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About ElectroIQ

Welcome to ElectroIQ, your new one-stop global resource for the latest electronics industry news, analysis and product information. Here you will find trusted, unbiased content from PennWell’s leading media brands for electronics -- Photovoltaics World, Solid State Technology, Advanced Packaging and Small Times – organized to give you fast, easy access to the information you need. We hope you’ll navigate around the site, visit often and, most importantly, provide us with feedback so that we can continuously evolve to meet your information needs and delivery preferences.

Photovoltaics World

Photovoltaics World, the newest member of PennWell’s Electronics Group, covers photovoltaics manufacturing and solar power generation. Our coverage focuses on solar cell design and manufacture, including cells made of multi-, mono- and nano-crystalline silicon, amorphous thin-film silicon, cadmium telluride, copper indium diselenide (CIS), copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) and GaAs. Multijunction cells and concentrator technology are also covered. Topic Centers include Silicon Photovoltaics, Thin Film Solar Cells, CPV, Equipment and Materials, Test and Reliability, and BOS Components

Solid State Technology

Solid State Technology is the longest-running and most complete source of information for engineers, operators, managers, tool and materials suppliers and semiconductor researchers. We bring you daily updates and news in the electronics industry as well as access to editorial archives. Solid State Technology covers semiconductor manufacturing, wafer fabrication, integrated circuits, thin-film microelectronics, flat-panel displays, and microstructure technologies, processes and equipment and more. Topic Centers include Device ArchitectureFacilitiesLithography, Materials, Inspection, Subsystems, Industry News and Wafer Processing.

Advanced Packaging

Advanced Packaging covers IC packaging processes, including 3D integration wafer dicing, die placement, die attach, wire bonding, encapsulation/molding, lead forming, solder bumping, package inspection, package test, laser marking, singulation, packing and shipping. Topic Centers include 3D Integration, Wafer Level Packaging, Test and InspectionMaterials and Equipment.

Small Times

Small Times is the leading source of business information and analysis about nanotechnology and MEMS (microelectro-mechanical systems). We cover a broad  range of applications, including medical and biotech, energy and environment, defense and, of course, electronics and microsystems. Small Times reports on supply side advances, including nanomaterials (such as carbon nanotubes), analytical instrumentation and process tools; the development of leading edge devices and nano-enabled technologies as they go through various stages of research, development and commercialization, and the role that universities, development labs, consortia and foundries play. Topic Centers include MEMS, Materials, Energy and Environment, Research and Development, Life Sciences and Medical and Tools and Equipment.