

Techcet's Michael A. Fury concludes his observations from this year's SEMICON West. Highlights from Day 3: CMP beyond semiconductors, CMP Q&A, solar panel parallels, and the PV sector's victory toast.

SEMICON West, Day 3: Advancement in LED, exec perspectives, solar observations

Sat, 7 Jul 2011

Rounding up observations from Day 3 at SEMICON West, Intermolecular's Russell Kempt looks at LED technology, executive opinions on big-picture industry issues, and the state of play in the solar market.

Day 2: Intersolar wanderings, SEMICON West symposium

Wed, 7 Jul 2011

Techcet's Michael A. Fury reports from busy aisles at Intersolar, and at SEMICON West where a private symposium by CEA Leti reviewed work in FDSOI, 3D integration, TSVs, silicon photonics, and MEMS for medicine.

Day 1: Intersolar wanderings, SEMICON West symposium

Wed, 7 Jul 2011

Techcet's Michael A. Fury reports from busy aisles at Intersolar, and at SEMICON West where a private symposium by CEA Leti reviewed work in FDSOI, 3D integration, TSVs, silicon photonics, and MEMS for medicine.

SEMI names leaders at SEMICON West

Tue, 7 Jul 2011

SEMI appointed Doug Neugold, ATMI, as Chairman of its International Board of Directors, serving his first term on the association's board. Following are all the appointments.

A smart start at Intersolar North America

Tue, 7 Jul 2011

To go from peak generation provider to baseland territory alongside fossil fuels, the solar industry and other renewables have to lay the groundwork for a new energy economy focused on smart solutions to some current limitations, asserted Andrew Skumanich, CEO of Solar Vision, during his presentation Monday morning at Intersolar North America.

Putting PV and energy storage together

Tue, 7 Jul 2011

Solon and Tucson Electric Power are widening a solar PV testbed in Arizona to investigate integration of different energy storage technologies with PV onto the grid.

Intersolar: How the US can grow, support solar PV

Tue, 7 Jul 2011

A spirited panel discussion involving solar PV industry organizations, vendors, and even local government on the first day of Intersolar North America explored whether and how the US can grow and nurture solar PV as a viable energy alternative.

PV market outlook: A contrarian's view

Wed, 7 Jul 2008
There's a lot of optimism and interest crowding the photovoltaic space, and this was certainly the case witnessed at several Intersolar presentations during SEMICON West, offering different takes on the direction of the PV market. The first of these offered a decidedly contrarian view about the future (or lack of it) for many PV businesses.

Oerlikon announces deals with CMC Magnetics, Flextronics

Tue, 7 Jul 2008
Over in the Intersolar side of this week's festivities in San Francisco, Oerlikon Solar has booked orders from Sunwell for two end-to-end thin-film silicon production lines in Taiwan. Flextronics also will now support Oerlikon's scalability requirements globally.

Oerlikon discusses path to $0.70/W thin-film PV panels

Wed, 6 Jun 2009
Oerlikon Solar exec Chris O'Brien describes the company's latest achievement of 11% initial efficiency on its thin-film modules, and its roadmap strategy to produce panels at just $0.70/W by the end of 2010.

Updates on IMEC's solar cell progress

Tue, 7 Jul 2009
Emmanuel Van Kerschaver, Group Leader, Solar Cell Technology Group at IMEC, provides highlights of recent developments at the research center, including a solar cell with copper-plated contacts that has an efficiency of 18.5% and a chloride-free solar cell texturing process.

Optimism rules at Intersolar despite slowdown

Thu, 7 Jul 2009
The global recession, slow recovery of lending, soft demand, and crashing prices could not dampen the hope found everywhere at Intersolar North America last week (July 14-16). The industry will prosper and profit thanks to the visions of such true believers -- because if a thing is worth doing, it is worth continuing to do despite obstacles.

Prelim numbers: "Record" growth for Intersolar NA, SEMICON West slower

Tue, 7 Jul 2009
Preliminary numbers are in from last week's Intersolar North America, where the show more than doubled its exhibition participation and "exceed[ed] organizers expectations for the second straight year," according to a statement put out by group.

Catching up with Sumika

Mon, 7 Jul 2009
PV World caught up with Ken Campmann, GM of Sumika's epi operations, before Intersolar North America, for an update on the company's work with GaAs-based epitaxial wafers for solar cells, as well as partnerships to explore I-band and indium nitride-based technologies.

SEMI adding solar event to SEMI West agenda

Fri, 11 Nov 2007
November 8, 2007 - In an effort to deepen industry ties to perhaps the best high-growth application area for many equipment suppliers, SEMI is partnering with the organizers of global solar trade fair Intersolar to cohost "Intersolar North America," the largest event serving the solar energy technology supply chain in the US, at next year's SEMICON West (July 15-17, San Francisco's Moscone Center).

Intersolar joins forces with SEMICON West to form North American solar technology expo

Sun, 11 Nov 2007
November 6, 2007 -- SAN JOSE, CA -- SEMI, as well as Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik und Messe GmbH & Co (FWTM) and Solar Promotion GmbH, organizers of Intersolar, the world's largest trade fair for solar technology, today announced a partnership to host Intersolar North America.

SEMICON West Lesson #5: Interests outside CMOS

Mon, 7 Jul 2010

Wrap-up of what we heard and saw at SEMICON West 2010. Lesson 5: Interest was overflowing for high-growth areas outside traditional CMOS: MEMS, LEDs, solar. And the industry really can reach everywhere around us.