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Ion Implantation

Fri, 12 Dec 2015
Ion implantation is a materials engineering process by which ions of a material are accelerated in an electrical field and directed into the wafer, typically to form the source and drain regions of the transistor.

Laser spike annealing resolves sub-20nm logic device manufacturing challenges

Thu, 12 Dec 2014
LSA technology plays an enabling role to overcoming manufacturing challenges for sub-20nm logic devices.

How to verify incident implant angles on medium current implants

Wed, 10 Oct 2013
Results can depend on the properties of the wafers used, the conditions of the implant, the conditions of the anneal process, and even the measurement technique.

Leveraging ion implant process characteristics to facilitate 22nm devices

Tue, 3 Mar 2011
Using implant as a precision material modification in contrast to its traditional role as a semiconductor dopant tool, provides enabling technology and new applications. James L. Kawski, Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Gloucester, MA USA

Threshold voltage tuning for 10nm and beyond CMOS integration

Mon, 10 Oct 2014
A novel metal gate integration scheme to achieve precise threshold voltage (VT) control for multiple VTs is described.